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    Control Ultimate Edition: content analysis awaiting the next gen

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    Control was one of the revelations of 2019. The title is about to arrive soon also on the next gen. So let's take a look at the contents of Control Ultimate Edition together

    Few titles have been able to convey a feeling of mystery and uncertainty like Control did to those who played it. Remedy has managed to create from nothing an entire universe overflowing with charm, aesthetics and a new way of narrating through the videogame medium. Starting earlier, with Alan Wake a world of colors has been built surreal, but with a plot with strong Kinghian connotations.

    With Quantum Break, on the other hand, we wanted to experiment on cross medialità and on more gameplay action. Control is the pinnacle of creative activity of the Finnish authors, first of all by Sam lake, creative director of the company.

    Return to the Oldest House

    Control is difficult to frame, escapes the categories, for this you have to find the right words to describe it. In the game, we take on the role of the new director of Federal Bureau of Control, Jesse. Jesse walks through the Oldest House, a building in the middle of New York, with the goal of recovering his brother Dylan, long gone. In the course of the game we will discover the various floors that make up the building and we will exploit mysterious powers provided by an unknown entity called Advice, to defeat the dark presence (l'Hiss) who takes possession of the bodies.

    A new vote obtained abilities and powers, we will find that the building it can lead to other dimensions in the now iconic Oceanview Motel, determining the "multiverse" nature of the Remedy project, called precisely Remedy Connected Universe. The title is perhaps the first true playful exponent of a genre, born from the womb of science fiction, called New Wierd, where each event has different levels of interpretation and often it is not possible to grasp them causal relationships. As of today the game is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC e Switch, however, in a few weeks all the contents of the Ultimate Edition will also be released for console next gen.

    The Foundation - Control Ultimate Edition: here are the contents of the next gen version

    The Foundation is the first DLC released by Remedy for Control. In this DLC we're going to find out what's hiding under the Oldest House. Jesse is called from Consiglio to investigate a strange phenomenon in the foundations. Here, the player will have to face new enemies in the midst of one new setting which radically breaks with the relative monotony of forms square and gray of the other floors.

    We will acquire new powers, linked to nature rocky of the environment and we will be called to a battle that will see the healing of a "Bleeding". In fact the Nail, located in the center of the foundations themselves, it is cracked, breaking down the boundaries between the dimension of the Hiss and that of real world

    AWE - Control Ultimate Edition: here are the contents of the next gen version

    The second and last DLC named AWE puts in direct link Control to Alan Wake. Two years after the closure of investigations sector Jesse, as the new director, is called to search the area for one presence even more menacing than the Hiss. If the tones of The Foundation turned to red of bleeding as a metaphor, here the tones are on contrast between light and dark. The monster that Jesse is chasing has the power to absorb and feed on light.

    The entity is linked directly to the events narrated in Alan Wake, and it is with Alan that Jessie will come into contact. In this second DLC, from the twofold interpretation (AWE as Altered World Events or as Alan Wake Expierience) return at worry atmospheres of the base game without any particular gameplay additions except gods mini games which consist of replaying some boss and a couple of missions a waves. AWE concludes the Control experience by giving the lynchian the following to the RCU, con un “it’s happening again”.  

    Expeditions - Control Ultimate Edition: here are the contents of the next gen version

    The mode Expeditions is a content addition to the game that it's not about storytelling. In this mode, accessible from the Central Executive, we will enter thanks to the altered object juke box in an alternative size similar to quarries stones visited in the base game. Here we have access to one challengein increasing difficulty, expendable through gods coin. Once all the challenges are completed we will get new ones outfit and exclusive dresses for Jesse, as well as numerous experience points.

    The challenges are all limited in time and consist ofeliminate enemies, clean up areas, e destroy corrupt material. Basically Expeditions is a content aimed at hardcore gamer, to players who want to test their skills with the system combat of the game, rather than being told one history

    Extra - Control Ultimate Edition: here are the contents of the next gen version

    Over time, the developers have thought of a few solutions to enhance the gaming experience. We refer to some implementations such as Photomode, or the ability to modify some particular settings of game. The Photomode, in addition to being now a standard in productions of a certain type, has become a tool Useful, a valuable addition to the possibilities expressive of the game. With it we can indulge ourselves in building shots, light cuts and filters that make us more comfortable and that add more paratesti to share on social.

    The other new ones options inserted with the latest updates and that we find in Control Ultimate Edition, directly concern the combat phase balancing. If since launch Control has been characterized by a strange balance between danno of the player and damage of the enemies, with these options we can choose how to live our adventure. We can even make it invincible our character so enjoy it fully it storytelling without disturbances whatsoever.

    In conclusion

    We have seen in this one analysis the various contents of Control's Ultimate Edition. Recall that the game is now available for PS4, Xbox One, PC e Switch (the latter, however, is only available in the cloud version). That  next gen will be released in February, more precisely, in the digital edition 2 of February, while for the physical edition it will be necessary to wait for the 2 March. All that remains is to see what the innovations will be specifications made by these new versions. Do not miss the opportunity to try this title

    Tell us what about it think of the game. To stay updated on the latest videogame news follow the pages of Holygamerz.

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