FIFA 23: guide to get started and improve fast

FIFA 23: guide to get started and improve fast

FIFA 23 is the latest iteration dedicated to the most followed game in Spain: football. For this reason a lot of young people could find themselves playing for the first time this title. So what is the fastest way to approach the game? And if you are already an expert player of the title, know that there are some tips for you too, so you can improve.

Don't skip the tutorial

When you first start FIFA 23, you will find yourself in front of a tutorial that you can also skip. But we don't recommend it. This mode is divided into chapters that will give you goals to achieve, and they will be gradually more and more difficult. Each time you finish a chapter, you will be given advice on how and what to improve, so as to make the experience the best. So if you are a player who has hardly ever played FIFA 23 or one any iteration of the EA Sports title, you know what to do.

Powerful shots are incredible, but on one condition

Over the years, the developers have always changed the way you roll, adding different methods. One of them is particularly strong: the powerful shot. It is a very strong shot, and because of this it will be slow to load. Yet, once performed it can give you a lot of satisfaction.

FIFA 23: guide to get started and improve fast

The punishments are different

FIFA 23 has implemented a different method of taking placed shots. Indeed, EA Sports has decided to make things much more realistic. In fact, with the lever it is possible to adjust the aim and execute deadly shots that will leave the opponent's extreme defender stationary.

Remember that football is also strategy

Many players, especially new ones, may find themselves in a situation where strategy is never played. When in reality it is a fundamental part of the game. In fact, if you use the left and right arrows you can set a much more aggressive or defensive type of game. And of course they will be customizable from the "team management" menu.

FUT Moments are useful and the Entente is different

As also explained in the guide on FUT credits, from this year EA Sports has implemented the FUT Moments. These are gods challenges that you will have to complete with your FUT team.

FIFA 23: guide to get started and improve fast

Another change that has been implemented concerns the Entente system, completely different from that of FIFA 22. If before it was necessary to create a web of connections, now we must concentrate on the single player. Furthermore, a low Chemistry does not spoil the athlete's attributes, but they remain the same. Although obviously it is always better to increase this value. How? By placing a player who is from the same country, the same league or the same team next to you.

And here's what you need to know to start or improve in FIFA 23. Now you just have to jump into the fray and start having fun, whether it's with your career or with Ultimate Team.

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