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The solution is based on the US version of the game. There may be divergences from the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.

Level 1 - Prologue

Capitolo 1: The Storm
Starting the game, you will find yourself inside a small plane as you travel over an expanse of water. Talk to Captain Haddock on your way, while locating the "holes" in the clouds, which you will need to proceed within to be able to continue forward. Hold the L button to dodge lightning during the storm; unfortunately, after a while, the plane will be struck by lightning. During the descent, we recommend continuing to proceed inside the "holes" in the clouds; at some point the plane will fall to the ground disintegrating and Tintin will have to go down to the beach. So watch the cutscene that propels you to the next level.

Capitolo 2: The First Unicorn
You will now take control of Snowy, you are in a flea market in that of Brussels. To be able to follow Tintin you will need to use his natural "smell" as a cue by holding down the right trigger. Do this and you will find yourself at the end of the flea market. After a conversation between Snowy and Tintin, you will take control of the latter character, thus changing your perspective. Begin following Snowy to the display case containing the scale model of the Unicorn. Just before reaching the corner, turn left towards the truck, locating the crate inside the alcove. Progressively approach the kick drum, continuously pressing the right trigger. Then press X, the chest will open, revealing a crab with golden nails inside - it is the first of a long series that you will find yourself having to recover. After approaching the model mentioned earlier, you will enjoy a short cutscene featuring Tintin and the salesman. Another person will arrive on the scene and try to buy the item at a higher price than the one you are offering, but the seller will declare it unsellable. So continue to follow the seller, who will take you near a showcase containing a strange book, called "the model of the Unicorn". Read its pages, then watch the scene at the end of the chapter.

Capitolo 3: The First Scroll
Proceed down the alley using Tintin, then study the paintings to the left of Captain Francis Haddock's photo. It seems that the masts can be turned, forming the image of a unicorn. You can then pull out a small box from the back of the scale model. Inside, a parchment. Read it to complete this short chapter.

Capitolo 4: The Stolen Unicorn
Three men will suddenly appear, including the collector who tried to "steal" the piece from Tintin. Tintin will be soundly beaten and the unicorn will be stolen. Follow the characters along the side alley, then turn right where another alley is visible. Here you will have to try your first fight; as soon as you see an exclamation point appear above the head of one of the enemies, approach and press X when the blue X appears above his head, hitting him to a KO. When you've defeated them all, have Snowy sniff one of them's hat so he can follow him to the source of this smell.

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Livello 2 - Marlinspike

Chapter 5: The Park
You will find yourself proceeding from the Atomium towards the Marlinspike castle, looking for the parchment. Once near the castle, try to play, with poor results. So climb the neighboring creepers; you will immediately notice how someone is watching you. Talk to Allan, deciding - for now - not to do anything. So proceed towards the inside of the park, starting to explore it. Given the excessive risks involved in attempting such an entry, it will be necessary to find another way. When Snowy runs to the opposite side of the building, you'll need to follow him to hear a brief conversation between two men near a side window. You will recognize one of the bandits you found at the flea market.
Go up the back stairs, a mouse will appear. Snowy will have to follow him; you will take control of it, so press and hold the right trigger to follow the scent of the mouse. Down the stairs, you will find a spot in the garden. Press the A button repeatedly to dig, reaching the tunnel containing the mouse. Tintin will tell you that he is unable to follow you in any way - it will therefore be necessary to open a way to enter. Inside the tunnels, a lot of mice will appear; try to push them back to be able to scare them. Absolutely avoid getting bitten.
Jump and climb until you reach an area where you can find a hidden treasure. There you will find a crab with golden pincers, the second in the series. You will therefore go up to a floor where a green light will be visible; there you will find Tintin. You will now find yourself in the cellar just below Marlinspike. Before proceeding, it will be necessary to donate the scroll to Snowy, so as to avoid problems in case of capture.

Capitolo 6: The Crypts
Tintin must follow the underground route which proceeds through the castle of Marlinspike; this is a purely platforming 2D section, where you have to climb some simple walls and crouch to pass through tunnels, then jumping on the spinning wheels to proceed to the following platforms. Your main objective is to reach the castle rooms, and then finally arrive at the naval hall. Along the way, you will also be involved in a short tutorial that will teach you how to make a "surprise" attack from the back of an enemy by pressing the right trigger. Upon reaching the salon, a new chapter of the game will immediately begin.

Capitolo 7: The Salons
When you reach the floor of this area, you will find yourself examining a doll's house. You will have to walk through a large number of doors that need keys to open; keys that are not easily recoverable. In such situations, grab the edge of the nearest hole, having Snowy walk along the horizontal shaft and have him grab the key - but watch out for the rats, which must always be repelled by Snowy; it is also often possible to "throw" objects upwards, so that they go to clean the conduit before Snowy goes along it, eliminating any threat.

Capitolo 8: The Marine Room
Once you reach the roof, you can enter the naval hall. Two different scale models of the Unicorn ship will be visible there. Unfortunately, no scrolls will be visible inside them, so all the efforts you have made to reach this area are almost useless. Enjoy the end-of-chapter scene anyway, which will be shown here shortly.

Chapter 9: The Second Unicorn
In this area you will find yourself having to face the two gangs looking for the Tintin scroll - fortunately, you gave it to Snowy, so there will be no way for them to take this scroll from you. You will then flee to the garden, being followed by a car - you will have to run as fast as possible to avoid the car, using the triggers to jump over obstacles, which will also act as a barrier between you and the impending vehicle.

Capitolo 10: The Chase
After the race, necessary to avoid being hit by the car, you will reach a dead end. Unfortunately the enemies will be too many, so you will end up KO and it will not be possible for you to counter them. Snowy will stand by and watch; you will have to passively participate in the conversations that will take place inside the machine, there are no real possibilities for interaction.

Level 3 - Karaboudjan

Chapter 11: Find Tintin
The goal of the chapter is - as the title says - to locate Tintin. Initially, you will find yourself inside the crew headquarters. Snowy listened to the entire conversation, so he knows how to go find Tintin. Using Snowy, start following the imaginary path that proceeds from the castle and ends near a ship called Karaboudjan, the area where Tintin is being held captive.
Immediately try to enter the ship. You will find two men who are questioning Tintin, and he is not responding the way they would like him to respond. Fortunately, a message from the captain will save Tintin. So wait until everyone is gone, then use Snowy to enter along the conduit that proceeds from the outside of the ship to the area where Tintin is being held prisoner. Untie it, then try to exit through the conduit to activate the next chapter.

Chapter 12: Find Allan
Move the crate so you can use it to jump to the upper floor. Proceed to the right, reaching the platforms in the area. Then continue to the lower floor, where a chest will be visible. Open it, then retrieve the crab with the golden nails. Continue to the right again, climbing along a vertical duct, and then letting yourself be carried away by the rolling rubber bands. Go through the various sections of the engine room, opening all the crates around you, so as to find more crabs with colored claws. When you reach a pair of gears that control rockfall, you will have to take a nut in your hand and throw it right in the middle of the gears, so as to block them and make sure that the rockfall is blocked. So dive in to reach the second game area. Use the items in the area to hit the man in diving gear, then make your way to the next section of the game.
Take the bananas, aim at the next man in a diver's outfit, so as to hit him and retrieve a key that you will need to unlock the next door, thus leading you to a rather complex section of the game. You will have to jump on the various falling platforms, always keeping your eyes open to locate the crates to your left, to be opened to retrieve various potential objects.
Continuing forward and then to the right, remember to retrieve the nut. Jump on the rolling rubber bands, aim between the gears using your nut, going to lock them permanently. You can therefore dive in and proceed without problems. Once outside, make your way to the hole using your hook, starting to climb the next play area, until you are interrupted by the scene at the end of the chapter.

Capitolo 13: Up to the Wheelhouse
Tintin will now reach the cabin where Haddock was locked up by Allan and his gang. Talk to Haddock; So hide with Snowy behind the nearby door, as soon Allan and his companions will enter the office. After a relatively long conversation, you will need to proceed forward to make your way to the opposite side of the ship, then using your hook to climb up to the deck.

Capitolo 14: The Second Scroll
When you reach the bridge, you will find yourself in front of Allan who is in charge of the direction of the ship. After a brief fight with Allan, Tintin will be able to retrieve the second scroll, having defeated the opponent. Still using Tintin, enter Haddock's cabin. Talk to the captain, enjoy the cutscene at the end of the chapter.

Capitolo 15: Sir Francis Haddock - The Ancestor's Curse
Haddock will start telling you about his ancestors. The whole chapter is nothing more than a long intermission scene, very little interactive.

Capitolo 16: The Shipwreck
The captain's excessive enthusiasm during the story will destroy vital sections of the ship, the Karaboudjan. You will therefore have to escape quickly to avoid being involved by the rising water level. You will need to reach at least sea level, so swim all the way south. Watch the ship sink, then wait for the plane to arrive. Jump on it and listen to the second part of Captain Haddock's tale.
After a while, you will be interrupted by the arrival of a large storm, and caught inside a tornado. Try to guide the plane along the "holes" inside the clouds, as you did during the first level. Press A when necessary to increase your power. You will then arrive at the end of the level.

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Level 4 - Bagghar

Capitolo 17: Crossing the Desert
You will find yourself flying across a desert. Steer your plane along the second available route, so you can more easily hit the armed Zeppelins that populate this area. A little further on, you will notice some barriers; it will be necessary to shoot these too. Once you reach the desert, your plane will run out of gas, so you will be forced to land.
After the crash, some subjects in Arab costume will arrive on the scene using a motorcycle with a sidecar - they are Allan's henchmen. Let Haddock take care of it, so jump on their previous bike, and make your way to the next game chapter.

Capitolo 18: Find an Entrance to the Palace
The motorcycle controls are quite simple: press (and hold) A to accelerate, press (and hold) B to brake; dodge the barrels that are thrown from the truck using the right trigger and dodge the explosive barrels scattered around the play area by moving sideways. Then shoot the subjects driving motorized vehicles that will appear in front of you. After a while, Haddock and Tintin will switch places. You will therefore have to aim using the L key and shoot the vehicles preferably from behind. Having eliminated the opponents, you can safely make your way to the city. Locate someone you can talk to; trying to converse with those present, you will be shown the name of Sidi Ben Salaad. This is a local merchant.
In conversation with others present, Tintin learns that Allan can be tracked inside Karim's bar. Proceed to the lower part of the city to find this area. Talk to Karim, who will tell you that Allan was sitting on the terrace just now. Tintin will then order Snowy to follow Allan's perfume; Snowy will locate an entrance to the courtyard, with an Arab subject standing guard. Unfortunately this entrance is blocked, only employees can enter.
Haddock, however, will find a friend of his, Bashi Bouzouk; he will give you some Arab-style clothes, which should allow you to pass through unscathed. Then enter the courtyard (as expected, you will not encounter any resistance). Light the lantern, then use Haddock's help to get to the walkway with a lever associated with it. Throw the lever, then enter the watercourse using a strange means of transport as a support, which is controlled by you with the directional pad. On your next dive trip make sure you don't hit anything except the usual golden crabs. On the opposite side, get out of the water and disembark near Ben Omar's palace, thus concluding the chapter.

Chapter 19: Omar Ben Salaad's Palace
Proceed towards the interior of the building, using the ladders, levers and passages to make your way. Also pay attention to the crates, try to examine them one by one, so as to retrieve the crabs. You will then reach the roof of the building, hearing music in the background. Talk to Bianca Castafiore.

Capitolo 20: The Last Scroll
The last parchment can be found inside Ben Salaam's room; to do this it will be necessary to interact with the third scale model of the Unicorn. First, however, it will be necessary to fight Allan - but by now you know how to defeat him. So go back to the headquarters of Ben Salaam, and change the positioning of the three sails of the scale model, thus revealing the third scroll.

Capitolo 21: Captain Sir Francis Haddock
View the flashback, then just observe the cutscene, unfortunately it is in no way possible to increase the level of interactivity.

Capitolo 22: Escape from the Palace
Haddock and Tintin will now have to flee to Brittany. Unfortunately, initially it will be necessary to use the bike and you will not be able to do anything other than simply shoot the other bikers. So locate the plane and take to the skies, shooting at obstacles along the way to reach the end of the level.

Level 5 - Brittany

Capitolo 23: The Lost Island
Use the "imaginary map" to fly from North Africa to the beaches of France, or Brittany. Initially you will have to take a photo of the panorama; so fly through the rings that will appear on the screen and shoot the five aircraft that will appear in the area. When they are all completely destroyed, you can land on the lost island. Follow Allen's steps, which will be clearly highlighted by your colleagues.

Capitolo 24: The Caves under the Sea
During Tintin's descent, throw a flashlight at the barrel containing the gunpowder, clearing your way down. Take the torch again, then aim at the insects, causing the release of the crab from the golden claws. Retrieve the crab, aim the torch at the rope, thus causing a platform to rise. Place it horizontally, then start swimming along the stream, paying attention to the giant jellyfish - press A to increase swimming speed and dodge their devastating attacks.
Once out of the water, use a flashlight to get rid of the insects. Go back inside, so watch out for the giant jellyfish. After a few jumps, slide down an inclined plane to reach a pool of water. Eliminate the four enemies, then the next group of opponents that will come in the area. You will therefore find two subjects equipped with guns that you will have to eliminate quickly, with the highest priority; particular attention must be paid to the subject on the top platform, you will have to surprise him from the shoulders to be able to finish it.
Then eliminate the other two that will arrive on the scene, these positioned in such a way as to allow you to kill them with ease. A door will then open, and you can continue to the right. Aim at the rope holding the suspended platform, then throw the flashlight to cause the platform in question to fall. Tintin will therefore reach a dead end; tell Snowy to proceed to the inside of the shaft. He will be suddenly blocked by an oncoming stream of water - turn immediately and flee at full speed to avoid the flow in question. So go out of the hole visible in front of the tower to be finally and definitively safe.

Capitolo 25: Climbing the Tower
Enter the tower, then begin to climb gradually, until you meet two enemies. Having defeated them, locate two armored subjects to your right. Have them proceed along the slippery platform so that - after they have lost their armor - you can defeat them by hitting them repeatedly without any problems. So pull out a trolley, it will cause the door to lift above you. Climb up, jump across the two destruction platforms, then jump inside. Pull out the cart again, make your way up the stairs. Go down the various ladders, retrieve the crab with the golden claws, then keep going up and hit the man with the armor with a banana. You will then go to retrieve a key, to be used on the door closest to you.
When you reach the next new play area, jump to the ladder, then to the platform behind you. Collect the top golden crab, open the chest. Go back to the ladder, go down it completely, then jump to the next platform, then drop down and fight against the enemies in the area. So go and retrieve the golden crab near the platform, climb along the next decaying platform, then jump even higher until you reach a ring along which you can slide down.
So go down until you meet the parrot, capable of imitating the captain in a suitable manner. This parrot will hook up behind you. Have him fly you to the platform on the right. Defeat the enemy, then fly to the water, near some wheels. Fly between the wheels, then dive (trying to dodge the jellyfish) and start climbing, trying to pay attention to the wheel with the spikes, to be dodged at any cost. Landed on the platform, defeat the insects using the flashlight.
You will therefore have to go through the various traps and wheels; Once outside, ask the parrot to lead you to the next platform, in front of the tower. Collect the golden crab below, then jump to the expanding platforms. Start down the ladders, reaching a tower. Go up the tower, pay attention to the stones that will be thrown at you by a bird, as soon as you go to get the golden crab. Another ring is visible on your right, to be used for the descent. Proceed down, then fight with Allan, using the torches to hit him and render him harmless once and for all.

Capitolo 26: The Knight's Lair
Climb the tower, going to locate the knight's residence area. Use the pots to enter. Then climb up / through the lair, listening to directions from Haddock, who will tell you about a painting by one of the ancestors - Sir Francis Haddock. Tintin and Haddock will therefore find a Unicorn painting along with two mysterious red crosses. It will therefore be necessary to investigate to understand what these crosses can mean.

Capitolo 27: The Knight of Haddock's True Story
During a short but intense cutscene, Red Rackham will go to capture Sir Francis. After that, a fight against the Rackham pirates will take place; pay attention to the subject with two knives, it will be necessary to turn the sword in a horizontal position (by pressing left) to be able to fight him without suffering damage, or by deflecting his deadly attacks. When / if he stops, hit him dead - two hits will be enough to completely zero out his existence. So deal with Rackham himself; unfortunately, after a while, Francis will set fire to a barrel, causing the Unicorn to explode.

Capitolo 28: The Secret of the Unicorn
You will now have to solve a puzzle, which sees the three scrolls as "protagonists". Grab each scroll, then use the R key to cause it to rotate. When you manage to put them "in line", you will be able to view coordinates relative to latitude and longitude. Meanwhile, Allan will watch the entire scene unfold as Captain Haddock - attempting to follow Allan - will be trapped in a metal cage, only to be slowly suffocated by a perverse mechanism. Tintin will therefore have to provide the scrolls to Allan, dive underwater, retrieve the nut from the other side, then go back with the nut in his hand and aim at the mechanism, throwing the nut towards the gears to stop the mechanism that is causing the cage containing Haddock to be lowered. So try talking to Haddock, telling him that you had to give the scrolls to Allan. Fortunately, Haddock remembers the coordinates perfectly. It is a place a few miles away from Brussels, namely Marlinspike. During the flight you will be chased by a large number of small planes - as many as five. You will have to shoot to destroy them all; having destroyed the last one, the level will end.

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