BioShock: The Collection - Guide to all codes to unlock doors

BioShock: The Collection - Guide to all codes to unlock doors

This month subscribers to PlayStation Plus will be able to download for free BioShock The Collection, a collection that includes the three titles of the well-known videogame saga produced by 2K Games; BioShockBioShock 2 e BioShock Infinite. Each game will have numerous locked doors inside, which will allow you to access numerous objects and resources essential for the continuation of your adventures, and which can be unlocked through the use of special codes scattered throughout the game universe.

To make it easier for you to access these areas, we have decided to draft one complete list of codes which will allow you to open all the locked doors present in the respective titles, with the relative positions, thus accessing the substantial rewards.

BioShock 1

  • Medical Pavilion, 0451
  • Neptune's Bounty 1: Lower Pier, 5380
  • Neptune's Bounty 2: McDonagh's Tavern, 7533
  • Arcadia, 9457
  • Farmer’s Market, 0512
  • Fort Frolic, 7774
  • Hephaestus 0126
  • Olympus Heights, 5744
  • Point Prometheus, 1921
  • Rapture’s Grand Carnival: Challenge Room, 1951

BioShock 2

  • Adonis Luxury Resort, 1540
  • Pauper’s Drop, 0047
  • Siren Alley, 1919
  • Dionysus Park, 1080
  • Fontaine Futuristics, 5254
  • Inner Persephone: Containment Wing, 2673
  • Inner Persephone: Therapeutic Wing, 4146
  • Minerva's Den, 2341

BioShock Infinite

Burial at Sea 

  • High Street, 2076
  • Fontaine’s Department Store, 0928
  • Housewares: Silver Fin Restaurant, 1216
  • Housewares: Service Bay, 7951
  • Factory: Fink research laboratories, 8371
  • Factory: Suite chirurgica, 2847

Please note that BioShock The Collection is still available free of charge to all subscribers to the online service of PlayStation Plus, as this can be downloaded until the next March 2.

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