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The new EA title has taken hold and has become Fortnite's number one enemy. With this guide, we want to show you which are the best and strongest weapons to use to get to victory in Apex Legends!

As in all shooters, in addition to various strategies and tactics, even in Apex Legends the important thing is to know how and with what to shoot. We all know that, in games like this, you always have to find the best and strongest weapons to attempt to do more damage to the opponent. It is also true, however, that it is not all a question of the weapon used but also of precision and method of use.

In this guide we want to show you what are the best and strongest weapons to use and their actual damage. In the queue you will find the pairs of weapons that we recommend using, both in the early-game and in the final game. If, on the other hand, you need some strategic advice, take a look at our guide to the best areas to land and where to loot in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends: Best and Strongest Weapons to Use - Guide

Assault Rifles or LMGsG - Apex Legends: better and stronger weapons

  1. M600 Spitfire: The Spitfire is the most wanted assault rifle on the Apex Legends map. This is thanks to its high amount of damage dealt with heavy ammo. With a hit to the body he is capable of 20 damage, which multiplied by the number of shots in the barrel equal to 35 reaches a total damage of 700 life points. Put simply, if you can hit the enemy with all the magazine it won't be hard to knock him down.
  2. Devotion: body damage 17 - head-shot damage 34 - magazine 44 bullets. The top-up to use is the turbocharger (gold).
  3. Hemlok: Although the damage is superior to the Devotion, 18/36, its load capacity of only 18 rounds makes it less efficient than a full Devotion. The possibility of using three-shot fire, instead of automatic, could bring an advantage to those who do not want to unload the magazine and risk not hitting the opponent.
  4. VK-47 Flatline: damage 16/32 - single shot or automatic submachine gun - magazine of 20 bullets.
  5. Rifle R-301: damage 14/28 - single shot or automatic submachine gun - magazine of 18 bullets.

SMGs - Apex Legends: better and stronger weapons

  1. Prowler: The Prowler is one of the most used machine guns as it is the usual "shoot and run" weapon. It allows you to install full-value optics, extended magazines, standard stocks and a special top-up called a "fire selector" that allows you to choose between single shot and 5-shot discharge. An advantage of the Prowler is that it has a low recoil that allows you to aim at even more distant enemies. It is also the SMG that does the most damage with 14 damage to the body and 21 to the head.
  2. Alternator: damage 13/19 - automatic - magazine of 16 bullets.
  3. R-99: damage 12/18 - automatic - magazine of 18 bullets.

Sniper Rifle - Apex Legends: Better and Stronger Weapons

  1. Kaber .50: it is absolutely one of the two best weapons in the game. The Kaber is the ultimate sniper rifle that can only be found in supply pods that arrive randomly on the game map. Its damage is also exceptional because once you find it, you will have it with all the accessories complete, including the digital sniper threat. Know that you will only have 8 shots! But with 250 head damage you could also take down an enemy with gold armor. Instead, with 125 body damage you will be able to do a lot of damage to the enemy.
  2. Triple Take: taking the Kaber out of the way, the triple take is the best sniper rifle you can easily find on the Apex Legends map. You will have 5 bullets per magazine, with a head damage of 138 life points, while the body damage is equal to 69. The name of this sniper rifle comes from the fact that the shot, over long distances, tends to split into three equal parts increasing the chance of hitting the enemy.
  3. Longbow: damage 55/110 - 5 round magazine.
  4. G7 Scout: damage 30/60 - 10 bullet magazine.

Guns - Apex Legends: better and stronger weapons

  1. Wingman: it's the best pistol around. With a damage of 45 if we hit opponents' bodies and 90 if we hit their heads, it's crucial if we want a fast reloading weapon. Furthermore, thanks to the possibility of using the "digital threat", an extended magazine that allows us to reload 10 rounds and a special Hop-up (skull perforator) which increases the damage of shots in the head, the Wingman immediately became the weapon secondary of many players.
  2. Mozambique: An excellent weapon with a 3-shot magazine that allows damage equal to 45/66. The damage to the body is similar to that of the Wingman but the limited magazine allows it to be a good weapon in the early-game, especially if you encounter enemies in the same landing spot. It also loads the same ammo as shotguns, and the reload speed is similar to the latter. Almost useless in late-game as it is only effective if it hits the enemy closely.
  3. P2020: damage 12/18 - 10 round magazine.
  4. RE-45 automatic: damage 11/16 - 15 round magazine.

Shotgun - Apex Legends: Better and stronger weapons

  1. Mastiff: Like the Kaber, the Mastiff is a shotgun that can only be found in Supply Pods that randomly drop onto the map. The shots in the barrel are 4 for a maximum of 20 total shots. The damage is really excessive and can easily take down an enemy. We are talking about 144 damage to the body and 288 to the head. It is difficult to find it, it often makes its appearance in the final part of the game.
  2. Peacekeeper: Fire rate similar to the Mastiff, i.e. low. Magazine alone 6 bullets without the possibility of extending it, but the damage is really high 110/165. A weapon that really hurts up close, especially in the early-game. It is not difficult to find it in the landing area, which is why it is a trusted friend if we land with several enemies around who may have only found a P2020.
  3. EVA-8: It is still a shotgun with certainly limited damage compared to the others in its category. We are talking about 63 life points if we hit the body and 90 if we take the head. With 8 rounds per magazine, it is the shotgun with the highest rate of fire in Apex Legends. A cadence far beyond that of the Peacekeeper which allows it to be considered an automatic weapon.

Advice on the best weapons to use - Apex Legends Guide

Of course, take our advice as such. Each player has their own way of playing and consequently is better / worse with certain weapons. Basically, we recommend that you always have a ranged weapon and to engage enemies up close. It goes without saying that in case you have found the or the Kaber .50, get them! It's strongest weapons in the game and with the right precision and wisdom they can lead you to victory. Furthermore, among the various weapons we do not find the latest addition, the Havoc. Unfortunately, the precise damage of this weapon is not known but it can easily be inserted between the Devotion and the Prowler.

Devotion / Havoc and Wingman - Apex Legends: better and stronger weapons

It is the riskiest of mating. As for the Wingman, you can rely on the gun even without having found the “perforacranio”, even if with the latter and a good aim then absurd damage is done. L'Havoc and Devotion, on the other hand, they seem almost useless without the various accessories, especially without the "Turbocharger". This golden Hop-up, in fact, eliminates the dead time that the weapons have before being able to fire the first shot. Once found, however, they are undisputed weapons of destruction, and at close range they don't even need a real viewfinder. In addition, the Havoc allows, thanks to the "Fire selector", to choose whether to fire a burst of automatic shots or a single loaded shot that has a truly remarkable damage. This means that the Havoc is flexible and can also be used remotely.

Spitfire and Triple Take / Longbow - Apex Legends: better and stronger weapons

A couple that makes sparks, especially if you are good snipers. The Triple Take and Longbow they can be interchangeable even if we prefer to recommend the first of the two. This is because we have the possibility to install an ad hoc Hop-up for the sniper rifle. Also, the hit of the Triple Take splits into 3 equal parts with the same damage .. With this weapon we could disturb enemies in the distance by installing 4x-8x optics easily destroying their armor and forcing them to reload. The Spitfire, on the other hand, it is a weapon with a considerable cadence when accompanied by a Level 3 Magazine Extender (Purple). In this way we would have a damage to the body equal to 20 life points multiplied by 55 hits.

Peacekeeper and Carbine - Apex Legends: better and stronger weapons

This is a pair that can be considered basic and very useful in the early game. I recommend that you adopt this pair of weapons as soon as you land (if you can). The Peacekeeper it is not difficult to find, the carbine perhaps it is slightly more complicated to loot. If, however, you are in a crowded area where loot becomes complicated and you already know that you will find different teams around then it is the right couple for you. The carbine can also be used at a medium range, while the Peacekeeper is great at close range, especially when enemies do not yet have purple shields.

Now you just have to shoot!

This is ours guide on the best and strongest weapons of Apex Legends. I hope it has been of good help and I recommend, again, to visit our guide to the areas in which to land and where to make an excellent loot.

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