Fortnite Season 4: a guide to the challenges of Week 1

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If you want to start Season 4 in the best possible way, here is the guide to the challenges of Fortnite Week 1. Don't you want to disappoint the Marvel heroes?

The battle for the fate of the Fortnite world is about to begin. Galactus is coming, but the Marvel heroes are ready to stop him with all the means at their disposal and above all by asking for help from the players of the battle royale. So let's go to earn some experience points quickly and easily with ours guide to the challenges of Week 1 of Fortnite Season 4.

Nothing simpler

If you are a longtime gamer you will not have major difficulties in overcoming the challenges of Week 1 of Fortnite Season 4, you will only need a few tips from our guide. This time Epic Games has decided to take advantage of the new mechanics introduced last Season to introduce new challenges. There is also no shortage some goodies related to the new additions about Marvel heroes. If you are also curious to know everything about patch 14.00, we refer you to the dedicated article -

As always, the challenges are particularly useful for earning a lot of experience points. This time we start 7 challenges, which once completed will all yield us well 200.000 experience points. With the new Battle Pass just introduced all this experience will make your life easy and you will be able to get it all hero skins in a very short time. Follow our tips to complete all the objectives, even the most difficult, in a short time.

Examine Forzieri at Moli Molesti (0/7) - Fortnite Season 4: guide to the challenges of Week 1

We start with a classic challenge that you will surely complete without any effort. As the title says you will have to examine seven chests in the Moli Molesti area which is located at the H4 coordinates of the map. The area is one of those very rich in terms of loot and chests, you shouldn't have any problem getting through the challenge. Just stay beware of the many players who might populate the area and that's it. Also, chests will accumulate over the course of games. You often land in Moli Molesti early in the game and the challenge will be completed naturally.

Eliminations at Holly Hedges (0/3) - Fortnite Season 4: guide to the challenges of Week 1

Another rather classic challenge, this time based on eliminations. Once a total of 3 opponents at Siepi D'Agrifoglio (coordinates B5 on the map) the challenge will be overcome. The best way to achieve the challenge is to play in the Team Brawl mode. Again try to often land in Holly Hedges and it won't take long to reach the required 3 eliminations and you will have gained in no time 25.000 experience points.

Collect Floating Rings in Misty Moors (0/4) - Fortnite Season 4: Week 1 Challenges Guide

We continue our guide to the challenges of Week 1 of Fortnite Season 4. This time with one of the innovations introduced in the last season, which returns strongly also in this one. The first link is located at the top of the bell tower, just west of the river that divides the Misty Moors in half (coordinates E7 / F7 on the map). The second is located east of the river, above the inn. For the third one, instead, go near the fountain to the east of the second ring area. At the top of one of the structures you will find what you are looking for. Finally, the last ring is further south, outside the most populated area. There you will find a wooden house, on top of which is the ring.

Eliminate Stark's robots in the landing points of the Quinjet patrol (0/5) - Fortnite Season 4: guide to the challenges of Week 1

We have arrived at the first novelty of this Season 4. To complete the mission you will have to destroy Tony Stark's robots which are located at the landing points of the Quinjet patrol. Landing zones are randomly generated for each game and you can see them directly on the map at the start of each game. Before going into these areas though make sure you are properly armed. The robots are fully armed and will not hesitate a second to seriously damage you in no time.

Fill up a vehicle in Languid Lake (0/1) - Fortnite Season 4: guide to the challenges of Week 1

This challenge also refers to the mechanics introduced last season and still fresh in the memory of the players. However, this is a very simple challenge. That's enough for you retrieve a vehicle anywhere on the map and carry it to Lake Languid. The area is located at the F6 coordinates of the map, there you will find a large petrol station. Go to the station and proceed into Refuel to your machine and the challenge will be completed.

Inflict damage to opponents with Stark Industries Energy Rifles (0 / 1.000) - Fortnite Season 4: guide to the challenges of Week 1

In this case we take advantage of one of the most relevant innovations to the gameplay of this fourth Season, namely the Stark Industries Energy Rifle. The weapon in question, however, can only be found in a way that is anything but conventional. In fact, it will be necessary to destroy Tony Stark's robot guards, which you can trace in the method that we have explained to you for the previous challenge. In short, recover the weapon (and at the same time complete the challenge of the robots) e start dealing damage to the maximum against the other players. With a little effort, you can overcome this challenge without problems.

Eliminate Doctor Doom in the Doom Domain (0/3) - Fortnite Season 4: guide to the challenges of Week 1

Let's move on to the last challenge of Week 1 of Fortnite Season 4 of this guide. We will have to defeat Doctor Doom, at his base which is located at the D2 / D3 coordinates of the map. You will have to be able to defeat him even three times in three different games. This is no easy feat, Doctor Doom is in fact one of the boss NPC introduced in the last season and it is a rather dangerous opponent. So go ready for combat and get ready for a challenge worthy of a superhero. However, completing this challenge will earn you money well 50.000 points experience, so it might be worth trying your hand at the enterprise.

The new season begins

Let's start the new season with many new challenges and many experience points. The Battle Pass will be completed really quickly and you will be able to show off all the new cosmetic items that the developers have included in this update. It is a really good opportunity, especially for all fans of superheroes, especially those created by the House of Ideas. Our guide to the challenges of the week of Fortnite Season 4 ends here. If this guide has been useful to you, come back to our pages for the challenges of the coming weeks. In the meantime, keep following us on the pages of Holygamerz to stay up to date on all the news from the world of video games and more!

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