The Walkthrough of Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

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The solution is based on the US version of the game for PlayStation 3. There may be divergences from the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.

Theathrical Pursuits

Start quickly eliminating the opponents running down the corridor. So try to repeatedly destroy the tables and chairs visible in the surroundings, causing the release of several "points" - within the game they are called as "Stud", and they will allow you to get a special prize at the end of each level. In general, this type of "points" proceed in a specific direction: you can therefore use them to understand where to proceed.
So watch the bricks on the ground "hopping" surrounded by flashing halos - these are bricks that can easily be "built". To do this, you will have to press the B key or the circle key respectively. However, before going up the stairs, we recommend that you observe the surroundings of the dining room. Fight the enemies there, then return to Harley Quinn. Go up the stairs, jump on the statue on the left, throw the objects at Batman (visible near the area below). Now, shoot the Batarang at Harley to cause her to descend; then throw another to make it proceed towards the podium. There will remain one last, which will allow you to reach the Joker.
Then jump into the nearby hole, locating a save switch. Save and proceed forward, entering the portal that leads to the Orchestra area. Hit the tuba on the left wall, causing it to move. So start following it, hitting it every time it stops; at some point, it will stop near the wall on the right and explode. A Riddler will then be displayed in the area below - follow him. Right, go down the stairs, and simply repel the subjects that will be thrown at you by the Riddler. Now use your Batarag to start moving upwards, also using the hook in conjunction. Work your way up using the left side of the level, locating an orange area - this is your second handhold. Then follow the walkway towards the back of the level, dropping one of the crates to the ground, causing it to open.
Then use the bricks that fell from the chest to complete a construction. Now jump to the suit floating above the Bat symbol, obtaining a mechanism that allows you to become invisible! Then press the B key (or circle) to activate this invisibility. Go past the security camera set by Riddler. Enter the office, hit the only subject present to stop the video from the camera. Then let Robin pass. Entered the new room, proceed along the various "hooks" to get to the door at the top. Overcome it and run towards the Riddler; Activate Batman's sensor suit and examine the green board by positioning yourself on the white target on the ground and pressing the B button. You can then see through the screen - look right and press the attack button to shoot electricity at the switch, causing its activation and the consequent throwing of material on Riddler's head. Then left, hit the attack button again; therefore, center, activate the last weight to cause the descent of Riddler and therefore attack him without any mercy with repeated blows. Save the game using the switch on the left, then hit the wheel next to the door. Then use the bricks on the ground to create a new armor for Robin - the acrobatic armor. Switch to using Robin, jump to the symbol associated with him to get the armor.
Now hook the acrobatic pole to the appropriate base, use Robin to reach it. Then begin to move in circles, finally making a large jump. When you get to the top floor, you'll have to start running away from Two-Face - you can't defeat him using Robin! So immediately break the brick wall on the left, and use the bricks to build a foothold for Batman. Switch to using Batman and launch yourself using the same foothold. So, go into invisibility and pass the two nearby cameras. Break the brick chairs, recover the bricks to create a bridge. Try interacting with the colored "transformer": it is an object that allows you to modify Robin's armor, making it look like a sphere.
So take control of Robin and insert him in the sphere, use it to cause the descent of the candlestick where Two-Face is. Switch to Batman and kill him in speed. The Joker will now appear, throwing an electrifying beam at either character - use the alternate character to hit Joker repeatedly, then chase him when he tries to leave. A little further on, start interacting with the green fuse box. Inside you will have to move some threads: move the red thread in the lower right twice, then once the block in the upper left. So follow the Joker, then notice the tiles on the left - use them to build a kind of descending thread that allows you to go down towards the end of the level.

Gotham City - Stop the Joker
From the roof, jump and slide along the surface. So follow the obligatory path to the left of the cinema, destroy the legos near the conveyor, then recover the bricks and build them to recreate a sensor-jacket. So use it to interact with the green brick on the back; destroy the four red locks, and rebuild the bricks to unlock Robin's stunt suit. Position yourself on the "container" for Robin's acrobatic suit, visible near the port. Interact with it and continue forward, dropping a crate full of legos. Build them to create the vehicle terminal, then call a helicopter and jump inside to chase the Joker.

Harboring a Criminal

Your initial goal will be to fix Robin's helicopter. Eliminate the opponents placed around it, using the bricks that will scatter around to provide for the reconstruction. Then destroy the flashing legos visible on the back (there are two). Proceed straight along the next path and destroy yet another flashing lego object, using the pieces to rebuild Batman's Power Suit.
So equip the new Power Suit, jumping into the Robin symbol - you will get the Magnet Suit; it is a suit capable of interacting with blue legos, try it now on the blue legos next to you, thus creating a new path. Continue to the theater entrance. Hold on to the "Man of the Year" sign, making yourself transported to the handholds on the left. Interact with other blue legos to create another section of the path. Then move the magnet to further free the helicopter. Then jump down to the helicopter and rebuild the blocks. Switch to Batman, jump on the elevator and get carried to the roof. Use the Power Suit to interact with the orange block, destroying the portal. Drop the ladder with the help of the Power Suit. Go up, destroy the silver object on the back wall. Exit the catwalk, drop another magnetic block down and jump to the handhold.
Use Batman's bombs to avoid the search light, then go down the wire to a circular platform. Climb along the grab points; at the top, quickly pull the orange handle to complete the repair of Robin's helicopter. So get off and jump on the helicopter. Shoot repeatedly at Joker's boat. After a while, it will leave quickly and other enemy boats will appear, armed with rocket launchers: shoot again and again in their direction. The same advice will apply to nearby helicopters. After the Joker's boat is destroyed, you will have to fight a second time hand-to-hand: in order to win you will need to use the Circus Cannon. Now, press the green container on your left forward, then use the Power Suit to interact with the orange handle that will appear.
Unfortunately, during the next cutscene, the cannon will be pulverized. Run to the entrance of the building, and start "building" the leaping bricks. The Clown's face will then be shown, with a row of silver teeth - fire a rocket from Batman, pulverizing them to reveal some magnetic blue bricks; build them to create a magnetic path that proceeds up to the left, towards the clown face.
Use Robin to walk along it, then break the blue magnetic brick nearby as well. Then move both sides of the blue brick sideways, causing the Lego engine to appear inside it; use Batman's Power Suit to destroy the engine. Jump along the bricks on the left and then pull the orange handle to finally defeat the Joker.

Gotham City - To the Batcave
So use the Batmobile to return to the Batcave. So use his missiles to destroy the five statues nearby. Enter the gate leading to the Gotham Hills. Go up in the elevator, then examine the Batcomputer in the center of the cave, to locate the city emergencies; move the cursor towards the lower left area, up to the exclamation point that signals the presence of a kind of yellow lighthouse. Go back outside and use the Batmobile to enter the asylum.

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Arkham Asylum Antics

Go down the stairs and destroy the two pumps that bring water to the fountain. So start building the bricks, then use Batman to aim at the knob and pull it with a hook, revealing Robin's stunt suit beyond it. Take control of Robin, retrieve the stunt suit and then throw the stunt pole to the right, using it as a lever to get over the ravine.
Run along the path to the destroyed wall. Walk the narrow brown lego walkway, then build the legos at its end to create a new foothold for Batman. Go over the ravine, turn the corner, jump up to drop the Penguin statue. He will drop some bricks, use them to build a Power Suit to give to Batman. After equipping it, proceed to the silver portal. Pulverize it with a missile, climb along the vines, pulverize the Lego structure with another missile.
Continue further towards the inside of the maze. Left, approach the skeleton statue. Blow it up, then use the blocks to create an acrobatic ball. You can proceed (with Robin) to a bat symbol: move it left, up, left, down, to the corner. Switch to Batman and break the legos blocking your progress. You will also get the Batman costume. Try to destroy the nearby glass now with the new sonic beam at your disposal. Two-Face will then appear: enter the portal he opened. Then left, up to a rocky area associated with some rocks below. Smash all the rocks and rebuild what's left, creating another Power Suit for Batman. Go down again, left, to the statue next to the pipes. Destroy it, creating a stream of water.
Equip the Batsuit again, follow the piercer to a grate. Hook up to the two appropriate points on the left. Break the glass and retrieve the Ice Suit; return to the stream and freeze it with your new power.

Gotham City - Courtyard Clean-Up
Go to Commissioner Gordon and talk to him. After the cutscene, you will return to the Asylum.

Asylum Assignment

First destroy all the flashing bricks near the elevator, then rebuild them to get a suitable Hazard Suit for Robin. So jump into the pool of water on the left, so as to fill the tank of the Hazard Suit with water. Then put out the fire by holding down the attack button. Right, jump into the water and hit the switch to bring up a new suit for Batman. Switch to using Batman himself, grab his anti-electricity suit, and proceed beyond the electrified area. Pull the switch to the right, causing some pipes to drop which will allow Robin to proceed to the right. Then go to Robin, go right and break the Lego bricks in the lower part of the pool.
Bring up the platforms, cross the watercourse. Interact with the electrified Lego to stop the movement of the underwater fans. Continue to the right using Robin. Pull the switch, then use the electric field to lure Killer Croc outwards. Go straight ahead, enter the crocodile puddle, then break the green generator. Go back to Batman and smash the stopped fan. Right, go past Croc's cell and break the bricks, then use them to create a green platform. Go back to using Robin, place him near the mobile exit. Switch to Batman, press the green platform to allow Robin to exit.
Robin again, locate the underwater debris - they indicate there is a hole on the surface, which you will need to head towards. So sprinkle some water on the blue Lego object, causing the stairs to descend. Climb up and flip the switch to the left of the waterfall, freezing the water. Climb along the ice like a ladder. At the top, look between the two arches to find two identical Legos: break them to create water fountains. Then break the flashing bricks to the right, locating Robin's "Ice Suit". Freeze both water fountains, hence the waterfall. Climb up using the waterfall as a handhold.
Then go past the ice shelves, press the green platform to the opposite side to stop the ice jet, so that Batman can pass. So go up the wall and flip the switch to turn off the electricity so Robin can go up. Get past the freezing spray, jump into the hatch and flip the switch inside. Then press the green platform forward, so Batman can reach the switch on the right and activate it. Then jump on the elevator (with both characters).
Right, enter the surveillance room. Hit all the enemies in the area, then use the electric suit to activate the switch on the left. Retrieve the stunt suit, then interact with the Transformer using Robin. You will therefore have to overcome a kind of short labyrinth: move the blue dot first upwards, then left, down, left. A large blue box will emerge from the ground; use the hook to open it. Rebuild the blocks inside to get the Sensor Suit.
Equip it and go into invisibility, then have Robin equip the Ice Suit to put out the fire. Start chasing the Raven. Use the Sensor Suit on the blue / green panel on the back of the platform. Left, interact with the first object to create a green link. Then interact twice with the central object, and twice with the right object, raising a bridge that will allow you to proceed to the right. Then freeze the waterfall using Robin's icy beam. Climb it and flip the switch, causing a second bridge to appear. Run across that bridge and cross the walkway to the center of the room. Get rid of the enemies, then use the Sensor Suit to examine the Lego wall at the back and left.
Use the fuse in the upper left corner, then the blue object to clear the path for him to roll into the elevator. So, use the elevator to make the fuse go up, making it reach the end of its natural path. The back doors will open: go through the following corridor. You will find yourself in front of a wall of gas: to break it, Batman will have to jump and let himself hang from the pole on the left. Robin will have to pull the switch to the right, stopping the gas. Proceed to the next room, where you will have to (three times) defeat the underlings of The Crow. After that, you can rebuild the bricks to create valves: turn the one to the left once, then let Batman or Robin dangle from the handhold that will appear, while one of them turns the valve again to allow the other to continue climbing.
At the catwalk, pull the switch to cause the fear gas to escape. Repeat the same procedure for both the left and right side of the cell. So hit the Crow repeatedly.

Gotham City - Race to Ace
Use the first terminal that will be indicated by Alfred. Place a checkpoint on the Bat symbol near the asylum. Call the Batmobile and travel along the usual blue spheres. When you are stopped by a portal, retrieve Batman's electric suit on the left and use it on the switch to open the portal and proceed forward smoothly.

Chemical Crysis

Break the legos to the right of the room, then build the various bricks to create a switch, to be turned to open the room. Switch to Robin and retrieve the acid suit. Begin cleaning the surroundings of chemicals. Enter right and jump into the pool after climbing the stairs, flip the switch to make the green container go up. Interact with the area colored in white, then use Batman to hit the enemies that come. Right, along the walkways, to a barrier of electric currents: to overcome them, you will need Batman's electric armor. Break the four Lego objects in the center of the room, turn the valve. Blast Robin into the pool on the right, then use his Hazard Suit to remove the acid covering Batman's Electricity Suit.
Climb the ladder on the back left. Flip the switch at the top to turn off the currents. Follow the walkway that proceeds to the left, recover the second chemical component. Once the underwater tube opens, use Robin to walk through it - his suit will help. Flip the switch at the end of the corridors, then forward to the electric ladder. Use the Batman suit to get off unscathed, then retrieve the new suit for Robin from the left corner. Quickly use it on the magnetic blocks above, being transported to a new switch. Batman will therefore have to use the electric suit to activate the switch and then proceed forward to the third chemical element.
So walk along the next walkway and rebuild a part of the bridge destroyed by the Joker, so as to be able to proceed forward. So jump on the chemical carriers to let yourself be carried forward. Jump to the right and locate the magnetic objects in the back, using them to create a passage thanks to Robin's magnetic suit. A test tube ahead of you. Grab it, jump across the ravine to the right. At the three chemical puddles, switch to Batman and use the switch to turn off the electricity. Grab Robin's suit, look to the back wall and fill in the circles on the wall with the element of their same color.
When all the circles are full, you can swim to the next area. Then use Batman to climb the next wall and pull the switch. The electricity will be reset: jump with Robin and proceed to the switch beyond the green bridge. Pull it to open a passage and proceed. So jump along the pipes above with Batman, eventually entering the area protected by a gate. Flip the switch by opening the container to the left. Go up, interact with the forklift. Bring him to the left, get your partner on the forklift and lift him. Attach the lego to the left, creating a ladder. Jump into the water using Robin, then proceed to the central area of ​​the pool to find a switch to drain it, so you can retrieve the last tube.
So use the Hazard Suit to overcome the various chemical emissions. Break the Legos on the wall on the left, then build the bricks to reposition the water pump. Jump into it, then use it to clear the fire and proceed to the stunt suit. So use the usual pole to overcome the ravine, thanks to an acrobatic move. Jump down and move the acrobatic ball into the transformer, causing a bridge to appear. Go over the ravine, then interact with the central switch. Use the bricks to get the Power Suit. Equip it and go down the stairs, destroy the gate.
Go ahead, climb the pole up to a walkway, then use the bricks to create a handhold for Batman. Going back to Batman, climb up and destroy the handhold on the right, clearing the gate. Go back to Robin, have him perform Wall-Jumps between the areas marked in blue and white. Then drop the ladder for Batman. Hit the silver lego to the side. So start destroying the lower part of the tower, so that collapsing forms a bridge that Batman can cross. Right, destroy the silver object with Batman's rockets. Pulverize the next two computers to create an Acrobat Ball. Jump in with Robin, project yourself to the pipe symbols in the upper left and lower right - click on them to stop the steam so you can go up the stairs and reach a new platform.
Take the walkway to the right, destroy the orange handle. Do a wall-jump with Robin, then use Robin's sphere to take control of the platform: lower it to allow Batman to reach the anti-electricity armor. Then go get it using Batman. Now start throwing yourself up, flip the switch. You will therefore find yourself in front of some pools of chemical compounds: to overcome them, use the acrobatic grip visible above. Then turn the switch to close the nearby passages. Now run forward, use the electric suit to activate the switch at the end of the path. Jump on the pipe, then on the metal box. After the cutscene, it will be made possible to play as Superman.
Immediately turn off the fire on the left; fly to the back left corner, destroy the orange switch. Freeze the waterfall, then climb the frozen ice to get to the second floor. Move along the walkways, destroy the brown legos and use the remaining pieces to build Batman's Power Suit. Break the silver lego blocking access to Robin's Hazard Suit. Now use Superman's superview to move the three switches behind the wall - each of which must be filled with its own chemical color. The magma fountains will therefore begin to emit water, use Superman's frozen breath to freeze them, then use them as platforms to project yourself even higher.
You will therefore find yourself in front of an electricity barrier, connected to an electrified switch. You will therefore have to go back and retrieve Batman's electric suit (near the Robin symbol). Then proceed beyond the barrier, flip the switch to let Robin and Superman pass. Switch to using Superman and fly to the golden Legos on the right. We recommend holding down the attack button, so as to shoot using Superman's laser-eyes. So cut these Legos to cause a spill of water towards the areas on your sides, which will allow your friends to proceed to the elevated walkway.
So cross the bridge and use Superman's frozen breath to freeze the waterfall. Climb up the frozen waterfall, pass Batman and use the last switch to open the elevator on the right. Get everyone up, reaching the roof. Right, locate the sign and pull it down to create a passage forward, then use Batman's anti-electricity armor to proceed. Use Superman to fly forward, then use his heat vision to locate the two Legos just below the electrified switch. Destroy both of them, creating a ladder for Batman. Switch to Batman and go up the ladder, thus turning off the switch. Go back to the left, grab Batman's Power Suit. Then destroy the Legos on the right, as well as the next two silver Legos that serve as support for the nearby tower, thus completing the level.

Gotham City - The Juggernaut
Follow the visible tracks on the ground to the central park, where you will find a huge truck - approach it to trigger a cutscene.

Chemical Signature

While chasing the truck, you begin to fend off the missiles that are fired at you. Destroy the nearby helicopters and guns. Enter the caravan. Launch a Batarang at the consoles next to the robots, stopping them. So destroy the crates of lego and start rebuilding using the bricks. Grab Robin's Magnetic Suit, use his abilities on the blocks to the right.
A sphere will come down, take it along the path under the glass floor, so that it goes towards the left area of ​​the room, under the circle. The sphere will rise, opening a magnetic path in front of you. Go up to the second floor, turn the lever next to the Dispenser, making a ladder go down. Get off. With Robin, look to the right and take down the blue brick. Smash the two crates to locate jumping bricks, then build them to get the Sensor Suit. Left, move closer to the camera. Climb along the roof. Use the Batarag to hit the turbine behind the ladder. Break the console between the two Dispensers. Jump off the roof and defeat the two Lexbots, then climb up with the hook.
Throw the Batarang towards the blue Lego, causing the appearance of a wall that you have to go and destroy. Go back to using Batman, interact with the Lego wall by examining the inside: turn the valves to the left and to the center, then the valve to the top left. Stopped the flow, go right. Destroy and rebuild the bricks on the left, unlocking the Batsuit again. It will be necessary to overcome an electrified area; tell Robin to interact with the magnetic blue brick, which will serve as a great platform for Batman, who can then proceed smoothly.
Break the turbines, then use the Sonic Beam to break the blue brick, reassembling it to get a terminal. Still using Robin, get past the Lexbot and proceed through the hole. You will find an area with a blue brick: pull it up and then proceed quietly forward. Enter the next room, pull the switch on the far left to find the first of the generators you want to destroy: break it and repel the next Lexbots. The following generator is immediately above you: use Robin's magnetic suit to walk the catwalk and throw the second blue Lego object at you. Destroy the second generator, then proceed upwards using Batman. Break the glass to reveal the presence of a last switch, pull it to locate the last generator, which - once destroyed - will see you complete the level.

Gotham City - Detective Work
Jump on Robin's bike, take the following road to the Batcave. Once inside, use the Batcomputer to observe a cutscene.

Unwelcome Guests

Immediately run forward to the vehicle landing pad. Jump into the turret, then repeatedly shoot Lex Luthor causing him to lose at least one "heart". Then retrieve the bricks that come out of your turret to create Batman's electric suit.
Having it equipped, go back to the Batcomputer and run to the left. Jump across the ravine and flip the switch. Look at the left side of the cave duqnue, use Batman to activate the switch on the wall. The Bat-Suit will drop, equip it and jump down. Break the glass object using sonic rays. Grab Robin's stunt suit, then continue to the left and use the stunt pole to propel yourself towards the Bat-Jet pad. Smash the nearby chest, then create a hold for Batman using the leftover blocks.
So retrieve the Power Suit. Run to the right, pass the Bat-Computer and go down the walkway. Use a missile to smash the remains in front of you, cross the ravine and blow up the Lego crate in the corner. So make Batman and Robin jump on each of the red buttons visible on the pump, causing the boat to rise. Jump in, and shoot Lex and Joker repeatedly. After inflicting three hits, you will be able to observe a cutscene. Superman will join the group again: use his super vision to destroy the golden Lego bricks at the back of the room.
So go up to the second level using the holds available near the elevator. Thanks to Superman, you can then put out the fire around the two nearby crates. After that, destroy them and create two small groups of bricks, so you can reach the right side of the third level. Again, thanks to the grips, you can climb further. Arrived at the fourth level, pass to Robin and place a pole in the appropriate "container", thus projecting yourself towards the fifth level. Freeze the waterfall with the help of Superman's breath. Retrieve the Power Suit, use it to open the back doors. So, use Superman's Super-View to look "beyond" the lego wall: activate all the red switches. Enter the next room, so always with Superman fly to the left, releasing the symbol of Robin. Then fly up and put out the fire around the handhold.
Switch to Robin, recovering the Magnet Suit. Equip it, then use the handhold to overcome the ravine on the right thanks to the magnetic surface. Then proceed to the rear surface using the magnetic Legos. Run to the right towards the Lego-dinosaur, fly to the door with Superman and use his heat vision to destroy the golden colored Lego object. You will now have to make Batman proceed from left to right. At the end of this path, pull yourself up and use the bricks to build a kind of cableway to return to your companions. Using Batman, fire off missiles to pulverize the Legos around you. So create a container for an acrobatic sphere. Go back to the front area of ​​the room and use the blue magnetic Legos on the walls to the left. Grab the acrobatic suit, then proceed along the walkways to get to the area on the right. So use the acrobatic ball on the container and move to the left until the dinosaur moves.
With Batman, grab onto the Dinosaur's tail. Fight the Lexbots to the end of the chamber, then use the missiles to destroy the silver rocks near the ceiling - two missiles will be enough. So float across the ceiling to complete the level.

Gotham City - Sky Chase
Using Superman, start flying towards the LexCorp symbol, clearly marked in the distance.

Destination Metropolis

Start shooting at the enemies using the laser beams emitted by your glasses. Destroyed all the enemies nearby, Batman can proceed inside the giant aircraft. Proceed upwards by hooking up to the two Lego "holds" to the right and left of the platform - in the meantime you will have to dodge the silver barrels that will be thrown by Lexbot.
Switch to Superman, and laser gaze at the golden bricks, causing the shield blocking your entrance to drop. Enter the aircraft, use Superman to view the area beyond the Lego brick wall: interact with each of the switches to reveal the presence of Batman's Electricity Suit. Equip it, then press the two nearby switches, and use the elevator to go up. Pull the levers left and right, destroy the golden bricks to allow Batman to pass. Enter the chamber full of Kryptonite, destroy the red blocks. So build the bricks and let Superman through, thanks to the protection they provide.
So destroy the door in front of you thanks to Superman. Another room, this time it is preferable to use Batman given the large presence of Kryptoite - recover one of the Jetpacks and fill the enemies with missiles. Destroy all four of the crates nearby, jump out and build the bricks to open the holes along the room, blocking access to the enemies. So pulverize the silver-colored crates, revealing the presence of a missile: set fire to its rear with the gaze of Superman to rocket it, destroying the door in front of you, a situation that will allow you to proceed in peace.
Then destroy the consoles, preparing to fight the two final enemies: using Superman, fly through the hole in the roof. Kill them and pull the switch near the roof. The general strategy is as follows: Use Superman to destroy one of the glass in the left or right corners. Having pulverized him, enter and proceed to the Cockpit, using the Sonic Beam to take out the enemies.

Gotham City - Mr. Luthor Is Expecting You
Use Superman to quickly fly to Metropolis. To travel at double speed, you will have to repeatedly press the "jump" button.

Research and development

Use Superman and fly to chase the Robot. Use the heat vision to destroy the gold bricks. This way, a sign will fall on the enemy's head - but you won't be able to hit it with Superman. Consequently, build some blocks to make Batman's Power Suit. Equip it and start hitting the secretary mercilessly. Repeated this procedure and also eliminated the robots in the surroundings, quickly look towards the lego wall and take advantage of Superman's X-ray vision. Then connect the red pipes with the green pipes to complete the puzzle. Then go up to the elevators on the right, reaching the second floor. Left towards the bricks, break them using Batman's rockets. Create a terminal and pull the lever associated with it.
Enter the elevator, press the switches to be taken to the next room. Break the two lego blocks, then build Batman's electric suit. Right, "turn off" the kryptonite to allow Superman to proceed. Destroy the golden Lego, grab the electric suit and flip the switch to make the ribbons move. Continue to the semi-destroyed elevator, use it to proceed. Then quickly get rid of the two LexCorp guards, press the two platforms to enter the next room. Go up and try to interact with the scientist who will open the way for you. To the left of the camera you can therefore find a golden object, to be destroyed with heat vision. So build the components of the Sensor Suit. Masquerade as invisible, interact with the central valve. Place Batman on the switch to try to "shoot" the cannon. They will attack other enemies: defeat them mercilessly and then turn the central valve. Jump on the new switch, flip yet another valve to produce a dancing robot, ultimate target.
Having destroyed it, use the passage created by the broken glass to proceed. Let yourself be carried away by the wind emitted by the fan. Break the ducts left and right using the Batarang, then right again by breaking all the golden Legos. So fly up to avoid the gas, and pull the flashing orange handle using Superman's super strength. So destroy the gears below.
The machine will then stop and start "spitting" bricks. Build them to create a switch, then pull it to create a handhold on the right. Using Batman, walk through the Kryptonite bubble. Grab the platform above, go down to the ground floor and smash the two flashing crates. Build other parts to make a Batman suit. Keep going up to the third car, using the Sonic Beam to break the windows. The Kryptonite will be deactivated and Superman can safely proceed to the right. To the left of the barrier, you'll find a LexCorp statue - use your fiery gaze to melt it, then place Superman on the switch below.
A platform will go up: stand on its edge, proceed forward with Batman. Smash the two Robots on the opposite side, use the Sonic Beam on the glass door in the corner. Pull the switch over the broken glass, stopping the radiation. Superman can then reach the lego wall on the right. Make a hole in the wall, jump into it to get to a new room. Take advantage of the X-ray vision on the back wall, then interact with each red brick so that it touches the circle in the center of the room, opening the door for you. Go down the corridor, smash the table of the two scientists.
Reassemble the bricks to create two chairs, then fly them as if it were a vehicle to create two robots. You will have to deal with a Boss created by LexCorp. The Robot is normally invulnerable: you will have to wait for it to attack you, immediately dodge sideways, making sure that it remains stunned; therefore, you will have to attack it repeatedly. The gate to the next area will then lower, proceed. Use the switches at the back of the room to stop the flow of robots into the combat arena. Enter to the right, smash the lego covers, as well as the bricks. Use Superman's vision to raise the golden gate, then enter and press both buttons to complete the level.

Gotham City - Robot Takedown
Quickly fly to the Joker robot, there the next level will start.

Down to Earth

Start chasing Joker, breaking bricks along the way. Destroy all four silver-colored lego objects on Joker's feet - there will be four on each foot. Once this is done, Joker-Robot will try to escape again, and you will have to quickly try to eliminate his underlings. Having finished them, you will automatically connect to the Robot. Use Batman's hook to pull the handle that closes the Robot's cockpit, then use the Batarang to "deflect" an enemy towards the Joker's head, now completely exposed. Retrieve the bricks that will arrive on the scene, using Batman's frozen breath. So, take the Power Suit too. Destroy the ventilation ducts, then the subsequent "handles" that will appear along the entire body of the enemy. There will therefore remain only one turret to be eliminated, in the usual way, to definitively complete the level!

Gotham City - Crash Landing
Follow the blue spheres along the road, then turn left to reach a large gate that blocks your progress towards the bridge. Use Superman's special vision to melt the golden colored lego bricks on the right. So go straight, up to the landing area.

Video - Trailer

Undeground Retreat

Approach the train tracks, watch the cut scene. Dodge the laser that will come up from the underground area. Fight the next enemies, then use Superman's super strength to cause the handle to drop. Use bricks to create an electric suit for Batman. Use it to push the switch to the right. Proceed in the same way for the next handle.
When you have cleared all the fires, proceed beyond the debris. So defeat the Lexbots. Build the bricks to the right, locating a Power Suit. Get it using Batman. Break the silver brick, and press the electricity switch which will become visible in the area below. Go back to the platform where you got the Bat Suit, but this time hit the switch with the Electricity Suit. Destroy the silver bricks. Jump on the lego train, use it as a way to proceed further inside the tunnel.
The golden bricks will therefore have to be destroyed using Superman's vision. Then use the bricks obtained to fix the machine on the wall on the left. Flip the switch to create more bricks. So create us a new Bat Suit. Run to the right, use the Sonic Beam to pulverize the water, then the Ice Breath to freeze it. Climb the ice wall, then slide along the tracks to the central platform.
Use the Sonic Beam to cause a ladder to descend, then flip the switch to stop the trains. Use Superman's special vision to melt the gold bricks, then rebuild them into an orange handle. Use Superman to pull it, proceed along the tunnel. When you get to some platforms, start from the one on the right. A fire will block the ladder: use Ice Breath to put it out, then go up with Batman. Then slide to the right, smash the glass objects to cause the descent of a ladder.
Use Superman to climb this ladder, then use the X-ray vision on the Lego wall. Turn all three red valves, cutting off the electricity. Jump down and use Superman to pull the orange switch, clearing the path in front of you. Run down the tunnel and press the switch to free yourself and reach a new underground chamber. Run to the right, noting the new appearance of a giant robot - so aim specifically for the destruction of the golden tiles along the robot-Joker's hands.
When all three are destroyed, the robot arm will retreat and you can enter the carriage along the tracks. Jump into it, it will start moving. So let the camera move until you locate an orange handhold on the right - launch towards it with Batman. Then use the only ladder visible on the left to proceed.
Right, walk over the roofs of the cars to a walkway. Use it to get to the next carriage, which will be ripped off by a laser. Dodge the lasers fired by Joker, and use the bricks that will be produced to create a suit that protects you from electricity. So proceed forward and use the electrical switch to allow Superman to proceed as well. Then pull the handlebars into the next carriage, reaching the engine. Run forward and use the switch with Batman; Watch the cutscene to complete the level.

Gotham City - City Hall Rally
This time you will have to head towards the Town Hall, as always following the spheres that indicate the direction in which to proceed. Approach the giant robot to begin!

The Next President

Check out Superman right away, using his special vision on the bricks to the right of Lex's podium. Cut the line into dots, causing a silver colored tube to appear. In order to destroy it, you will need something explosive. Proceed to the left and destroy the three Legos hanging from the screen above. Some bricks will come out of them: build them to create Batman's Power Suit. Equip it, then go back to the pipes on the right. Destroy these pipes with a missile, creating a waterfall.
Freeze the water with Superman's frozen breath, climb the ice wall. Right towards the televisions, smash the two golden bricks with the superview. Use Batman to build an electric suit from bricks. Re-climb the ice wall, then use the electrified gray wall to get to the top of the bulletin board. Press the electrical switch to stop the currents. So, tell Superman to pull the orange handle. The tower will fall - climb the statue above. Then throw a hook towards the flashing orange object, hooked to the Joker robot.
So go up the ladder that will appear. Press the two orange buttons, so that the gas turns golden in color. Then shoot the flower using Superman's heat vision. You will be thrown to the top of the roof. Back in control of the characters, run right to find a destroyed helicopter. Dodge the enemies repeatedly, then repair the helicopter. Let it start, then - using Batman - hook yourself to the handhold on the side. Enter the helicopter, then hit Joker-Bot's face repeatedly. When his HP bar has been reset, the helicopter will fall to a roof.
Look to the right and use Superman to melt the golden bricks. Proceed to the inside of the passage which will thus be revealed. Retrieve the Batsuit with Batman, then glide over to the platform on the right. So, ignoring the jumping bricks, run to the right corner to pulverize the glass using Sonic Beam. When it has been destroyed, proceed to use the bricks as stairs.
Run down the stairs and rebuild a part of the helicopter using bricks. You will create an electrical switch; however, it will need electricity to actually activate. So quickly return to the Bat-Symbol where you got the suit, this time recovering the electric suit. Use the stairs to the right to return to the elevated area by activating the electrical switch. A generator will be activated, which will turn on the light at the same time. Control it as if it were a vehicle, aiming the light at the Joker-Bot's face; wait for him to throw his fist towards the roof, then pull the flashing bar associated with the flower. Check out the cutscene that serves as the end of the chapter!

Gotham City - A Desperate Plan
Jump into the Robin-Mobile and start following the enemies. When you get close enough to the Joker-Bot, the next level will begin.

Core Instability

Fire repeatedly to keep hitting Joker-Bot. Subsequently, the huge robot will make its central part visible, called "Core": shoot again in this case; to be able to destroy it you will have to forcefully inflict a large amount of hits. When it is KO, your path will change slightly. However, the general pattern of attack remains the same: repel the missiles fired by the opponent, then shoot repeatedly at the scaffolding to drop a statue on the head of the giant robot. When the statue hits it, the central part will become vulnerable and you will have to shoot repeatedly. Thus, your path will change again, but you will have to carry out exactly the same general strategy, until you reach victory!

Gotham City - Wayne Tower Showdown
Jump in the car and travel to Wayne Tower, following the blue orbs.

Tower Defiance

Begin the mission by pulverizing the golden object on the back, then retrieving the Minikit. Run to the right, take down the blue magnetic bricks. Then hit the golden Lego block, causing some green blocks to appear: these are particular objects, which can only be "built" by Green Lantern - do it to create a bridge to the right side of the room. Then destroy the orange blocks below, and go to create a hammer with which Green Lantern will open a passage. Enter the ascension shaft, build the bricks to unlock the all of ice for Robin. Equip it and freeze the waterfall on the back, creating a wall of Lego. Climb up, then cut the pieces on the left. Run in the same direction, quickly to dodge the falling wall pieces. Then hit the switches with associated snow symbols - using Robin's ice cannon.
Open the cage, pull the hook using the special tool available to Batman. You will reveal a blue magnetic walkway: walk on it, then destroy the two lego crates using Cyborg's laser eyes. So build some lego bricks using Green Lantern, until you reach Batman's Power Suit. Equip it and run along the path to the left. Use a Batman missile to pulverize the silver door.
Enter the elevator shaft, switch to using Robin with his ice cannon to reset the fire. Fire twice at the switch above you. The ice wall will open, and you can grab onto the appropriate orange object. You will activate a giant fan, which will launch your characters towards the next room. Then hit the ice switch on the back wall. Retrieve the electric suit, then examine the platform containing the Power Suit, retrieving the Minikit. So, still ahead, using the electric switch to allow Robin to proceed, continuing right along the debris. Then use Robin's ice cannon to reset the fire along the path.
Run up and hit another electrical switch. Green colored legos will be released: manipulate them with Green Lantern to destroy the fan on the left. Run past the destroyed fan, then turn left to reach the roof. Switch back to using Green Lantern, running towards the Robot-Joker. Break the square Lego objects, thus creating other green colored objects. Build them in such a way as to separate Joker-Bot from the golden colored bricks. So pulverize them with the look of Cyborg. Once the bricks are destroyed, the access to the chamber will open and it will fill with electricity. Jump in with the electric suit, flip the switch. Grab Robin and get the Hazard Suit as well. Start breaking the nearby containers.
Then use Robin's Hazard Tank to clean up the pool of water on the right. Pull the orange handle attached to the helicopter, creating a new bridge to proceed to the left. Hit the electric switch, and run to the Joker-Bot to start fighting him. Hit square Lego objects repeatedly in the center of the screen to create new Lego bricks.
Build these bricks to create a cannon, then fly it to the Joker, firing repeatedly. After dealing three hits, switch to Green Lanter and build the nearby green blocks to hit the Robot and throw it from the Wayne Tower. Dodge the missiles that are launched by him, progressively approaching the robot itself. When you have reached it, it will say "Come and get me!" - and you will have to throw your Batarang to damage it. You will therefore have to finish a subsequent wave of his underlings that will be sent towards you, waiting for his heart to turn red - this means that you can hit him without problems, throwing the Batarang. Repeat the procedure for a third time, thus completing the level.

Heroes Unite

Using Wonder Woman, pull the orange handle on the left, taking the Mini-kit. So use Cybor's laser eyes to destroy the golden chest on the right. The resulting blocks will have to be used to create a new Batman suit. Grab it and run to Joker's electric field, hit the switch. Then use Wonder Woman's lasso to pull the two handles that will appear in the exposed part of Joker's hand. Green juice will start flowing from the robot - don't touch it, use Green Lantern instead to build the green blocks and remove another panel from Joker's arm. Cut through the golden wall with Cyborg's laser eye.
Then pull both handles below, causing the appearance of blue magnetic objects. Cyborg can safely open them. So build the bricks to get Robin's stunt suit. Immediately use the combination of pole + insertion point visible on the left, removing the green blocks from the robot. Then use Green Lantern to make another hole in the Joker robot. Attack the enemy from both sides until they retreat. Defeat the robots he sends against you, to make him return to the scene. It will therefore always repeat the same attack pattern; hit him a total of five times to defeat him.
However, Lex Luthor will appear in a new form. You will have to build a special weapon to defeat him. Lex Luthor will therefore have to take care of hitting all the shiny and black objects along the battlefield, using the destructive beam. When they are destroyed, they will leave some bricks and you can then create a container for an acrobatic ball. Jump there with Robin. You can aim the beam by holding the attack button - follow Lex's robot, trying to keep the beam fixed on him. After each hit you manage to make, you will be thrown off the control unit - so re-enter each time, and start hitting again. Therefore damage it four times to destroy it completely, then switch to Batman and interact with the switch that will appear at the top, inflicting the final blow!

Video Solution - Playlist

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