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City routes: Tokyo
City routes: Las Vegas
City routes: New York
City routes: London
City routes: Nurburgring
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City routes: Tokyo

Shinjuku Kabukicho Loop | Tochomae Loop

This portion of the track can be a real nuisance at high speeds; even if it does not appear at first glance, the strange topography of the artist will be felt on the steering wheel of your car. It is important to fine tune the steering before exiting the underpass as you will most likely make a good jump on the following straight; to succeed in the enterprise be very delicate on the power button and try not to turn too abruptly. If you really must, release the throttle completely as soon as you take off; if you steer the vehicle well before the jump, you will be able to complete this track simply and without losing control.

Ekimae Loop | Shinjuku Speedway

Entering this corner from the east will cause you a lot of problems: not only will you have a high speed, but there is also an annoying descent just before the corner itself. At high speeds, this small drop will cause several control problems; to avoid this, when you approach the corner, position yourself outside and brake very early. If you lose enough speed, you will be able to enter corners regularly without crashing into the guards.

Bark To the Sun

This medium difficulty left-hander will occur after a quick climb of the track, which will almost always make you fly making you unable to steer; stay well to the right as you approach the corner and brake very early, so that you get to the hill at a fairly low speed. By doing this you will be able to enter the curve without problems; conversely, if you have too high a speed, you will crash into the wall.

Shinjuku Speedway | Shinjuku Skyscraper | Shinjuku Tour | Crazy Turns

This winding portion of the track is annoying for fast cars, especially if yours doesn't have a strong grip; going up and down the hills will probably have a lot of problems. Don't press the accelerator too hard, pressing it gently as you turn and waiting for the final part of the track before reopening the throttle completely; when you take the series of hairpin bends from the base, you can accelerate a little more but don't overdo it. It is better to be a little more cautious in this part than to lose positions during the race.

Shinjuku Skyscraper | The Triangle Building | Shinjuku Tour

As before, this curve also has a strange dip before it so, when you approach it, stay outside and brake early, just before reaching the slope; keep a line parallel to the track until the end of the climb and then enter the curve following the correct trajectory. In the Triangle Building track this same climb does not lead to a curve, but narrows at the beginning of the slope so, if you arrive at full speed, you will probably fly off the track and end up against tumors; slow down and stay close to the right wall to avoid the worst.

Crazy Turns

At the beginning of this track you will find another of Tokyo's annoying jumps in front of you: this climb of the track leads directly to a curve and, even if it is not as dangerous as others, it can still cause problems. The slope is not excessive and most likely it will not make you take flight, but it is enough to make you lose sensitivity to the steering; slow down fairly early and cut inside sharply, continuing to turn due to the very sharp corner of the curve.

City routes: Las Vegas

Big Apple Loop | Tropicana Tour | South Strip Loop | Las Vegas Blvd Tour | Boulevard Straights | South Vegas Run | The Grand Run

This small portion of the track does not seem very difficult during the day, but as soon as the evening falls it will become quite problematic; in fact, with poor lighting it is very difficult to see the sides of the track well. To get the best out of this chicane, stay wide to the left and then tighten towards the inside of the first corner; as soon as the road curves to the right, adjust your speed and turn around after a while. After the second part the road tilts upwards, so be careful not to crash into the protective walls when flying.

Flamingo Straights | Las Vegas Blvd Tour | The Grand Run

This very sharp curve has a very wide insertion phase: at the underpass, follow the curve slowing down and without turning, doing it instead when you are close to the wall, using both the normal brakes and the handbrake. By doing this you will be able to spin your car around this very treacherous curve.

Boulevard Straights

At the beginning of this track, that is a dangerous chicane: you will arrive at a high speed and the exit turns out to be a little sharper than the other corners of this track. Approach it from the center of the road by pressing lightly on the brakes, so that you can slowly take the first part of the curve and exit the second so quickly.

South Vegas Run | The Grand Run

About the middle of this track you will reach the part of the track near a series of blue stands: here the road climbs enough to make you fly two wheels and lose control, making it impossible for you to enter the next corner correctly. The trick is to bend the car before it takes flight, steering the exact moment you take the climb so that you are correctly positioned once you hit the ground again.

City routes: New York

Broadway Run | Park Row | Center & Broadway

This part of the track forks into two parts but, a few hundred meters ahead, you will find yourself in the same position; however, of the two, the left path is the easiest to drive. This does not mean, however, that it is the only one to take, on the contrary, since the computer cars always take the left road, if you find yourself behind a group of cars it is advisable to take the right path to gain some positions and make the curve next without obstacles.

The Outskirts | Brooklyn Bridge Strait | The BridgeTour | Park to Tillary | White Street Bends | Chapel Street Course

Several tracks pass over the bridges of New York, where you will have the opportunity to reach the maximum speed of your car; for this reason, choose a car with a high top speed to gain precious seconds over your rivals.

The Outskirts | Brooklyn Bridge Strait | The Bridge Tour

After gaining speed on the city bridges you will almost always encounter slight curves that will cause you many problems; what's more, the road is sloping and this will hinder you even more. If you brake too late you will lose traction and end up against walls; to avoid this, position yourself near the right wall always keeping the throttle open and then lightly pressing the brakes as you approach the base of the road, slowing down before the bend. After lowering the speed to 30/40 mph you should be able to turn smoothly.

White Street Bends

Also in this track you will meet the fork described above, but in the opposite direction; usually computer cars tend to split between the two branches, although the one on the left is usually freer. The right side is still preferable, due to the easier trajectories and higher exit speeds; You will face a double S-curve with a descent, where you will have to brake early, traveling the first part slowly, then go outside in the second part and open the throttle for a quick acceleration.

City routes: London

Her Majesty's Pleasure | The Birdcage | The Bulldog

This half curve to the right looks like a double corner but it's best to think of it as one; when you approach, stay wide on the left without touching the brakes, steering at the end of the curve to take the ideal trajectory to quickly exit the second part.

Her Majesty's Pleasure | Embankment Rush

A treacherous curve awaits you on the other side of the triple arch and, although the curve itself is not very difficult, the arches before it make the preparation for entry very complicated; the most important thing is to remember to pass under the left arch, as it is the only one that will allow you to line up correctly for the next curve. Second important thing, since the arch will not allow you to see the curve well, is to start braking just before passing under the arches, slowing down by about 30 mph and allowing you an agile and entering the curve.

The Birdcage | Westminster Tour | Thornbury Corner | Old City East

A sharp curve is on the other side of the tower and if you drive to the right of it you will have major problems entering the next corner; to avoid this, pass the monument on the left to set a smooth trajectory that will allow you to cross the curve at maximum speed.

The Bulldog | The Old City Loop

This curve will appear sharper than it seems and, if you evaluate it badly, you will often end up against walls; slow down a lot before entering and lightly press the accelerator until you see the exit of the same. Better to take the turn a little slower than too fast.

The Old City Loop

This curve itself is not difficult, but what follows could give you several problems: in fact after turning the road it inclines slightly before reaching a monument. After turning, slide the car to the left side of the track in order to have perfect alignment and avoid impact with the monument (in fact the slope of the track will make your car fly in the air).

Trafalgar Tour | St. James Park

Also in this track you will have to pass under the triple arch described above but this time the following curve is not so difficult; go under the arch on the right and you will have no problems getting over this curve.

Down the Mall

On one of the last tracks in London you will find this 90 ° bend which leads into the central part of it; take it very far away and feel free to drift a little to earn some extra Kudos.

City routes: Nurburgring

Half F1 Circuit | Full F1 Circuit | Nordschleife Long | The Behemoth | Dovetail | Antonious beech | Long plant garden

This is one of the first corners of the F1 circuit and, even if it seems quite wide, its length can cause problems; dose the power and do not open the throttle completely until you see the exit. Accelerating too early will force you to press the brakes mid-corner; on the contrary, you will have to maximize the exit speed to maintain a correct trajectory.

Half F1 Circuit | Full F1 Circuit | Nordschleife Long | The Behemoth | Swedish Cross | Antonious beech | Long plant garden

Towards the end of the F1 circuit the road slopes dramatically just before a large S-curve, difficult to see due to the trend; as soon as you reach the top of the hill, stay wide on the right and brake just before reaching the summit, slowing down 20/30 mph for the necessary cornering traction.

Nordschleife | Nordschleife Long | The Behemoth | Fox pipes | Long plant garden

On the west side of the Nordschleife track there is a treacherous S-curve; climbing in the first part of being, brake early and decided, slowing the car and thus preventing it from taking flight at the top of the hill. At the top, stay slow and turn sharply to the left and, near the apex of the corner, accelerate slightly to get into the second part of the curve correctly, thus gaining a lot of speed on the following straight.

Nordschleife | Nordschleife Long | The Behemoth | Fox pipes | Metzgesfeld | Long plant garden

After having turned the heights to the North West you will begin to descend along this curve, which you can take at a medium-high speed; stay wide on the right and brake early by slowing down about 20mph, then turn hard and open the throttle to get out at speed.

Nordschleife | Nordschleife Long | The Behemoth | Klostertal | Long plant garden

Even if the curve is quite sharp, more experienced drivers can travel along it at high speed due to the angle of the curve; to do this, drive inside the corner by accelerating slightly during his turn and being ready to open the throttle as soon as you see the exit.

Game mode

Street race

This mode is the heart of Gotham City Racing 3, so don't be surprised if most of the races will be of this type; to complete this mode you will need a car that represents the right balance between control and power. While earning credits is certainly one of the most important goals, getting to the finish line first has priority here. As previously said try to earn the first position quickly so that you can earn credits later by making various evolutions; as against cars of the same class as yours, try to choose the best one within the class.

Speed Challenge

In speed challenges the tracks are marked at a certain point and the main objective is to overcome these points at a certain speed or at a higher speed; as these points are usually found after hard corners, try to choose a car with good acceleration so you can get out quickly and get to the checkpoint quickly. Do not expect to earn a lot of credits in this type of races since, being very short, you will not have time to make evolutions and combos but you will have to focus only on the speed of the vehicle.


You will be given a time limit in which to overcome a given number of opponents, starting the race in last position; this mode requires good driving skills and above all a minimum percentage of error. Here, too, put aside the idea of ​​earning credits and concentrate on the race as you will not be able to easily overtake your opponents; in fact in this mode you will not be able to overtake the whole group in the early stages of the race, so you will have to maintain perfect and constant driving throughout the race if you want to complete this type of tests.

Cone Challenge

The goal of this mode is to earn a massive amount of credits by driving in a small portion of the track bounded by memories; to maximize your credits, go through the rows of cones without making mistakes and making various evolutions. If you make mistakes during a combo you will be heavily penalized, so be careful; the optimal car for this mode is one with excellent road holding and maneuverability. Speed ​​is not that important here, just be careful to keep the minimum speed to perform the combos. The most difficult points of this mode are certainly the curves, where you will not be able to see the next row of cones until you have already set the curve; in case you are misaligned, accelerate and drift in order to maintain the combo and reach the next row of cones.

Time vs Kudos

In these events you will have to drive along a portion of the track in a limited time ... loooong limited! In fact you will notice that you will have a few seconds available and the only way to do it is to make evolutions and earn credits; by doing this, time will stop and you will be able to reach the end of the route in the set time. For this mode, choose a car with good drift skills and drift whenever you have the opportunity, ie at every curve of the track; Longer drifts will stop time for more seconds, although, for each race, you can stop time for a maximum of 1 minute. On the short tracks this won't be a problem but, on the long ones, once you have reached the minute you will have to stop making evolutions and run fast to the finish.

Hot Lap / Timed Run

In this kind of mode there will be no other cars on sight, as your only enemy is time; try to limit the spectacular driving to a minimum and concentrate on completing the route within the indicated time.


This game mode is essentially like the one described above, with the only difference that, instead of having the time to complete the track, you will have a time limit for each single section of the track; this means that if you make a mistake in one part of the track, you will fail the whole test. Choose a vehicle that has good traction, not worrying about top speed; in fact, the time allowed is based on the class of the car you have chosen. In principle, be careful to get out of corners quickly to take advantage of maximum acceleration and thus complete the test.

Drift Challenge

In the Drift Challenge you will have a small part of the track and a short period of time in which to collect as many credits as possible; to do this, choose a car with a high drift value and good acceleration, so that you can go from corner to corner as fast as possible and with the greatest number of drifts. Use both the normal brakes and the handbrake to perform combos and evolutions and thus earn thousands of credits.

One on One

These events are like Steet Racer mode with the only difference that you only have one opponent; the tricky part is that this opponent is usually stronger than normal computer driven cars in Street Racer Mode. Given this further complication, here gaining credits turns out to be more than secondary, unless you will be able to quickly overtake your opponent and gain a decent advantage. Here too, choose the best car in the class you have selected, since, as mentioned, the car driven by the computer will give you a hard time.


Concept Cars

Earn the amount of credits required to unlock the following Concept Cars; be aware that by unlocking the aforementioned cars, they will not be automatically added to your garage but you will still have to buy them first from the auto shop.

  • 10.000 Kudos: Ford Mustang GTR
  • 50.000 Kudos: Nissan GTR
  • 90.000 Kudos: Cadillac 16
  • 120.000 Kudos: Ford Supercar Concept
  • 160.000 Kudos: Shelby Cobra
  • 230.000 Kudos: Toyota GT-One
  • 300.000 Kudos: Ford GT90
  • 390.000 Kudos: Shelby GR-1
  • 475.000 Kudos: RUF Supercar Concept

Achievements (Xbox 360)

Complete the requirements described below to earn the following prestige titles. You can check the status of your titles from the main game menu.

Arcade PlayerPlay both Geometry Wars 1 and Geometry Wars 2 in the garage
Bronze ChampionComplete career mode events on bronze or higher difficulty
Exotic Car ClubComprate la Callaway Sledgehammer Twin Turbo, Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1, Ford GT 40 MK I, McLaren F1 LM, RUF CTR "Yellowbird", Shelby GT-500, and TVR Cerbera Speed Twelve.
Ferrari Owners ClubBuy all Ferrari models
Gold ChampionComplete career mode events on gold difficulty or higher
Gotham HeroAppear on Gotham TV
Gotham Tv Sports FanWatch TV at least 10 times and save one of the replays
Lamborghini Owners ClubBuy all Lamborghini models
Online professionalParticipate in at least 50 online races, starting in last position and finishing first, winning three events in a row and competing in an event without errors
PhotographerTake at least one photo in each of the five cities
Platinum ChampionComplete career mode events on platinum difficulty
Pro Racer BadgeWin a competition on platinum difficulty using manual transmission
Race Against The ClockSet the best lap time on each of the timed tracks
Rank 1Reach Rank 1 in career mode
Rank 5Reach Rank 5 in career mode
Rank 10Reach Rank 10 in career mode
Silver ChampionComplete career mode events on silver difficulty or higher
Steel ChampionComplete career mode events on steel difficulty or higher
Style Racer BadgeComplete the following objectives: 25,000 Kudos online; 10x Kudos combo; drift of 25 m or more; perform all evolutions that give credits
Track BuilderCreate at least 10 tracks in the Route Creator mode


What is the best car?

In Gotham City Racing 3 not only are there various classes of cars, but there are also various types of modes, each of which requires different characteristics; a good vehicle for one event may not be good for another. That said, one of the best cars is definitely the Ultima GTR; it is not the fastest car in the game, nor is it the most stable, but it is an excellent vehicle for its class. With its 9/10 acceleration and a top speed of 200mph it is the best of all, even if it is only a class B car; also given its low price, you can buy it in the early stages of the game and win practically any type of race with it, both races against other cars and those in single to earn credits.

Should I buy the fastest cars?

During the game you will have the possibility to buy various car models from the shop and your growing portfolio will allow you to buy any type of car; the question that arises is: "Should I save my money to buy the fastest cars?". What you do is up to you, but given the various car class based game modes, having a very fast vehicle doesn't necessarily mean winning races. In fact, you will have the same chance of winning that you would have by buying a much slower car.

What are ranks?

As you earn more and more credits in the game you will notice that you will frequently advance in rank, starting at rank 10 and progressing gradually up to Rank 1; your Rank does not affect the events of the career mode, but it is simply something to be obtained and maintained by collecting, as mentioned, the most credits. Only when you have unlocked all the secret cars and reached Rank 1 can you call yourself a real Kudos Master!

What is the best way to earn credits?

If you want to earn a lot of credits to rank up or unlock secret cars, you can redo previously won races by focusing on spectacular driving instead of following the objectives of the events; generally however you will get the most Kudos in Street Race type events. Having many opponents to face you will also have many more opportunities to perform Kudos combos and thus earn a lot of credits. The only thing to remember is that you can keep the credits made in a race if and only if they are victorious; this is not a problem, however, as you can also lower the difficulty of the race in such a way as to win it easily, while earning an avalanche of credits. Also try to be various of your combinations of spectacular maneuvers, as, if you keep repeating the same sequences, you will begin to get fewer and fewer Kudos.

Basics of guidance


In general, novice drivers prefer to use a driving style focused on estate; choose cars with a higher road holding value, such as the Nissan Skyline that you can buy early in your career. This car, thanks to its stability, will allow you to focus on the race lines without worrying about the Kudos.
When using this driving style, plan your trajectories carefully to get the most acceleration possible, slowly entering corners and exiting quickly. To do this, anticipate the braking and stay on the outer side of the track and, when you approach the apex of the curve, suddenly cut inside and open the throttle as soon as your car is parallel to the outer side of the curve; if you hit the throttle too soon you will have to slow down to avoid hitting the wall, and a slow exit from a corner will strongly affect the top speed you can reach on the following straight, so it is better to exit at speed as mentioned above.
The key to driving without skidding is to anticipate the braking: when you approach the curve, stay outside and brake while remaining parallel to the track then, when you have slowed down, let go of the brakes, turn slowly towards the inside of the curve and press lightly. the directional pad to keep the line as you turn. Cars that have more grip usually suffer from understeer if you start too early, but if you dose the gas properly you will be able to maintain a high speed out of corners.


Once you have practiced the game you will probably want to switch to cars that are more prone to skidding around corners; While drifting isn't always the fastest driving method, it will earn you Kudos which are needed to rank up and unlock new car models.
You can drift in various ways, but generally it is done in the following way:

Gas + steering + brakes = drift

As you approach a corner, hold your speed and swerve sharply while pressing the brakes and the back of your car should begin to slide; control the drift through the directional pad and, if you are driving a rear-wheel drive vehicle, press the throttle button several times to make the vehicle drift more. If you let go of the acceleration button the car will regain traction allowing you to accelerate and exit the corner at speed.

Being aggressive

In many game situations, buffering and using the other machines as a support can be very useful; in addition to that, on the most difficult tracks computer controlled cars will try to make you go head-to-tail and off-road at every opportunity, so don't be afraid to do the same with them, using them as supports to get out of curves quickly and causing them to lose the right trajectory.
At the beginning of the tracks the group of cars is usually quite compact and you will always be in last position; as soon as you arrive at the first corner, keep your speed high and position yourself on the inside of the track so you can use the computer cars, which will slow down and insert from the outside, to maintain your speed and exit by gaining positions and penalizing your opponents . Another dirty trick is to hit the rear of the cars in front of you (without stopping accelerating) so that they brake when entering a corner, slowing you down too, and thus gaining speed at the exit since the revs of your engine will still be high anyway. .

Earning Credits (Kudos)

Progressing in this game doesn't just mean winning races, it also means earning credits to unlock secrets and new vehicles; to do this you will have to drive in the most spectacular way possible, as each drift or evolution of the car will earn you credits. But, as the evolutions dramatically slow down your lap times, it is generally advisable to gain first position and a considerable gap before starting to drive spectacularly.
Here is the list of evolutions that you can use and combine together to earn credits:

- 360 °: cars with high levels of drift can perform full spins in open areas;
- Flight: the car must make a jump and land with all four wheels on the ground;
- Complete the section: Each track is divided into sections by various checkpoints. Drive a section without hitting walls to earn credits;
- Tunnel of cones: drive quickly through the track marked by the cones, without making mistakes, in some events of the career mode;
- Overtaking: Simply overtake an opponent to earn credits. You will be able to get multiple overtaking bonuses if you earn the first position in the first corner of the race as explained above;
- Overtaking (drift): overtake an opponent using the speed bonus given by the drift;
- Drift: Drive close to an opponent's car and drift to earn credits;
- Trajectory: drive according to the ideal trajectory throughout the race;
- Drift with handbrake: simply perform a drift using the handbrake;
- Power Drift: drift using normal brakes and the power of your car's engine;
- Fake Drift: When approaching a bend while standing inside, pretend to go out and then swerve sharply in to drift;
- Power feint: when you approach a curve while standing inside, you pretend to go outwards and then swerve and increase the throttle to drift;
- On two wheels: hit a guard to spin your car on two wheels and thus earn credits;

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Exit date: December 2 2005

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