Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, tips and tricks to win in multiplayer

Call of Duty is back in style with the new chapter, Modern Warfare, here are our tips and tricks to win in multiplayer

Call of Duty is one of the longest-running and community-loved shooter series. Its success is also due to the online sector, particularly rich and on which production always focuses much of its energy. Even the recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which has just arrived in stores a few days ago, is no exception and presents one great variety of multiplayer modes. Thanks to our guide you will discover different ways to improve your style of play and to impose yourself on all other players. Follow our tips and tricks to become the best in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer.

Surviving modern warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one first person shooter, developed by Infinity Ward. The title is the nineteenth chapter of the long-running series, initially landed on consoles and PCs in the distant past 2002. Its success has increased exponentially over the years, to become one of the most popular video games ever. Call of Duty is now rising to symbol of shooters, especially for its streak multiplayer component. This has in fact for years become the main focus of the various chapters.

In online modes, players from all over the world come together to test their skills, prevail over others and become the best. Call of Duty: Modern Wafare is also no exception. Multiplayer is huge, full of content to try your hand at and weapons to master. Thanks to our advice, you will be able to extricate yourself in choosing the multiple online modes and, by following our tricks, you will be able to become more and more efficient.

Taking care of your weapons - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks to win in multiplayer

The player, facing the different online modes, will be able to to level up, as per tradition for all the titles in the series. But beyond that, it will be possible also raise the level of your weapons. One of the best choices you can make when creating custom equipment is focus on a single weapon and initially use only that. This way you will be able to unlock all the upgrades and accessories for that specific gun. In case you use special weapons, like those unlocked through projects, their use will also increase the level of the basic versions. To use this type of pistols and rifles, you must select the armory icon from the armory customization menu, on the right of the instrument of which you have a customized version.

The right modes - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks to win in multiplayer

One of the best ways to get stronger online is, of course, to to level up. The guys at Infinity Ward have thought of ways in which it is possible earn a lot of experience points to speed up this process. By completing the daily challenges, you will get a large number of XP which will allow you to level up much faster. Some of these challenges will even reward you with items, such as special weapons that already feature unique skins. You will be able to recognize them thanks to a diamond-shaped icon when you go to select them. 

The game also features a mission system, goals that you will have to accomplish by taking specific actions. These are generally quite complex to complete, much more challenging than the daily challenges. But completing them will grant you a large amount of experience points. However, only one mission can be kept active at a time. In any case, you can switch from one to the other, without losing any of the progress obtained. Activating these missions strategically at the right times is therefore one of the best ways to earn a large number of XP.

Peek from the corners - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks to win in multiplayer

Thanks to the possibility offered by the title of peek around corners while you are in coverage, you will be able to reap several benefits. First, you will partially occult your character model. In this way you can both observe the pitch in front of you and go on the offensive, remaining partially sheltered from opposing blows. Not only that, leaning partially from the corners you will have more stability and it will decrease the recoil caused by shooting from your firearm. To get into this position, simply press the melee button while you are aiming. From the settings menu it is possible to choose to automatically activate this function when aiming near a corner. Making the most of this position is one of the techniques that you will need to learn thoroughly if you want to become more and more efficient.

Take advantage of the killstreak - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks to win in multiplayer

In the most hectic game moments, it will be possible to kill multiple enemies in a row. This is an opportunity not to be missed, as it will allow you to unlock and access many serial killings. This will result in various bonuses and advantages during the game, which you can use to turn the tide of battle on your side. The title allows you to choose which killstreak is required at a given moment by pressing the right directional arrow on your controller. This will allow you to select the kill streak that best suits the moment and, by completing it, you will access the corresponding bonus. 

Reload only if necessary - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks to win in multiplayer

In online shooter video games it is easy to give in to temptation to reload your weapon often, to never run out of ammunition in front of an opponent. However in this title you will have to keep your nerve and resist the lure of a full magazine. The firing time required to eliminate an enemy, namely the Time To Kill, it is very low. Often a magazine is more than enough to kill more than one opponent, especially when it comes to machine guns. Obviously you will need to have good aim and hit as much as possible the other players to be able to fully exploit your firepower. If you're skilled enough to land a lot of hits, you'll only need to reload when absolutely necessary to be even more lethal on the battlefield.

Dress up to kill - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tips and tricks to win in multiplayer

The title of Infinity Ward allows for a discreet customization of both your character and the weapons that can be wielded. Although you cannot decide on all the characteristics of the soldier you are going to impersonate, they will be different operators available for both sides present. It will be necessary to unlock many of these characters by completing objectives which, in addition to the online modes, will also require to be completed in the single player campaign. The weapon skins and modifications for accessories like the viewfinder, on the other hand, there are many.

Among these there are also some pendants to hang on your tools of death. To get them it will be necessary to complete specific challenges and objectives. However, it will also be necessary to use the guns in particular ways. For example, it will be necessary to kill several opponents with headshots. Others will require eliminating enemies by shooting at point blank range. In short, it will be necessary to unleash the battle in different ways. 

Let the war begin

Now you should be ready to take to the battlefield and face your enemies. If you follow our advice and take advantage of the tricks we have provided you, you will be able to impose yourself and assert your faction in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer. The players are many and fierce, but thanks to our guide you will be able to start at your best. The important thing is not to lose heart and keep playing to improve.

And what do you think of this latest Call of Duty? Are you enjoying it? Is online giving you satisfaction? Did you find our guide useful? Keep following us for more similar content and to stay updated on the world of video games.

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