Genshin Impact: Guide for the Ascension of the characters

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We continue the trail of guides on Genshin Impact with our article that will help you understand what is the Ascension of the characters and how to do it best

Genshin Impact is literally absorbing our life. A little bit what all free-to-play games with gacha elements do: they suck up your time. And when (undoubtedly) we talk about well-made titles, despite some woodiness and some imperfections, it also becomes a pleasure to play and get passionate about them. The obvious and heavy inspiration to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not something that bothers, quite the contrary. The title is embellished both by the aesthetic sector that refers to the Nintendo title, and by the various mechanics that miHoYo has "borrowed". If something works and does it damn well too, why not try to emulate it? 

Before we get started with our guide to character ascension in Genshin Impact, we remind you that here on Holygamerz you will find a lot of content on miHoYo's free-to-play action-jrpg. Starting with our guide on how to quickly increase Adventure Rank and how to level up quickly, to how to play in two players and how to unlock new characters. We remind you that the title is also expected to be released on Nintendo Switch, even if there is still no indication for a possible launch window. Now that everything is ready, we can get started. What is Ascension?

What is Ascension?

We have already given you a hint of the concept of ascension in our guide on how to quickly level up. Basically, the thing is very simple. The various characters will move between one level cap and the next and, once one of these limits has been reached, it will be necessary to "ascend" that particular hero to be able to continue its enhancement. Let's start from an essential premise: the materials necessary for the ascension of the various characters are not present in the gacha pools. For this reason, the only way you can get the materials is… to play. No money, just fun and lots of patience! 

Ascension is a fundamental process for every character, because not only allows you to raise the initial Level Cap, but also its base stats. Additionally, ascending Heroes allows them to unlock new Talents. It is not possible, however, to unlock new Constellations through the ascension of the characters. The only way to get new ones, in fact, turns out to be exclusively to find more copies of the same character through the gacha. You will therefore have to use a lot of Wish if you want to unlock new Constellations. 

Levels of Ascension - Genshin Impact: Guide for the Ascension of the characters

The ascension levels available are for now only two out of six expected in the next updates. Each level of ascension corresponds to an Adventure Rank necessary to carry out the procedure. It all works as follows: 

  • Ascension Level 1:
    Character level required: 20 
    Adventure Rank necessario: 15
  • Ascension Level 2
    Character level required: 40 
    Adventure Rank necessario: 25

The first level of ascension will allow you to pass level 20 and reach the maximum level of level 40. The second level, on the other hand, will take you to the maximum up to level 50. It is not yet clear how the next four will work and to what extent we will be able to enhance our characters, but just wait for future miHoYo updates. 

How to make the Ascension - Genshin Impact: guide for the Ascension of the characters

To ascend your character, you will initially need to bring him to the expected level cap. Then, again from the Character menu, select the Ascension menu with the appropriate key shown at the bottom right. Confirm the required materials and complete the procedure. As for the necessary materials, as we have already told you in this guide, you will not be able to obtain them through the gacha pools. For this reason, you will have to arm yourself with a lot of patience and explore every corner of the game world. 

You can find materials by searching the map, in various chests, in dungeons or as drops of killed enemies. You can also buy them in the various shops you will meet, completing the Hunts or as Adventure Rank Rewards, even if in the latter case it seems that the only materials that are delivered are exclusively those of the protagonist. However, you can easily see where to find the necessary ingredients for the Ascension, always from the level up menu of the characters. Just press the up button to open the “Ascension Materials Preview” and from here select the details. 

Have fun! 

Here ends our short guide on how to perform the Ascension of the characters in Genshin Impact. Hoping to have been useful to you, we ask you: are you playing the title of miHoYo? What do you think about it? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news on videogame and tech!

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