Fortnite: Shooting Challenges Guide | Chapter 2

Let's find out how to overcome the new Fortnite Shooting Challenges for this season 1 of chapter 2 thanks to this guide

We are now nearing the end of the challenges of this new season. However, the developers of epic Games they continue their game development work and even have extended season 1 until early February. Just yesterday, with the arrival of the patch 11.20, the developers have communicated this news. In order not to miss other details on the changes made, I invite you to read our articles on Creative, Save the World and Battle Royale. Let's start this now guide to the Fortnite Shooting Challenges and let's find out together how to overcome the new missions of season 1 for this chapter 2.

Let's get over them all! - Shooting Challenge Guide | Fortnite chapter 2 season 1

Eliminations with 50 points or less of health

The first challenge in this guide to Fortnite Shooting Challenges for Season 1 of Chapter 2 is to eliminate opponents with 50 points or less of health. It starts immediately with a very demanding challenge that will test the skill of many players. Our advice is to play in the brawl mode as killing opponents with little life will be quite difficult. Another tip is to get hurt by falling off some cliff until it drops below 50 points. Then you can take up positions in some elevated point e sniping opponents to have a better chance of success.

Eat apples picked from the Orchard

The second challenge involves consume apples picked at the Orchard. As we had anticipated in the guide relating to the challenges of the previous week, north of the Frenetic Farm you can find the Orchard that will allow you to collect apples in quantity. However, to eat one we remind you that you will have to be hurt otherwise you will not get the desired effect. Our advice is therefore to throw yourself a bit far, inflict a minimum of damage and head to Orchard to eat the apples.

Eliminations at Foresta Frignante or at a monument

The third challenge in this guide to Fortnite Shooting Challenges for Season 1 of Chapter 2 is to eliminate opponents in Frignante Forest or at a monument. As many of you know, Frignante Forest is a suitable place for camping. Here, in fact, the many trees offer excellent opportunities for hide and wait for the right moment to attack the enemies. If you are new to the area, however, you can complete the challenge at any monument (better known as Historical sites).

Dance at the Pipe Man, the Scarecrow and the Wooden Tent

The fourth challenge involves dance at 3 specific locations on the map. Finding these places will not be impossible, but not that easy either. Below we leave you the map with the three indicated places where you can complete the challenge.

Gain health with a Small Fish, a Flopper, and a Juicy Fish

The fifth challenge in this guide to Fortnite Shooting Challenges for Season 1 of Chapter 2 involves recover health through a Small Fish, a Flopper and a Juicy Fish. These particular fish have been introduced with the new chapter and allow you to recover a more or less modest amount of life points when consumed. To find them you will have to equip yourself with a fishing rod and search along waterways. To have a better chance of catching one, we advise you to cast your hook in those circles that are seen on the water level and that indicate the presence of fish.

Eliminations with the Pistol

The sixth challenge involves eliminate opponents with the Pistol. This weapon is not very powerful, but if you have good aim you can shoot your opponents with a handful of shots. However, our advice is to play in a team mode (except brawl) to knock down your opponents with any weapon. Once on the ground you can finish them off with your gun and thus obtain the eliminations that will allow you to overcome the challenge.

Visit Named Locations in a single game

The seventh challenge in this guide to Fortnite Shooting Challenges for Season 1 of Chapter 2 involves visit three Named Locations in one game. Completing this challenge will certainly not be a walk in the park. If you don't want to play in brawl mode, our advice is to land at Holly Hedges and proceed to respectively Frignante Forest e Throbbing Swamp (you can also do it in the opposite direction). However, if you want to avoid Forest since it is a challenging destination, you can land at Brughiere Brumose and then head towards Lago LanguidoCommerce Course.

Deal damage with a Shotgun

The eighth challenge involves dealing damage with a shotgun. All you have to do is equip yourself with any of these weapons and shoot the various enemies that will come your way. Obviously, it is a short range weapon and it would make no sense to shoot an enemy far away from you. To complete this challenge in a single game, we recommend playing in the brawl mode.

Save yourself from falling damage by landing in a Refuge

The ninth challenge in this guide to Fortnite Shooting Challenges for Season 1 of Chapter 2 plans to take no fall damage when landing in a Refuge. Whether it's a haystack or a bin it doesn't matter. All you have to do will be build a high enough ladder to inflict fall damage on you e try to land in one of these particular places

Heal within 10 seconds of taking damage from an opponent

The tenth challenge involves heal within 10 seconds after taking damage from an opponent. Even this last mission does not seem very easy to overcome, however it will be enough for you to survive your direct opponent. Once downed, all you have to do is close quickly - build the walls, the floor above you and when huddled build a roof so that you have as much coverage as possible - and curavi. You only need to complete this action once to overcome the challenge.

Have Fun - Shooting Challenge Guide | Fortnite chapter 2 season 1

That's all for this guide. I remind you that the missions from the fourth onwards are blocked and to unlock them all you have to do is overcome the previous ones. If you have fallen behind those of the previous week, I refer you to ours guide to hide and seek challenges, accessible clicking here. In order not to miss further news regarding the most famous video game of epic Games, continue to follow the pages of Holygamerz!

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