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Volta is one of the most popular new features of FIFA 20, here are some tips and tricks to become the best in street football

The new mode from FIFA 20, Volta, is one of the most popular novelties the title has to offer. There was a lot of curiosity about what it would be like, fans were waiting for it with anxious expectation. Thus we pass from the most famous stadiums in the world to the pitches on the sides of the road of the largest metropolises.

The return of FIFA Street

Volta mode in FIFA 20 marks the return of a title that has always remained in the hearts of all fans, FIFA Street. This game was released way back in 2005, immediately winning a large audience of fans for its unique style. The ability to do tricks, to perform in spectacular plays, of going to score by doing stunts and impossible shots were some of the aspects most appreciated by the players. In 2012 Electronic Arts had tried to take the field with a reboot of the series, which, however, did not have a great success.

With this new mode, EA intends to be able to recover the success of the original FIFA Street, enriching this mode with a plot that will lead our character, created via editor, to become the most skilled street footballer in history. Let's see together tricks and tips to start this mode in the best possible way.

Never skip training - FIFA 20 Volta, tips and tricks

As soon as you start the story mode in Volta, you will be able to undergo some allenamenti. These must never be skipped. In fact, they will introduce the bases of Volta, teaching how to dribble, how to shoot, how to control the ball in the narrow street fields. Mastering these aspects is essential if you want to continue in the world of street football. To learn more about the game mechanics, you can select one from the main menu series of minigames that will make you better understand the dynamics of the mode. If you really want to become efficient in the game, we strongly recommend that you dedicate yourself to this type of training as well.

Spend skill points - FIFA 20 Times, tricks and tips

Volta is based on tricks and feints. Most of the time when we will control our players, we will perform spectacular moves, to be able to extricate ourselves from the opponents. However, a system based on skills and levels. The various moves that our players will be able to make are in fact classified by some stars. At the beginning of the game we could only perform in tricks and feints marked with two stars. Gods will be earned during the game skill points. Don't hesitate to spend it to buy new techniques more and more performing. The goal is to get to unlock the most effective moves, those marked with five stars. This is why it is important to constantly invest the unlocked skill points.

Intercept passes and shots - FIFA 20 Volta, tips and tricks

This aspect is essential to be able to win. Being able to slip into the passing lanes or the shooting paths to steal the ball, is one of the most effective tricks to achieve victory. The fields of FIFA 20's Volta mode are quite small and therefore performing such actions to take the ball away from opponents is far from impossible. Our advice is to constantly try, insert yourself between the opponent's passes and shots to steal the ball from them. It will be sufficient to move the player who is in control at that moment, while the opponents are in possession of the ball, in the passageways, holding L2 on PS4 and LT on Xbox One and PC.

The importance of links between players - FIFA 20 Volta, tips and tricks

Just like in Ultimate Team, also in Volta il bond between the players is a fundamental aspect to keep an eye on. For every player there are three parameters to keep an eye on: if they do well on certain types of terrain, their optimal role and the module in which they are most efficient. One of the tricks to win is to have all the players most used to the terrain on which you are going to play. Not only that, better results will be obtained if your team is positioned in the right way, so as to increase the bond of the team and the understanding that there will be between the various players.

Secure your door - FIFA 20 Volta, tips and tricks

When a counter attack occurs, the most common temptation you might have is to run with the goalkeeper against the opponent to steal the ball. This could be a big mistake that could cost you a goal conceded. The advice is to try to cover the entire mirror of the door with the extreme defender, holding down the L2 / LT trigger, exactly as it was said to intercept the passages. This is one of the best ways to try not to let your opponents score. As mentioned, the fields are small and so is the door. By making the goalkeeper move along the net line, it will be easier for you to protect her, while your opponents will have far fewer openings to shoot from.

Take advantage of the walls - FIFA 20 Vault, tricks and tips

The walls and nets surrounding the soccer fields are elements of the scenery that can be used to your advantage. The small fields and confined spaces will make it easy for opponents to press you, in an attempt to lock you into dead-end situations and steal the ball. In these moments i come to your rescue wall. Doing bounce the ball on them, it will be possible to pass it to your teammates and get around the opponents, thus nullifying their pressing attempts. Using the walls surrounding the fields is one of the best ways to extricate yourself from difficult situations. Taking advantage of the bounce of the ball it will also be possible to perform spectacular tricks and feints. Whenever you find yourself near a wall then indulge yourself, try and always find new ways to pass the ball to your teammates.

Use Simplified Skills - FIFA 20 Volta, tips and tricks

Volta features a simplified skill system. Premendo i grilletti R2+L2/RT+LT while moving with the left analog stick, some will activate ability. These are tricks that the game automatically calculates as the best to do at that moment. However, if your skill level is low, these automatic moves will not be very spectacular or too efficient, but still have the advantage of not having to memorize combos. However, as the level of skill increases, these tricks will be increasingly complex and performing. It will thus be possible to perform real master moves without too much effort.

The shots must be measured and precise - FIFA 20 Volta, tips and tricks

The fields, distances and gates are very small. The easiest thing that can happen to you is to load a shot too much and not hit it. Often it will happen that the ball goes to hit the backboard, without even risking to end up in the goal. One of the tricks that you need to learn and exploit is to dose your shots well. You will have to prefer precision to pure and simple power. Also in this case the commands will help us. While making a shot it is necessary press and hold R1 / RB. By doing this, the power bar will not be charged to the maximum and you will be able to calibrate well the shot you are about to take.

Ready to dominate the fields of all cities!

These are our tips and tricks for becoming the best in street football. Now you just have to grab the pad and take the field, making use of everything you have learned from our guide. Volta is certainly one of the most curious and awaited additions to the FIFA20 playful offer. Fans have been clamoring for the return of FIFA Street for years. Despite the lukewarm success of the 2012 reboot and the fourteen years that separate us from the first chapter, fans couldn't wait to get their hands on a new chapter in the series.

EA has satisfied everyone, however, inserting the Street formula within the FIFA 20 "package". Now we just have to take the field and prove that we are the best on all fields in the world. In order not to miss any news from the world of videogames, keep following the dedicated section on our site.

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