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With today's guide, the Factions and Commander of Age of Wonders: Planetfall will have no more secrets!

Today's guide is about creating your own commander and choosing which Faction you belong to in Age of Wonders: Planetfall, title published by Paradox Interactive. Our Add to cart it is totally customizable: we could decide Razz, bonus and even choose the Jimi Hendrix . If you are curious to know what are the best characteristics to attribute to it to win against the other Factions, read on!

A bit of history

Age of Wonders: Planetfall include ben six Factions / Races to choose from. Each Faction / Race is unique and has its own particularity. Although each sees the other five Races in its own way and plan invasions, there is a common denominator for all of them. All Factions had to face the fall of the Star Union, their true and only realm, and following this incident each of them found one new house and a way to survive. But besides a common history, there are other aspects that the Races share.

Each Faction has its own fighting lineup, combined with specific weapon groups, and each develops its own technologies tree. As for the arsenal, each Race has well eight units with two Racial Ships and a Colonizer. But that's not all: for each Race there are wells otto Unit Mods insieme a Special Operations, Buildings e Social Doctrines. Discover new technologies (Secret Technology) can further diversify the Factions as, by doing so, other Mods, Units and Operations are unlocked.

If you can constantly progress and develop new technologies and complete the tree, the Race will be rewarded with the most powerful arma Doomsday. Depending on the Faction, the types of weapons used and the secret technologies developed, i Tech Paths, that is, the branches of technologies will be different and guarantee different objects. This allows us to explore different options when choosing which technology to develop.

All Features - Age of Wonders Planetfall: Lead factions and commander

Now that we have a general overview of the Factions or Races, let's see the characteristics of each:

  • Amazons faction: This is a faction made up solely of warrior women which they mainly use Bio and Laser weapons. They are skilled archers and know every secret of exploring the forests as well as nature, with which they are very close.
  • Assembly faction: in this faction we find cyborg extremely adept with the technology created to destroy. Cyborgs can use the bodies of their enemies as an advantage, becoming part cyborgs and part corpses. Starting from the idea of ​​the cycle of destruction and rebirth, the cyborgs increase their units with carcasses of corpses, thus creating something far more evil. As weapons the faction uses those of the groups Arc e Firearms.
  • Vanguard faction: the Vanguards are what remains of the Star Union, awakened by the cryosleep, or traditional ones troops space. They are the faction with the best skills in several areas and include weapon-armed soldiers of the groups Laser e Firearms, such as drones and turrets.
  • Syndicate faction: it is a faction of noble slavers, skilled in the arts of diplomacy and subterfuge, but also in espionage and stealth. The Syndicates are space traders who use slaves to command and run their trades. They use the weapons of the groups of Arc e Psi.
  • Fazione Kir'ko: i Kir'ko sono humanoid insects swarming all over the planet. These are highly intelligent insects that can overwhelm the enemy in melee range combat simply by outnumbering them. Since they can expand and settle quickly, they are considered a lethal race. They use group weapons Bio e Psi.
  • Dvar faction: i Dvar sono space dwarves which do not take any penalties on the volcanic territory and which have the power to "flatten" entire mountains. Dvar can survive in the most extreme climates and can unleash powerful vehicles against the enemy. The faction uses the weapons of the groups Firearms e Explosive.

If you are at the beginning and do not know exactly where to start, our advice is there Vanguard faction which turns out to be one of the simplest to use.

Here are all the bonuses - Age of Wonders Planetfall: Lead factions and commanders

Now that you have chosen the Faction / Race to start with, we can walk you through four sets of bonus among which to choose one to attribute to the commander. In total, when customizing the commander, you will have three default points to spend.


  • No Background (0)
  • Veteran (1) - you start at level 3 with 10 skill points to spend; units gain experience 15% faster
  • Skilled Diplomat (1) - +300 relations with all other Races; the cost of influence to obtain armies is 35% lower
  • Martial Research (2) - the cost of researching weapons is reduced by 25%; the commander regenerates all action points by killing an enemy unit once per turn
  • Merchant Scion (2) - the cost of economic research is reduced by 15%; home trading is 10% cheaper
  • Star Union Scholar (2) - the cost of research for secret technologies is reduced by 15%; the number of items and loot available has increased across all maps
  • Covert Operative (2) - the cost of research to company operations is reduced by 20%; increased secret attacks and defenses 

Colony Supplements

  • No Colony Supplement (0)
  • Data Repository (1) - you start with two random technologies
  • Energy Cache (1) - you start with 300 extra energy / money
  • Military Detachment (2) - you start with a larger army (one full of six units and a separate group with two units)
  • Colonist Cryopods (2) - your first colony has two extra population and a Recreation Dome (which keeps the happiness level high)

Commander Equipment (Commander Loadout)

  • Basic Equipment (0) - basic equipment
  • Close Combat Equipment (1) - increases melee damage and life
  • Assault Equipment (1) - Increases ranged damage and accuracy when behind cover
  • Sharpshooter Equipment (1) - increases the damage with ranged weapons and the chance of critical attack
  • Assault Vehicle (2) - the commander can drive base vehicles; increases life
  • Support Vehicle (2) - the commander can drive base vehicles; increases life

Attitudes (Vice)

Attitudes (Vice) add bonuses to your commander but cost a penalty.

  • No Vice (0) - none
  • Cruel - all colonies will have -4 of happiness; you gain +200 morale when you kill an enemy unit
  • Kleptomaniac - lose 10 energy or money every turn; you start with a mod that works with your gear
  • Party Animal - all colonies will have -10 of production; all units in your army will always have +100 morale
  • Stubborn - all colonies will have -10 of knowledge / research; your army has +2 resistance to status effects
  • Decadent - all colonies will have -10% of food production; the commander gains an extra 10 HP

Final advice and greetings

Our advice is to start with Kleptomaniac as you can easily get energy while on the go, which nullifies the loss of money per shift.A good choice are: Veteran, Military Detachment, [Promethean] Assault Equipment, e Kleptomaniac. I hope this guide to the Commander's Factions and Bonuses will be useful to you, but if you want to know more, don't forget to consult the official site of Age of Wonders: Planetfall. In the meantime, keep following us if you want more updates and advice on this and other titles on

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