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In this guide we are going to give you some advice regarding the classes present in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so let's get started right away

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the new RPG di Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo Games. This is a truly majestic title and initially very complex to understand. As the name suggests, there are three different houses, which will contain many different students with various classes to choose from. In this guide we will go to propose some advice in order to create a perfect elite of fighters, so chat to the bands and let's get started! 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses, to have the perfect team you need to choose the right Classes

Use Skills Strategically - Fire Emblem: Three Houses Class Guide

Skills can grow both on the battlefield and in the house classroom. While you can prioritize certain skills by assigning them both in class and practicing them on the battlefield, you can also divide the growth of certain skills to ensure that a unit gains a wider range of specializations.

For example, if you want a character to become a Knight (versatile fighter who has evenly distributed stats), we recommend that you initially focus on riding and using the Spear. Once it has quite high levels in those areas, you can freely change the focus in order to increase the other skills more. 

In this way, not only will they learn new skills, but they will continue to level up the main ones (such as the use of the Lance in the case of the Knight). So once they reach level 30, they will be more likely to specialize in one of the Special Classes. The trade-off is that these units will climb slower than those that prioritize core skills. The upside is that these soldiers will have a greater variety of classes to choose from and will be more versatile on the battlefield. 

Direct the units right away, so that they specialize in the future - Fire Emblem: Three Houses, class guide

The various units can improve their class and level. Starting classes are available once you reach level 5, intermediate classes at level 10, advanced classes at level 20, and master classes at level 30. Once a unit reaches one of these levels, you will be able to view all the classes and what skills a character must have in order to pass the certification exam, which is used to obtain the class you have chosen. Units will also need seals to take exams. 

Once a character reaches level 30, you can start assigning them ability (via the objectives menu) who will join their class. If you want a certain character to have a specific role in the future (for example an archer), we recommend that you address it already from level 5

Choose the correct “addition” - Fire Emblem: Three Houses, class guide

The "additions”Are an innovative feature in the Fire Emblem series. Once your level as a professor is high enough (the latter increases through teaching and other activities in the monastery), you will be able to assign additional professors to your units.

The additions are essentially the characters who won't have to fight in the next battle, but make sure their abilities have a certain consistency with the character they will be tied to. If you own a ranged unit, for example, be sure to pair it with another ranged unit. 

Purchase special certifications - Fire Emblem: Three Houses, class guide

As we have mentioned, a unit will need a seal to take the certification exam for a new class. The game will give you three types of seals for each level cap, namely: beginner, immediate, advanced and master, as soon as you reach the required level. Some seals can also be purchased in the market or before battles. 

Once you have completed the game's initial side missions, you will be able to attract new merchants to the monastery. These merchants will have special class upgrade seals that will be useful for characters specializing in magic. 

Design your team based on your style of play

This may seem like unnecessary advice, since you can direct the characters to fill any role you want (although some characters are better suited for a specific role), but you will have to design the team according to your style of play

Our Fire Emblem: Three Houses class guide ends here, was it helpful to you? We remind you that on our site you can read others, such as the one on how to establish a romantic relationship and then get married, the one on how to change difficulties!

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