Final Fantasy VII Remake: how to increase the exhaustion bonus

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Don't understand how to get 200% or 300% of the extreme damage bonus in Final Fantasy VII Remake? Here's how to do it the easy way

The combat system of Final Fantasy VII Remake takes up the mechanics of the extreme from the thirteenth chapter. The latter once filled makes the enemy extremely vulnerable. Taking advantage of this mechanic is essential to defeat your opponents, but often its exact functioning is not clear. In this guide we explain how you can increase the damage bonus once the enemy is exhausted.

How does the exhaustion work?

Once exhausted the enemy will suffer the 160% more damage from each hit. However, this multiplier can be increased. Increasing the exhaustion bonus doesn't just help combat. In fact, one of the secondary activities of Final Fantasy VII Remake is the completion of the dossiers and one of these concerns the percentage of exhaustion. Chadley in one of his research dossiers will ask you to hit the 200% threshold. In addition, one of the game's trophies can be unlocked by reaching the threshold of 300%.

Inside the game it is explained to you that you will have to hit the enemy up to these percentages. What is not explained is that only a few specific moves within the game are capable of increasing this bonus. Once you learn about this mechanic, the two challenges will be a breeze.

Preparation Matters - Final Fantasy VII Remake: How to Increase Your Exhaust Bonus

First we need to identify the moves that are right for us. The most banal, but also one of the most important, is called Tifa's uppercut Powerful collision. In fact, the move that can be performed by simply pressing the triangle button allows you to increase the percentage by 5%. Tifa has other moves of this type, one of them being Warrior Frenzy, usable after loading the ability Secret Art twice.

Always Tifa (particularly suited to the role) has a Direct Punch, usable with the Upper Gloves weapon. This powerful move increases the limitation bar 30% and it is by far the best of Final Fantasy VII Remake for this purpose. As for the other characters you'll have to use Cloud with Infinite ending, usable with the Dissetric. Finally Aerith has at his disposal Radiant Verdict, usable with the Mithril Staff. If you are not in possession of these weapons, we recommend that you take a look at our weapons guide where you will find all the necessary information.

The ideal combat - Final Fantasy VII Remake: how to increase the bonus of the extreme

The time has come to fight. One of the best battles in Final Fantasy VII Remake to easily increase the exhaustion bar is the VR mission against the Chocobociccio. Not only because this will be available at any time from Chadley, but also because the summon is easily exhausted and possesses a large amount of life. You just have to compose the party of these three characters and start the mission (Just select a Chapter in which you will use this trio).

Exhaust the Chocobociccio using Cloud (perhaps help yourself with Exhausting Injury while the enemy is in a state of "tension") and charge the ATB bars of the whole party. Once exhausted, use all the skills described above. Continue with Tifa to deliver powerful uppercuts and as soon as you reload the ATB bar, unleash with Direct Punch. You should have time to arrive more than 300% easily. One last thing, if you are too powerful you can always reset your weapons by Chadley himself.

Mission accomplished

Our Final Fantasy VII Remake Exhaust Bonus guide ends here. With our advice, you should be able to complete Chadley's dossier and unlocking the trophy in relative simplicity. In addition, you will come to dispense an incredible amount of damage with this combo. If this guide was useful to you please let us know, you can find some many others themed Final Fantasy VII Remake. Keep following us on Holygamerz for all the news from the world of video games and more!

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