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After D-Day it is the turn of Operation Cobra, the second mission of Call of Duty WWII which took place on 25 July 1944. Set in Caen in France, we will lead the First Infantry Division to conquer Marigny, a key city to open a passage towards Paris. The first objective of our soldiers is to occupy the streets and repel the Nazis, for optimal control of the territory. In this guide we will see how to face the mission in the best way

After the success of the Disembarkation in Normandy, American soldiers go into the French hinterland for conquer Marigny. Control of the city is essential to push later towards Paris, but before the occupation it is necessary to push back the Nazis and conquer the streets around Caen.

In this mission of Call of duty wwii we will once again impersonate the soldier Ronald Daniels, and together with the team we will have to face a new and fearful danger, namely the Junkers Ju 87 aircraft. Most commonly called He knocks, these fearsome aircraft were used to bomb swooping enemies. Crossing the French countryside, between dilapidated farms and burning woods, we will have to use anti-aircraft artillery e sniper rifles to offer support to allies.

Call of Duty WWII - Operation Cobra
Mission briefing

Seven weeks from D-Day. From Normandy we go inland to occupy Marigny. So we will check the streets and we can make our way to Paris. France will soon be free.

Ronald “Red” Daniels

Please be advised that from this point on there will, of course, be spoilers on the main Call of Duty WWII campaign. You are warned!

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Call of Duty WWII – missione 2
Operation Cobra
Caen, France
July 25 1944

Daniels' words to his girlfriend introduce us to Operation Cobra second mission di Call of duty wwii. The American soldier hopes to be home for Christmas, promising his beloved to come back with some medals pinned to his chest. There First Infantry Division is ready to march towards Marigny and the camera moves towards our team, who amidst the preparations allow themselves a flash of humor to keep their spirits up.

Lieutenant Turner lets us know it's time to get out of Normandy, conquering the streets to then get to Marigny. In the area around us there are German vehicles and the bush is well defended, so our primary focus is make a clean sweep to allow allies to pass.

Protecting us is a calling for Turner, but war has a habit of getting in the way.

Ronald “Red” Daniels

As soon as you take control of Daniels, head to the tank in front of you and hold square to go up. Once on board, Turner gives the order to leave and, while the vehicle starts to move, you witness a small exchange of words between the soldiers. At this point you can only move the camera and listen to the dialogues Daniels exchanges with Zussman, Aiello, Stiles and Perez, the tank driver. Between those who complain about food, the witty and the pundit, we also learn the reason that led Pierson to mature his bad temper.

At some point of the He knocks pass over our heads and it is precisely at this point that we get to the heart of Operation Cobra, la second mission di Call of duty wwii. The bombers start dropping bombs, destroying the tanks in the front rows. Turner gives the order to jump out of the vehicle to avoid getting caught in an explosion, and as soon as Daniels hits the ground, the mission officially begins.

Reach the anti-aircraft gun - objective 1

Quickly get off the road and follow the team down the path. Our job is protect Sherman tanks from German fire and the only way to do it is shoot down the Stuka with anti-aircraft. Proceed until you reach a dilapidated farm, where the first enemies begin to appear. Pierson informs us of the presence of a machine gunner inside the barn, then stay low and try to get closer to the target.

Il machine gun fire is lethal in Call of duty wwii, so the first goal is to get them out of the way and then have a free field. One way to do this, as Turner also suggests, is encircle them from left and right, then proceed and approach the building. Be careful as the enemy soldiers will keep advancing, so you'll have to keep them at bay as you go. In the courtyard you will have the opportunity to take cover behind a car, a great place to eliminate the first soldiers who come out of the barn. The latter will throw you some Garnet, then be quick to send them back to the sender by pressing R1, or move behind cover to avoid them.

The machine gunners are located at second floor of the building, visible through the windows above. Further to the right there is also a hole in the wall, where some soldiers offer support fire. My advice is to eliminate them before entering the barn, because once inside it could be more problematic to take them down. It is not strictly mandatory, but some inside may come down and lash out at you head-on and, if you are not fast enough, they will attack you with close attacks.

Pierson loudly orders enter the barn and your companions will move instantly. Once inside you will immediately notice that the floor above has collapsed, forming an access road to the upper floor. Beware of the remaining enemies that they will point you from above on both sides, then take cover behind the wall and take them out. Once the threats have been eliminated, go upstairs to take control of the barn, where Turner informs us that we must rejoin our tanks. The only way to do this is go through the fields and from our position we can have a good overview of the latter, in full possession of the enemy forces. My advice is to start eliminating the soldiers before going down to the fields, so as to facilitate your work once you get off. You can also choose to use the MG42 machine guns that the enemies used against you shortly before, detaching them from the supports as they face the opposite side from the current targets. Once in the fields eliminate the remaining enemies, using the hay bales as a cover.

Always listen to the voices of your teammates to understand how to move and in which direction to explode your shots, also to avoid unnecessary waste of ammunition. When you move always try to stay low e aim for the head enemies to get rid of them faster. It is not easy, as they are in constant motion, but with a little practice you will certainly be able to score some headshots.

After eliminating the hostile soldiers proceed following the squad, but first enter the shack on the left to retrieve a medical kit. Go down into the woods where you will encounter other enemies and proceed making your way through the foliage. Some soldiers of the German resistance will surrender, it will be up to you to decide whether to spare them or not. Keep moving in the woods until you see the fire of the anti-aircraft gun behind the trees in the background.

Just missing!

Some will pass above you He knocks that will bomb our tanks relentlessly, so don't waste your time and head for the anti-aircraft artillery. To reach it, cross a courtyard paying attention to the enemies: take cover behind the burnt cars and target the red petrol cans scattered here and there. Doing so will cause explosions that will take out multiple soldiers in one shot, saving you some time.

Use the anti-aircraft to shoot down the Stuka - objective 2

Head towards anti-aircraft artillery and before climbing, retrieve a medical kit at his feet. Hold the square button to position yourself on the cannon and prepare for the arrival of the He knocks Germans. Aim carefully zoomando with L2, if necessary, e shoot with the R2 button. The bombers are clearly visible in the sky, but nevertheless always listen to the advice of Turner and Zussman who indicate in advance where they are coming from.

Also follow the screen aids, which will show you the directions of origin of the bombers through arrows. They are very useful because they will also show you how many Stuka are coming, so if you see 3 arrows it means that the targets are 3. Always try to promptly intercept bombers (which in Call of Duty WWII are truly lethal), otherwise they will destroy all our tanks and the mission will fail.

Below are the directions from which the series of He knocks:

  • Hours 2
  • Hours 1
  • 11 o'clock at the top
  • Hours 3
  • 1 o'clock at the top

Once you have eliminated all the Stuka you are joined by tanks headed by Perez. The area is clean, so we can proceed with the main assault. At this point the team splits up and we proceed together with the faithful Zussman and Pierson, leaving Turner with the others.

Get to the viewpoint - goal 3

La First Infantry Division in Call of duty wwii must at all costs achieve Marigny, pushing further inland and occupying the streets. After taking down the Stuka we learn that our allied tanks are under attack, fiercely bombed by Pak 38 Germans.

Il Pak 38, whose full name is 5 cm anti-tank gun 38, they were powerful German anti-tank guns used, in fact, to knock out enemy tanks in a short time.

Our task is therefore shoot down Pak 38 to allow allies to proceed inland. To do this we must reach an elevated vantage point to take out the cannons, then go through the gate and exit the courtyard where the anti-aircraft is located, just used to take down the Stuka. Reach the road following Pierson and the others through the foliage. Stock up on ammunition at the cash that you find near the jeep and continue on.

You come across a Allied P47 fighter-bomber, shot down shortly before by the German Stuka, and a little further on you witness a sad scene of civilians being hanged from a tree. Amidst the shocked comments of the soldiers, continue along the path until you reach the designated observation point. A short cinematic will start where Daniels takes out the binoculars to show you an overview of the area, making you locate the Pak 38 arranged in a row in the trench below. The anti-tank guns are relentlessly attacking our tanks led by Perez and our task will be to stop them.

Eliminate German gunners on Pak 38 - objective 4

First, retrieve the sniper rifle M1903 6X optics found on the body of a fallen soldier, lying right in front of you. If available, I recommend using Pierson's ability by pressing the directional button at the top, that will highlight all the enemies in the area (even those in coverage). Always follow the advice that will appear on the screen and, above all, the voices of your companions who will often provide you valuable advice. Using the sniper rifle, the first thing to do will be eliminate the soldiers firing Pak 38. A quick way to get them out of the way will be shoot the red petrol cans that you find near the cannons: they they will cause an explosion that will take out multiple enemies at the same time.

After taking down the soldiers aboard the Pak 38 take care of those left in the trenches. To avoid wasting ammo (and, if like me, you don't have optimal aim!) I recommend use the concentration with the L2 key, which will slow down time to allow you to aim more accurately. Some of our comrades will go down into the trench, but my advice is to don't follow them right away, but rather of always give him a hand using the sniper rifle. When the German soldiers start to retreat and our tanks invade the area, then you can get out and follow the others.

Group behind one of your armored vehicles and proceed with them - objective 5

Once down in the trench stock up on ammunition at the cash desks e group behind one of the 3 tanks. The latter will move and invade the enemy zone in front, crammed with enemies. The area is totally controlled by German soldiers, therefore always stay behind the tank you have chosen and proceed with its coverage.

Watch out for the machine gunners and soldiers who come out of the trenches with arrogance. Take out as many of them as you can but don't worry, as the tanks will offer you good support fire. Think rather of stay in cover and don't get hit by bullets. Once over the ridge, the enemies begin to retreat, but we are surprised by other Pak 38s who take down one of our tanks.

Reach sniper position to destroy Pak 38 - objective 6

Again, in Call of duty wwii, we must test our skills of sharpshooter, then follow Zussman who orders us to follow him to the barn. Head right and enter the courtyard by eliminating the first enemies. Pay attention to the usual machine gunners stationed on the windows and to the grenadiers, taking cover behind the objects of the scenario. You will also have the option of overturn a table with R3 and use it as a cover, useful for getting close to the enemy without risking being hit.

Once the courtyard is cleared, enter the barn, where you will find another gunner pointing you upstairs. To delete it immediately aim at the red petrol can and detonate it, then climb up using the walkway on the left.

Destroy the artillery guns with the sniper rifle - objective 7

Once you have reached the position, look around for a medical kit on the ground, and then pick up the Kar98k sniper rifle 6X Optics. Zussman informs us that they are there 3 Pak 38 guns to delete. You will have to destroy all ammo crates present, then press the touchpad (PS4) to locate them on the screen. All you have to do is make them explode, firing the rifle at the usual red petrol cans.

Once you've taken out the Pak 38s and allowed the tanks to advance, head down into the trenches to take out the last remaining soldiers. Some of them give up and it will be up to you to decide whether to save them or not. Follow the team and along the way recover a medical kit. Very soon you will rejoin Turner, who will be very happy to see you still alive, and await the arrival of Officer Davis. The officer informs us that the Charlie company it is under attack on the church and needs support and ammunition. Our situation is not the best, as we have suffered a lot of losses and are literally "cut to the bone" (cit. Turner). Perez cannot accompany us with the tank squad, as he has to go west with the 11th, so only us of the First Infantry Division we can intervene.

Reach Charlie Company - Goal 8

On orders from Turner and Pierson, get on the jeep with armored support together with Zussman and leave. It will be up to us to get behind the wheel, so take your seat and get ready for a good race. Accelerate con R2 and follow the road, paying attention to obstacles. Always listen to the advice of Zussman who will provide you with useful information on the route, such as dangerous curves and possible crossroads. Pay attention to the German soldiers that you will cross on the road and especially to the Panzer on the left, which will try to come upon you by crossing a small ridge at the edge of the road.

On the radio we hear Murphy's desperate voice from Charlie team, which requires immediate support. Zussman is quite pissed off our driving skills, so while he takes the wheel, we take a stand behind a fixed M1919 machine gun. Now all we have to do is mow down the enemies we meet along the way, always listening to Zussman's voice which shows us which way we should direct our hail of bullets.

Always keeping an eye on the overheating of the weapon in the lower right corner, shoot with R2 and zoom in with L2. Also follow the screen aids with the arrows and always aim at red petrol cans to make them explode and take down multiple enemies in one shot. Once you get to the church keep shooting, taking out the last hostile soldiers. Here you will have the opportunity to take them all down, as the truck will stop and you will be able to aim more easily.

Thanks guys, but we have to stop seeing each other like this.

Murphy, Charlie Squad

Marigny is not far away, but Pierson decides to stop the operation to rest the soldiers. After an exchange between Stiles, Pierson and Zussman, we come to the end of the second Call of Duty WWII mission, Operation Cobra.

The only thing more dangerous than the enemy is pride. Rest, at dawn we take Marigny.

William Pierson

Call of Duty WWII - mission 2 report
Operation Cobra
Caen, France
July 25 1944

It's unbelievable, but I'm fighting alongside Zussman again. He's in pretty good shape, considering the hell we've had to go through. Pierson might take it easy on him, but he doesn't.

Ronald “Red” Daniels

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