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    Fortnite: complete guide to the challenges of week 6 | Season 7

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    The challenges of the new week 6 of this season 7 have just come out. Let's see together how to survive this new week of Fortnite thanks to our guide

    A few days ago, just before the arrival of this new week 6 and its challenges, a patch 7.10 update which brought with it some innovations such as the long-awaited one silenced sniper rifle. We still don't know what other changes await us in this 7's season Fortnite nor what will happen in anticipation of the new one which should arrive in just over a month. In the meantime, let's see in this guide how to overcome the current week that has just begun.

    Fortnite: guide to the free challenges of week 6 | Season 7

    Look for a box of ammunition in the different places indicated (0/7)

    The first of the challenges of this week 6 of Fortnite season 7 is not very difficult. All you have to do is land in one of the countless named locations on the map and open an ammo box. To complete the challenge you will then have to visit 6 other places and open at least one in each place.

    Search for ice gnomes (0/7)

    In this guide we show you the map with all places where you can find a gnome to complete the mission.

    Eliminate opponents in Ventilated Landing or Hanging Pinnacles (0/3) (DIFFICULT)

    One of the most complicated missions in this guide is certainly this. If you decide to land at Hanging Pinnacles surely you will find yourself with an immense amount of opponents at your ribs. My advice is to point to Landing Adventure if you are not very good at shooting and building at the same time. You can land in the temple next door and then head to the neighborhood in order to take the already weakened opponents by surprise.

    Fortnite: guide to the challenges of the Battle Pass of the week 6 | Season 7

    Phase 1: Visit Polar Peak and Hanging Pinnacles in a single game (0/2)

    The first of the Battle Pass challenges of this week 6 of Fortnite season 7 is divided into various phases. To complete it you will need to initially visit Polar Peak and Hanging Pinnacles in a single game, while subsequently it will be the turn of Adventurous landing and Commerce course and finally a Confused conduct and pompous pastimes. Especially for the last one I recommend you to use a plane to move faster.

    Slide an ice puck for more than 150 meters with a single throw (0/1)

    This particular mission plans to use the animation rewarded once you reach level 28 of the Battle Pass. Our advice is to use an icy surface to slide your disc away.

    Phase 1: Inflict damage to opponents with SMGs (0/200) (HARD)

    In this challenge, all you have to do is inflict damage on opponents using various weapons. In the first step you will have to use machine guns, while in the subsequent ones you will have to use gods assault rifles and finally of Garnet.

    Inflict damage to opponents with different weapons in a single game (0/5) (HARD)

    In this challenge you can use any weapon to your liking. The ideal would be switch between the various weapons starting with those at a distance and then ending with those from close combat. Also I recommend that you use weapons with a lower rarity in the early stages of the game, in order to be able to replace them with some other better ones later.

    That's all for this week 6 challenge guide. If you are left behind with those of the previous week, you can consult our maps clicking here. To not miss other news regarding Fortnite and its season 7, continue to follow the pages of Holygamerz!

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