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    Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 4

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    Here is the guide on how to overcome the challenges of week 4 of Fortnite Season 3. This time there will be many classic challenges

    Like all the time we are here again to talk about the Fortnite week 4 challenges, in our guide we will explain what they are and give you some suggestions on how to overcome them. Last week was characterized by the landing of Ninja on Youtube, which made a lot of talk with the imminent closure of Mixer. But let's focus on the game now and on the challenges proposed by the guys at Epic Games.

    Old acquaintances

    Season 3 is now in full swing. We have in fact arrived at week 4 of Fortnite, it is therefore normal that classic challenges have been re-proposed and some challenges inserted in the past times that we have covered with our weekly guide. In fact this time we don't no particular news, if you are used to the challenges you will have no difficulty in overcoming them again this time.

    We have a total of seven challenges, which will allow you to earn overall 245.000 experience points. A nice loot that will make you progress in no time in the Battle Pass. In this way it will be a joke to be able to get all the skins and cosmetic items inserted with the latest updates. 

    Search Forzieri in Borgo Bislacco (0/7) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 4

    Let's start with the most classic of challenges. The search for chests can never fail and this time we should go to Borgo bislacco, in the D-4 coordinates of the map. However, we have an additional difficulty, in fact Borgo Bislacco is one of the areas most populated by players. So try to be quick to collect some chests and get out quickly. On the other hand you probably already know, the number of chests collected accumulates in the different games, there is no need to be greedy.

    Eliminate opponents at Holly Hedges (0/3) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 4

    Another round and other old acquaintances for the most avid challenge hunters. You will have to eliminate a total of three opponents at the Holly Hedges, at coordinates B-5 on the map. Our advice is always the same for this type of challenge. Be careful to remain inconspicuous to your opponents e be patient, sooner or later someone will pass and you will be in an advantageous position. Not very honorable, this is true, but with guaranteed success.

    Collect the Floating Rings at Parco Pacifico (0/4) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 4

    This is one of the new features introduced in this Season and come back this week 4. Go between D-2 and D-3, where Pacific Park is located. The first ring is located at the base of the zipline, southwest of the area. For the second, use the zipline and on the second platform, east of the park, you will find the ring. Nothing could be easier for the third, continue on the third platform and that's it. For the last ring, go to the last platform of the zipline and get carried to the ground and you will have completed the challenge.

    Land at Frantic Farm and finish in the Top 25 (0/1) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 4

    There are two options for this challenge, as Frenzy Farm is a hot spot on the map. First land at the Farm, at this point you will have to make a choice. The first option is to throw yourself into the fray trying to quickly collect some high-level loot which can be useful to get to the Top 25. After a few failed attempts, this choice could lead you to reach the top positions of the ranking. The other option is to hide after landing and stay hidden as much as possible during the game. You probably won't be able to win, but you will take home the challenge easily.

    Collect Metal at Shaky Well (0/200) - Fortnite Season 3: week 4 challenges guide

    This challenge is practically guaranteed experience. All you have to do is go to coordinates C-7 and C-8, wander around the islets of the Well and collect the necessary quantities of metal. However the area is littered with metal objects, so you won't even have to struggle to get it. Don't waste time and run to earn 35.000 experience points as a gift.

    Dance in front of the cameras for 10 seconds at Sweaty Sands (0/1) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 4

    Here is another of the challenges that have recently been introduced within Fortnite. To overcome it, go between B-3 and B-4 on the map. At this point you will notice in the northern area a pier with a pink shop built on top of it. Head under the blue and white striped marquee and you will notice that a dance floor is positioned below it. You just have to use the dance emote you like best on the dance floor and you will have passed the challenge.

    Search Ammo Boxes in Foschi Fumaioli (0/7) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 4

    We have arrived at the last mission and it is one of the very simple ones. Between G-2 and H-2 are the Foschi Fumaioli, the area is full of ammunition so you won't be too hard to overcome the challenge. During the week try to land in that area, you will see that without even realizing it the challenge will be overcome in no time. Don't even pay too much attention to this challenge and focus on the others, when playing Fortnite, the challenge will probably be overcome automatically.

    We have come to the end

    That's all for this week too. We just have to give you an appointment next week with new challenges. This time you shouldn't have any particular difficulty in getting the most of the experience made available by Epic Games. Let us know if you have encountered any problems and continue to follow us on Holygamerz for all the news from the world of video games and beyond!

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