Fortnite: location of the ducks of the week 3 | Guide

Also in this week 3 of Fortnite we find a challenge that will make us go wandering around the map and that therefore, we will have to finish in more games. We are talking about the mission "look for rubber ducks", accessible thanks to the Battle Pass. Let's see their location through our guide

The challenge longer than this Fortnite week 3, the one that we will certainly never be able to complete in a single game, is definitely "look for rubber ducks". These are in fact scattered throughout the various points of the map and today, we of Holygamerz, we will help you find them thanks to our guide. Let's go see the together position of these ducks.

Fortnite: here is the exact position of the rubber ducks to complete the challenge of week 3 | Guide

Before seeing their location it will be necessary make a premise. The places that I will list later are those in which I personally have found the ducks to complete the challenge. However in the map they will be also reported other places to give you readers more chances to complete the challenge of week 3. Surely we will have missed some locations, so it can certainly happen that you find them somewhere not indicated. 

Having said that we can proceed with our guide and show you the exact position of the ducks in the Fortnite map. You can find them:

  • A Snobby Beaches, exactly inside the swimming pool of the fourth house
  • In the agglomeration between Snob Beaches and Leaning Pinnacles, more precisely in the shower in the camp locker room
  • Southwest of Ventured Landing, on the waterfall that marks the limit of the map to the south
  • Northwest of Ventured Landing, following the river from the previous point we will find it near a pillar of the bridge
  • A sud di Lande letali, more precisely in the pond that marks the boundary of the area
  • North of Lethal Lands, exactly in the stream that flows just above
  • South of Putrido Pantano, in the pond near the wooden construction in the shape of a crab
  • Near the motel northwest of Anarchist Acre, in the motel pool to be exact
  • A Sponde del Sacking, near the northern dock of the lake, the one with the two canoes
  • A Refuge Withdrawn, in the small river between the wooden shed and the main house

Remember that this challenge is only valid 5 Battle Star, while for a difficult challenge you can earn well 10 Battle Star. The ducks useful to complete the Fortnite week 3 challenge, as already announced, can also be found in other places than those mentioned above or in locations not marked on the map. 

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