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The solution is based on the US version of the game for PlayStation 3. There may be divergences from the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.


The Battle of Dagorlad
First eliminate the five orcs that will be reported to you; therefore, with the successes, first try to pulverize their mighty shield, and then inflict a final blow. Mount Doom will then emerge, and some coils will emerge from the ground - hit them using the sword of Elendil. So get rid of the rest of the orcs. As for the dark lord, you will have to wait for him to throw his club to the ground so that it gets stuck there, and then hit him again with Elendil's sword.

Climbing the Slope
Save your game by using the nearby statue. Proceed to the right, along the rocks. Jump to the railing near the wall, then proceed along the next ones. Back up, use Isildur to take out the Morgul. So, right again, dodging the steam emissions. Jump to the railing, continuing to the opposite side. At the beach, hit the Morgul blocks to cause a wooden plank to drop. Go through it, then hit triangle to use Elrond. At the top, jump to the platform, then throw the rock on the right towards the lava. Isildur will be able to pass. Right, go up the railings, up to the large gate. Enter, then throw the ring from the edge of the play area to complete the chapter.

After the following interlude, follow the small blue orbs to reach the farmer named Maggot.

The Black Rider

The Rider
Right, smash the first lego rock in the area. A smaller one will come out; take it in your hand, then throw it towards the bird on the right. Go further, then - at the checkpoint - switch to using Sam, locating the pile of dust on the ground. Hold circle to tell Sam to retrieve a rock, throwing it at the boulder to cause it to roll. As you continue forward, try to use the tree in the center as a hiding place. At the small stream, press circle to enter the narrow passage next to you. Follow the roots, then disturb the bird. Go down, cross the bridge, press circle next to the nearby plant to cause its growth. Since the Rider will no longer be able to see you, you can proceed.

Press the square button to repel Saruman's attack. Move around in circles, jumping to avoid his attacks. When Saruman is tired, press and hold circle while you are around him, to lift him and then throw him at one of the objects, weakening it. Repeat this procedure three times to clear his vital reserves. You will then return to "The Rider". Hit nearby woods and rocks, locating three floor fragments. Place them in your inventory, then place them on the tile floor next to the boulder. You can then push the boulder over the edge to distract the Rider.
So throw the apple twice, once towards the tree on the right, then towards the owl sitting on the roots. Grow a plant on the right, climbing the rock behind you, passing the trunk. So make your way to the screen, locating a kind of small pier. Use Merry to start fishing. Having caught the crab, throw it to the opposite side of the play area, causing the bridge to ignite. So dig to locate another rock, throwing it at the bees. Proceed up to the cobweb, then right to go along the trunk. Grab the apple and throw it, then follow the signs. During the next chase, just proceed along the path traced by your companions. You will then move on to the interlude in middle earth. Follow the trail of orbs, reaching Bree. Swerve east to Bree and then into the city. Approach the Prancing Ponz, talking to the subject outside.
Proceed to the blacksmith, recovering the blueprint for the Mithril Trowel. Swerve left by pressing circle to access the menu. So recover the Mithril Trowel, using the two bricks to complete it. Go back to the blacksmith, pressing circle to donate everything to him. Continue towards the interior of the pension. After the cutscene, proceed north to exit the city, then east through the swamp, then up to get to the Weathertop.


It will first be necessary to create a fire. Get three pieces of lego wood - you can find them near the little flashing "groves". To locate one of the three, you will have to project yourself towards a platform at the top: having reached it, we recommend proceeding along the railing on the right. So hit the birds' nest, causing an egg to fall. Take it, you can combine it with the pot to make an omelette.
So dig next to the plant to create a tomato plant. Kick it to cause a tomato to fall, placing that on the pot as well. So, also placed the wood, press circle using Sam, so that he turns everything on. Place the meal on the fire.

Climb to the Top
Left, hit the bushes repeatedly, finding pieces to create a bridge. Go through it, so tell Sam to use the plant. Retrieve the rocks, throw them towards the bush on the left, to free yourself the way. When you are near the next plant, use it to jump to the platform above. When you reach the sticks, try to assemble them, and then turn them on thanks to Sam. So continue to the left; tell two characters to "hang" from the vines. Some pieces of wood will fall, you can use them to create a plank, useful for proceeding beyond the brambles. Then go up the slope, cutting a bush to create a small pile of sticks that Sam can burn. So go up along the railings, go down to the right, then dig to locate another plant. Jump to the right, go up the stairs at the back.

Amon Sul
The objective of this area is to light five "fires": one in the center, one in the back area (destroy the carriage, reassembling its pieces), one on the right (tell Frodo to put the fragments back), one on the back on the right (press the statue along the appropriate floor, then tell Frodo to put the pieces back), one on the left (dig for the plant, then hit the bush hard, and reassemble the pieces).
Once the five fires are lit, you will need the torches to hit the Ringwraiths with fire. Hit the first subject immediately using the flashlight; Since Sam has a second one, create a fire nearby, light the torch, and then hit another Wraith. You will now need to locate three more torches. You will therefore notice other rocks on the ground; grab one, locating an arrow that "points" to the area where you need to throw them. Do this, until all the Wraith are eliminated. You will then move on to the interlude. Using Arwen, proceed across the stream to the east. After the cutscene, keep going up towards Rivendell. Go down to the pavilion where Elron's council is taking place. After the cutscene, proceed south. Switch to using Legolas, aiming his crossbow at the target near the rocks, then at the following two. Jump along the rocks, following the path towards the Caradhras Pass.

The Pass of Cadhras

The process of getting through this zone sees you first press circle to "grab" one of the little characters, then square to throw it at one of the other characters. We recommend that you run Gimli first. Its peculiarity is its ability to destroy partially "cracked" blocks - you will find one right in front of you. So immediately try to use this skill.
Having pulverized the boulder, go back to join the rest of the company. So using one of the "tall" characters again, grab Gimli and throw him towards the block above, on the wall. Climb along the railings on the left, moving the rock, so that everyone can climb. Right, have Gimli destroy the block, proceed along the next small space, break the next block. Right, break other blocks to proceed. At the following objectives, use Legolas to hit them, moving along the railing. When you arrive at the camp, tell Sam to light the fire, thus causing the ice around you to melt. You can thus assemble a catapult; jump into it by pressing triangle, then press square to shoot to the opposite side. Run the rope using Legolas, then shoot the arrows back to the left. Then go through the various poles, shooting towards the crank - it controls a rope, which can be used by your companions to proceed upwards. So grab Gimli, throw him towards the partially destroyed block, and continue along the next current using Gimli - he will be able to break a large amount of boulders, thus allowing your companions to proceed without problems.
Sam can then take care of "assembling" the pieces of wood, and then set them on fire and consequently remove the ice. Now continue to the right, passing the falling rocks. Throw Gimli again to the opposite side of the ravine. Still slipping on the snow, take Sam over the ravine, making him dig a new space to proceed forward. Therefore, Gimli will have to go ahead and break the possible. Then take Sam to the lower level, having him take pieces of a wooden bridge, so that he can build it and proceed forward. Then go up along the following platforms, arriving at a new camp. Break as much as possible, recovering other pieces of wood; accumulate them, then light the fire. Now, dig to locate a plant. Let the rest of the subjects pass. Tell Legolas to shoot the targets on the right; Reassemble the half-destroyed block, throw Gimli, and head down the path again.

Westgate of Moria
Using Gimli, proceed to the right and smash the cracked block. Then slide forward, smash the tower, causing it to fall. Climb, then swerve to the left, smashing the mine cart to get pieces, which you can use accordingly to move the panel. Press the circle button repeatedly, then swerve to the left and smash the partially destroyed block. Then assemble the fragments of the door.
So taking the role of Legolas, proceed to the left, shooting an arrow towards the hole. Jump along the following platforms, then climb the rocks to the right, using another pole as a launch pad to proceed forward. When you reach the final area, move the rock over the edge, then assembling the fragments. Now, switch to Sam: dig the area in front of the door; you will therefore have to locate three fragments of wood. Two can be found in the mine cart, another near the wooden dock. Accumulate them, and then create a fire.

Watcher in the Water
The first objective is to "cut" some of the tentacles in the area. When one of them approaches you, hit it quickly. Repeat the same process for all four tentacles. The body of the Watcher will then appear. Throw Gimli at the beast, thus hitting him in the face. Repeat this procedure a second time, freeing Frodo. During the next interlude, walk into Moria.

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The Mines of Moria

Balin's Tomb
It will now be necessary to cause Pippin to come out of the well. Break the crates on one of its sides, assembling the fragments. Proceed to the right, shoot at the target, then tell Sam to burn the wood in the area, obtaining the key to open the chest. Retrieve the gear there, placing it next to the nearby mechanism. Swerve to the left, breaking the partially cracked block. Take the crank, place it on the gear and turn it.

Drums in the Deep
It will first be necessary to lock the door to gain access to the orc horde. First assemble the two fragments of the spear, on the sides. Now, tell Legolas to shoot at the targets on the sides, which hold the chains. The two characters will then have to hook together with the chains, causing the bar to drop. So get rid of the orcs that will come on stage.

Cave Troll
First assemble the small blue platform nearby. Stand on it, waiting for your opponent to start roaring. Move sideways, then switch to use Legolas and proceed along one side of the play area. Smash a rock, "uncovering" a second platform for the Troll. Draw him towards you by using that rock; he will get stuck due to his chain, you can jump towards him and hit him in the face. Repeat the procedure also near the opposite side of the room. So move on to use Legolas, firing repeatedly at the enemy. Use the debris to create paths that proceed upwards, from which you can throw yourself towards the Troll in the center, and hit it with maximum power. Again, the procedure will be repeated on both sides of the room.

Halls of Durin
Focus your attention on eliminating the three groups of orc assistants who arrive on the scene. When Gandalf removes his shield, proceed to the door on the left. To open it, it will be necessary to do a group work. Using Pippin, fill the bucket recovered from the tomb, using the nearby pool of water. So throw it towards the fire. Gandalf will now have to use one of his magic attacks to pick up the purple wheel, placing it on the wall. Gimli will then have to hit the cracked block, assembling the various pieces, and then move the mechanism towards the wall. Finally, the crank can be found under the barrel, in the left corner - place it and turn it, thus continuing beyond the door.

Bridge of Khazad-dûm
Go down the stairs; after a short distance, the bridge will shatter. Launch Gimli to the left, then tell Sam to enter the new space that will be created. Move to the pillar on the right, burning it. Legolas will therefore be able to proceed to the left, hitting the various targets. The whole party can continue on.

The Balrog
Using Gandalf, hold the X button to dive towards the demon, then repeatedly press the square button to hit the demon. So press circle as soon as it is indicated, so as to pierce the demon. Repeat this procedure three times - watch out for Balrog, however, who will begin to breathe fire at you during the following attempts - you'll need to jump left and right to avoid the flames. When Balrog is no longer in the area, go up the stairs and tell Legolas to hit the target, then shoot the arrow into the hole so he can throw himself over it. Gimli must then hit the cracked block, freeing himself the way to escape. During the next interlude, proceed along the path to Lothlorien. Then press square repeatedly, to proceed along the river. At the end of the path, you can start the new mission.

Amon Hen

Let's start with Frodo. Your overall goal is to distract Boromir so that he leaves and you can proceed. He cannot see you, but when / if you come into contact with the stacks of leaves scattered around the area, he will hear you for sure. We therefore recommend taking the nearby rock, proceed along the hill, and throw it towards the target area that will be indicated on the screen. Then continue along the same path, proceeding along the path where it is necessary to crawl. Then move the pillar, making it fall off the edge of the platform. Reassemble the fragments now, go up the stairs, hit the nearby rock, recovering a fragment of rock to be thrown towards the rock hand.
Then assemble the pieces, then walk over Boromir. Punch the objects on the pillars, causing them to fall further. Continue forward, locating a LEGO tree. Hit it, along with nearby objects, thus creating a catapult. Hit it then to "shoot" the rock. Keep going up the path, grab the rock, throw it towards the area just above Boromir, making it move forward. So punch the rock, retrieving the smaller rock, and throwing it back to the left, towards the flashing white areas. Reassemble those areas, then go up the stairs, moving the pillar over the edge. Enter the passage, hit the rock, retrieve the rock and throw it towards the arch just above Boromir. So run down the slope to the top. Let's now turn to Aragon. You'll need a flashlight right away - you'll find it on the ground, near the starting area. After taking it, light it, then place it near the tree to burn it and free your way. Tell Legolas to proceed along the path, jump to the ivy, shoot at the nearby target to assemble a trampoline - the other two characters can then jump to the nearby platform. A little further on, you can also find a partially cracked block, perfect for Gimli.
Continuing to the next area, you will have to move some pillars to advance. Throw Gimli at the cracked block, tell Legolas to shoot an arrow at the hole, then jump to the top and move the pillar, knocking it off the platform. Smash the next cracked block next to the tile floor. Then assemble the next pillar, relocating everything to form steps that proceed upwards. When you reach the next area, you will have to climb further. Smash all the cracked blocks, assembling the pieces. Legolas will then have to shoot a new arrow in the following hole, and assemble a small pillar, then throw it down, so that the rest of the characters can join you.
Moving on to Aragon again, take Sting off the ground. You will immediately notice traces of green color on the ground; follow them to the nearby grove. When Aragon begins to sink, you will know that you are close to the target. At the end of the street, Aragon will therefore begin to dig.

Uruk-hai Attack
Your objective in this area is to finish off the enemies located in the higher areas; you can do it either by shooting at them, or by hitting hard the pillars placed in support of them. Proceed south, destroy the pillars, shooting directly at those you can not destroy. Once the area has been cleaned up, you can proceed east. Kill the next uruks, then throw Grimli towards the cracked block, so you can proceed along the next ramp, freeing yourself of the remaining uruks.

Departure of Boromir
First send one of the hobbits to the elevated area, so that he can hit Lurtz from above, going to take away the first of the hearts. For the next one, smash the rocks along the way, and hit the opponent again. Moving on to the last one, proceed to the right and assemble the pieces, creating a trampoline. So throw the Hobbit towards Lurtz. You will now need to use Aragon to fight Boromir and Lurtz. Avoid Lurtz's attacks, paying attention to when he throws his shield. So hit him quickly as soon as he tries to go get it back. After you have "taken" some hearts from him, he will begin to fight against you directly. So you too can fight "directly", to clear the last of his hearts and finish him off. Frodo and Sam will then move solo - proceed along the path in front of you.

Taming Gollum

Proceed up the slope, breaking the ice around the colored blocks. So assemble the blocks thanks to the magic of Galdalf. Then climb further along the tower, reaching the apex, which contains Balrog. To defeat him, first avoid his attacks, waiting for the lightning to start appearing. Then press circle to "focus" them towards Balrog, so that they hit him mercilessly. After you hit him three times (once on each of the two wings, once in the chest), you will win the battle.

Circular Path
You will now have to fill six baskets with fish. You will find fish in the following areas: one in front of you, a second next to the area where Balrog will be defeated. For the third one, proceed to the right, stand under the light line, press circle to use Sam's rope and lift yourself up. Destroy the bush, create the ladder, then climb up to reach the fish. Then continue to the right again, locating a dark cave. Enter it with Frodo, who will take out a vial. So tell Sam to go ahead, digging for access to the fish.
For the fifth fish, continue forward to the right, so tell Sam to "plant" next to the tile floor. Move the pillar to the opposite side, so you can "climb" the plant and jump to the opposite side. It will therefore be necessary to assemble a fire using three pieces of wood - one behind the rocks on the left, one in the grove on the back, a third behind the grove on the right. So light the fire, going up to the fish. Moving on to the sixth: continuing to the right, destroy the rocks and take a look inside the bush, locating an area where you can dig. Assemble the pieces of the rope that you will find immediately below. Go up to the next platform; tell Sam to plant, creating a flower that allows Frodo to proceed to the platform. So tell Frodo to proceed along the path, reaching the dark cave, which contains the last fish.
So, always right. Throw the rock from the platform, then throw all the fish into the baskets, creating a passage in the back.

You'll have to use the fish here to keep Gollum busy, so Sam can use his rope on Gollum, and then Frodo can hit him over and over, retrieving a heart. Once this is done, you will need to find some other fish. However, you will need to create a rod first.
First enter the dark cave on the back wall and find a fishing line. So, tell Sam to dig near the small earth pyramid nearby, thus locating a golden hook, perfect for his rope. Hook it to the wall, then pull the rock down to locate a hook. Combine the two, proceed along the path to the left, telling Sam to use the rope to get to the bush on the platform. Examine it and break it to get a joint. Combine the three items, then go to the harbor to fish. Get the fish, throw it back at Gollum, then hit it again with Frodo to get another heart. You will now move on to the interlude in middle earth. After the cutscene, we recommend that you keep Frodo and Gollum as your party characters.

The Dead Marshes

First of all, follow the path traced by Gollum. When a fire starts flashing near Gollum's back, you have to put it out: Sam will have to dig to locate a wooden bucket, fill it with blue water using the nearby pool, then throw it all on the fire. Moving on to the next fire, proceed to the left and dig to locate the plant. Climb up, set the tree on fire, so that it fills the pool on the left. Moving on to the third fire, proceed to the right, jumping over the bones, causing a certain amount of lumber to rise, to the right. Fill it all up, then turn off the heat.
Moving on to the fourth fire, swerve north to reach the island with a key associated with it. Jump on it to keep the water level up, then tell one of your characters to use the bucket. Fifth Fire: Use the rope, combining it with the northwest hook. Proceed forward, entering the rib cage, and using the rope inside it to lift the bones. Then go through the bones themselves, reaching the next pool of water. Continuing towards the sixth fire, enter the tree on the back, more precisely in its darkest part using Frodo. Smash everything you can, obtaining fragments that are useful for creating a Ukrainian. Sam can then pull it down, causing the water to release into the pool.

Wraiths with Wings
During this juncture, you will have to hide as often as Gollum tells you. Sam will therefore have to dive into the piece of log, while Frodo will have to use his elven cloak. Wait for the Nazgul to pass you, then proceed forward as soon as Gollum orders it. Repeat this procedure four times; on the fifth, switch roles (Frodo will have to jump into the trunk so Sam can join).
In the next area, jumps will be prohibited, as you will have to try to be as quiet as possible. Use Sam's rope to launch yourself towards the hook that descends from the roof, then go up the nearby slope, then launch yourself towards the nearby swing. Frodo can proceed further to the right, splitting the tree, allowing both characters to proceed. Go ahead, burn the tree, so hide and move on. At the last area, use Sam's rope to reveal the pieces of a bridge. Still ahead, dig near the final plant, jumping up to escape.

the wilds
Having taken control of Faramir, launch yourself towards the rope hanging from the top, climbing to reach the porter at the top. Still using the rope, project yourself towards the very top of the game area, then hit the "driver", going to scare the beast as well. Repeat the same operation on the other Mumakil. Faramir will then join the group, leading you to Osgiliath. After the cutscene, switch to the Aragon group, proceeding to the checkpoint to begin the mission.

Track the Hobbits

Uruk Pyre
Shoot the targets near the pyre, then start assembling the shields near the stairs; tell Gimli to hit the block. You will now have to follow the path created by the conveyor belt, to understand what happened to Merry and Pippin. You will also locate a second object in the area, which will lead to a rock. Combine the hook of the rope with the rock, then left, use Legolas to bring the rope down. You can then use it on the rock, to get a new item. Keep following the objects around you to reach the Fangorn Forest.

Fangorn Forest
Right, break the rocks and go down the slope. Tell both characters to take the trunk and move it to the right. Assemble the pieces, climb up, head to the right, defeat the orcs and jump down. Clear the surrounding space, then proceed up and destroy the bushes between the two lego trees, assembling them to make rails. Proceed upwards.

Right, then proceed to the back. Use circle to grab a boulder, then square to throw it at the back wall to destroy it. Take Merry, and take him over the water. Keep moving, until an inflamed trunk blocks the path. Place Merry on the ground, then switch to using it and proceed up the path. Latch onto the ivy, thus releasing the water onto the fire. Continue up along the back path, reaching the final area. Once you have taken control of Aragon, travel to Edoras.

Warg Attack

Hall of the King
You will first have to make sure that Saruman leaves Theoden. Quickly hit all the guards in the area, thus hitting Grima with Gandalf's staff. Hold down the circle key while facing Théoden, thus "detaching" the gray hearts. Grima will send you away, so you will have to hit some other guards, going to assemble a cage. Then hit Grima again, so that he starts running, then being trapped in a cage. You can then refocus on Théoden, repeating the procedure twice, thus freeing the King.

The Riddermark
To eliminate the Warg Riders you can use two approaches: jump on an animal and attack them directly, thus finding yourself at their height; or - starting from the ground - "hook" to one of their sides, and then take them away with them. Free yourself in this way of all the Wargs that will come. You will then pass to the interlude in middle earth; proceed to Helm's Deep, in the southwest area.

Helm's Deep

The Deeping Wall
First tell Legolas to shoot at the target on the left, then place the gears on the wall. Break the already partially fragmented block, take the crank, then hook it to the nearby mechanism, so as to start turning it. So jump along the nearby crates and go up the next stairs. Break the fragmented block near the top again, climbing up to the actual top.

The First Advance
Your goal is to "push back" the ladders that will stick to the wall. For some of them, Legolas will have to shoot at the orc at the top; for others, Gimli will have to forcefully cover the already partially cracked blocks. Having thrown down three different ladders, four more will arrive. Order Gimli to go all the way to the right, entering the narrow passage, then push one of the blocks out, so that the ladder on the right is thrown to the ground. Repeat the procedure to get rid of the other five ladders.

The Wall Breached
Smash the partially broken block visible to your left. Then reassemble the fragments, jumping up with Legolas and hitting the spear, so as to create a hole for an arrow. Jump to the left, knock down the rock, then jump up again and continue to the left. Break the nearby block, causing the wall to be removed, which will allow you to move towards the inside of the castle.

The Hornburg
First throw Gimli to the left, aiming to pulverize the ram. Also get rid of the nearby orcs, thus creating a large wooden log to use on the portal. You will then move on to using Legolas: tell him to knock down the ladders on the left, then hit hard also the large staircase nearby as soon as he arrives on the scene. Then assemble the fragments to create a large "tile", then push the chest down. Assemble the pieces again, jumping towards the rope to proceed upwards. Moving on to the animated interlude, you can proceed with Frodo to Osgiliath.


Battle of Osgiliath
First of all, Frodo will have to proceed inside the narrow passage, trying to climb progressively. Then switch to Faramir, shooting an arrow at the target in the distance. Move right, pass Frodo, jump over the pillar. Drop down, then tell Sam to pull the rope down. Go back to Faramir, telling him to use the pieces that will now appear to go "complete" the tile floor so that he can reposition the pillars and climb up. From here, he can shoot nearby targets to open the gate. So tell Frodo to proceed towards the inside of the gate, then Faramir to shoot the following target, causing the portal to open on the far right. All characters will then be able to proceed forward. You will now notice an orc inside the tower, which has a sword - you will need it to "cut" the chains that hold Gollum in place. Then proceed to the darkened area behind you, using Frodo; hit the objects around you, creating a path to proceed upwards. After the tower is destroyed, use a rope on the hook above you.
Switch to Faramir, kill the orcs (including the orc that will shoot you from above), then create a ladder. Go up, take the sword. Jump down, press circle near Gollum. You can then proceed along the LEGO wall. Then turn the crank on top of the wall, opening the portal for the entrance of some Hobbitses. Go down the stairs to the right, go back to Faramir, go down again to the right. Go up the back stairs, shoot the two targets next to the statue. Assemble the pieces, then pressing the statue to the left. Shoot the orcs who throw the barrels. Now climb the wall to get to the top, throwing the statue back to the left. So tell Sam to destroy the debris, and place a flower so you can jump to the elevated area. You can then burn the wood, so as to continue without problems. Once near the Nazgul, you will have to use Faramir to repel it, so that the rest of the group can proceed. Proceed to the right, breaking the timber, so that you can hit the Nazgul without interference in your field of vision.
After you hit him, tell Sam to go down the stairs and dig to locate the gears needed for the mechanism. You will now need the crank anyway: smash the rocks in front of the dock, and - using Gollum - pull up the crank directly from the water (Gollum is able to fish even without using the rod). So continue forward, perhaps switching to using Faramir again, so that it can move to the right. Assemble the pieces of wood and metal to create a ladder, along which to climb. Then deviate to the right with Frodo, break the pillars, reassembling them to create stairs. Finally climb up again to locate the last of the Nazgul - shoot at him using Faramir.

Battle of Isengard
Right, coming near a ravine. Throw the nearby tower to the ground to create a kind of bridge, to cross without problems. Continue forward, thus finding yourself near a wall of fire. Grab the nearby water tower, throw it at the fire, then return to the dam. Throw rocks at the towers near the dam so you can climb up. Now pull the supports, causing it to release. During the next interlude, you can choose whether to proceed with Frodo's group, or Aragon's. We recommend using Frodo's group - tell Gollum to climb the nearby LEGO wall.

The Secret Stairs

Minas Morgul
First send Frodo to the dark cave to the left of the statues near Minas Morgul. So tell Sam to follow him, so that he can start digging, and assemble the pieces that he will find immediately below. Then press the statue forward, revealing the presence of a hook, which you will need to retrieve the rope and pull it down. Then assemble the following fragments, and then burn them. The pieces you have now can be used to create a flight of stairs. So head to the right, locating a wall that Gollum can climb. Smash the boulders on the edge so Sam can climb up, dig, assemble the fragments and use his rope to pull the plants down. So jump over the ravine thanks to Frodo, enter the dark cave, locating some tiles. Press the rock, causing it to proceed over the edge. Assemble the pieces again to create the second part of the stairs, then proceed upwards.

The Stairs
Climb up, then swerve to the right, crossing the ravines and using the railings to throw yourself forward. Then go up the next flight of stairs. At the next area, enter the dark area using Frodo, thus revealing a wall, which can be used by Gollum to proceed upward. At the top, Gollum can push the rock towards the tile floor immediately below. Break the objects in the area, locating an area where it will be possible to "dig". Inside, you can locate the rest of the floor pieces. Then move the rock to the right, jumping to the next flight of stairs.
At the top, enter the dark cave on the right, smash the open chest, locating a rock. Throw it to the left, uncovering a hook. Throw a rope to the rocks below, so you can move forward with the help of the railings. So go upwards. At the top, tell Gollum to climb further, then destroy the cobwebs on the wall. He will then be able to assemble a lever, jumping on it to cause the rock to descend, thus freeing you the passage. Walk down the narrow passage while crouching, using Sam. So dig, to retrieve the plant. You can now use it to get to the top with ease.

The Tunnel
Tell Frodo to proceed forward inside the cave, using his light to illuminate the way. It will serve to repel spiders. As you continue towards the interior of the cave, you will also have to destroy various debris. You will then find yourself in front of a Lego wall; before interacting with it, tell Frodo to get closer to remove the spiders in the area. When Gollum has resumed his ascent, tell him to move the crate over the edge so that Frodo can proceed into the tunnel which will reveal himself.
Climb up, then continue forward with Frodo. Cut the cobwebs in the area, so still straight. You will now have to break the bones placed at the end of the passage, thus assembling some kind of "rails", perfect for proceeding upwards. At the top, break the rocks and bones in the area, assembling a kind of basket hanging from the raised area. Throw some small rocks inside; when the web is broken by them, you can continue forward without problems.

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The Paths of the Dead

City of the Dead
Proceed to the inside of the cave, dodging the traps. Hit the Morgul blocks near the first large area you reach, then create a ramp to proceed forward. Keep going until you reach a cave. You will now need to destroy the large structure at the back - proceed left, hit the cracked block, then send Gimli forward through the narrow passage. Tell Legolas to jump up, so he joins Gimli. Shoot the hole to create a pole, then throw up and move the crate down so Gimli can build a ladder and proceed too. So go back, moving along the railing, avoiding the fog. Tell Gimli to proceed to the back area to the right and hit the partially chipped block, clearing the way. So keep going down the passage, shooting at the two targets indicated to Legolas. Upon reaching the next cave, turn left, telling Gimli to pulverize the partially cracked area.
Assemble the railing, tell Legolas to jump. Shoot an arrow at the hole, then throw yourself to the right, moving the box to make it fall off the edge. Now go down, telling Aragon to pulverize the blocks of Morgul. Continue forward, telling Gimli to hit the crack next to the final area. You will then reach the last cave. Right, hit the Morgul block underneath the statue so you can move it. Tell your three characters to proceed up the ladder. Use Legolas to proceed along the rope, then Aragon to throw Gimli across the room. Tell Gimli to destroy the cracked block so he can proceed to the left, press the spinning wheel to the opposite side, and proceed through the portal.

King of the dead
Hit all four cracks in the area first. Reassemble the bricks, making sure Aragon takes out the ghosts. Jump to the nearby structure, hitting the King as he shoots down. After you hit it three times, it will destroy your structure - create a new one, hitting it yourself three more times. So create four different structures, successfully ending the fight.

Cirith Ungol

Your goal during this phase is to retrieve both the vial and the sting found near Frodo. You hold the vial in your hand, thereby trying to repel Shelog. Then pull out the spike and press circle near the flashing circle, so as to attack. When you have dealt the first damage to the spider, it will begin to climb the wall. Throw the vial at him, causing him to relapse. Repeat this tactic three consecutive times, after which Shelob will decide to leave.

The Tower
Throw up Sam's rope, so as to cause the lift to descend in the elevated area. Then throw the nearby rock towards the chain, so that it goes to reach the orc (for now partially blocked). Descend yourself, moving into the darkness on the left with Frodo. This will locate a gear to use in conjunction with the gate: position it appropriately, then go down the stairs. Get rid of all the orcs in the area, then exit the gate.

To be able to exit, you will first have to disguise yourself as an orcs (thus using armor). The mask consists of four different pieces, which you will have to take in sequence:
- First piece of armor: proceed to the right, retrieve a rock, throw it towards the pipe at the top. The orc will then jump into the shower, getting rid of his armor.
- First piece of the helmet: proceed to the green flags to the right of the gate. Burn them, then take the rope to burn the other fragments as well. Assemble the pieces to create a catapult, then jump inside to launch to the right. Use the rope to proceed further, then swerve to the right and smash the barrels, hitting the ogre near the stairs, and picking up the helmet.
- Second piece of the helmet: assemble the pieces near the end of the stairs so Frodo can proceed upwards. When you get to the top, put on your cloak, then approach the ogre so he doesn't go and close the gate right in front of you. Climb the ladder nearby, break a barrel and the nearby rocks, taking two fragments of the hammer. Use the hammer in the manner recommended by Gimli, smashing the floor, so as to take both the orc inside, and the helmet. Then turn the gear, opening the portal.
- Second piece of armor: go all the way to the left, burning the wood. Left, move both crates over the edge of the ravine, then assembling the pieces nearby. Move the platform to the right, thus breaking the window to locate the armor. Now place both characters in front of each of the guards, completing the work. After the brief interlude interlude, switch to using Rohan, proceeding to Minas Tirith.

Battle of Pelennor Fields

The Flying Beast
Try to stay away from the Witch-king at all times, waiting for him to hit his head on the ground, and then be stunned. Hit him three times during the stun, then move back away, until the opponent repeats the procedure. Keep following this pattern until the enemy is KO'd.

The Witch-King
Fight similar to that against the Troll, you will have to place yourself in specific areas that will be marked along the playing area, waiting for the Witch-king to start screaming - prelude to his launching an attack right in the marked area. After dodging it, hit the helpless enemy. Repeat this procedure also along the next two areas. Having repeated the procedure three times, you can definitely kill him.

You will have to deal with two different types of Mumakil. One of them - easier to eliminate - is hit near the anklets formed by Morgul blocks; Aragon can be limited to hitting them repeatedly, and then quickly jump to the top, eliminating the driver present there. Moving on to the next type of enemy, Legolas will have to shoot arrows towards the holes located on the "sides" of their bodies. During the next interlude, you will have to lead all your companions to the Black Gate.

The Black Gate
You will be immediately attacked by a Troll: tell Gimli to break the partially fragmented block, then reassemble it to create a platform on which to place yourself. The Troll will now go and hit her; several catapults will then begin firing. Hit the rocks, reassemble them to create a platform, then lure the Troll to the platform itself, to proceed to the next hit. Three Morgul-type blocks will then be launched, hit them with Andruil, reassemble them, then deal the last blow to the Troll. A Nazgul will arrive on the scene: try to stay well away from him, and then cause the appearance of the target on his ribcage. Legolas will therefore have to shoot towards this target. Continuing with the battle, you will reach the side area of ​​the gate. Another Troll will arrive on the scene: approach it, shoot in the direction of the armor on its shoulders. The rocks on the left will go to pulverize; reassemble the pieces, and proceed within the narrow path that has thus been created.
Press circle near the flashing circle, knocking out the troll. When he is stunned, tell Legolas to shoot in his direction. Now go back to the center - a second Nazgul will come on the scene. Get rid of it in a similar way to what we saw for the previous one. He will then attack a third Troll - dodge his shots until he's tired, so tell Legolas to shoot in his direction. Then reassemble the fragments, and shoot arrows into the nearby holes, so that Legolas can project towards the platform, discover it, lure the Troll in the area, jump out and shoot at him.

Mount Doom

The Slope
Right, hit the blocks to find some fragments to help build a ramp. Jump to the island in the center of the lava pool, then throw a rope towards the rocks so Frodo can proceed forward. So place Frodo near the tiny rock next to the rails, then jump up using Sam, and throw the rope to the raised platform. Stand on the rock next to the lava spray so Frodo can automatically climb up. Proceed in the darkness with Frodo, thus throwing the rock into the lava. Dig the area using Sam, locating a rock. Throw this rock towards its correspondent on the right, blocking the flow. Now continue to the right, passing the steam jets along the wall. Jump to the railing, taking out some rocks. When Frodo gets to the other side, proceed to the right.
Continue in the dark, behind the colored blocks, making sure Sam is with you. On the opposite side, throw Sam's rope at the hook, pulling down the rocks. Proceed forward, only to have to blast Sam on the left lava hole, so Frodo is automatically thrown to the right. After a short while, Frodo will no longer be able to move forward. Go back to the left, breaking the rocks to cause a block of wood to appear. Grab Frodo and, starting from the wooden block, drop him on the rock on the left, causing Sam to climb up. Sam can then proceed to the right, take the pieces, reassemble them and thus create a bridge for Frodo.
Use the rope again, pulling down the rocks. You will find yourself again in front of a "scale of the lava": place Frodo on the right, while Sam will have to project towards the rope on the left. When Frodo is back on the ground, break the rocks to create a pillar on the tiles. Move Frodo to the right, then have him proceed through the dark cave along the back wall. Break the rocks to block the lava. You can therefore both proceed along the narrow passage that proceeds to the top. During the next fight against Gollum, alternately use blows from Frodo and Sam to KO him (after five blows he will KO).

The Cracks of Doom
Using Sam, hit Gollum to clear one of his hearts. Gollum will throw you down; reassemble the pieces, then go up again using the railings. After taking the next hit, you will proceed to the next area. Reassemble the pieces, using the rope to proceed to the right. Reassemble again, go out (climbing the wall), hit Gollum again, then tell Frodo to reassemble the blocks, getting Sam out, so he can hit Gollum one last time.

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