Final Fantasy VII Remake: solution, tricks and tips

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In Final Fantasy VII Remake many things have changed, so we find a solution to your problems with some tricks and tips to start playing

Twenty-three years have passed and after various spin offs, remasters and films we can finally enjoy this splendid remake. Final Fantasy VII is back and it does so with a look worthy of the next generation of consoles. Going back to Midgar and being able to observe every little detail where before there were only pre-rendered images is something unique even for those who have never played the original on the first PlayStation.

The innovations are numerous and radical but always well implemented, so much so that even veterans may find themselves confused. With this guide we want to give you a solution to the problem, thanks to some tips and tricks for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Not everything is the same

In addition to the new graphics, the biggest difference with the original is the renewed combat system. This time around, the game focuses on real-time action gameplay without sacrificing the depth of options that have always characterized the series. Most of the features remained in place, but in all different ways. With this guide we will go to do clarity on some news and how to best deal with certain thorny situations. There is always a solution to our problems and with our tips and tricks we will certainly make the Final Fantasy VII Remake experience easier for you.

Spend your skill points - Final Fantasy VII Remake: solution, tricks and tips

One of the main innovations that we are going to face is the possibility of upgrading every weapon in the game. If twenty-three years ago we were engaged in the search for the strongest weapon, now they are all possible candidates as final weapons, even the iconic Buster Sword. This is thanks to the fact that every attack equipment earns skill points passively, even if we don't use them. Points that we can spend in the specific skill tree of the weapon, so as to enhance it and have a customized and synergistic build with the party.

To earn the minimum benefit, we recommend that you spend these points, even if you are unsure of your choice. However, if you are no longer so sure, do not worry, because when you get to know Chadley, it will become possible reset the skill tree weapons for the price of a few Guil. However, in Final Fantasy VII Remake it is not enough to upgrade the weapons to be effective in fights, as we will discover in the next paragraph of our tips and tricks, the definitive solution is to use them in the right way.

Using special attacks to acquire them permanently - Final Fantasy VII Remake: walkthrough, tips and tricks

To give further depth to the fighting there are the special abilities and attacks, there are many and all unique to each weapon. If we really want to be effective in battle, their use is essential, especially when we consider that these skills can be acquired permanently.

The more we use special attacks, more than that we will increase the degree of competence getting to the point that we can use them forever and regardless of the equipment. For example, the specific skill of the Buster Sword, if used enough, will become part of Cloud's knowledge base, allowing us to use it with any other weapon.

Replace the Materia to upgrade them all - Final Fantasy VII Remake: walkthrough, tips and tricks

Also in this remake the Subject and without major changes to their functioning. They continue to be used to unlock enhanced versions of spells we already own. For example, from Blizzard we will pass to Blizzara and finally to the more powerful Blizzaga. In the remake they will level up faster, to accommodate the more limited nature of this first episode (originally the Midgar section only lasted 5 hours unlike the current 40).

A useful advice we can give you is to use the Materia and enhance them to the maximum, and only later replace them with weaker ones to improve. In this way we will create a continuous cycle of upgrades to never run out of Matter even in moments of greatest need. Furthermore, the possibility of selling them to make some Guil is not to be excluded.

Relax and continue with the main story - Final Fantasy VII Remake: walkthrough, tips and tricks

A great news for Final Fantasy VII Remake is the addition of side quests. Missions where we can deepen the character of the characters, get new weapons and in general increase the hours of play with quality content. It is therefore highly advisable to deal with them if possible, even when they are trivial postman quests.

However there will be times when we want to continue on to the main mission, leaving behind everything that is optional. In FFVII Remake it is not a problem because at the end of the game we can go back and decide to relive a certain chapter without alterations to our equipment. All side quests will still be there waiting patiently for us.

No Farming Needed - Final Fantasy VII Remake: Walkthrough, Tips & Tricks

It is commonly known that Japanese RPGs, especially of the past, include the need to "farm". That is, fighting monsters over and over until our team is powerful enough to carry on. However, this game tries to reduce the need by moving towards a more modern tradition. The main events are in fact more than enough to complete the experience, consequently leaving more space for the narrative.

If you still want to upgrade, the game does not negate the possibility of doing so. There are indeed some areas where it is possible to explore and fight to the point of exhaustion. In addition, the end game activities are another consistent way to maximize all the characters, suitable for those who aspire to the most absolute completism.

Practice changing characters - Final Fantasy VII Remake walkthrough, tips and tricks

The change in the combat system has certainly not softened the opponents. Game overs are something to be taken into account here too and it takes knowledge and practice to avoid them. Maybe it will not happen often in the initial moments but towards the middle of the game the challenges will gradually become more complex, for this purpose, in addition to having good equipment and the right skills, party management is essential.

It is true that in the game it is also possible to use only Cloud, leaving the artificial intelligence to manage the rest of the team. But there isn't the extensive Gambit system from Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age here, then often AI will not be enough and we will have to take direct control of it. If you find that your characters are not reacting correctly then it is time to take matters into your own hands.

Also don't wait for things to get complex, start practicing from the first fights, even if they seem very easy to you. However, if you should find an opponent in Final Fantasy VII Remake that is really fearsome and resistant to all our tricks and tips, a solution could be in the next paragraph.

Easy mode for a more narrative experience - Final Fantasy VII Remake: solution, tricks and tips

It is now a common practice to insert extremely easy difficulties to enjoy even just the narration. In some games they are called "story mode" and in this case it is the "easy mode". There is no dishonor in living the experience this way, times have changed and those who played the original twenty-three years ago will probably have less time today, whether it's for family duties or work.

It is also possible to change the difficulty at any time, so if you are faced with an impassable enemy, lower the challenge without problems.

Midgar just as you imagined

At the end of this guide we hope to have answered some of your doubts by finding a solution, now that's all for these tips and tricks on Final Fantasy VII Remake. But before really concluding, let's make a brief summary of our suggestions:

  1. Spend your skill points
  2. Use special attacks to acquire them permanently
  3. Substitute Materia to upgrade all of them
  4. Relax and carry on with the main storyline
  5. It is not necessary to farm
  6. Practice switching characters
  7. Easy mode for a more narrative experience

However, in case there are any doubts or you want clarifications on this epochal Remake of Square Enix, ask us your questions below in the comments or if you are looking for other guides, we have some really interesting ones: the best weapons for each character, the trophies, materials and evocations, to find all the Music Discs and many others. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available from April 10, 2020 on PlayStation 4. In the meantime, I invite you to continue following us on Holygamerz to stay updated on the world of video games and technology.

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