The walkthrough of LEGO Batman 3: Gotham and Beyond

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The solution is based on the US version of the game for PlayStation 4. There may be divergences from the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.

Pursuers in the Sewers

Sewer tunnel
At the sewers, move forward to chase the killer crocodile. Break all the "breakable" objects in the area. Then head to the white circle on the left, pressing the B button to project yourself upwards. Continue to the switch, press B to suck the water back into the room. When the bricks start "hopping", hold B to create a colorful container.
Switch to using Robin, use the Y key to proceed to the next container, recovering the Hazard Suit. Jump into the suit, then press X or B, and move the cursor over the red, yellow and green pieces in the area. After having sucked at least 25 of them, stand in front of the container, pressing the B key and throwing the pieces into the container, which will then be fired towards the rocket launcher. Activate it by pressing B to hook your hook to the orange one. Press the B button to remove the hook, firing the rockets that will destroy the wall on the right.
Continue to the right, using Batman to retrieve the object in the area, taking the sensor suit. Step inside the bats, then press B to cause an orange hook to appear. Pull it down, locating the green wall beyond it. Press B in front of it to use X-ray vision. Move the cursor, press the tubes causing a large tube to appear that runs from left to right. Hold X near the left and right edges to activate the water flow, making the bridge go up and moving forward.
Follow the path again until you reach a crossroads. Locate the fire in the back, and the toxic object in front. Switch to using Robin, making him walk along the toxic area thanks to his poison suit. On the opposite side, locate the four illuminated objects. Throw Robin's bracket at the four objects, causing a panel to drop. Break the panel, then create a small engine that brings down the ladder. Climb up, going back to the left. Locate the two large red switches. Climb to the left, making Batman pass the fire. Climb to the right to complete the meeting. Head back to the right, using your "sense" on the bats, causing an orange hook to appear. Pull it down to cause a subway carriage to appear.
Get on the carriage, moving to the next one and exiting further. Continue forward beyond the ravine. Break the crate, creating a rope that allows you to proceed. Tell Robin to go to the back, flipping the switch to open the hatch. Jump through the next hatches, pulling the hook down to drop a ladder. Continue to the right to a large, completely open area. Head to the back door. Break the nearby crates, recovering the pieces of a hook. Pull it, then continue beyond the door.

Exit to the sewers
You will now have to deal directly with Croc. Head to the center of the play area, starting to smash everything you can. Then continue to the opposite side, using the "sense" to locate the switch. Jump on the switch. Croc will pop out, along with a group of colored pieces. The same will happen on the opposite side, but you will have to jump on the switch as soon as Croc drops down, so that he proceeds forward to destroy all the pieces. Then assemble the colored container, starting to fill the pieces again. Once this is done, jump into the "launcher" using the Y key, then fire using the X key.

When you get to the cave, use the sensor on the back wall. Press X, passing the red and yellow fragments. Press red again, reactivating the nearby pod. Climb down using the hook, spitting out the object that is used to create Batman's suit. It will allow you to demolish silver colored objects. Destroy the nearby objects by reassembling the rotary switch. Press it to cause the gangway to extend to the right.
Switch to using the sensor suit using Batman, holding the B button to become invisible. Head towards the glass, so once inside you can go back to using the "power" suit and destroy the silver box, discovering a switch that you can use to deactivate the camera. This way Robin can proceed inside and retrieve the tech suit. Then head to the back of the room, having Robin use the blue panel. Press X along the series of lights, so when the central light matches the small lights you can proceed to the elevator and reach the next mission.

Breaking Bats!

Head left, holding X to aim at Robin's stirrup. Throw it at the green colored hole, then jump forward to throw yourself at Batman. Hold X. Batman will jump to the opposite side of the cave. Switch to Alfred, press B to make him use his shield. Walk along the flames to the right. Destroy the items and retrieve the sprinkler system. Have Robin proceed to the right. Assemble the panel on the right, press B in front of it, then press X to activate the planetary model and project yourself across the platform, moving towards Batman. After you drop down, assemble the computer and use the tech panel. Press X near the yellow and black objects, causing it to extend towards the back of the bridge. Take the fragment of the lighting suit, then load near the automatic machine visible nearby. Go back to the cave and pull down the orange hook to proceed inside.

Vehicle Bay
Right, load up the lighting suit. Go back to the left, activate the cave to find some objects to destroy. Assemble them by creating a console, use Robin to bring the ship back to the area. Jump in and start firing missiles at the Batmobile. When it starts to rise, go back to the left, then head to the area previously blocked by a group of bricks. Tell Alfred to proceed, assemble the fire extinguisher, jump in the elevator to proceed upwards. Break the objects in the area, assembling the Bat-cycle. Jump up and fire some missiles at the Batmobile. Go up to the upper level, assemble the small door inscribed with an "R". Press the B in the tech suit to cause the tech contraption to descend. Use the contraption to create a bridge. Proceed forward and assemble the container. Retrieve the colored pieces by creating a backup computer. Jump into it. Move the avatar to the nearby button, jump on it, then jump to the switch to the right. Jump into the Batwing, continuing to the Batmobile. Dodge the Bat-golem's attacks, then retrieve the pieces to create a Bat-Signal.

Use the hook to "pull it back" towards you. Repeat this two more times to complete the mission. The second time around, you'll have to press a rotary switch. Last time, you can quickly assemble the radio, the music will take care of the rest.

You will now take control of two "greens" that can fly. Return the bats to the back, using the sense to unlock a gold lock. Press and hold the B key, directing it towards the lock to open it and locate a green wall. Have MM use the X-ray vision on the wall, then press X towards the three wires to activate them, causing three statues to rise. Use the sense on the statue on the left, then have the green lantern project towards the green hook. As for the statue on the right, simply hit the spin switch. For the central statue, assemble the lantern, then stand on it and hold the B button.

Space Suits You, Sir!

Batman and Robin will have to use rockets to get into orbit and act as assistants. Head right, up the stairs, use the Power Suit to destroy the silver sections. Left, continue the work of destruction, recovering the fragments of the panel. This will cause an area to extend with a "grab" point just below it: snap to it, then use the panel. Go down, then right. Retrieve the suit, then press X and B to activate sound waves that destroy the glass. Tell Robin to use the tech panel to cause the container to rise, then fill it with colored objects. After a fan is "spat", use your sense to locate an orange hook and pull it towards you to activate it. Proceed to the next area, use the green wall in combination with the X-ray vision. Reposition the tubes, causing a lever to extend. Jump on it, setting off the rocket. Go back to the right, use Sense to uncover the glass. Proceed forward using Robin's suit, then pulling down on the orange hook so that both heroes can proceed. Use your sense to reveal the presence of some silver rocks. Destroy them, then enter the dark cave. Have Robin charge his light to the right, then jump to the nearby oak and use the A key to proceed forward, then X to dig. Retrieve the Space Suit from the last hole. Having a laser at your disposal, use it to melt the nearby golden crate, as well as other objects near it, creating a gas canister. Put the gas in, then fly to the toxic waste container and use the laser on the golden area above so that Robin can join you. Go back to the left, where the golden wall was. Press B to shoot at the wall, then use the left stick to cut a piece of the wall. Assemble the computer, then use sense to reveal some areas that allow Robin to proceed. Use the technical panel to enter the computer. Follow the maze to the chest, then repeat jump to the second box. Follow the floor to the last box.

Fight at the Watchtower
Shoot repeatedly using the X button to destroy everything in your path. Collect the power-ups in the area. Destroy the missiles and bombs, then the nearby bombs and turrets near the tower. Retrieve the missiles and shoot them using the B key. Also fire the "laughing" rocket, so when the blue reticle appears, fire a missile in its direction again. Continue in this way until its destruction.

Climbing the Tower
Head back from the starting area, shooting towards the golden hatch to reveal the magnetic suit. Cyborg can retrieve it and use it on the blue area of ​​the rotating section. Keep using it repeatedly by combining it with Cyborg's Demo Suit, destroying the orange areas. Remove the shield, continuing forward. At the end, Superman will change the direction of the missile causing it to crash into the side of the tower. Activate the flash by pressing the B key on the pad. Press and hold X, hovering the cursor over the lit objects. Jump on the blowpipe.

Head left, using the magnet on the blue area, then the laser on the gold wall. Assemble the neighboring pieces, then load the Cyborg. Fly to the upper level, using the magnet on the blue objects, causing a nearby door to open. Place yourself on the switch, switch to use Batman, making him hit the gold fragment with the laser. Press the rotary switch that appears so that Flash can reach the opposite side. Hit the orange parts and assemble them to create a treadmill. Tell Flash to use the treadmill to activate the door. In this way Wonder Woman will be able to quickly proceed inside and complete the mission.

Watchtower - Interlude
Head left, destroying the lasers blocking the door. Head to the back, up the stairs to the left, locating the sparkling blue floor. Use the magnet on the floor to reveal a strange object. Hit the nearby silver object, assembling the nearby pieces to create a technical panel. Use it to reveal the gift. Use the sonic wave on the glass nearby, telling Robin to retrieve the suit. Use it by pressing the B button, rolling forward to open the nearby door so you can leave.
So use the pieces nearby to create another technical panel. Take advantage of it and then click on the gift. Look at the nearby box. Take the chest on the right, also recovering the giant's suit. Lift the object using the green handles that block the path leading to the rear. Grab it all and throw it, breaking even the wall that leads to the control room.

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Space Station Infestation

Firefly e Cheetah
Quickly make your way to Diana and Flash. Wait for Firefly to destroy the objects around him to retrieve some pieces of the Flash Pad. Use them to build a water cannon. Wait for Firefly to hit the objects on the sides, retrieving the fragments of the Flash Pad. Use them to create a water cannon. Fire the cannon at the fly, zeroing its HP. Then shoot towards the center to reveal the orange hook. Use Diana to pull the hook down, removing debris. Go up the stairs. After reducing the HP of the opponents, reassemble the shield and place Wonder Woman immediately above it, so that it reflects the laser beams towards the golden area. Keep fighting it until the HP is zero.

Croc and Grundy
Go up to the elevator, then continue to the left and destroy the silver objects, creating a sphere. Use it to create a petrol emitter, to proceed to the upper level. Let yourself be carried away by the fan, then continue to the upper area. Use the giant suit to fully open the switches on the wall. Use the laser on the golden area. Climb along the blue wall, using the techno suit on the nearby panel. The elevator will descend, use it by pressing the two nearby keys. At the top, activate the light suit and the nearby light. Light up the nearby speakers, assembling the lamp to illuminate the golden wall. Use the laser on the wall, then break the next wall as well using the giant suit. Follow the buttons that will appear on the screen. Light up the back area to locate silver objects to destroy. Break the objects apart and reassemble them to create a pump. Jump on the pump repeatedly to allow Croc to get out of his hole. Repeat the process.

Joker e Luthor
During the first round, destroy all Lexbots. So move on to Giant Luthor. Try to "train" Superman's night vision to locate the opponent and eliminate him quickly. When his HP is low enough, retrieve the fragments of the Flash Pad. Use it with Superman to create the generator. You will now have to load it. Use Superman's vision to get rid of the golden crates, assembling them to create a ladder. Use your sonic ability on the glass, then retrieve the electric suit. Use the generator in the center of the room to kill Luthor.

Interlude to the Watchtower
Follow the trail to the weapon lab. Head to the sparkling area in the center, holding the electric suit, breaking the pad and retrieving the Manhunter. Press B to access the next area of ​​the room. Continue to the subject behind the window and press the B button to use mind control on MM. Head towards the subject and pull the switch on the back. This way the force field will be removed and everyone will be able to access the rear. Tell Batman and Cyborg to proceed to the back and destroy the silver boxes. Proceed along the golden wall, then to the next room reaching the following mission.

The Big Grapple

The bubble
You will first have to exit the bubble, heading left and using the sense to locate the blue handle. Use the magnet on the handle, so that the janitor moves towards the neighborhood. Use mind control on him, directing him towards the panel. Hack the computer by matching the colors on the three reels. For the first wheel, move the outer ring twice, once the inner one. For the second wheel, move the outer ring twice, once the inner ring, twice the center ring. For the third wheel, repeat everything you have completed for the second wheel. You will therefore find yourself inside the system. You should now try to hit the large door in the center.

Wonder Woman
Head down the hall, using Cheetah to dig. Assemble everything you found, using the Flash Pad to get rid of the tentacles. Jump on the keys and let yourself be carried away by the elevator. Continue down the path, then up the ladder, then right. Tell Diana to pull down the orange hook, entering the room below. Break all the objects around by launching yourself towards the treadmill. When the lasers are no longer in the area, head to the console, repair the switch, then activate both switches.

Move along the green wall, using the X-ray vision. Combine the colors along the sides, then activate the center. Direct the Cyborgs towards the stairs. Avoid the video camera by heading along the pistons. Tell Batman to hit the object in the center of the wall, activating the pistons, so that Cyborg can proceed to the right. Use the tech panel in the next room, moving the panels to make Batman and Joker proceed to the right. Use the laser in Batman's spacesuit to create a golden wall, then switch to Joker. You will be connected to Cyborg, who can use his giant suit to open the green handles on the right so you can proceed. Head to the green wall on the right, using the X-rays. Create a straight line by combining the objects inside. Go to the chest, recovering the Arctic suit. Press and hold the B button to cause the water to freeze. Use the Cyborg suit to destroy the ice and tentacles. Continue along the stairs, use the magnet on the blue blocks to reveal a switch. Throw him, telling the Joker to retrieve his flower suit, which will allow him to use mind control. Use it on the enemy on the left, so that he flips the switch, opening the way for the last group.

Head to the right, destroy the items to create a petrol emitter. Switch to Luthor, tell him to refuel and then fly right. He can then use the tech suit on the tech panel. Press the blue, green, yellow, red switches to open the bottom panel. Drop down, use the panel, then tell Croc to drop into the water to the left and repeatedly press the green handles. Right, using Luthor. Use the laser to hit the golden panel, unlocking Robin's hook and letting yourself be carried upwards. Tell Robin to use the magnet on the blue panel, uncovering the battery emitter. Drop down, heading towards the darkened area. Assemble the light, then use the panel to move your arms into position. Jump on the switch on the back, letting yourself be carried upwards. Use the panel, then aim the scope at Brainiac's ship and shoot.

Interlude to the Watchtower
Right, talk to Plastic Man to start the first quest. Then switch to using Batman's "Sensor" suit, becoming invisible and hitting the opponent three times. Go through the door. Use Sense near the ice to locate the stalactites. Throw a Batarang, retrieving the fragment. Switch to Plastic Man by pressing B while on the Pad, thus breaking the ice. Continue to the hangar, then up and to the right. Get rid of the subjects in the area, then use the Arctic Batman to put out the fire. Assemble the chair by hacking the computer. Run along the maze following the "zones" that will appear in sequence. Jump across the moving platforms, hitting the three crates containing the code, thus reaching the next mission.

The Lantern Menace

Ship entrance
Right, project yourself down the ladder. Use Lex to climb up, hitting the switch to deactivate the camera. Switch to using Hazard, continuing to the right. Switch back to Stealth, then all right. Use the sonic beam to destroy the nearby glass and recreate a pad. Switch to using Grundy, pressing B while he is on top of the pad, thus creating a jeep. Jump inside to clear the passage. In the next area, go back to the back and use the sonic beam to the glass, locating an object that allows you to give Lex Luthor the shield suit. So use Batman's electric suit to proceed to the right, pulling the charge from the generator. Move it to the left, placing the charge in the generator itself, removing the two tentacles in the area.
Right, destroy the silver panel, then cut the gold line. Left, use Lex's shield to get past the fire, then use the Tech to open the nearby panel, and then the laser on the nearby golden line. Then reassemble the Flash Pad, using it to create a screen. Robin will try to open a door, wrongly. Fight the enemies, duqnue continue to the right.
The second group will take control of the area. Head back to the left, telling Tech Robin to use the panel, revealing a blue wall. Switch to using the Cyborg, walking towards the wall. Project yourself towards the orange hook, reconstructing the pieces to create a petrol emitter, so you can fly towards the generator and recover an electric charge. Right, place the charge in the other generator to uncover another magnetic wall. Walk forward using Robin or Joker, then continue to the switch, opening the door that leads inside the ship.

Interior of the ship
You will find yourself in a corridor. First use the magnet to remove the tentacles, then jump across the platforms. The last of them will cause the appearance of two silver chests; destroy them quickly to clear the way forward.
At the next play area, go up the stairs until you reach the green lasers. Hit the two switches on the side to align the lasers, then break the objects near the central area, assembling the shield so that Diana can go to reflect the beam towards the red light, opening the door. Proceed to the next room.

Battle of Brainiac
Get rid of the enemies that come in the area, regaining control of Wonder Woman by repeatedly pressing the B key. When you have "recovered", get rid of the next group of enemies, so again Batman, then Grundy. Having regained control of all characters, punch Brainiac.

Watchtower Interlude
Once you regain control of J'onn and Hal, you will quickly notice that there are many other things you can do in the tower, including Super Free Play. However, follow the trail of gems to the control room. Head to the blue orb, continuing on to the next mission.

Europe Against It

Head to the back, right, breaking the sand area. Continue towards the Eiffel tower. When the boat hits the bridge, continue to the left, using the laser on the truck to retrieve a diving suit to give to Batman. Jump into the water, using the pistol to break the orange supports, so Batman can proceed to the Trocadero. Also destroy the wagon on the right so you can proceed along the road. At the halfway point, get rid of the enemies, then pull the orange hook, then continue to the end of the road. At the Arc de Triomphe, hit the 20 remaining opponents.

Jump into the Thames and proceed to the right. Continue in the water, pulling the orange hook. Swim across the bridge, then continue along the road. When you are near Big Ben, locate the bus along the path. Use the sense first, then hit the orange area with the laser. Continue to the left. Once at the fountain, locate the phone: hit the glass with a sonic beam, then assemble the generator, then use the electric suit, the sense, then throw yourself down with the hook. Continue towards Trafalgar Square. Right, go down along the stream. Fly forward using Superman, then use the laser on the golden supports of the bridge, heading towards the electric fence. Break the objects in the area to assemble the generator, where Batman can place his electric charge. Continue to Buckingham Palace, getting rid of the enemies nearby.

Get rid of the enemies nearby, so wait for Brainiac to arrive. Reassemble a mirror, then try to "lead" the beam towards the mirror itself. When the opponent is stunned, use the Batarang on it. So get rid of the enemies nearby again by reassembling the mirror.

Interlude to the Watchtower
Go back to the computer to activate the next mission - you will be prompted for a hacking operation. Follow the path that leads to Brainiac. Pass the first two areas. At the third, you will have to avoid the patrol, to return completely to Brainiac.

Big Trouble in Little Gotham

Mini Ace Chemicals
You will now have to return to Gotham. Break the containers in front of the factory, then assemble them to create a rotary switch. Press everything to release the container, retrieving the poison suit. You will now need to retrieve the fragments. You will find some on the roof to the right, then others in the wagons on the left, using the magnet to open it. Then locate the next ones behind the truck on the left; tear him apart with explosives. Throw the pieces away and switch to using Giant, throwing the container at Brainiac.

Mini Fairground
Head left, using Electric Joker to recover enough charge. Then reassemble the pieces, trying to create a sphere. Switch to Joker, rolling forward to reach the opening in the back. Tell Flash to jump to the wall at the top, then run right to the Ferris wheel. Break the nearby objects by assembling the treadmill. Jump on it, then releasing the pieces to make up the pad. Assemble it, create a carousel. Tell Joker to use the electric charge on the nearby generator to drive the machines forward.

Mini Botanical Gardens
Move left using Grundy, climbing the stairs to the top. Break the floor to retrieve the first item. The second will be on the left, near the greenhouse, under the leaves. The last one is on the right - first launch yourself along the ladder, reaching the top of the structure and retrieving your diving suit. Drop into the water, then hit the two gold areas to remove the water cover. When Cheetah has excavated all three areas, tell Robin to laser shoot the golden areas. You will be able to enter the main greenhouse, where you will find a Swamp Pad. Use it to reach the launcher. Tell Robin to pull down the orange hook.

Nave Big Skull
While fighting his ship, try to avoid his large arms, making sure they project towards the ground. When one of them comes back up, throw a Batarang or Diana's tiara towards the lighted area. Having hit it, you will see a silver colored area towards the end of the arm, which you will have to hit repeatedly with Batman's Power Suit.
After you destroy both arms, a laser will fire. Use "Sense" to locate the fragments leading to the shield, assembling them in such a way that Wonder Woman can reflect them back to the ship. So reassemble a Flash Pad, use it to reposition everything on Brainiac.

Interlude to the Watchtower
You will now have to proceed along the six lantern planets and either try to convince the "Bringer" to help you, or steal the batteries. You can choose any of the five characters: Zamaron, Odym, Nok, Ysmault or Okaara.

Power of Love

Surface of Zamaron
Get rid of the warriors of Zamaron, only to have to get rid of the subjects that come out of the portal. Use the sound on the glass crystals, assembling the panel. Use it to create platforms that lead upwards. Send Cyborg upwards, thus using the generator charge. With the portal closed, head to the right and break the rocks to locate the next generator. Activate this too, and then proceed forward.

Purple Domes
Break the nearby rock to locate the pad. Project forward and transform to retrieve the green rock, so that the force field dissipates. Use the magnet on the blue objects, then the laser on the golden objects. Assemble the pieces nearby to make a treadmill. This will automatically remove the block on the right.
Run forward to the next area until you find another blue object on the ground. Use the magnet to retrieve the fragments and create a petrol emitter for Cyborg. Head to the left area using Cyborg and MM. Tell MM to use mind control on one of the Zamarons, then breaking the controls in the center. Tell Cyborg to use the sonic attack on the glass crystals, then retrieve the electrical charge from the generator. Tell Cyborg to go back, to the right, and drop the charge down near the generator, clearing your way forward.

Purple Power Battery
Break the objects around you, assembling the object to calm the predator. Use the laser, then head left to locate the bats. Use sense around them to find a pad. Go ahead and use the laser on the rocks visible on the roof so you can jump to the elevated area. Destroy the flowers with your explosive, then assemble it and use the pad. Use the magnet on the cart.
Moving on to the last stage of the battle, return to the portal and let the Predator destroy the objects in the surroundings, recovering the fragments. Assemble them, then retrieve MM and throw the item towards the Predator.

A Blue Hope

Odym Orbit
Get rid of the nearby ship. Destroy the other ships nearby, so when the arm appears, fire in its direction using a missile. Get rid of the three missile waves.

Odym Surface
Drop down, destroying even the small animals and warriors nearby. Continuing towards the flower, retrieve the pad. Use it to cut wood. Head to the pad, then use the laser near the golden area. Move up the hill and use your sense to locate the silver rock. Move the Cyborg closer, launching a rocket in the area. An ivy will come down in the area, causing Flash and Cyborg to join MM. Right, fire another rocket at the ship blocking the way to the bridge. Proceed forward.
When you get to the bridge, destroy the areas around the Flash Pad. A "flytrap" type plant will then be created that will eat the insect on the back wall. Destroy the silver rocks, discovering the presence of a pad. Project yourself forward, then go back to using Cyborg. Head to the right, locating the blue worm fragment, using the magnet on it. MM will move to the right, so that it is in position towards the golden area of ​​the worm, moving it away from the nearby path. So continue to the right.
You will find Saint Walker being held captive by a blue colored insect. Use the magnet with the blue fragments to release everything, then use the sense to locate the area of ​​"dirt". Tell Saint Walker to dig and then assemble the lantern. Use it to remove the bug and complete the mission.

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Jailhouse Nok

Caverne di Nok
Shoot at the golden flower on the right, discovering the presence of some blue bars. Head inside. Fly to the right and use your sense to locate a golden fragment near the big spider, using the laser to hit it. Break the area below on the wall, then use the X-ray vision on the wall. Rotate all three blocks until they show the Indigo, causing the bridge to extend. Head to the right, then tell Cyborg to use the magnet on the nearby door. Head to the main corridor. Use the explosives on the skeleton in the back. Assemble the pieces to create an Abin Sur statue. Place yourself on the nearby switch so that the statue hits the three portals - left, right, center. Proceed along the portals, continuing to the next area.

Celle di Nok
Right, until you locate a group of bats that you can use sense on. Destroy the nearby wall, then reassemble the blue bars so Cyborg can use the magnet to proceed along the wall. Load the generator to the right so that everyone can proceed along the bridge. Break the crates, assembling the treadmill so that Flash can proceed to the elevator. Let yourself be transported to the top, then to the right. Go to the chest, then assemble the fragments in the generator. Load it up using Cyborg, heading towards the corridor. Break the plants to reveal the two switches, then tell the two characters to place themselves on the corresponding switches to proceed with the statue of Abin Sur. Head towards the portals in the following order: extreme left, extreme right, close right, close left, then proceed forward.

Indigo battery
You will now need to reassemble the battery. Try to alternate between hitting with the pistol and with Indigo-1 punches. As soon as it jumps to the cage, use the "sense" around, then the magnet to bring it all down. After delivering another punch, she will jump to the cage on the left. Use a combination of sense and magnetic, then assemble a Flash Pad and quickly use it to reassemble the drums.

All the Rage

Head along the path and get rid of the Red Lanterns in the area. Use GL to dig up the nearby pile, recovering fragments of the lantern. Use it to retrieve the control box near the portal. Proceed down the path, being stopped by a laser. Use GL or Diana to aim the laser at the golden fragments near the small ship in front of you. Continue along the wall and break it. Project yourself towards the hooks, assembling the fragments to create a lantern, using it to create a bridge to the portal. Tell Grundy to throw a rock at the skeletons, revealing one with an orange hook. Go for the hook, assemble the pieces inside the switch. Press it forward, then use the pad with Grundy to bring a drill machine back into the area. Jump onto the car to remove the portal and proceed.

Red Power Battery
As you get closer to the target, move along the rocks then project yourself towards the last one to bring it closer to you. Break the screws blocking the wall, then break the wall too. Create a pad and use it to walk along the lava. Follow the path, avoiding the falling rocks. At the top, remove the lava by hitting the "flashing" areas in front of you. Assemble the fragments, then tell Grundy to throw at the wall on the left. Let yourself fall down. Right, retrieve some pieces and assemble them to then turn off the flow. Proceed to the battery.

Need for Greed

Right, pull down along the vineyards to proceed. Destroy the nearby object and pull down the nearby pillar as well to proceed. Continue up the stairs and are then stopped by an orange shield. Head left to locate the marshy area and retrieve the water cannon. Shoot at the rocks, then smash them thanks to Grundy. Proceed further forward, continuing towards the back of the room and freeing the brush to find the orange hook, which you can move towards the steps. You will now need to find three flowers and remove them to proceed.
Blue flower: head left and break the vines that block the flower. Assemble the lantern, using it to reveal the flower, making it fall down.
Yellow flower: pull it down in the area where it is, near the door.

Orange flower: head right to find the stream. Hit the purple flower, moving right again to find a swamp. It will issue a missile launcher. Jump on the switch to break the rocks blocking the orange flower. Pull it down.

Okaara Temple
Left. Use the lantern to create a fan that will allow you to reach the shrine, where some of the lantern signs will be visible on the wall. Tell Grundy to pull the wall down by flashing a light. Assemble the shield, reflecting the light in the following order: purple, orange, green, red. Right, destroy the blocks by recovering the pieces of a lantern, creating a bridge. Break the wall, then rebuild the pieces to create a sphere. Press the B key using Green Lantern, creating a tab. Use it to "push" the rest of the characters to the upper level. The puzzle you will now have to complete will see you use the following colors: blue, orange, indigo, red. Both hands of the statue will now be open. Enter the statue's mouth, pull down the hook to release the gold into the statue's hands, causing a switch to appear, allowing you to proceed towards the inside of the door.

You'll have to deal with Captain Mine. Hit his subordinates first, then hit him directly as soon as he gets close to you. Wait for it to reveal the presence of a Swamp Pad, use it to create a chest, then open the chest. Locate the fragments on the left. Assemble them, then use them to destroy the nearby construct. Hit Larfleeze repeatedly for victory.

An Awkward Situation

Yellow Power Battery
Get rid of the enemy ships in the surrounding area, therefore also the yellow train that will be shown in the area four times.

Qward Factory
Move along the path pulverizing both the Thunderers and Sinestro. Look to the left, locating the digger with some silver parts. Destroy it, then reassemble the green handles so Grundy can move the rock. Continue along the path, up to the pistons.
Switch to using Electric Batman, proceeding along the fence, waiting for the pistons to come down from above. So walk to the elevator on the opposite side, and then quickly jump down at the earliest opportunity. Move back, project up, then become invisible to get past the cameras. Left, use the electricity on the generator to stop the pistons so the other people in the group can reach you.
Lure Arkillo to the area so he can use the laser at the golden object. So use the shield thanks to Wonder Woman to reflect the laser towards the opponent. Follow the buttons on the screen. Use Sense in the area to find a crack in the floor. Tell Grundy to hit her to go down. Then to the right. Free Hal, then take control of Hal and tell him to break the items on the right to retrieve some lantern pieces. Use it to activate the conveyor belt, moving the boxes and allowing Batman to proceed to the right. So use the sensors to proceed towards the camera and then into the elevator. Let yourself be carried up, then slide to the left, avoiding the flames.
On the opposite side, load up the generator, dropping yourself down so that Grundy can join you. Continue to the left. You will now have to fight Sinestro. Tell Grundy to retrieve the nearby handle, uncovering the nearby pieces to reach the lantern. Use it to break Sinestro's wall, then repeatedly press the X button to complete the duel.

Breaking the Ice

Fortress statue
Head to the back, fighting the Larfleeze constructs. When you have exterminated them, move the Larfleeze beam towards the center. You will now have to fight against the red lanterns, then follow the signs so that Grundy can get rid of Atrocitus.

giant superman
After a first series of hits, some crystals will drop down. Break them, then reassemble the switch. Wait for more crystals to arrive, then break them and reassemble them to create a sonic weapon. Jump inside and shoot at Superman. Get rid of the enemies nearby, break the crystals to create a Flash Pad. Order Flash to run on the treadmill.

Follow the path to the Batcave, reaching the trophy room. Continue to the right, recovering the TV. Continue to the back, hit the statue near the library, locating a hook. Pull it, causing the bookcase to open. Drop along the poles.

Video Solution - Playlist

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Exit date: November 14, 2014

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