Gotham Knights - Guide to all secret caches

    Gotham Knights - Guide to all secret caches

    Gotham Knights has 12 hidden Bruce Wayne audios. These secret caches will be used to obtain the “Confidential” Trophy or achievement. So if you want to get the game's Platinum, you'll need to get every single collectible. Before telling you where they are we need to say that within the game these recordings are called "Bruce Wayne Hidden Audio", but the collectible has a different name, ie "secret caches". Each individual audio can be found by going to Bruce's Audio Log from the Database Collections Menu.

    The secret caches of Gotham Knights are available after "The Last Batman Case" and are marked on the game map as white boxes. After getting the ones present, you will have to go back to the Bell Tower to spawn the next ones. It is impossible to miss these recordings. Furthermore, it is possible get them even during free roaming.

    Gotham Knights - Guide to all secret caches

    Before we tell you the location, we need to explain that the recordings are available “in bulk”, except for the first audio. In fact, the first secret cache is available after the First Case, then you will have:

    • from 2 to 5
    • from the 6 to the 9
    • from the 10 to the 12

    To unlock the various blocks you will always have to go back to the Campanile.

    Location of secret caches

    • Number 1 and 2: Financial District
    • Numero 3: The Cauldron
    • Number 4: Southside
    • Number 5: Old Gotham
    • Number 6: Tricorner Island
    • Numero 7: Bowery
    • Number 8: Otisburg
    • Number 9: West End
    • Numero 10: Gotham Heights
    • Number 11 and 12: Bristol

    Here's where to find all of Gotham Knights' secret caches. You just have to go hunting for recordings that will give you more information about the game world and above all the trophy.

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