Fortnite Season 4: a guide to the challenges of Week 2

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Fortnite Season 4 continues with the challenges of Week 2, here is the guide on how to overcome them. Follow us and you will have no problem

Like every Thursday, the challenges of the Week are updated. We are in the second week of this crossover with the Marvel world that is making fans of both worlds argue. The battle royale of Epic Games, as always, provides a fair amount of Experience Points useful for farming the Battle Pass. So let's go and see how to overcome the challenges of Week 2 Fortnite Season 4 in our dedicated guide.

A special challenge

Also this week the trend of the new season is confirmed. As in the last one, in fact, the Experience Points per mission they are smaller than in the past (we're talking about 25.000 Experience Points). However, there is a particular challenge, more difficult than others, which will give you the beauty of 80.000 Experience Points. We have 8 challenges available, one more than last week, for a grand total of 255.000 Experience Points.

A pretty good loot that will give you a big help in completing the Battle Pass dedicated to the Marvel world. This time there are missions quite familiar to many of you with little news. However, there are also many challenges related to the new introductions of this Season. Let's start then with the guide to the challenges of the Week 2 of Fortnite Season 4.

Examine Forzieri in Borgo Bislacco (0/7) - Fortnite Season 4: guide to the challenges of Week 2

Here is the classic weekly challenge that we find every week. On the other hand, it is the simplest and most immediate challenge of Fortnite that practically gives us experience points without too much effort. The advice is always the same that we give you every time, you just need to land often in Borgo Bislacco (coordinates D4 on the map) and you will overcome the challenge without even realizing it. We remind you as usual that the account of the examined chests stacks in the games you play, nothing could be simpler.

Eliminations at The Authority (0/3) - Fortnite Season 4: guide to the challenges of Week 2

Let's continue with another challenge that we often face. You will need to make a total of three eliminations to Authority (coordinates E4, right in the center of the game map). The fastest method is to play in Team Brawl mode. Land in Authority from the start and quickly search for a weapon. At this point it will not be difficult to get some eliminations at the beginning of the game, especially against those who have not yet found a weapon. in conclusion the speed makes the challenge really a joke.

Dance on the head of three different Sentinels at the Sentinel Cemetery (0/3) - Fortnite Season 4: a guide to the challenges of Week 2

We arrive at one of the Week 2 news, the Sentinel Cemetery is in fact one of the new areas introduced in Season 4 of Fortnite. The new zone is located between the coordinates E5 and E6 and the challenge is very simple. Sentinels are gods gigantic robots that in the course of the stories dedicated to the X-Men have put the group of mutants in serious difficulty several times. Epic Games then decided not only to dedicate a cemetery to them, but to encourage you to dance on their wreckage. Climb on the heads of three of them and use a dance emote at the bottom What's better than ridiculing terrible mutant weapons?

Destroy seven boats at Craggy Cliffs (0/7) - Fortnite Season 4: guide to the challenges of Week 2

Here is another rather simple challenge the developers have decided to this week make life really easy for gamers. In fact you will have to go to Cliffs (between the coordinates E1 F1 of the map) and destroy a total of seven boats. Search on the beach or in the garages and you will find several. Probably a few games will be enough for you to be able to overcome this challenge as well. 

Bounce on four different dog toys at the Villa for Ants (0/4) - Fortnite Season 4: Week 2 Challenges Guide

Now we need to head to one of the zones introduced in this Season 4. Villa for Ants is a small area located between the coordinates B5 and C5 of the map. It is a villa built by Ant-Man (should we also assume his arrival in the world of Fortnite soon?). In the villa there is a large dog kennel, essential for the success of the challenge. In fact all we have to do will be jump over four rubber balls that you will find near the doghouse and the challenge will be overcome.

Drive a motorboat under three different colored steel bridges (0/3) - Fortnite Season 4: guide to the challenges of Week 2

Here is a challenge that will make you work a little harder. First, get yourself a speedboat, we advise you to go to Castello Corallo (coordinates B1 and B2) since there are a lot of them in those areas. Now you will have to cross three of the five bridges in the canals of the map. We advise you to use the first three decks on the list, which are located not very far from each other. Here is where the five bridges are:

  • East of Doom Castle, coordinates E2;
  • South of Doom Castle, coordinates D3;
  • South-east of the Frenetic Farm, coordinates G4;
  • North of Pantano Palpizzante, coordinates C6;
  • East of Brughiere Brumose, coordinates F7;

Examine seven SHIELD chests inside the Quinjet (0/7) - Fortnite Season 4: guide to the challenges of Week 2

And here it is finally the challenge of 80.000 Experience Points. This is a more demanding challenge, but nothing you cannot overcome with a little time. First of all you have to locate the Quinjets. These appear randomly in every game, fortunately though are indicated on the game map. At this point, defeat the robots (we recommend going prepared for the fight) and grab the loot they were defending. The SHIELD Chests contain high-level items, so you will not only progress in the challenge, but you will become quite powerful.

Inflict 500 damage to opponents at Gattogrill (0/500) - Fortnite Season 4: guide to the challenges of Week 2

We conclude our guide with the last challenge. It is a challenge very easy, in line with the difficulty of this week on the other hand. All you have to do is go to Gattogrill (G7 coordinates of the map) and inflict a total of 500 damage to the opponents. There is no great advice to be dispensed this time. Position yourself in the area and hit anything that moves without mercy and in a short time also these last Experience Points will be yours.

Nothing challenging

This week Epic Games was really forgiving and has basically given a lot of Experience Points to all players attentive to the challenges. A few tips are enough to make even the most complex challenge child's play, after all, nothing that with a little time cannot be achieved without too much difficulty. Here ends our guide to the Challenges of Week 2 of Fortnite Season 4. We just have to give you an appointment next week with the new challenges. In the meantime, keep following us on the pages of Holygamerz to stay up to date on all the news from the world of video games and more!

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