Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 3

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If you need help with Fortnite week 3 challenges, you are in the right place this guide is just for you

Fortnite Season 3 updates relentlessly. The guys at Epic Games continue to always keep the battle royale fresh with new content every week. Among these there are never short of challenges, very useful for earning lots of experience points for the Battle Pass. Here is the guide on how to overcome the challenges of Fortnite week 3.

Lots of news for this week

Fortnite Week 3 Challenges feature old classics, but also many news that we will explain how to overcome with our guide. We go from gathering missions, to eliminating opponents up to absolute novelties such as the request to dance in specific points of the map. Nothing too difficult to overcome, especially if you follow our little tips.

This week the challenges are 8 in total. With a little attention you will be able to complete them all for a total of 280.000 Experience Points. Really not bad especially if you are unlocking all of them in no time skin and aesthetic accessories that have been included in this new aquatic season.

Search for chests or crates of ammunition at Brughiere Brumose (0/7) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 3

Nothing simpler to start with. In fact, let's start with one of the most challenges classical of Fortnite, or those of treasure hunt. As the title says, all you have to do is collect Chests or Ammo Crates in the indicated area located between E-7 and F-7 on the map. We remind you as always that the total of 7 treasures is accumulated over the course of multiple games. Playing naturally and paying attention especially if you pass through the Moors you should not make too much effort.

Eliminate opponents at the Authority (0/3) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 3

This too is a classic that never fails. It is about eliminating three opponents in the area that took over from the Agency in the last event. Also in this case the kills will be accumulated over the course of the games. Furthermore, the Authority (which is located right in the center of the map) is one area very visited by all players so it will be easy to find some victims who will allow you to complete the challenge.

Collect the Floating Rings at the Languid Lake (0/4) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 3

First unprecedented challenge, with a hunt for the Floating Rings of the Languid Lake. To start off, go to the previously named area at F-6 and go in search of four blue rings. The first ring is located above a tree in the center of the area. The second to the south near a shop called "Big Shots", take advantage of the red umbrellas to give you the necessary momentum. The third is located near the booth at the entrance to the town of Lago Languido. The fourth and last one is located at the “No Sweat” company, next to the “Cap'n Carp” fishing shop.

Dance on the top of the crane at Shaky Well (0/1) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 3

Another new and crazy challenge this week. The most comfortable way to complete this challenge is to land directly on the crane at the start of the game. The crane is located exactly on the southernmost island of Shaky Shaft in the C-8 coordinates of the map. Landing immediately, you just need to position yourself on top and run one of the many dance emotes available within Fortnite and that's it.

Inflict damage to opponents while you are inside a wheat field at Frenetic Farm (0/100) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 3

Here is another particular challenge that is inaugurated in this third week of Season 3. To succeed you will need to be able to inflict a total of 100 damage to the opponents while you are immersed in the wheat field. First, get yourself a good weapon and place yourself waiting for the arrival of some enemy. This is certainly not one of the most visited areas of the game, but with the presence of this challenge, many players will surely be in the area. If you place yourself quickly you will have a lot of chances of running into other players trying to do the same thing.

Destroy cars within 60 seconds of landing from the Battle Bus (0/2) - Fortnite Season 3: week 3 challenges guide

A challenge in which you have to be fast, but nothing too complicated especially if you land in the right place. We advise you to go directly to the Corso Commercio car park between G-6 and H-6 of the map. At this point quickly throw yourself into the destruction of cars. There are many cars in the area so if you are fast enough you should be able to do it before some opponent gets to ruin your party.

Land with a Choppa helicopter in one of the chimneys of Foschi Fumaioli (0/1) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 3

Another new challenge that arrives in this week full of news. In this case the main difficulty lies in taking the Choppa helicopter. In this new Season the positions of the helicopters have changed along with the map. We advise you to follow the image we put below with all the areas where you can find the helicopter in question. At this point it will be easy, just go to the gloomy funnels and enter one of the chimneys and the game is done.

Inflict damage to opponents at Gattogrill (0/100) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 3

Again you will have to inflict a total of 100 damage to the opponents. In this case the area is quite populated by gamers so it won't be difficult to complete this challenge. But pay attention to one thing. The area is in fact very coveted due to the presence of the den of one of the game's bosses. Precisely for this reason there will be many AI controlled mobs that could give you a hard time.

Have fun!

As every time we have reached the end of this guide to the challenges of Fortnite week 3. It really was one week full of new features never seen before in the game. We hope that the developers know how to give us challenges of this kind every week. Let us know if our advice has been helpful to you to accumulate all the experience offered up for grabs with the challenges in a short time. See you next week and keep following us on the pages of Holygamerz for all the news from the world of video games and more!

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