Apex Legends: guide and tricks to using Crypto

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Crypto is now ready to fight in Apex Legends, in this guide we will reveal the tricks on how to use the new legend and dominate the meta

Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends continues to be enriched with other content for free. A new map was in fact released at the beginning of Season 3 “Meltdown” on October XNUMXst, along with a new legend. Its code name is Crypto, known hacker wanted for murder. His abilities allow him to control and supervise the arena without being seen. Nobody knows what prompted Crypto to participate in the Apex Games. In the last few interviews he said he wanted justice. For what, exactly, we do not know.

Nothing escapes the surveillance drone

In good hands Crypto can make a difference in every game of Apex Legends. So let's go to analyze his skills observing the various uses.

The skill tactics of Crypto is the Surveillance drone. It is a flying robot that allows the player to probe the surrounding area. If destroyed, another can be deployed after 40 seconds. With this skill we will be able to deploy a drone that will automatically locate enemies for us and will also notify us of their presence in the area. It will be possible to let it passively monitor a fixed area, call it back in a different area or take control of it. We can then do reconnaissance "fluttering" freely around until the robot is destroyed or exceeds the limit of distance from the player. If the enemy is spotted, an orange triangle will appear over its location.

The skill passive and the Neurolink, in this way Crypto and its allies manage to see the elements detected by the drone up to 30 meters away.

THEultimate of Crypto is Electromagnetic storm: Surveillance Drone unleashes a electromagnetic storm that will cause 50 damage to shields, slow enemies and destroy traps. This explosion will cause 50 damage and is particularly useful for sabotaging Gibraltar, Caustic and Wattson using traps or shields.

Here's How To Dominate - Apex Legends: Guide And Tricks To Using Crypto

Crypto has been released a few days ago but is already making a difference in Apex Legends. It is a very interesting and powerful legend, but it hides some peculiarities that can only be known through use and experience. Below five tips and tricks to make the most of it:

  • The Hacking Skill of the Surveillance Drone: in addition to watching, with the robot you can open doors for a greater tactical advantage. This ability also allows you to hack various character banners within the game. Instead of viewing the number of kills caused by the depicted player, you will be able to see the number of enemies in the area and their distance from your team.
  • Retrieve the banners of fallen comrades: With the Surveillance Drone you can collect the banner of a fallen comrade.
  • Comfortable but noisy: the surveillance drone in addition to leaving a colored trail during the flight, emits a rather recognizable hum. This makes it fairly easy to spot.
  • Be careful when using the ultimate: The Electromagnetic Storm, in addition to hitting enemies and their traps, will also damage the tools of their companions.
  • Positioning makes the difference: with Crypto it is essential to find a safe and quiet place where you can control your surveillance Drone. As soon as we suffer even a single damage, we will lose control of our mini-robot.

Are you using this new legend? Let us know in the comments. If you are interested in the path that led to the release of Crypto or other guides on Apex Legends, read our articles! We remind you that this video game is available for free on Xbox One, PC and PS4, in case you want to know all the information, you can click here.

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