Among Us - Complete guide on how to play from Impostor

    Among Us - Complete guide on how to play from Impostor

    Although it is a rather basic title in the mechanics, Among Us, a work that is enjoying great success in recent weeks, has some really interesting mechanics to explore. The experience is based on investigation, and it is therefore necessary to know some tricks in order not to incur a defeat. Playing like Impostor, in the least number of games in which the role will happen to you, you will have to defeat the crewmate, however, trying not to be discovered and to infiltrate them. So let's see some precautions to keep an eye on to succeed.

    Among Us - Complete guide on how to play from ImpostorYour goal as an impostor is to disguise yourself among the Among Us crew members, keeping a low profile for the duration of the match. To do this, your primary method is to pretend to accomplish game goals, although you are not given the opportunity to complete them, you can still approach the objects of interest and pretend to interact with them. This does not mean that you will be able to take advantage of some useful features such as the cameras or the Admin room, both necessary to get a broad view of the scenario. Remember to position yourself well, especially when pretending to perform visible tasks such as the Scanner in games where these are disabled. It is therefore essential not to overdo the number of kills, which will always be contained by each imposter's recharge, while trying to take out some randomly encountered members and try to gain the trust of others. On some occasions it is necessary to carefully choose the victim to kill, even if uncomfortable, in order to gain the trust of the team. The ventilation duct does not only allow you to escape and not be tracked after having finalized a kill, but thanks to the latter you can also reposition yourself in order to find the newly dismembered corpse with a member of your team, who will then do everything to defend you as he will believe you are innocent. However, always remember not to exaggerate in blaming the members of the team, even if others already consider them guilty, the beauty of Among Us lies precisely in the group chat, whether this is vocal with friends or written through the game.

    In this regard, while not being able to communicate privately with the latter, you will have to rely on your partner in case there is one. This does not mean defending him with drawn sword, as in the lobbies where the expulsion of an Imposter is confirmed this will be able to lose you. Rather, you might even decide to blame him and sacrifice him in certain situations in order to win the game thanks to the trust of the enemies. Avoid doing this in the early stages though, or you'll cut your chance of assassination in half. The match will in fact be concluded in your favor as soon as the impostors are the same number of team members. In the final stages of the game, therefore, having a Crewmate who believes you are innocent is the key to escaping expulsion from kills and banishing enemies instead.

    The last key is the Sabotage, which you can do through the dedicated game map. Thanks to the latter you can close the doors of the rooms in order to carry out kills with tranquility and escape with the ventilation ducts. It is also possible to activate the emergency mechanisms that must be deactivated by the members of the team, which with regard to some specific cases can finish the game if not deactivated in time. You can interact and disable them yourself, in order to earn the trust of the team in this case as well, but that's not all! It is never wrong to collaborate with one's partner by focusing on always having active sabotages, which among other things can be triggered even after death, in order to stop the companions who carry out the tasks and find some isolated victim who goes towards the point concerned, while obviously trying to pass the time in order to easily win the game. Also remember that the central button that convenes the meeting with all players cannot be pressed during sabotage crises, and it is therefore possible to use them as soon as the match restarts in order to score an additional kill in case you end up getting caught.

    Hoping that the guide contains useful advice, and that you are ready to defeat opponents such as Imposters in your games at Among Us, we especially want to refer you to our specific section, where you can find further in-depth material on this and other titles .

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