Apex Legends - King's Canyon: Best Landing & Loot Zones | Guide

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A complete guide to the Apex Legends King's Canyon map. Let's find out the best landing areas and where to find excellent loot and hot spots

Apex Legends is the new free battle royal, by Respawn Entertainment, which has become famous on all platforms. A team of three will have to be ready to challenge 19 other teams to compete for victory. Many of you have known it for a while, while others have only recently approached this style. For all of you, we will draw up one guide on the only map available at the moment: Canyon of the Kings (o King’s Canyon).

Apex Legends - King's Canyon: Best Landing Zones, Loot and Hotspots | Guide

The aim is to tidy up and figure out which area is most important to the loot initial, and not to be unprepared in front of the enemies. As we know, there are ben in the Canyon of the Kings 17 locations and this is why a guide could help you to know the secrets of each one. Unlike others Battle Royal, Apex Legends allows you to explore them all easily, thanks also to the balloons available in the map that allow a quick repositioning at the expense of the high possibility of being seen by enemies. Different locations have different levels of palatability. We will have a chance to find high, medium or low level loot. In addition to these we would also have the Hot Zones, those areas indicated with a celestial circle on the map.

Apex Legends - King's Canyon: Best Landing & Loot Zones | Guide

Let's go more specifically and understand which are the areas to consider more for our landing. A tip is to follow the map on apexmap.io which is constantly updated based on best loot zones.

Artillery (Artillery) | Canyon of the King: best landing areas 

Craftsmanship it is one of the most popular areas of Apex Legends and for this reason it is the first of our guide. Here it is possible to find a high-level loot in 90% of cases. Being a very large area, it is possible that you will find enemies around it without even realizing it, the important thing is to find weapons and shields before the others. The trick is to move with the zipline on the roof in order to be faster. In addition, the area outside the artillery is full of boxes to open. A tip could be to find the weapons outside and then re-enter, but it can happen that your enemies were faster than you. At that point, good luck! Outside you can also find what is called “Jump Balloon” to be able to reposition yourself in another area.

Transmitter (Relay) | Canyon of the King: best landing areas

Il transmitter it is that area to the right of the artillery (see map above). Unlike the previously described area, here the loot is high, but there is a risk that for a low percentage there is not even the medium loot but only the low one. Unfortunately it can happen, in that case be careful of the enemies you find outside the artillery or those coming up from the swamps. Here you can search for weapons and ammunition in peace as it is not a very popular area, unless there launch ship don't start right here. In case you want to take some time to perform a good loot, be careful of the circle that closes in case you are not in the “Safe Zone”. Interesting could be the one found in the cottage on the island. Here too, outside the transmitter area we find a “Jump Balloon”. A good point for those who want to approach a game of Apex Legends in the most peaceful way.

Repulsor (Repulsor) & Swamp (Swamps) | Canyon of the King: best landing areas

These two areas are close, divided only by Central hydroelectric, an area with low loot. Both are large areas with several houses and different loot zones. In the first we are gods corridors e tunnel that allow us to escape faster or engage in a fight with the enemy while remaining hidden. In the secondinstead, we will almost find ourselves in field open, but to the south of which we find both the respawn lighthouse, be the Jump Balloon. The strong point of these areas is that they are surrounded by neutral terrain, where it is possible to find opposing teams with weapons not equal to ours and low armor. A good start for anyone who wants to win every game of Apex Legends.

Runoff | Canyon of the King: best landing areas

In my opinion it is the area that would strongly recommend to Apex Legends newbies, especially if the launch ship leaves from a completely different area. It is a large area, where it is easy to hide and with really many areas where we will find weapons and more. Plus, it has the respawn lighthouse right behind him, in an area where it is easy to protect yourself from enemy attacks. Furthermore, always the area behind, it is still an area that is part of the outflow and, therefore, with a high-level loot. In case you should escape from this area for an enemy attack or other, I recommend you go to the slime lakes (slum lakes). This is an area with a medium loot but often busy early in the game.

The pit | Canyon of the King: best landing areas

In Apex Legends it is strongly not recommended to lock yourself in a hole in which to get attacked. Don't be confused by the fact that there are three ways out, as the same could be entry ways for the enemy. The point is that the pit it is considered one of the best points to land as there is a high probability of finding, in the center of it, a purple armor. An accessory like this is very useful at the beginning of the game. For this reason, the pit is the central part of our guide and we advise you to launch here with the right caution. The risk is that being a small area you will end up with a team that has low-level weapons or someone on the team who doesn't even have a weapon. Another negative point is that if you go out towards the center of the map you could run into enemies who have looted the bunker and that they could encircle you in the open area just outside the pit. But what don't you do for purple armor?

Bunker | Canyon of the King: best landing areas

Il bunker it is strongly discouraged for those new to Apex Legends. The advice is to choose another area, but if you really want to go to the buker I recommend you to enter from the left side of the map. In this case you will find yourself on the mezzanine level with respect to your enemies who have entered from the side of the river. Usually you will find many crates of dead enemies here, precisely because it is a very concentrated and high-risk area. You could go there if maybe you landed, for example, at waterfalls and you have to go to the Safe areas. The good news is that if you can get there first then you will be able to get a really high level loot. But be careful, in the vicinity of the bunker there are neither respawn lights nor Jump Balloon.

Arena (Thunderdome) | Canyon of the King: best landing areas

L’arena is the place of Apex Legends snipers. This is because there is one of the highest and most open places from which to aim with a nice sniper rifle and knock out our enemies. Furthermore, it is an attractive area as there is the possibility of obtaining a high level loot equal to 90%. A plus is the proximity of the respawn lighthouse and transmitters usable by Pathfinder to know in advance where the Safe Zone will be. The critical point is the proximity of areas with medium loot, in practice it is surrounded, so take a good look around.

Air Base | Canyon of the King: best landing areas

It is one of the most sought after areas by older Apex Legends players. This is because the loot is of a high level, the team almost always manages to complete their equipment, whatever level it is, and nearby we find an area with medium loot, almost never sought by the players, from which it is possible to escape through the Jump Balloon. The area is also covered thanks to the dam. The only weak point could be the latter, in case the enemies manage to overwhelm you from above. The area, however, is very useful as hideout. There are rooms and areas within the air base where it is difficult to find me. Commonplace and very complicated in case it is inside the Safe Zone.

Water treatment plant | Canyon of the King: best landing areas

We arrive at the last area of ​​Apex Legends where we will find a high-level loot. The plant purification is located south of the map. It is a great area to start as it is really large and you can easily escape from enemies. In fact, at the southernmost point, we find a Jump Balloon which allows us to escape to all sides. Furthermore, the loot boxes are numerous and the team almost always manages to complete the armament. Be careful, however, when you decide to go down in this area. In case the launch ship starts its journey from here then I don't recommend jumping in as it would be really crowded as an area.

Apex Legends - King's Canyon: Hotspots, Lifeline and other procurement methods | Guide

We have seen which are the areas in which it is possible to find high level supply. The point is that it's not the only way to get high-level weapons, armor, or accessories.

Loot thanks to Hot Zones and Supply Ships | Apex Legends - Guide to the King's Canyon

First let's talk about the Hot Zones. The latter are areas that are indicated on the map with a circumference heavenly. At the start of the game you will always find one! It is a bit difficult to get out of those areas alive, especially if you are a beginner. If, on the other hand, you are confident with Apex Legends and want to try it, then you will surely find supplies of the highest level, maybe even gold. My advice is to launch into these areas especially if they are at the end of the launch ship's journey, so that you don't have to run into too many opposing teams. Similar to the Hot Zones are the supply ships. The latter are ships that roam the map and land in a random area. At the start of the game, there will always be a ship to jump onto. They seem to be even more dangerous than Hotspots as the loot level is really high.

Loot thanks to Lifeline and procurement capsules | Apex Legends - Guide to the King's Canyon

Lifeline appears to be a complete character. Fast curator and helpful in procurement, she could not help but be part of our guide. In fact, you must not forget l’ultimate of Lifeline, which allows you to recall a supply capsule. My advice is to always use some accelerators ultimate with this character, especially at the beginning of the game. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also throw yourself into a mid-level zone and recall Lifeline capsules often. Probably, the ultimate will be less useful at the end of the game. First of all, when the Safe Zone has shrunk it is much easier to find yourself by the sound of the capsule arriving. Then, with the new update, the percentage of chance with which it is possible to find gold items in the Lifeline capsule has been reset. Finding supplies of gold is instead possible thanks to capsules of supplying that come to the rescue of teams automatically, that is, randomly within the map. I advise you to be careful of the latter as, often, the opposing teams wait for someone to approach and then ambush them.

Good luck in the game!

We are at the conclusion of this guide. We hope you found it useful, and if you need help, you can comment below this post. Apex Legend it is a game that is constantly updated and, probably, we will receive updates and new maps. But don't worry, we will be here to update you with new guides and news. And now, go for it!

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