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If among the character choices of Back 4 Blood you have been infatuated with Holly's vital and irrepressible personality, you will need a guide on how to best use this character

In Back 4 Blood we will have a roster of characters characterized by both Exterminators, or humans, and Infested, that is zombies. Each of them will have their own abilities that will make them unique and distinguishable, belonging to different "classes" due to the type of weapon and fighting style they will use. Are present eight Exterminators and four Infested, but the possibility of the list being expanded further over the next few months is more than plausible. In this Back 4 Blood guide, we will focus on how to best use Holly.

Let's join the gang

Within Back 4 Blood, some of the existing and impersonable characters will have to be compulsorily unlocked concluding the first chapter of the game's history, divided into four levels. Instead, immediately it will be possible to play with Evangelo, Walker, Holly and Mà. In case we decide to leave with Holly, a character specialized in melee attacks, with a personality lively and positive, we'll also need to know how to use his abilities, to powerfully untangle the zombie crowd in Back 4 Blood.

Holly's Role - Back 4 Blood: How to Best Use Holly Tips and strategies

As anticipated, the character of Holly in Back 4 Blood is well suited for the melee attacks, so she will be able to give her best in the middle of the fray, and will be more than happy to be able to use “Dottie”, her trusty spiked baseball bat. It has a good range, useful for shredding any horde of low-grade zombies. It also possesses the ability to regenerate the resistance e reduce the damage suffered; in practice she is a woman of unshakable strength, and therefore it will be necessary to use her with the right criterion, rushing to the front line to give her a holy reason to the Infested.

Holly's Skills - Back 4 Blood: How to Best Use Holly Tips and strategies

Holly has passive abilities that enhance her significantly in close quarters combat, it also gives a team stamina advantage when equipped:

  • Gain 10 Resistance to each Infested slain
  • Gain 10% Damage Resistance
  • Squad Effect: +25 Squad Resistance

Best Weapons - Back 4 Blood: How to use Holly to the fullest. Tips and strategies

As if it hasn't already been made clear enough, it's not too important for Holly to think about the weapon to use, as long as it is a melee; if you have cards that add to the fighting style, so much the better for your Back 4 Blood games. But to be specific, on the occasion of wanting to take down a large number of weak enemies, a machete or mace will be the preferable weapons, while for bigger threats you will need an ax or a hatchet. As for the rifles, you can choose between assault, SMG or shotgun.

The latter may be the choice that suits her best, since she already acts on one rather close range against the Haunted. In addition, also equip a card that allows you to steal life with this type of weapon it will make the fight even more exciting; nevertheless, the ideal would be to reserve heavy artillery for enemies such as the Tallboy, the Crusher, the Bruiser.

Best cards to equip - Back 4 Blood: how to best use Holly. Tips and strategies

Finally, we come to which Back 4 Blood cards will be better to use to have an advantage not only physical, but also strategic during matches; knowing how Holly has an exceptional resistance to fatigue and damage, the cards to choose will have to be based above all on enhancing these aspects, and combining them in order to create a good synergy between them.

  • Reflex Cards: Elliptical trainers - Rhythmic Breathing - Hitter - Bravado - Drug Addict - Sprinting - Super Cardio - Rolling Thunder Operation - Mandatory Workout - Adrenaline Rush
  • Discipline Cards: Biker Vest - Helmet - Energy Bar - Cold Coffee - Crouched - Vanguard - Combat Knife - Down!
  • Vigor cards: Batting - Spikes - Harassing Drunkenness - Resistant - Bulletproof Vest - Heavy Blows - Ignore Pain - Berserker - Grit - Scar - Thirst for Battle - Face Your Fears - Heavy Attack - Sunder - Clean Bandages - Numb - Buckshot Bruiser
  • Luck Cards: Robber - Wounded Animal

One woman, one army

Thus ends this small guide on how to use Holly, a rather simple character to frame as regards the gameplay of Back 4 Blood, with a very direct and fearless style, great for those who are looking for the thrill of the action from the very first moments of the game. You will find more guides on Back 4 Blood, including using and unlocking new cards, on our site, as well as our impressions of the game.

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