Fire Emblem Three Houses: how to unlock blacksmith and forge

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In this new guide on Fire Emblem Three Houses we will go to see how to unlock the blacksmith and the forge, let's find out together

Fire Emblem Three Houses is a title very challenging and complex to which we are dedicating many guides, able to help those who will approach the game for the first time. For example, it could be very useful to know how to change difficulties or some initial advice. In this guide in particular we are going to find out how to unlock the blacksmith and the forge which will be in the Blacksmith area.

Assault at the Rite of Rebirth

In the Koei Tecmo Games title take care of your weapons it is very important, especially before going into battle. Weapons deteriorate over time and therefore become unusable. How can this problem be remedied? To our rescue there will be the blacksmith and the forge, where we can repair, buy and modify our weapons. The title you read for this short paragraph refers to the title of the mission that we will have to carry out in order to meet our blacksmith and find the forge. This mission will take us to the zone and court of the monastery, namely: Blacksmith.

Forge the Way – Fire Emblem Three Houses: fabbro e forgia

Once you arrive in the Blacksmith area, one of the farthest south of the monastery, you will run into one second mission to carry out. This mission will be called Forge the Way, once completed you will finally have the blacksmith at your disposal and consequently also the forge. These two fundamental elements in Fire Emblem Three Houses will not be available, therefore, immediately, but you will have to spend a few hours of play first. Forge the Way consists of tracking down and recovering some materials to take to the blacksmith. You will find these materials at the top of the stairs exactly next to the blacksmith, go to the area highlighted in blue, retrieve them and bring them back to the rightful owner, in order to unlock its services.

So many opportunities - Fire Emblem Three Houses: blacksmith and forge

The blacksmith and the forge will provide you with various opportunities. In fact it will be possible buy weapons at this dealer but at the same time it will be possible modify, repair and upgrade weapons you already own. Obviously everything also has a cost in Fire Emblem Three Houses and to take advantage of the services offered you will have to pay. You can also get money by reselling your older weapons. In addition, it should be noted that in order to forge and work some weapons you will have to have reached a certain level, at least equal to that of the weapon.

Good job!

In this guide on Fire Emblem Three Houses we have seen how to unlock the blacksmith and the forge which you will find in the Blacksmith area. A fundamental guide that will help you unlock very important elements for the rest of the game. If you liked this content, you may be interested in and be comfortable with two of our other guides: how to create romantic relationships and how to recruit students.

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