The walkthrough of Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins

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The solution is based on the American version of the game, there may be differences with the version marketed in Spain.

The Donut Disaster

Your first very important mission will be to get you a nice box of donuts for McCain's partner. This particular level will act as a tutorial to teach you the basics of the game, such as using the camera and touchscreen controls. When you see the map on the screen, go across the street and up the stairs to the shop, talk to the owner, then head over to the police vehicle. Drive to the delivery guy; then rebuild your vehicle by staying in front of the broken pieces and keeping button A pressed; when you have all the pieces back in place, you can go to the back of the shop. Park and go back to the counter, collect the box of donuts and carry it between the various streets of the city until you reach the police station; drop the box into the area designated by the green arrow at the top of the screen then into the green circle on the touchscreen. Now you will be able to roam freely around the Lego City and do what you like best; or, you can continue the main missions. To continue the story, go to the floating icon in the shape of the police crest on the map.

Where is Mr. Waggles located?

This mission will be your first real case. Go to the distraught owner of the dog to find out that his little pet is lost! Turn the corner and enter the alley to meet Doorlock Holmes who will teach you the art of investigation. Stay on the investigative icon and press button A, follow the footprints above the steps to the x in front of the dog's bed; press A to investigate and find a bone; now break everything up and use the remaining pieces to build a trampoline. Jump over the newly built object and hold B to jump higher; when you have clung to the top pole, press A to swing and reach the next pole; continue with this process until you reach the next area with the investigation icon. Follow the footprints again to reach another clue, this time it's a shirt, this apparently belongs to some gang member. Grab a car and drive to the gang house; you will find the gate locked, however a nearby building will give you a vantage point, this will be indicated on the map. Go to the indicated point, and use the blue and white walkways to reach the top of the building. Once you reach your destination, you will be at the vantage point, where you can use your audio scanner; point your device using the analog stick, or by moving the console directly; the green arrow around the scanner will indicate the point where you should aim; hold A to listen to a discussion during which you will discover that the dog is kept on a balcony; use the roof line to get past the gang building gate. Once you reach your destination, climb the pole on the side of the building and make your way up to the balcony where Mr. Waggles is kept; release it and enjoy the following scene.

Brick by brick

Reach the roof of the police station; to do this you will have to climb a ladder. A new team wants to make their mark on the heroic history of the Lego City Police Station. Collect the super brick from the floor, and once you have reached the sum of one hundred bricks, you can build the heliport on the roof. This will allow the new team to land safely. Jump off the roof and go to the designated area in the construction field; the Knuckles gang, the same gang that kidnapped Mr. Waggles, pinned a poor worker on one of the scaffolding. Take out your magnificent magnifying glass and follow the footprints to find the controls of the crane buried in the ground; put all the pieces in place and use the lever to save the worker. Unfortunately, the troubles are not over yet, as another citizen is harassed by the Mephistophelic gang inside the city park. Go there to find the victim stuck on his herb cutter who doesn't want to stop; go in front of the red elevator and break all the brown crates in front of it to get all the pieces needed to build a lever; use it on the elevator and climb to the top; smash the wheelbarrow in front of the wall and use the pieces to build a platform; go over the wall and jump under; reach the cement mixer to start a cutscene.

Gone in sixty minutes

Some bad guys are hijacking the cars bound for the city dealership; go to the point of interest to stop them and learn the basics of combat; the game itself will teach you every fighting technique of the protagonist. Once you have become master thugs, defeat all the enemies in the parking lot; go up the stairs and knock out the remaining enemies as well; reach the roof until you reach Booster, unfortunately, he will escape from the window and steal a car. You will automatically jump inside a vehicle and your goal will be to chase Booster around the city, hitting his car as many times as necessary to break it. When the bad guy is in custody, you can begin the interrogation; you will know about the secret hiding place in the apartment complex.

The walls have ears

Start the mission, then, head to the first door; press A and move the console in the different directions and make the indicator reach one hundred points; do this for all subsequent ports. However, to continue after the first of the gates; you will have to smash several objects and build a wall to climb. At the end of the mission you will have to deal with some bad guys.

The running man

Go to the bank they talked about in the previous mission, and where a robbery has been planned. The thief will flee as soon as you arrive on the spot and you have to chase him.

Your target will climb a pole, follow it and reach the fence; when one of them has the blue and white bricks, it means that you can use those platforms to cross over; climb the wall and continue in your pursuit. Now you will have to slide and jump over the ventilation systems; when these items are marked with white and blue bricks, your character will automatically perform the necessary actions; follow the thief up to the water tower and over the zipline until he is closed in a dead end.

New game

This mission will be incredibly simple; just go to the police station to grab the grappling hook.

Eliminate waste

The mind behind the car thieves will be close; reach his position and take out all his henchmen; then use the new grapple and reach the exact spot where your target is. Now you will have to follow the man across the roofs by performing the same moves as in the previous mission, with the addition of handholds, indicated by the police emblem. When the chase is over, you will have to deal with the boss himself; this will be a big enemy, so the clash will be quite different from the previous ones; grab it by pressing button A, then keep pressing the same button to fill the gauge, which once full will give you the chance to hurl the enemy; do this until he calls his henchmen on the spot. Defeat the minor enemies and repeat the process you just performed on the boss until he is defeated.

The Ferry

Reach the port, find and put on your first disguise and get on the boat to complete this very short mission.


As soon as you arrive at the prisons, you will find that you need a better disguise to survive inside this pleasant place. Follow the studs inside the prison, where you can find a costume locker; however, the locker will be closed. The first thing to do at this point is to break everything; build the lever and place it on the ground to make other objects fall from the cell; build a small trampoline, then use your magnificent magnifying glass to find a valve buried under the dirt; use it on the pipe to close the vents at the top of the furnace. Return to the trampoline and hold B to gain height; jump over the ventilation system and reach the walkway, then jump towards the furnace, jump over the fence and open the locker with the robber costume; wearing it you will be able to open doors using the crowbar. Open the initial door by pressing A, go back outside and use the crowbar again to reach a new area with gray crates; push the first crate over the pile of the others, this way you can cross the fence and activate a cutscene.

Circle of trust

Talk to the boy who is crying inside the prison camp; it seems that his little bird has escaped; use the crowbar to open the door that prevents you from reaching the animal and chase it. The bird will fly away, keep following it to the prisons. The animal will attack an inmate who is carrying a box of donuts; one of these will fall to the ground, pick it up and bring it to the point indicated to attract your target, wait for it to eat, take it and bring it to its owner.

Bring it back

Head to the indicated area, pick up the crate and drop it on the green lego board, then join all the pieces and create a trampoline, use it to jump over the wall. Put on the cop costume, walk over the icon in the ground and use the grappling hook to pull out the seats, then go up and over the fence. Fight all enemies until a bigger enemy appears; grab it and press A near the lockers to throw it at you; this will drop the key, pick it up and use it on the lock to reach a higher area and use your audio scanner to find the guardian's location.


Be sure to wear your robber costume; break the door and go on. Now you can reach the roof and use the cableway to cross the area; then break all the boxes to find a new key; pick it up and use it to open the cell door.

Is this thing on?

Talk to the caretaker, then head to the door with the number pad on the nearby wall; use it to unlock the door and enter it. Once inside the new area, smash all the crates and build the radio tower, then use it for backup. Head to the point of the zipline, use it and drop onto the building in the center of the area; then go to the control panel on the roof and take the controls of the machine in the field; crash it into the cart and get off; rebuild the cart just broken, on the other side of the fence, then go back to the caretaker.

In a noisy stealth manner

Talk to the caretaker again, then accompany him to the white car; when he's jumped on it, go back to the controls on the roof of the central building and drive the vehicle right out the front gate. Go back to the man and accompany him to the next closed door to make him open it; follow the path and defeat all the enemies that will appear in front of you, stop only to rebuild the various watchtowers; once you reach the next closed door, you will complete the mission.

Get to the chopper

Enter the prison wearing the robber costume; break all the beds and walls, now you will be able to climb the wall and reach the highest area. Pull the lever to release one of the stairs, then push the crate over the ledge. Go back to the lower floor, use the pieces obtained with the chest to build another staircase; the caretaker will use it to reach the next closed door; stand near him in front of the door with the numeric keypad.

Revenge of the RC

Go through the door you just opened and reach the roof, build the heliport; Once this is done, the man whose animal you have found will join you, with the controls of the car equipped with dynamite. Your goal will be to drive the car to the points of interest on the roof; when these are on fire, it will mean that they are destroyed. The man will get out of the vehicle and you will have to face it; follow the same path as the biggest enemies and you will soon be victorious in this fight as well.

Let me take my key

As soon as you arrive in the city, it will already be time to reach the Auburn district. When you arrive at the port, look at the cutscene, then, go to the elevator, join the pieces of the lever and use it to activate it. When you reach the highest area, follow the studs to meet a bad guy who is taking it out on the keeper; save him and have a chat. Reach the end of the scaffolding and assemble the jump point; jump over for a free fall session. Once you land, reach the designated area, then, climb the pole, jump at the bad guys and defeat them all and use the grappling hook to get over the wall. Defeat the enemies you find in front of you, then reach the worker costume in the locker, obtaining a new power with which to break the ground, in this way you will free the jet of water with which to return to the city.

Grand Theft Inverso

Talk to the caretaker again, to find that the construction team has lost some of their vehicles. The first to be found is the digger; reach the location indicated and use your builder power to dig a hole in the concrete allowing you to pass over the fence using the spilled water. Defeat the enemies on the opposite side, then jump over the digger, this will be a vehicle large enough to allow you to easily break through the gate; drive to the keeper's position and return it to him. The second means to find is the forklift, put on your police costume and reach the indicated point.

Pass and stay on the icon in the shape of the police emblem, press to use the grappling hook, in this way you will reposition the vehicle on its wheels by dropping several pieces on the ground; use these pieces to create a section of wall that scales up to the top post, reach the right side of the fence and jump to the opposite side. Fight all the enemies, then steal the forklift; as before, drive it to the keeper. To retrieve the last vehicle, reach the indicated location, then, put on the worker costume, there will be some tiles nearby, break them with your power and collect the key under them; reach the new indicated area and open the gate. Defeat the new bad guys that will parry in front of you, jump on the vehicle and go back to the keeper.

Cut the chase

It seems that the workers cannot afford a break; now their projects have also been stolen. Reach the indicated place to see a bad guy escape; chase him using the blue and white legos to reach the roof and use the launch pad. Defeat the enemy and recover the blueprint. Now you will have to chase a second enemy, this time it will certainly be easier and you just have to run after him, defeat him and recover the stolen goods; return to the keeper to complete this mission as well.

We can rebuild it, we have the right technology!

Reach the garage and board the truck you will use to transport supplies for the construction site workers; cross the port and defeat all the enemies that will reveal themselves in front of you; proceed to the end of the port area, then, rebuild the magnet controls. Check the empty space in the middle of the containers, drop the magnet at that point to get the crates; after having collected them all someone will take the truck; chase it and hit the vehicle until it splits; then defeat the two enemies that will reveal themselves in front of you and jump on the vehicle. With the supplies safe, go back to the caretaker and park the truck in the designated area for the mission.

Short circuit

The caretaker will have a new favor to ask you and allow the workers to finish the bridge they are working on. The electric generators seem not to work, they will appear simultaneously on your map in the form of blue dots. Head to the point in the northeastern most part of the field behind a pile of gravel; Make sure you are wearing the worker costume, then, approach the generator to fix it by pressing A. Collect the key dropped by the boy, reach the locked door with the worker leaning in front, reach the fenced area and reactivate the generator. Put on the robber costume and enter the container inside the area you are in, you will find a chest full of useful pieces, collect it and take it to the designated green area on your map; leave the crate and use the pieces inside to build a ladder and reach the next generator. Move to the launch pad and cross the chasm to reach the last of the failed generators, fix it to end the mission and have the workers complete the bridge.

An explosive personality

Reach Smokey's position, he will be protected by an electric fence; a blue dot will appear on the floor with the police emblem, follow it until you find an X-shaped mark on the ground; excavate and find the parts needed to build a control panel on the side of the building; put on the worker costume and interact with the panel to open the garage. Once inside, smash everything, stay on the police badge and be sure to wear the police costume; use the grapple to pry the battery out of the machine that gives electricity to the fence. Reach the next indicated objective to start the battle against the boss of this level; there will be four control panels leading to a central grid, Smokey will throw dynamite at you, try to avoid the explosives with your best skills. Put on the worker costume and interact with all the panels of the generators, then defeat all the thugs that will attack you and when all the generators are in place you can pull the lever to give electricity to the panels on which your enemy is located; keep avoiding the dynamite, defeating the minor enemies and activating the electricity of the panels when Smokey is on them. At some point in the battle the boss will face you face to face, hit him like you did for the previous bosses.

An attention to motor

Drive over the bridge until you reach the farmer in difficulty, talk to him and take out all the enemies; use the grapple to pull the box of parts on the balcony towards you; join them and create a ladder to climb. Collect the farmer costume; as these, you can hover over the hen symbols and use one of the hen symbols to fly through a series of rings and land on the hay bales in the field. Go back to the farmer and talk to him, jump on the tractor and park it near the farm.

Scrambled or poached?

Unlike the missions of this type faced previously, here you can complete the objectives in any order you want. In total there will be three eggs, we start from the central one, you will notice a blue point near the green point, this means that you can carry out some investigations on the spot; follow the footprints with your magnificent magnifying glass until you reach the police crest symbol, which will indicate a foothold. Stick to the roof and jump into the nest, press A to collect the egg: now go to the right side of the map, near the water tower you will find some slabs to break to make the water escape and reach the top of the tower; put on the farmer costume and fly to the roof, jump into the nest and collect the second egg, then go downstairs. Now search around the building where you will find a closed door, put on the robber costume and break the door, enter and reach the roof of the area, collect the egg and take it to the chief of the boys.

Field of screams

The boys are going to need some scarecrows now. Put on the robber costume and break through the door of the shed, take the pieces and transport them to the indicated area to build the first of the scarecrows. Now go to the location, where you will have to build the second scarecrow; smash the yellow crates and collect the pieces to build the mannequin. The third scarecrow will be even easier to build; put on the police costume and settle on the police badge, use the grappling hook to get your head out of the windmill; then take it from the body of the mannequin and attach it on top of it. Put on the police costume again; follow the footprints and reach the x on the ground, dig there to find the necessary pieces; build the mannequin and you will finish the mission.

The commissioning of the satellite

Get on the green tractor and park it in the indicated area, now, enter the nearby garage and smash all the crates inside, pick up the tire and place it on the tractor then push the vehicle forward and be able to reach the upper floor to smash other crates; You will find a grapple point, use it and go through the roof window and reach the water tower.

Put on your farmer's costume and fly to the generator; push it over the roof on the rear of the tractor; then drive the vehicle to the position indicated in the field; push the generator to the designated spot and put on the worker costume to fix the panel. Go to the position of the second satellite, put on the police costume, follow the footprints on the ground to find a new foothold; use it and put on the farmer costume, fly to the broken disc and put it back together. Go downstairs and put on your worker costume, fumble with the crate and set up the satellite. At this point, you will be warned of a plan to blow up the newly built bridge, so return to the farm. Break the apple crates to find the pieces and build a trampoline, use it to reach the balcony, approach the door and start moving the console to reach number one hundred and hear the conversation.

The pig not in the center

The pigs on the farm will have fled; First, smash the crates near the elevator, then pick up the fruit crates; place them on the green block and pull the lever; this will lure the pig to the elevator, put on the farmer costume and jump on the beast to ride it back to its place. Reach the second pig, you will be stopped by a boy who will ask you to fix a tube, join all the pieces and put on the worker costume to interact with the crate; done, jump on the beast and ride it on the indicated track to bring it back to its place. Get on the tractor and take the highway; follow the pig who is driving another tractor until he crashes into a petrol station; use the grapple to remove the tire and fly the poor beast to the roof of the station; collect the blue and white bricks and assemble a scalable wall; join the pig and ride it to the back of the wagon. Reach the house on which your ultimate goal is located; Put on the police costume and use the handhold to reach the top of the house, then ride the pig to his sty.

Cabin fever

Bring the last pig back to safety, you will hear a cry for help in the nearby cabin. Run to that point and put on the robber costume, mount the ladder and climb to the roof, open the window with the crowbar and enter. Defeat all the bad guys, put on the police costume, open the closet and collect the key that will fall nearby, use it to open the door and go outside.

Everyone works in the farmyard

Jump onto the pig's back and chase the woman; you will be stopped several times for clashes with bad guys.

Lightning strike

Go to the side of the castle and check the red marker on the ground to see where Kruchman keeps the dynamite; you will have to convince your enemy to blow up all the crates present on the spot; when this is done, avoid the explosives and build a catapult; pick up the dynamite on the ground and place it on the newly built contraption, pull the lever to hit the boss. Now, water the soil at the point of interest, using our watering can, growing a large stem to climb and reach an elevated position. Put on the police costume and use the grappling hook to climb further; turn around and use the small walkway that comes out of the wall to reach the top of the castle. Run to all the containers on which to grow the three barricades; now you will have to figure out where to use the watering can and grow the carnivorous plant that will attack Kruchman. Once the boss has taken enough damage, he will retreat and start using dynamite even more furiously; reach the chest at the end of this raised area and drop the dynamite into it; pick up the container and bring it to the point indicated, place it on the ground and water it to create a new stem to climb. Reach the highest point and put on the farmer's costume, turn onto the hen's back and cross the chasm; once landed, put on the police costume and use the grappling hook at the top to break through the door and hit the boss on the back.

Fall in style

This mission will be very quick and painless, just fall and try to go through the stud rings to collect more money.

The last dress you will wear

Go up the stairs and put on the robber costume; open the door and go downstairs; open the container of costumes and pick up the astronaut one; go into the next room and position yourself on the icon to be able to break through the ceiling; once outside reach the guard and talk to him. Position yourself, then on the next icon and launch into the next room, smash all the crates and use the pieces to create a platform on which to push the crate on the roof, place the pieces together on the side of the building and put on the worker costume to activate the panel control. Doing so will turn off the laser; jump aboard the dune buggy and stop at the next goal marker; jump out of the vehicle and put on the police costume; use your audio scanner to find the transmitter; dig the spot on the ground and take the tool to the guard; in this way he will be able to open the gate allowing you to continue inside the Apollo Island.

The scenic trail

Reach the goal marker by driving your trusty dune buggy; then chase the criminals by hitting them until they are defeated; Several enemies will appear on the island and will all be indicated by red circles on the map. After destroying all the enemy vehicles, reach the launch pad, it will be indicated on your game map; park the vehicle and finish the mission.

The power of the shuttle

Put on the astronaut costume and pick up the power cell, then stand still on the teleporter; in this way you will be transported to the elevator controls. Place the cell in the designated area and reach the first of the blocks. Defeat all the enemies, collect the second cell and take it to the elevator to continue to the second block. Your attention will be drawn to the nearby hangar, where the next cell is kept; put on the police costume and position yourself in the indicated area to extract your audio scanner; point it towards the hangar to find out the position of the cell. Defeat the enemies, then, cross the street and put on the police costume; use the grappling hook to hook up and reach the platform that passes through the wall; Then use the beam to jump even higher, climb the blue and white blocks and reach the top of the wall. Once on the roof, smash everything, use the cableway to reach the top of the hangar, put on the robber costume and open the door, go down below to find yourself inside the building. Smash everything, especially the crates with the astronaut mark to open the laser door, pick up the cell and take it to the third block of the elevator. Put on your policeman costume, head to the end of the walkway, use the zip line to reach the island segment; then use the control panel to open the door and enter; you will find a skeleton and the final cell. Put on the astronaut costume and use the jetpack to exit the door you entered. Insert the last cell in its place, reach the super brick and build the Shuttle.

Go high

Enjoy the cutscene, the door to the staircase will open; climb it to reach the next part of the plot. Put on the police costume and use the grappling hook to reach the next ladder; reach the police badge and interact with the control panel on the wall, this will destroy the power generator of the laser door and you can continue without problems.

Put on the robber costume and play the mini game. Go back to the control panel to get the panels back in place, reach the end of the area and smash everything to rebuild a jar; water it and climb the wall thanks to the newly grown vines; defeat the enemies and move on. Pick up the panel and restore the power for teleportation; put on the police costume and use the grappling hook to reach it; put on the astronaut costume again and enter the contraption to be transported. Climb the ladder, at the top of the area you can launch with your jetpack; cross the bridge and defeat all the enemies in your path to find the final panel and fix the tower.

Fill it

Approach the valve and activate it; then use the jetpack to climb even higher and reach the fuel station. Put on the police costume, use the grappling hook to go down to the ladder, go up and use the broken piece of the valve to build a new one; move the newly built valve towards the fuel leak. Use the zipline to reach the forklift near the broken pipe. Drive the cart to the crack and repair it. Go back inside the vehicle and reach the indicated area, where the criminals broke another portion of the pipe; Defeat all the enemies and play the mini game on the astronaut crate to open it, this will make a new pipe segment appear; enter the cart and carry it to the next crack to repair it.

Telephone home

Immediately go to the next target marker, use the device you will find to locate the signal of the different floating satellites in space; point the cursor directly at the satellites and hold down A until the indicator is full; do this for all satellites and you will complete the mission.

Cleaning house

Enjoy the cutscene, then head to the heliport area; put on the farmer's costume, water the plant in the pot and let the stem grow; climb the plant to the top and smash all the crates; reach the RC controls and guide the vehicle through the small opening in the ground just below the fence; you will notice yellow areas. Bring the vehicle to the red button and park it there; in this way you will open the door to reach the blue and white wall by climbing which to reach the roof; defeat all the enemies, then don the worker costume and interact with the fuse box. Drop down and use the small handholds to climb up, go around the side of the building and jump on the pole to reach another part of the roof; then break all the crates with the astronaut's logo. You will discover three different buttons, pass over each of them to turn on one of the fans, use the teleporter to enter the cage where the last button is, pass over it and activate the other fan; now thanks to the updraft you can reach the highest roof. Defeat the only enemy present and smash the brown chest nearby; use the pieces to create a small platform with which to push the crate over the roof. Go downstairs and use the pieces of the broken crate to make another "Simon Dice" crate; use it to summon a launch pad that you can use to reach a new structure and a satellite dish; put on the worker costume and reissue it in sixth. Reach the next objective indicated using the various platforms; put on the astronaut costume and go up to the next level, here you defeat all the enemies present. Put on the farmer's costume and water the plant in the pot to create vines to climb to reach the wide tube; then reach the next fence and defeat the enemies present; jump on the next fence fight other boring brutes; put on your robber's costume, and break open the door; enjoy the little scene and defeat the henchman who will arrive shortly thereafter; now you can rebuild the heliport and complete the mission.

Looking for Doc

Leave the heliport behind and go to the doctor's laboratory. Use the control panel that you will find inside; put on the astronaut costume and use the teleporter; defeat all the enemies that will be waiting for you at the point of arrival, then go and talk to the doctor. After a short chat, a new astronaut symbol will appear on the floor; go there and use the jetpack to climb up; so don the worker costume and interact with the fuse box and have access to the ray gun. Once in possession of the powerful weapon, put on the police costume and use the grappling hook to reach the highest area; Put on the astronaut costume again and use the gun to hit the control panel and save the doctor. Go downstairs and use the teleporter to return to the lab area, talk to the doctor and finish the mission.

You make me turn

Natalia will be kidnapped by Flash Johnson, the villain of the level. Reach the kidnapping area; The Flash will summon a bunch of bad guys and you have to defeat them. Once the lesser enemies have been taken out; Flash will load you; defeat him and the machine in the center of the area will accumulate energy, shoot him with the beam gun; in this way you will lengthen the bridge; Then use the control panel and go down through the new hole in the ground. Interact with the control panel to start a cutscene; use the jetpack before you are killed. The machine will start up and start rotating again. Continue the process until the machine is finally destroyed using all levers.

It is not yours, but mine!

The journey to get Natalia to the sheriff's station in Bluebell Woods will be remarkably long. Drive to the objective marker, then head to the Blackwell Mines and talk to the foreman to learn some information about your next costume. Go to the locker and pick up the miner's outfit; now you can hit the boulders and do other very interesting things that only a skilled miner can do; reach the entrance of the mine and use the pickaxe to hit the glittering boulders that are there; once they are all smashed, you can enter the mine proper. Defeat all the enemies, then go to the button and press it to change the color of the area; put on the robber costume and use the paint gun to get the new one; then shoot the nearby red button to open a passage and continue your path wearing the miner costume. Smash everything until you reach a ladder, climb and defeat all the enemies; put on your worker costume and cut a hole in the rock face; you will let the water in the area with which to go through the hole in the shack. Still wearing miner's clothes, unplug the bomb in the corner; then, use the nearby button to blow up the blocked areas of the mine; reach the next indicated objective and exit the mine; go to the foreman of the miners and report.

Damn, if you do ...

Put on your policeman costume and watch the cutscene; then use the investigative symbol to take out your magnifying glass and look for clues; you will reach a closet full of pieces that you can throw against the wall and climb the latter. Activate the valve to reduce the water pressure, then, go up the following stairs; defeat all the enemies by dropping them off the ledge. Use the platforms, and turn off the water by turning the valve; upstairs you will find another bomb to defuse.

It's a nutty idea

Your enemies will have trapped a squirrel; use the pieces present to create a scalable wall through which to reach the pole from which to launch and reach the cage of the poor animal to free once all the enemies have been defeated.

Once the squirrel is free, use the zipline to quickly go downstairs and get into the vehicle; drive to the area where the next cage is located, defeat the enemies and free the animal. Now use the grapple to climb the tree; use the cables to go from plant to plant and reach the pole; from here use the cable car to get to the next cage, free the animal and head to the next cage held suspended over a river. Defeat the enemies under the poor animal, then, put on the police costume to bring down the ladder; put on the worker costume and interact with the crane control panel and drop the cage with the squirrel inside. Reach the next objective, you will find yourself in front of a bear, go to the opposite side to reach a campsite; talk to the people who are on the spot and they will give you a fish; bring it to the bear to distract him and to be able to pass and put on the miner costume. In front of you you will find two piles of boulders blocking the path; Break them all and you can reach the last cage.

Police happy to meet you, Bessie!

Use your detective skills to locate the cabinet with the valve, grab it and carry it into the slot to insert it; turn it and take the ladder down. Climb up to the roof, then, put on the worker costume to interact with the control panel of the door inside the barn, smash everything and collect the bricks, go up the stairs and reach the actual roof. There will be many enemies waiting for you; take them all out and reach the door, put on the robber costume and open it, drop inside the structure and land on the police car; drive the vehicle and take it back to the police station to park it in the designated spot.

The waterfalls

Reach the next area designated as a target, you will meet other bad guys intent on placing a new bomb; defeat them all and defuse the explosives while wearing the miner costume. One of the enemies will manage to escape, use the jetpack to chase him down the river. Get into the cars and continue the chase when the enemy gets on the heavy vehicle, catch up with the enemies, arrest them and take them to the police station.

The cable in the woods

Drive up to the cabins in the woods; Several enemies will appear in front of you, defeat them then connect to the door to hear the conversation going on inside. Then follow your objective into the next cabin and defeat all the enemies. Connect to the cabins and continue to the next area protected by a gate that will close when the vehicle you are following passes. Defeat the guards to open the gate, reach the next cabin, defeat the umpteenth enemies and also connect to the last door.

Trouble in the temple

Drive up to the temple and as you approach the front gate, use the broken pieces of lego to rebuild the lion statue on the steps; rotate the two statues, then go down the steps and rotate the two statues present there towards the entrance to open the doors. Once through the doors, you will find yourself in front of several enemies; once eliminated you will have to deal with a second wave, after which you will have to defeat a samurai using the same strategy used against all the bosses of the game.

The temple of Boom

Defeat all the minions there, then use the platform items to reach the top of the tower and defuse the bomb.


By defeating all enemies in front of you, you will gain the ability to use dynamite. There will be a pile of hard boulders blocking the entrance to the mines; now with the new skill acquired you can blow up the first one and enter to deal with Carl Walnuts. Inside the robot, the controls will be slightly different, press Y to fight Carl and hit his vehicle, however you will be defeated and Carl will exit the cave to avoid the rockfall. Avoid the boulders too, then place dynamite in the four support beams to destroy the robot.

My boss cares

There will be a fire nearby, however the protagonist does not have the necessary equipment to deal with it. The man at the window will throw you a key, pick it up and use it to open the door in the alley. Once inside the palace, smash all the crates to be able to create a color gun, change the color in the robber gun and shoot the panel, then the button below to open the door. Go ahead keeping the robber costume, hack the keypad to open the garage, reach the roof and jump into the hole; open the costume locker and grab the fireman's one. Use your new skills to put out the fire in the garage; reach another door blocked by fire, the fire chief will be safe and you will end the mission.

Protect and save

Use the pieces you will find in front of you to build a trampoline; jump on it and start putting out the top fire; now you can continue to the next level. Continue to put out any fire, water the plant and climb the stem that will grow from the pot. Put out the fire, pull the lever and put on the police costume, use the grappling hook and cross the chasm, put on the worker costume to smash the floor; keep putting out the fire and once the situation is under control, report to the fire chief.

Engine problem

Reach the place of the next fire; unfortunately the flames will be hard to put out. Put on the police costume, follow the footprints to the x on the ground; dig there to find the parts of the fire truck, pull the pieces on the vehicle to fix it. Smash all the crates around the fire truck to find more parts, then finish your job and fix the truck properly. Go to the nearby valve connected to the water pump, turn it and fill the tank of the vehicle, then take control of the pump and start putting out the fire thanks to the powerful jet. Drive to the next fire, jump off the truck and put on the worker costume then interact with the box on the wall. this will open the garage revealing a new fire truck.

A half-cooked floor

An entire condominium will be set on fire; take the water pump controls and turn it off by directing the jet into the windows; when every flame is extinguished, jump out of your vehicle and approach the pot of the plant; put on the farmer's costume and water it; climb the huge stem and reach the highest part of the area. Jump to the blue and white poles attached to the building then go to the side of the building. Start climbing the adjacent building, using the holds and poles; put out the fire on the roof, put on your robber's costume, open the door and drop down next to the civilian; go out onto the sidewalks and talk to him.

Show me some hospitality

Another explosion in the city, and that means more fire! Grab the water pump and start putting out the fire on the tower with the disk on top of the roof; this will make it fall apart, use them to build a ladder, go up and keep putting out the fire. Reach the water tower where the fire will simply be too strong; put on the miner's costume and place some dynamite at the base of the tower itself, in this way you will destroy it by releasing the water and extinguishing the fire without too much effort, also saving the first of the civilians.

Now reach the next roof, defeat the minions that will show up, then wait for the fan to stop and move on; go to the next civilian and put out the fire in the area. Reach the roof, then open the door, scary black smoke will come out, but also a civilian. Put on the farmer costume and position yourself on the hen symbol to fly to the next fire to put out. Smash the crates and save other civilians, use the remaining pieces to create a teleporter and reach the next building. Climb up to the roof, put out the fire and smash everything you find. Put on the robber costume and open the door behind which to save the last civilian.

An official rescue

Start by climbing the building and putting out any fire, a launch pad at the base of the steps will help you reach the top. Move along the side of the building and keep throwing water on the fire; use the teleporter and reach a ladder through which electricity passes that you will have to turn off interacting with the nearby box wearing the worker costume. Climb up to the roof by defeating all the enemies; you will find a "Simon Dice" box to interact with while wearing the astronaut costume; with the pieces obtained, build a personal water tower and use it to put out the fire surrounding the mayor.

All is not well with Blackwell

Start by reaching the palace wearing the police costume; you will have to deal with a group of evil henchmen, take them all out then put on the worker costume; break the concrete under there and defeat all the enemies that come out, then use the remaining pieces to build a wall to climb on to go beyond the area you are in. You will find a color machine, insert the green color inside the color gun; put on your robber costume and go downstairs. Pull the lever to activate the generator then shoot it with the color gun; in this way you will smash the generator itself and with the remaining pieces you can build a launch pad. When you reach your next destination, pull the lever to allow the jet to raise the platforms; go past until you get to an area with several enemies, take them all out and put on the miner costume. Smash the boulders in front of the crate, then push the crate into a position that will allow you to pass the next wall. Kill all the enemies, then use the dynamite, climb the blue pole, then, climb the ladder and jump over the support of the blue beam; cross the beam and reach Natalia's tower.

Always the bank

A bank has been robbed, jump in the car and go there immediately. In this mission you will have a new power available when you put on the fireman costume, you can break the doors with the ax. Break through the first door and pull the lever, use the grapple to reach the roof, put on the astronaut costume and fly with the jetpack; you will land in front of a door to break through, use the pieces inside to create another handhold and reach another level of the bank. Take out all the enemies, put on the worker costume and smash all the concrete in the alcove to create a passage inside the actual bank. Take out the pesky enemies, smash everything and build yourself a water turret to put out the fire that separates you from the vault. Slightly push the lion statue, put on the fireman costume and break the barricade to save civilians, enter. Break the dispenser and collect the gallons of liquid to take to your cannon, put out the fire, defeat all the enemies, then push the lion statue across the room; break the barricade and save other civilians, go inside and break the water dispenser here too; with the pieces you build a new water cannon. Make a color gun with the pieces of the old cannon, take the red color and shoot the green button above the two doors, put on the robber costume and open them both. In the left door you will find the parts to create a wall to climb, in the right door the parts to create a lever. Thanks to the lever you activate the panel to turn off the laser beams that protect Rex; chase him and damage his means of transport until it is destroyed by forcing your enemy to escape on foot. Get into the fire truck that Rex got on and defeat all the enemies. Just try to avoid the jets of water by ignoring your main enemy, jump on the adjacent vehicle and use the astronaut object to summon a UFO that will kidnap all enemies. Jump back to the blue vehicle, use the grappling hook to lift Rex's shield then throw him downstairs to take him out.

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