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    Final Fantasy VII Remake: guide to find all Music Discs

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    Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally available, in this guide we tell you where to find all the Music Discs, chapter by chapter

    If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's the wonder that Square Enix's soundtracks are. Always composed by some of the best authors around, in the case of Final Fantasy VII Remake by the masters Nobuo Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu e Mitsuto Suzuki. Each of their creations is something so enjoyable that it continues to resonate in mind even after the match.

    These have been given a great role to identify places and moments, and the possibility of collecting them has been added to create a sort of jukebox. In this guide on Final Fantasy VII Remake we list you the location of all music discs, so as to have their own complete discography directly in game.

    What are they for?

    Besides listening to good music, these collectibles are useful for various purposes. The main one is the completion of the Disc Jockey Trophy which allows us to get closer to the Platinum area. In the background, the research is useful to make us live the experience to the full, in fact we will have to obtain the Musciali Discs from merchants, minigames and meticulous exploration. All facilitated byappearance of an icon on the screen when we are close to finding one.

    The recovered discs are then available on the menu of the Musical Collection, all identified by names and numbers. In addition we have organized them here in such a way that they are found along with the natural progression of the story. In case you lose one, at the end of the game you can go back by choosing the desired chapter to resume the search. Now let's get into the guide with the position of 31 Music Discs by Final Fantasy VII Remake.

    Music Discs in Chapters 3, 4 and 5 - Final Fantasy VII Remake Guide

    Let's start The Music Discs guide with chapters 3-4-5 of Final Fantasy VII Remake:

    • 1 - Tifa's Theme - Disco 3 - Residential Area - Chapter 3: inside the Settimo Cielo di Tifa Bar, after talking with Marlene. Interacting with the jukebox in the corner of the club we will get the first record.
    • 2 - Hip Hop de Chocobo - Musical Disco 27 ​​- Residential Area - Chapter 3: after sleeping in your room and before entering the Settimo Cielo Bar, take the road to the right of the bar to reach the club with the music on. Talk to the man with the radio to get his record.
    • 3 - The Prelude - Musical Disc 1 - Residential Area - Chapter 3: purchased in the shop we visit with Tifa.
    • 4 - Barret's Theme - Music Disc 4 - Underground Railway Station - Chapter 3 and 4: after unlocking the side quests you can buy it for 50 Guil in the train station that took us to Midgar.
    • 5 - Stamp - Musical Disc 28 - Former Railway Yard - Chapter 5: after beating two flamethrower turrets, let's enter the nearby corridor and enter the door. Inside, a vending machine will sell us the collectible.

    Music Discs in Chapters 6, 7 and 8 - Final Fantasy VII Remake Guide

    Let's continue with chapters 6-7-8:

    • 6 - Electric de Chocobo - Disc Music 18 - Sector 4 - Chapter 6: after turning off the three lights head west to a small elevator. Take it and go down the side of the fans, in the first room you will find a vending machine that sells the CD.
    • 7 - Bombing Mission - Music Disc 2 - Main Gate - Chapter 7: here the Disco Musicale is sold from a vending machine over a door that we opened simultaneously with Barret and Tifa.
    • 8 - Cait Sith's Them - Disc Music 21 - Slum - Chapter 8: sold in a Vending Machine in the Railway Station.
    • 9 - Tango of Tears - Disc Music 25 - Slums - Chapter 8: the Disco is located in sector 5 to the left of the Green House, inside a jukebox near a group of elderly people.
    • 10 - Costa del Sol - Disc Music 19 - Slums - Chapter 8: purchasable in the shop of Materia dei Slum.
    • 11 - Gold Saucer - Music Disc 20 - Slums - Chapter 8: Music Disc sold in the Moguri shop in sector 5.

    Music Discs in Chapters 9, 10 and 11 - Final Fantasy VII Remake Guide

    Here we are at chapters 9-10 and 11, let's find out all the details:

    • 12 - Cosmo Canyon - Musical Disc 22 - Collapsed Expressway - Chapter 9: found in sector 6 after lifting Aerith with the mechanical hand. Walk to the end of the passage to find a vending machine that sells the Disc.
    • 13 - Honeybee Inn - Music Disc 10 - Walled Market - Chapter 9: available for purchase in Sector 6 Item Shop.
    • 14 - Farm Boy - Music Disc 17 - Walled Market - Chapter 9: take the road north of Chadley and go up to the top of the first stairs you see. You will find a cowgirl who will give you the record.
    • 15 - Under the Rotting Pizza - Disc Music 8 - Walled Market - Chapter 9: interact with the jukebox on the street south of the hotel.
    • 16 - The Midgar Blues - Disc Music 29 - Walled Market - Chapter 9: the CD will be given to you by the Karaoke singer in the Bar in front of the gym.
    • 17 - Let the Battles Begin! - Music Disc 26 - Sweet Honey - Chapter 9: inside the room in sector 6, we will face the tutorial for the dance game. To get the disc we have to overcome the mini game by scoring the maximum points by pressing all 10 keys.
    • 18 - Don of the Slums - Disc Music 11 - Abode of Corneo - Chapter 9: after Cloud, Aerith and Tifa are reunited it is possible to buy the Music Disc from the vending machine with the Don Corneo caricature.
    • 19 - The Oppressed - Musical Disc 9 - Aqueduct 1 - Chapter 10: you buy it in the vending machine room after draining the water from the first aqueduct.
    • 20 - Let the Battles Begin! - Music Disc 6 - Maintenance Room - Chapter 11: sold by the vending machine outside the control room, you will hear the music clearly when you are close to it.

    Music Discs in Chapters 13, 14, 15 and 16 - Final Fantasy VII Remake Guide

    As you have noticed, chapter 12 is not mentioned in this Final Fantasy VII Remake guide, precisely because there are no music discs in that section of the game. Let's proceed with Chapters 13-14-15-16:

    • 21 - On Our Way - Disc Music 15 - Evergreen Park - Chapter 13: purchased in the item shop for 50 Guil in the camp after the tunnel.
    • 22 - Main Theme of FFVII - Disco Musicale 14 - Site B1 - Chapter 13: sold from a vending machine after battling the swarm of insects.
    • 23 - Descendant of Shinobi - Musical Disc 23 - Underground Railway Station - Chapter 14: close to where Johnny is located.
    • 24 - Turk's Theme - Music Disc 7 - Sector 6 - Chapter 14: it is given to us by a woman who is observing the water along the road that connects sector 5 and 6.
    • 25 - Good Night, Until Tomorrow - Disc Music 16 - Walled Market - Chapter 14: the Disco Musicale is located in the hotel and near the reception.
    • 26 - Fight On! - Music Disc 12 - Walled Market - Chapter 14: purchased in the souvernir shop inside the Corneo Palace
    • 27 - Stand Up - Music Disc 30 - Walled Market - Chapter 14: in this case just talk to the girl in the alley to the left of Dolcemiele
    • 28 - Wutai - Music Disc 24 - Sector 6 - Chapter 14:  South of the Walled Market take the road leading west. Here you will find a character who listens to this music.
    • 29 - The Case - Musical Disc 13 - Aqueduct 4 - Chapter 14: proceed with the main objective that will take you to the sewers. On the street you will find a room with a vending machine inside that sells the CD.
    • 30 - Lurking in the Darkness - Musical Disc 5 - Central Tower 1F - Chapter 15: on the main passage you will find a vending machine that will sell the Music Disc, it is impossible to lose sight of.
    • 31 - Scarlet's Theme - Music Disc 31 - Walled Market - Chapter 16: the last is found by interacting with the jukebox to the right of the combat simulator.

    Good music in Midgar

    With the guide that we have provided you now know all the places to find Music Discs in Final Fantasy VII Remake. In case you have doubts or want clarifications on this epochal Remake of Square Enix, ask us your questions below in the comments or if you are looking for other guides we have some really interesting ones: the best weapons for each character and many others.

    Final Fantasy VII Remake is available from April 10, 2020 on PlayStation 4. In the meantime, I invite you to continue following us on Holygamerz to stay updated on the world of video games and technology.

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