The Witcher 3: tips and tricks for fans of the Netflix series

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Netflix has decided to close 2019 with The Witcher, based on the series of the same name that includes video games and novels. So, today we're here to bring you some The Witcher 3 tips and tricks for fans of the tv series

The latest original series of Netflix, starring Henry Cavill as Strigo Geralt of Rivia, proved to be a quality production exceeding the general expectations of fans and newbies alike. In addition to confirming itself as aexcellent series fantasy, the release also had a second effect: to bring back success Wild Hunt, the third installment of the game. For this reason, we offer you some tips and tricks to get the best out of The Witcher 3 after the release of the series.


The title of CD PROJEKT RED, between the release of the TV series and the porting for Nintendo Switch is experiencing a second moment of grace, as many have approached the saga precisely because of the latter. However, some of the newbies to the saga may find themselves confused from the vastness of the fantasy universe of The Witcher and related contexts, especially if without experience in the field of RPGs. For this reason, today we are giving you some must-have tips and tricks for newcomers. Let's begin!

The talk is not exactly zero - The Witcher 3: tips and tricks for fans of the series

In The Witcher, though Geralt's fighting skills are beyond doubt stand out, you will have to make intelligent use of yours too speaking skills. The title relies heavily on dialogue with the NPC, and to make the most of the situations that the game puts in front of you you will have to use a bit of cunning. Just a well-orchestrated conversation can get you out of trouble and avoid unnecessary bloodshed or waste of resources. 

Among the rudimentary spells that Geralt is capable of using, there is one in particular called Axii. The skill in question is a kind of charm, which is a spell that allows you to bewitch enemies or NPCs. Although in combat it will allow you to deploy enemies at your side, it will prove to be much more valuable during the dialogues. If upgraded, the Axii will tick you off as alternative during dialogues, offering a valid alternative to any clashes or headaches. But watch out for do not abuse of this trick, because it could fail and the situation would worsen unnecessarily.

Take advantage of hidden "talents" - The Witcher 3: tips and tricks for fans of the series

In Wild Hunt there is a real world of creatures ready to take you out in ways you can't even imagine. For this reason, in order to survive, you will have to make the most of all of Geralt of Rivia's personal arsenal. Although the Witcher is equipped with a silver sword, strong skills in combat and the so-called "Signs" (spells of various types), even the bestiary and the skills of an alchemist prove to be fundamental tools for the witcher. The Owl, in fact, he is an expert in the art of alchemy, and if you collect plants and ingredients from around the world, you can create meals and ointments at any time to spread on the blade of your weapon.

Furthermore, The Witcher's system is deeply based on progression of the character in a branch of the player's choice. There are several ways to get the better of the monsters you will face and how you decide, choosing whether to perfect the magical arts, combat skills or alchemical skills. As the game progresses, it will be natural for you to find yours preferred growing style and develop the skills of the most fearsome of the Witchers.

The night is dark and full of terror - The Witcher 3: tips and tricks for fans of the series

Staying on the subject of "creatures", the world of The Witcher is dark, low and full of creatures ready to make your skin. The very rich open world exploration component, especially at the first levels, could lead you to a death quick and untimely. For this reason, if you spot a skull icon on the head of one of your enemies, turn your back and run as strong as you can. This symbol characterizes creatures whose power is much higher than yours.

To refine your techniques, therefore, we advise you to go (at least at the beginning) the main storyline. In this way you will not only advance a level, but you will understand better and without unnecessary difficulty how the world of Wild Hunt works. From the first cities to the endless seas of Skellige, every place will give you breathtaking views, while hiding numerous threats which we advise you to address by following the previous point. Eye, please!

Time to lose the compass - The Witcher 3: tips and tricks for fans of the series

Once you get the hang of the game, you have to fly away from the nest. Broken ice with Geralt, it's time to explore the game world and its many opportunities. To do this, the right balance between the main storyline and the side quests is fundamental. CD PROJEKT RED has created a world so well connected and immersive that each side quest has its why. Explore the cities, walk through the woods and take the right number of tasks without neglecting the main story.

This last piece of advice is from keep this in mind. Given the massive amount of extra activities and sidequests in the game world, we risk getting stuck in a loop that will lead us to accept too many sidequests at a time, neglecting the main quest. Many players, especially inexperienced ones, abandon open world RPGs precisely because they are found crushed the amount of "things to do". With The Witcher 3 this risk is very high, so I recommend: you have it the reins of the game. Balance the main story with the sidequests with guidance, and your journey will become unforgettable.

Money rules the world - The Witcher 3: tips and tricks for fans of the series

They fall into a Witcher's arsenal numerous tools, usually expensive to obtain. Armor, swords and gadgets are vital for our protagonist, but of course everything has a price and the blacksmiths don't discount to nobody. Fortunately, Geralt of Rivia is trained to carry out whatever task he is given, and since the main story doesn't turn out to be particularly profitable, you will be inclined to accept. contracts from Witcher.

These contracts are gods assignments that you will have to carry out, and generally it is about eliminating dangerous creatures that threaten the safety of the good people of the world of Velen. Also, before accepting the assignment, you will be allowed to deal on the price. Be careful not to lose your balance in either direction: asking too little will prove to be not very profitable, asking too much will not get you the contract.

To become a Witcher, you need to think like a Witcher - the Witcher 3: tips and tricks for fans of the series

A Witcher is a human being who has undergone so many genetic modifications, that they have altered their anatomy and abilities. To all this is added a rigorous training. Basically, you will find yourself in the shoes of one war machine capable of destroying any creature or threat to the safety of the villagers. Since you are the only solution to the plague of abominations and creatures in the Wild Hunt world, your services will be paid for. handsomely.

This means that you must never forget that you are a mercenary who performs the tasks assigned to him for money or other rewards. Remember: you are not the knight who challenges the dragon to save the sweet maiden trapped in the castle. You are a creature frowned upon due to its nature, but one that offers an indispensable service to the survival of the people of Velen, respected and feared at the same time.

There is not only black or white - The Witcher 3: tips and tricks for fans of the series

Staying in the discourse of "morality", you will discover another face of the game world: it does not exist black or white. Both during the main storyline and during the side missions, you will find yourself in front of crossroads that will influence the course of events. From the fate of a creature you are hunting, to the blessing of a village or even a region, you will have to make decisions pondered that will change your destiny and that of those around you. A decision will not be never easy and as if that weren't enough, a seemingly right decision could have consequences catastrophic.

This advice is closely related to the previous one: you are not a knight riding your brave steed. Take on the role of a mercenary "Mutant" feared by people who investigate, collect information and on some occasions rely on their instincts to make their decisions. cold and rational. Expensive, the lowest decision, may turn out to be the best for the good of all.

Watch and cry, aces poker - The Witcher 3: tips and tricks for fans of the series

This advice, in addition to being short and not very functional, is one of the best ways to disconnect from the frenzy of the outside world every now and then. One of the most loved pastimes by the people of The Witcher world is playing Gwent. Gwent, inserted in the game as a mini-game that Geralt can activate by talking to people, is the card game most played among the people of Velen.

You will find lots of NPCs with deck following, ready to play a game. Please don't underestimate the Gwent: a good deck and a good dose of experience can be a great way to raise some money, while taking a break from the hustle and bustle of Witcher life.

Culture first - The Witcher 3: tips and tricks for fans of the series

Unfortunately, since there is no console version of the first chapter of The Witcher, and being the second chapter belonging to the last generation, it could be difficult venturing into the world of Wild Hunt without knowing what happened before the third title in the series. If you want to start Wild Hunt on the right foot, you can find it on the net numerous summaries of the first two games and biographies of the game world useful for newbies to the series.

In any case, for those who are determined to start playing directly from the last chapter, it is enough to know that Geralt in the first two games was affected by amnesia and the return of memory coincides with the start of the game. Also at the beginning of The Witcher 3 there is a dialogue with the events of the second chapter, to help those who approach the game from scratch.

The third episode therefore remains perfectly enjoyable, although you may feel a slight sense of bewilderment in front of characters who seem to know Geralt much more than you do. We do not go into further details to avoid any spoilers, but we assure you that the main quest is well defined right away and your task will be very clear for the purposes of the story.

Good hunting

These were our tips and tricks to start your adventure as Geralt of Rivia in the best possible way. We sincerely hope that our tips will help you on your trip and if you have anything to add please let us know in the comments. Also, we invite you to stay tuned to Holygamerz for more news, updates and much more from the world of video games. Hi and have fun!

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