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Today we answer one of the most asked questions by newbies: but how do you fly on Rocket League? Let's find out

Want to know how to fly on Rocket League? Well, know that it's not that impossible as it may seem. Of course, the title of Psyonix is ​​part of that category of video games that respond to "easy to learn, hard to master", therefore, if it may appear to be a simple video game, when you want to start getting serious, things change tragically. Indeed, one enters the core del gameplay di Rocket League, made up of rotations, timing and a lot, a lot of desire to learn.

First of all: what is Rocket League?

Before we delve into how to fly to Rocket League, let's spend a few words for those who have no idea what this indie title is. Let's start with the last known information: Rocket League has recently gone free-to-play. So, you no longer need a subscription to play it, but for the PC world, things are a bit more complicated.

Yes, because the title ditched Steam in favor of the Epic Games Store. Therefore, it will no longer be possible to buy it on the Valve platform, but those who bought it will be able to continue playing with it. While with regard to Epic Games Store, simply redeem it and it will be yours forever.

Rocket League is a title that combines one of the most popular sports in the world, football, with cars. All in a sauce that we could define as "cartoon". The teams will be divided into two colors: blue and orange. But unlike real football, everyone does everything. The goalkeeper can score, the attacker the defender and so on. So there will be 22 toy cars on the field? Absolutely not.

It depends on the mode you choose, but you have a maximum of four elements per team. The cars available are many and they are all different, but not only their shape affects their hitboxes, so, if you want a little advice to get started, choose the Roadhog. But what if we wanted to fly our toy car? How you do it? Finally, let's get to the point.

Jumping is like flying, but for a little while - like flying in Rocket League

Here we go, here's how to fly in Rocket League. let's begin from the most rudimentary flight, which is nothing more than the leap. You will have noticed, during your games, that pressing the jump key (X, A or space bar) will raise the car from the ground, making a jump. If you press the jump button again while the car is in mid-air, it will go up a little more, as it works in platformers. But here, this very small action will be used to gain aerial and speed advantage over the opponent. Putting the case that we are in the game, very often it will happen that the ball is very fast, but we will be without boost.

At this point what do you do? While if you are running you can press X to jump, press it again while in flight giving a direction, by doing so, our car will perform a forward flip (he can also do it sideways or backwards) making us slightly faster and higher, therefore, we could use this move to anticipate our opponent, or to "shoot" at goal. If this is done three times in a row, Rocket League will reward us, giving us for a short period of time the maximum speed possible, as if we had used the boost.

Hit the Ball - How to fly in Rocket League

Now, here comes the hardest part of the whole guide: take flight and hit the ball. Sometimes, it will happen that the ball is in too high positions, and the wall shot (sticking to the wall and jumping) will not be possible. What do you do? Do you wait until the ball hits the ground, or do you try to hit it on the fly? Obviously, our choice, in this case, will be the second. To take flight it will be necessary to be precise and timely. To learn, you will have to train a lot. In this case, Rocket League itself comes to meet us. Yes, the Training mode will allow us to understand all the timing.

To leave the ground you will have to perform the "double jump", followed immediately after by the boost (circle, B) and then steer the machine up by pulling the left stick down. It may seem absurd at first, but Training Mode is godsend. At the beginning it will seem impossible and may even be frustrating, but over time you will learn to fly and will inflict tons of spectacular goals on your opponents.

The training is divided into three schemes:

  • In the first the ball is stationary in the air
  • In the second the ball will be thrown from a "cannon"
  • In the third there will be a semi-action

Always start from the bottom, and only when you feel one hundred percent ready, move on to the next. The trick is here: consistency in training. What's more, the tricky part of flying is also maintaining control of the car once the dish is complete. Because if, unfortunately, you don't have to catch the ball, the goal for the opponents is almost guaranteed.

This is not flying, but falling in style

We could say that's all. To learn how to fly at best on Rocket League you have to "simply" train in moving as written above. Don't expect a improvement within a couple of hours, since this is a wall that must be destroyed brick by brick, but never give up, and you will see that you will be able to take flight, and who knows also make evolutions like the Pro Player of Rocket League.

To stay updated on the latest guides, but also news on the gaming and technological world, we advise you to stay tuned to Holygamerz.

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