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In Cyberpunk 2077, at the start of your game, you will be able to choose 3 Lifepath, that is, three different initial backgroud from which your character will come. Of course, the choice between Nomad, Body or Street Boy it will give the impression of being important and will certainly keep you in total indecision for several minutes, but I can already reassure you by pointing out that it will not impact your stats or gameplay in any way.

The Lifepath, therefore, will only serve to be able to give a background to your protagonist and to accentuate the role component of the title even more. The only thing that will change will be the unique dialogues that appear to you in certain situations.

  • Nomad
  • Body
  • Street boy

Lifepath Nomad

If you decide to play as Nomad, you will start the game in Badlands. You will have just left your clan and gone to live alone. The opening story will see you fixing your car, after it broke down for an unknown reason following a chase with the sheriff.

The world of Cyberpunk 2077
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You will soon encounter a customer who wants to smuggle an unidentified object into Night City. Unfortunately for you, things aren't going to go well, so you'll find yourself in Night City having to make up for everything you've done.

This choice, compared to the other two, presents a unique mission, however, as you progress through the game, a secondary mission will be activated in which you will have to recover the machine seen at the beginning.

Lifepath Body

This story will allow you to take on the role of a affiliate on behalf of a zaibatsu, precisely for one of the most important corporations, theArasaka. You will be called to the office by your boss, who will offer you a job that is not very clean.

Once accepted, you will go to meet your contact, Jackie, and after a quick turn of events, for several reasons, you will be fired. You'll find yourself six months later in your apartment in Night City, ready to take over the city.

Lifepath Street Boy

Choosing as the origin Street boy, you will be one of the many boys who grew up on the streets of the sparkling Night City. Born and raised in the area of Watson, you will be one of the best known people in the district.

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The story begins after your two-year exile, looking for a new life outside of Night City. For sure they will not have forgotten about you in the area, in fact, as you enter the first bar, you will immediately receive a request for help from the bartender.

In fact, he will reveal to you that he has contracted debts with Kirk, the boss of the gang that controls the area, and it will be your job to try to talk to a fixer to settle the matter.

Unfortunately for you, the whole affair will end very badly, but you will be able to get help from your acquaintance….

As you have seen, the Lifepaths will serve you only to give a background to V, the protagonist of the game. Unless it's important to your roleplay, then start playing and don't worry about the consequences!

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