GreedFall: how to best create your character | Guide

In this guide we will explain how to best create your character in GreedFall to make the adventure even more exciting

Let's see how create your own De Sardet starting from the choice of role till when applying skill points. You will have 3 classes to choose from, and after choosing yours physiognomy you will have to choose the attributes and talenti to increase with your skill points. Let's go see all the details.

Let's take a look at the classes - GreedFall: character creation guide

At first each class ha different skills different startups and GreedFall will advise you to choose where to award your points for the chosen class.   


  • This class is all about melee combat
    • Il warrior excels with heavy weapons.   
    • Initially the warrior has:
      • Heavy one-handed weapons,
      • Lick one hand
      •  Weapons.
    • Recommended attributes: Strength and Constitution
    • Recommended talents: Craftsmanship and Vigor 


  •  This class focuses on controlling the battlefield.
    • The technician yes develop on strategy, on instruments science.
    • At first the technician has:
      • Elemental trap,
      • Weapons
      • Lick one hand
    • Recommended attributes: Accuracy and Agility
    • Recommended talents: Science and Burglary


  • This profile focuses on the use of offensive spells at a distance
    • Il magician excels in ranged combat, using magic rings e skill to stop their opponents.
    • At first the magician has:
      • The divine magic ring,
      • The stasis
      • Heavy one-handed weapons.
    • Recommended attributes: Mental Power and Will
    • Recommended talents: Science and Intuition 

Let's take a look at the attributes - Greedfall: Character Creation Guide

- attributes I'm a components importante in Greedfall, in fact by increasing the attributes of the skills and unlocking the various skills you can wear the better armor, wield the best weapons e prepare yourself for the unknown lands di Tar Ferdee. Let's go to see more in detail.

  • Force
    • Increase the power of melee attacks
    • Attribute required for wield the best melee weapons with one or two hands
  • Constitution
    • Increases maximum health and balance
    • Attribute required for wear the heaviest armor
  • Agility
    • Increase the generation of fury and all damage inflicted in melee combat
    • Attribute required for wield the best swords ad one or two hands
  • Precision
    • Increase la power of all firearms and alchemical preparations
    • Attribute required for use the best firearms
  • Mental power
    • Increase la power of all spells
    • Attribute required for use the best rings
  • Will
    • Increase magic points and spell duration
    • Attribute required for wear amulets and necklaces best

Let's take a look at the talents - GreedFall: guide to creating the character

Like the attributes, i talents are essential to your success at Greedfall. There are six in total and you can unlock one from the start. Although there are talents recommended for each class, you can choose one of the six according to your preferences. Don't forget that you can unlock more talents later!

  • Carisma
    • Reduces the prices of merchants and slightly improves the fighting skills of companions
    • Increase slightly le possibility of success in some dialogue choices
  • Science
    • Allows to create simple potions 
    • Allows to destroy unstable walls helping you with the con explosive vials
  • Force
    • It allows you to go through difficult passages that require balance
    • Increases the maximum number of ammo you can carry and allows a slight recovery of Health Magic out of combat
  • Burglary
    • Allows to picking simple locks
    • Le enemy traps I am more easy to see
  • handicraft
    • Allows to create improvements based on weapons and armor
  • Intuition
    • I collection points I am more easy to see
    • Increased of the number of ingredients e items during looting
    • Rende some dialog options are available contextual that in other cases would be inaccessible

Happy creation!

Once you have decided on the look and style of yours De Sardet, you are ready to begin your journey to Teer Fradee. If you have already embarked on your journey in GreedFall I invite you to read our guide which provides you with gods tips and tricks to continue to the best. But in order not to miss any news on the world of GreedFall, the video game published by Focus Home Interactive keep following the pages of Holygamerz.

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