CTR Spyro & Friends: all the challenges and rewards of the event!

In this guide you will find all the challenges and rewards of the CTR Spyro & Friends event. Read on to find out!

Until 29 September it will be possible to participate in Spyro & Friends, evento Grand Prix di CTR theme Spyro made on the occasion of the landing of the purple dragon on Nintendo Switch. We have therefore decided to create a guide that can collect all challenges and rewards di CTR Spyro & Friends. So you just have to keep reading to discover them: happy reading!

CTR Spyro & Friends challenges and rewards: here are all the challenges

Below you can find all the challenges for the rewards of CTR Spyro & Friends, except the daily challenges.


In CTR, the quick challenges to get the rewards are repeatable every day:

  • First to finish (100 Nitro Points): Win a race in any mode;
  • Fashion Show (100 Nitro Points): Customize a kart and drive it;
  • Apprentice of Dr. N. Tropy (100 Nitro Points): Complete a Time Trial;
  • Online pilot (100 Nitro Points): Complete an online matchmaking race;
  • Around the shop windows (100 Nitro Points): Visit the Pit Stop to discover the offers of the day.

WEEKLY CHALLENGES CTR (until September 12th)

In CTR, weekly rewards challenges can be completed over the course of a week:

  • All-round driver (250 Nitro Points): Win in all modes in Furious Ruins;
  • Crystal Collector (250 Nitro Points): Collect a total of 75 crystals in any game mode;
  • Crystal Lover (200 Nitro Points): Play 5 Crystal Hunt matches in Raging Ruins;
  • Didn't expect that, huh? (250 Nitro Points): In the race, destroy 25 power ups using another power up this week;
  • Friendly Competition (300 Nitro Points): Compete against one of your friends online;
  • Left or right (200 Nitro Points)Complete 10 Mirror Mode Races this week
  • Perfect Start (300 Nitro Points): Starts 10 races with a jump start;
  • Solo Champion (250 Nitro Points): Win 10 single races with a kart chassis between Team Bandicoot, Team Cortex or Team Trance;
  • This is MY kart (250 Nitro Points)Complete 8 online matchmaking races using the Trikee frame
  • Track Adventurer - Part 1 (200 Nitro Points): Complete 12 laps on the turbo track;
  • Track Adventurer - Part 2 (200 Nitro Points): Complete 12 laps of the Mobile Colosseum.


In CTR, Event Challenges to get rewards can be completed until September 29:

  • Mirror of My Desires (350 Nitro Points): Win 15 races in Mirror Mode this season
  • Better Than You (500 Nitro Points): Get the best time in Spyro Time Trial and then beat him;
  • Look at my new kart (400 Nitro Points): Play online matchmaking using the Kart Nasty kart chassis;
  • Friend or foe (600 Nitro Points): Win an online matchmaking race against one of your friends in Spyro Circuit;
  • Fun with Letters (500 Nitro Points): Complete the CTR challenge in Spyro's Circuit;
  • Credible Podium No. (500 Nitro Points): Step onto the podium in Adventure Mode with each of the Grand Prix characters;
  • Super drift to the limit (400 Nitro Points): Perform a Super Drift for a total of 180 seconds with Spyro
  • Race Team (500 Nitro Points): Win a race with each of the characters in the Grand Prix;
  • Relic Collector (500 Nitro Points): Successfully complete a Relic Race on Spyro Circuit
  • Gorgeous New Toys (400 Nitro Points): Race with one of the following karts after having fully customized it: Spyromobile, Kart Nasty or Team Oxide.


In CTR, the Pro challenges to get the rewards can be completed until September 29:

  • All those shortcuts (350 Nitro Points): Take all the shortcuts in Papu Pyramid;
  • Back in the race (500 Nitro Points): Win an online matchmaking race after finishing eighth at the start of the last lap;
  • Beat the Best (500 Nitro Points): Beat the time for the Platinum Relic in Coco Park;
  • Blue Fire Throttle (75o Nitro Points): Complete 2 consecutive laps with the blue flames coming out of the exhaust
  • Crate Destroyer (500 Nitro Points): Destroy all time chests in Relic Race in Pista Cloaca
  • You got me the star (400 Nitro Points): Beat a ghost by N. Tropy;
  • Gasmoxia is yours (750 Nitro Points): Beat the ghost of Oxide in Polar Pass
  • Warm up the engine (400 Nitro Points): Perform a jump start 20 times at the start of the race
  • The podium is yours (500 Nitro Points): Get on the podium in an online matchmaking race with each of the characters from the Grand Prix;
  • Double Fun (500 Nitro Points): Hit 2 opponents with a single Bowling Bomb.

CTR Spyro & Friends challenges and rewards: here are all the rewards

By completing the CTR challenges, it will be possible to fill the Nitro Gauge up to three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and unlock the following rewards.

Nitro Bar Rewards (Bronze)

  1. Kart Nasty (Chassis) (500 Nitro Points);
  2. Green Gem (Sticker) (1000 Nitro Points);
  3. Yellow Kart Nasty (Frame Color) (2000 Nitro Points);
  4. Crystal Dragon (Sticker) (3000 Nitro Points);
  5. Nasty Kart Wheels (Wheels) (4000 Nitro Points);
  6. Spyro (Character) (5000 Nitro Points).

Nitro Bar Rewards (Silver)

  1. Kart Nasty Vortice (Decal) (7000 Nitro Points);
  2. Sheep (Sticker) (9000 Nitro Points);
  3. Dragonfly Dark blue (Frame Color) (11000 Nitro Points);
  4. Spuntoni Kart Nasty (Decal) (13000 Nitro Points);
  5. Sparks (Sticker) (15000 Nitro Points);
  6. Wicked Coco (Skin) (17000 Nitro Points).

Nitro Bar Rewards (Gold)

  1. Dragonfly (Chassis) (21ooo Nitro Points);
  2. Dragonfly wheels (Wheels) (25000 Nitro Points);
  3. Dragonfly Waves and Giravolte (Decal) (29000 Nitro Points);
  4. Dragonfly Sparks glistening (Decal) (33000 Nitro Points);
  5. Spyro (Sticker) (37000 Nitro Points);
  6. Wicked Crunch (Skin) (42000 Nitro Points).

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