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Fire Emblem: Three Houses, here's everything you need to know before starting your Nintendo Switch adventure!

After the release of Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem: Fates on 3DS, Intelligent Systems e Koei Tecmo are ready to launch the first tactical turn-based RPG in the series on Nintendo SwitchThe title will arrive on July 26 2019 on your hybrid console; it's time to find out more! Fire Emblem: Three Houses It brings back the same strategic gameplay and dramatic storytelling that has characterized the franchise since its inception, but also has a few new tricks up its sleeve that will surprise even the most passionate Fire Emblem fans.

Today we offer you a brief "guide" of introduction to the game: Here you will find the first information on the story, characters, combat system and more. Although devoid of spoilers on the events of the game, however, the guide mentions characters, places and battles that you will encounter throughout the story. If you don't want to spoil the surprise in any way, then, read carefully! In addition, the names of some attacks and game mechanics shown here may have changed in the final game version. As such, they are not the final names and may undergo changes in the Spanish localization of the game.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses, all you need to know before starting a new game

Let's get to know the first game details! Here you will discover the name of the land where the story takes place, but also of some key characters. moreover, you will discover the first game events that will set many events in motion.

Location and history - Fire Emblem: Three Houses, all you need to know

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is set in continent of Fódlan and, as the title suggests, it relates three distinct powers: the Empire of Adrestia, the Kingdom of Faerghus and the Alliance of Leicester. The three factions are available from the start, it's up to you to decide which one to start your adventure with.

THEEmpire of Adrestia it is located in the southern part of the continent and has been under the dominion of the homonymous dynasty for over a millennium. Faerghus, a kingdom ruled by a royal family and protected by knights, lies to the north, while theLeicester Alliance, devoid of a real leader, is to the east. Although there have been conflicts between them previously, when you start the game the three nations will be in a period of peace. A powerful divine figure appears to play a role in this time of prosperity and harmony.

You will start the game similar to Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, i.e. by working as mercenary under the direction of your father, and you will soon have the opportunity to teach at the Academy of Officers located in the Monastery of Garreg Mach. As in the latest Fire Emblem games on 3DS, you can choose the gender of your character at the beginning of the adventure. The default name is "Byleth", but it can be changed to one of your choice.

The monastery is located directly in the center of Fódlan and has the task of protecting the peace. Students from all three nations can train there, after being sorted into three different houses; if you want to know more, check out the presentation trailers. The Black Eagles they come from the Adrestian Empire and are headed by the future Emperor Edelgard. Faerghus's house is there Blue Lions and is led by Prince Dimitri, while the future leader of the Leicester Alliance, Claude, leads the Golden Deer. You will be free to roam the Academy, just like in Fire Emblem: Fates and Fire Emblem Echoes.

Characters - Fire Emblem: Three Houses, all you need to know

The three leaders will use different weapons, potentially altering the way your party presents itself. Edelgard wields an ax, Dimitri uses a spear, and Claude is an archer. Byleth will use a sword, if the trailer turns out to be correct, and should complement the attacks of the other units.

The official Japanese account of Fire Emblem on Twitter had already introduced the different characters of the game, and later the English "translation" also arrived.

  • Hubert: serves Lady Edelgard, and is a calm and honest helper. He has served Edelgard's family since he was young, and sports a dark haircut;
  • Dedue: a strong and silent warrior operating under Dimitri. Despite everything, he is a friendly person and Dimitri himself owes his life to him. Doudou is a citizen of the Dascar region;
  • Bernadette: a shy and shy young woman, who is rarely seen outside her dorm (except when attending classes);
  • Raphael: a son of merchants who accidentally killed his parents, but who remains an optimistic person. He is currently training to become a knight;
  • Mercedes: an older student who was once a noble of the Empire. However, she now lives as an ordinary citizen and is determined to help those in need;
  • Ferdinand: serves under Lady Edelgard and is Aegir's son. He is proud and competitive and feels a "sense of rivalry" with Lady Edelgard, despite being her subordinate;
  • Hilda: daughter of nobles, she is not a hard worker but is capable of "sweetening" everyone's mood. She has a keen sense of fashion and could take on the role of "dancer" we often see in Fire Emblem games;
  • Felix: a student with a samurai style. He prefers to work alone and is gifted with wit and sarcasm. He is skilled with the sword, and his beauty does not go unnoticed by other students;
  • Lorentz: a noble, a member of the Watanabe family. Despite his status and a decidedly flashy appearance, he is usually unlucky in courting women;
  • Dorothea: a “diva” who used to sing at the opera. Despite her singing skills and the fact that she doesn't like being of a different age than other students, she is a woman who treats her friends with equal respect. She is joined by another former diva, Manuela, who now works in the school as a teacher and doctor in the hope of meeting a rich man;
  • Hanneman: a teacher rather than a student. He is interested in the emblem worn by the protagonist, and studies the Power Crests - normally owned only by nobles, Byleth is an exception;
  • Lea: the archbishop of the church, who knows how to be kind and protective but also fierce towards those who hinder her. It is she who selects the students, and chooses only the best;
  • Geralt: Byleth's widowed father, at the head of a group of mercenaries. After rescuing some students from the academy along with Byleth, he becomes a member of the Knights again.

Below, the three leaders of their respective houses: Edelgard of Adrestia, Calude of the Alliance, and Dimitri of Faerghus.

The activities of the Academy - Fire Emblem: Three Houses, all you need to know

They will be available different activities at the Officers' Academy when you are not engaged in battle. According to information from Famitsu, Three Houses uses a 30 day calendar e 12 months, and each month equates to a chapter of the game. During the weekdays, you will carry out tutoring activities, with random or specific students, and you can set goals. In the weekendinstead, students will be able to rest, train or take exams qualification for a chance to earn a new class.

Mentoring is related to both yours "Educational Conduct", which determines how many students you will be able to manage at one time, while the "Motivation" for each student it determines how often they can be trained. They can also excel with “Talent Blooming” to obtain statistical advantages in areas that previously did not. Group activities can also be performed by students. They will come in the form of tasks, but will be useful for improving battle readiness, for example by increasing stats in key areas based on work done.

Something unpleasant is about to happen… - Fire Emblem: Three Houses, all you need to know

Once your Academy routine begins, your character will begin to have it vision of a girl, named Sothis, which no one seems to be aware of. It is clear that this girl will have an important role in the story, but so far Nintendo has been quite discreet and has not released many details about it. Apparently, the three group leaders will form some sort of alliance, as in one of the game's trailers they seem committed to assisting the protagonist. Probably also there Seiros Church, serving as a local religion and wielding great power, will play a major role in the plot.

Combat - Fire Emblem: Three Houses, all you need to know

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will use the same tactical grid-based gameplay of the other titles in the series, but in battle you will manage your units in a slightly different way. You will be able to recruit students from your chosen home to accompany you in "class assignments" which are, in reality, real useful battles to gain some experience.

Return the weapon durability statistics: Each item will have a limited number of uses before it breaks: Each weapon will have one stat for total damage, one for critical hit chance, and one for character-based hit chance. If you would like a specific student to master a particular weapon or learn how to use magic, you can have them tutored at the Academy.

Thanks to this mechanic there will be a lot more flexibility in creating your ideal army; you can also teach a unit how to drive a horse, gaining greater mobility and combat effectiveness. Once a unit reaches a sufficient level it will be able to take advanced lessons, and will be able to take an exam to move to a new class.

Il "paper-scissors-stone" combat system could return to Three Houses after his absence in Fire Emblem Echoes. In the E3 2018 trailer, a unit was seen using an ax against a sword-wielding enemy, and the enemy was given a slight advantage. If the system works as in the previous games, the swords will be effective against the axes, in turn effective against the spears, which in turn will have an advantage over the swords.

Previous chapters also used a similar system for magic, based on the type of spell in use. In addition, the bows were particularly effective against flying units. The weapon weight stat will also be revived, limiting use based on the strength stat. A shop will be available to purchase more weapons, but supplies will be limited. Different skills will be available based on the character and weapons in use. Characters will have different ranks for each of these skills. These are divided into:

  • Sword
  • spear
  • Ax
  • bow
  • Black and dark magic
  • Fede
  • Defensive Midfielder
  • Heavy armor
  • Horse riding

It seems that the most units will start as a two-class - Common or Noble. Once they have reached a certain level, they will have the possibility to evolve in Myrmidon, Soldier, Warrior or Monk.

Classes known so far include:

  • Common / Noble: initial class, which evolves into one of the following classes.
  • Myrmidone- Use swords and critical hits to deal damage.
  • Soldier: uses the spear and has a high success rate.
  • Warrior: uses axes and bows, deals high damage.
  • Monaco: use magic.

In the phase following the class progression to level 10, they will unlock several specialization classes. These include:

  • Mercenary: use swords and axes, powerful and fast weapons.
  • Mago- uses magic with a high success rate.
  • Dark wizard: use curses. Class available for males only and requiring extra examination.
  • Gladiator: Uses gauntlet attacks and is only available for male characters.
  • Brigand- Uses gauntlet and ax attacks, has a high health level, and causes great damage.
  • Cavaliere: he moves on horseback and has a wide range of mobility.

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses there will be a major pay attention to the relationships between the characters and how much these will affect the battles. Depending on the strength of the bonds between your units, you can perform powerful support actions in combat.

New Cheats - Fire Emblem: Three Houses, all you need to know

Not all units you command in Fire Emblem: Three Houses will have a name. New is a battalion support mechanic, which allows you to assign an unnamed squad of soldiers to assist a single unit during battle. If the character increases the “Command” skill, he will be able to use stronger units and skills. The new skills views so far include:

  • Simultaneous Fire : Order all archers in a group to fire their shots at the same time.
  • Simultaneous Lance Strike- Similar to simultaneous fire, but with spears hitting left and right targets.
  • Group Magic: Flame: all magical users unite in one powerful fire attack.
  • Inducement Ploy: Forces enemies to move to the other side of a unit.
  • Fire Ploy : sets the ground on fire after the attack.
  • Godspeed Provision: Temporarily increases the travel distance of the allied unit.

According to Famitsu and Gematsu, Three Houses will also include one time rewinding mechanics which will make the game easier for new players. Is called “Heaven-Time Pulse” and allows you to go back a turn to choose a different action. This feature is in addition to the game's difficulty modes. Again you can choose between Normal and Hard, as well as Casual and Classic. Casual resurrects your fallen units at the end of a chapter, while Classic keeps the loss permanent.

Pre-order and special editions

A “Season of Warfare Edition” will be released at the same time as the standard edition, and consists of a bundle with the soundtrack, steelbook cover, a 2020 calendar and an artbook. A copy of Three Houses should give you access to all available bonuses without having to purchase additional DLCs or a second copy of the game. There are currently no bonuses for pre-ordering the title.

This was what you need to know before starting a new game Fire Emblem: Three Houses! Have you decided which lineage of Black Eagles, Blue Lions and Goldeen Deer appeals to you the most? Do you already have an idea of ​​how to develop your character? Tell us in the comments, and remember that this new adventure is coming up Nintendo Switch il July 26 2019! Remember to visit the game's official site and Facebook page for the latest news and updates!

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