Fortnite: complete guide to the challenges of week 5 | Season 8

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Here we are at the halfway point for this season 8. The challenges of week 5 of Fortnite have just come out and we at Holygamerz are here to offer you a guide that will allow you to overcome them. Let's see it together!

Although we have reached the middle of season 8, as always the changes regarding the gameplay of the game never end. In fact, yesterday it was new update published which has brought with it important innovations. A new trap, three consumables and a brand new timed mode are alone some of the elements introduced with patch 8.20. For more details I invite you to read our article by clicking here. Let's start this guide now and see how to overcome the challenges of week 5 of Fortnite.

Fortnite: guide to the free challenges of week 5 | Season 8

Inflict damage to opponents with scoped weapons (0/200)

In the first of the Fortnite week 5 challenges for this season 8 we will have to inflict damage on opponents with scoped weapons. My advice for this guide is to use any sniper rifle which will allow us to cause greater damage. With two precise shots we will be able to complete this very simple challenge.

Look for chests in Paradise Palm Grove or Confused Conducts (0/7)

The second challenge involves look for chests in two distinct places, more precisely a Palmeto Paradisiaco o Confused ducts. This challenge has now become famous over the seasons, supplanting the one in which you had to look for chests in one place. If you are not very familiar with these places, throw yourself in one of the two places when the path of the bus is further away. This way you will find fewer people and you can complete the challenge in one game.

Complete a lap of the track in Borgallegro (0/1) (DIFFICULT)

The last of the Fortnite Week 5 Free Challenges for this Season 8 plans to complete a lap on the track in Borgallegro. Although not visible on the map, those who frequent this place will surely know the route. You can get a Girosfera from the outpost introduced in the previous season that is on the mountain and head there.

Fortnite: guide to the challenges of the Battle Pass of the week 5 | Season 8

Make 15 bounces with one throw using the Bouncy Ball toy (0/1)

In the first of the Fortnite Week 5 Battle Pass challenges for this season 8 we will have to get 15 rebounds with the bouncy ball. In order to complete this challenge you must have reached the level 26 of the Battle Pass. My advice in this guide is to throw the ball off a cliff, trying to make it jump as much as possible.

Phase 1: Get shields from mushrooms (0/50)

The second challenge will be divided into several phases. In the first you will have to earn 50 shield units through mushrooms, while in the following you will have to use the small shield potions and then the big ones to earn 100 every time. In this guide we show you the map with the places where you can find mushrooms.

Use a volcanic conduit, a zipline and a vehicle in the same game (0/3) (HARD)

This challenge can be quite difficult, but there is a quick and easy way that will allow you to complete it right away. The ideal would be land at the District, take the zipline climbing up the mountain and heading to the outpost located nearby. From there you can take a Girosfera and descend along the eastern side. A little further on you will find a volcanic conduit which will allow you to complete the challenge in a simple way.

Eliminate enemies in the pirate camps (0/3) (HARD)

The last of the Fortnite Week 5 Challenges for Season 8 plans to eliminate opponents in one (or even more) of the different pirate camps scattered across the map. In this case we do not have a useful advice to propose in the guide that will allow you to overcome the challenge quickly. The only thing we can tell you is to land first and retrieve a weapon to take out incoming enemies.

That's all for this guide on Fortnite week 5 challenges. If you are left behind with those relating to the previous week of this season 8, you can consult our article by clicking here. In order not to miss further details on the game of epic Games, continue to follow the pages of Holygamerz!

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