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In this guide you will find the complete list of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla weapons and the strengths and statistics of each. Get ready to slice every Saxon!

As in the previous titles of the saga also in Assassin's Creed Valhalla there are several weaponry to discover and obtain. This time around, however, unlike Odyssey and Origins, the list is much shorter as the game, much more than before, aims to make you focus on the strengthening of each more than on collecting an infinity of specimens.

In Assassin's Creed Valhalla, in addition to the iconic Hidden Blade, Eivor has access to a variety of weapons such as swords, axes, spears and many others. These can be used to brutally decapitate enemies, surprise them from afar or in secret, and assassinate various targets. Weapons can be obtained as reward when completing missions, purchased o realized by a blacksmith, looted by enemies, chests or locations and dropped by villains and various bosses. Your fighting style will definitely be influenced by the weapon you assign to the first hand. Besides, you can also use two weapons of the same type in every hand, except for two-handed axes and spears, of course. You can even wield two shields at the same time and use one as your primary weapon!

Each weapon has a specific effect and affiliation with the three types of talents that Eivor can have: Wolf, Crow, Bear. In your skill tree, you can increase the stats of the various weapons by unlocking the specific branch bonus which has an affinity for the weapon you intend to use. In this guide we will group the weapons into four categories and show you the strengths and statistics of each.

One game, many intertwining

Just today it arrives in physical and virtual stores Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, the latest entry in the historic saga of the hitmen from Ubisoft's Hidden Blade. Once again, as the last two titles in the series, Origins and Odyssey, it is a title colossal both in terms of content and on that of gameplay with mechanics ranging from sieges and raids to the management of a camp to be supplied and transformed into a thriving colony. 

At the heart of all this is the singular story of Eivor, a young Viking warrior forced to leave the village of origin together with his clan, Fornburg and Norway to find luck in the British lands. These are the scene of heated clashes between four power-hungry rulers. The Crow Clan and Eivor will have to make their way into this bedlam, make alliances with the other Norsemen who have occupied the lands in question and carve out a space in these. The events of the brotherhood of the Occultie that of Ancient, the ancestors of Assassins and Templars, respectively. 

Among the various game mechanics, the return of the Hidden blade, the weapon that distinguished the Assassins from their origin. In the game, the weapon is delivered almost immediately to Eivor who, however, will customize it in his own way not keeping it hidden but clearly visible on the forearm, you know, a true Viking does not like to hide his brutal equipment too much. Also in the game you will be able to manage one crew of looters and share and host those created by you and players around the world. Somehow, therefore, an aspect-related mechanic returns multiplayer.

Come back one more time Layla Hassan, the young former Templar researcher who created a more advanced version ofanimus, a machine that can be used to relive the genetic memories contained in the DNA. The researcher uses Eivor's DNA to uncover the Viking's past and track down the fruits of Eden with whom the Old Norse came into contact. These are very powerful artifacts created by an ancient semi-divine civilization thanks to which it is possible to determine the fate of the eternal struggle between Assassins and Templars. Let's now see the complete list of weapons that you will find in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.

Hand Weapons - Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Weapons Guide

It is the broader category of the weapons available in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. They fall into this group axes, flagella, hammers, spears and daggers. As you know, Norse warriors did not go for the subtle and this category testifies to it perfectly. These are brutal weapons for the body to body, perfect for dismemberments. However, they tend to have more moderate attack stats than two-handed weapons. Let's see the list:

  • Varin's ax 

          Attack: 60
          Stun: 60
          Speed: 48
          Crit: 51
          Weight: 12 - Increases speed after each hit (up to 10 times) - + 3.2% Attack      

  • Bear claw

          Attack: 53
          Stun: 56
          Speed: 55
          Crit: 53
          Weight: 9 - Consumption of a ration temporarily increases Attack - Duration: 5s - Bonus: +10.0 to Attack

  • Ax of the Raider

          Attack: 48
          Stun: 51
          Speed: 54
          Crit: 51
          Weight: 9 - Increases heavy hit damage after each light hit (up to 6x)

  • Iron star

          Attack: 76
          Stun: 70
          Speed: 38
          Crit: 50
          Weight: 13 - Increases Attack after a Heavy Finisher

  • Launch Fyrd

          Attack: 43
          Stun: 31
          Speed: 55
          Crit: 68
          Weight: 14 - Increase speed when dodging.

  • Fang of Fafnir

          Attack: 45
          Stun: 33
          Speed: 52
          Crit: 54
          Weight: 16 - Increases critical strike chance when surrounded for more than 3 minutes. Additional bonuses when surrounded by 4 and 5 enemies.

  • Ax of Housecarl

          Attack: 50
          Stun: 60
          Speed: 50
          Crit: 47
          Weight: 11 - Increases attack with each hit (up to 10x).

  • War hammer

          Attack: 49
          Stun: 79
          Speed: 51
          Crit: 58
          Weight: 12 - Increases Heavy Hit Damage after a Heavy Finisher.

  • Cry of pain

          Attack: 59
          Stun: 76
          Speed: 48
          Crit: 53
          Weight: 13 - Increases Heavy Hit Damage after a Heavy Finisher.

  • Hundtoth

          Attack: 44
          Stun: 47
          Speed: 70
          Crit: 68
          Weight: 9 - Increases crit chance when health is low.

  • Yngling Seax

           Attack: 30
           Stun: 30
           Speed: 80
           Crit: 64
           Weight: 10 - Increases melee damage after dodging

Two-Handed Weapons - Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Weapons Guide

This category of weapons in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla matters only 3 elements. As you can guess, these are weapons they will occupy 2 slot (main and secondary hand). Attack is typically quite high and speed rather low. Let's see the list:

  • Bite the bones

           Attack: 69
           Stun: 65
           Speed: 35
           Crit: 45
           Weight: 18 - Increase stun after a heavy hit (up to 10x)

  • Ax of the sepulcher

           Attack: 63
           Stun: 62
           Speed: 37
           Crit: 47
           Weight: 16 - The ax turns on fire after a critical hit 

  • Double hand 

           Attack: 63
           Stun: 36
           Speed: 49
           Crit: 51
           Weight: 16 - Poisons fallen enemies who take a heavy attack

Archi - Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Weapons Guide

Category matters 6 items. Among this type of weapon in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla are only light bows and no crossbow. Let's see the complete list below.

  • Viper arch

           Attack: 52
           Stun: 76
           Speed: 68
           Crit: 59
           Weight: 10 - Increases critical chance after each hit (up to 10x)

  • Ira in Skadi

           Attack: 61
           Stun: 89
           Speed: 49 
           Crit: 60
           Weight: 10 - Increases critical chance after hitting weak spots

  • Destructive arc

           Attack: 55
           Stun: 42
           Speed: 40
           Crit: 61
           Weight: 15 - Increases ranged damage after hitting weak spots

  • Whisperer of Death

           Attack: 49
           Stun: 39
           Speed: 44
           Crit: 61
           Weight: 15 - Restores some health after hitting weak spots

  • Pungitore

           Attack: 66
           Stun: 41
           Speed: 24
           Crit: 59
           Weight: 20 - The lethal blow to the head generates a cloud that numbs

  • Recurve bow

           Attack: 56
           Stun: 36
           Speed: 29
           Crit: 59
           Weight: 18 - Increases critical chance after hitting weak spots

Shields - Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Weapons Guide

After the total absence in Odyssey Assassin's Creed: Valhalla shields are back. The category has only four elements. Let's go and see them below:

  • Royal Guard

          Attack: 72
          Block: 77
          Speed: 29
          Stun: 80
          Crit: 42
          Weight: 18 - Increases heavy damage when parrying

  • Crow Clan Shield

          Attack: 47
          Block: 37
          Speed: 51
          Stun: 66
          Crit: 48
          Weight: 12 - Parrying can occasionally increase the damage of light attacks

  • Guardia Raven

           Attack: 49
           Block: 39
           Speed: 49
           Stun: 66
           Crit: 48
           Weight: 12 - Parrying can occasionally increase the damage of light attacks

  • Ursine Guard

           Attack: 55
           Block: 43
           Speed: 43
           Stun: 60
           Crit: 46
           Weight: 16 - Increases attack after taking a hit

A nice arsenal

As you have seen this time the weapons in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla they are not present in endless quantities as was mostly the case in Odyssey. Getting some of those present will not be a walk in the park. The game aims to make you focus on the ones you have ea improve them with runes. The slots for the latter can be obtained by upgrading the same weapons at the shop of blacksmith. We recommend that you do this because i additional bonuses they are really interesting and can make a difference in bossfight.

This time, however, beyond the statistics, it's all about finding the weapon that best suits yours style of play and that it has the best effect. Some of these, such as theVarin's ax andax of Housecarl, have very good potential and the first is available almost immediately in the game.

We invite you to read our review on the game in question which we have defined one reconciliation with part of the identity of the saga. Also here you will find the guide to talents of the game, here that of the Trophies, here's the one on how to get the iconic Hidden blade, here the one on quick trips in the game, here's how to recover Force and here is some information to know before starting to play this last mammoth chapter based on Norse history.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. Stay tuned to Holygamerz for all the news and curiosities from the gaming world and beyond.

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