The Walkthrough of Sonic Rush Adventure

Southern Island

You can navigate around the island by pressing the arrow keys. A drawing and a description of your destination appear at the top of the screen; there are some small icons at the bottom with photos of the characters present; building new ships, ports connected to them appear all over the island. Completing some missions also allows you to completely change the appearance of Southern Island.


Whichever location you are in, you can access the Menu by pressing the Y key. At the top, you can see a version of the sea map you are currently in, the ships you own, and the number of lives remaining (both you and Tails ). Last indicator, the number of loops.

Level Selection: You can choose any Act, Boss or Hidden Island that you have already destroyed, so you don't have to navigate out of them. A drawing of all the materials you can earn appears below the level drawings; even the suggestions of Tails will be useful to you in this regard.
Sea Map: Here you can view all the Acts, the location of the Chaos Emeralds, and the hidden islands you have found so far; you can also use it to select the level, however it won't be useful for returning to the Chaos Emeralds - you'll need to use navigation for that. Further information will be provided in the Ship Materials section.
Saving: clearly essential, as the game does not have an auto-save feature.
Items: Shows the items you have taken so far, and the number of rings you have owned. It is divided into three sub-sections: Materials; where you can check the stock of materials (both quantity and type) in your possession. Emeralds; where you can check out your entire collection of Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds. Medals; the medals can be found in some missions, there is one for each Act.

Southern Island Places and Objects

Marine's House:
Lobby: Marine, Tails and Blaze
Marine: this is the one to whom you will have to refer for everything related to the mission. From its options menu, select "Missions" to see a list of Missions that have been unlocked. They can be obtained by completing certain islands, or by speaking to specific Southern Island characters.
Tails: you will have to refer to him for what concerns the Materials. If you want to build a new item, talk to him, then choose the second menu option to get instructions on the materials you need. Completing the Acts and Hidden Isles gives you access to new materials.

Back room: Setter, Versus Machine, Time Attack.
Setter: This is an equivalent of the options menu, and provides you with new missions. The submenus available are:
Talk: After completing specific acts or missions, talking to Setter gives you the ability to access new scenarios. By completing the missions he gives you, he will build buildings for you on Southern Island.

Change Player Name: as per title.

Boss difficulty: Easy, Normal.

Time Limit: The default is off, but in case you want to make the game more difficult, set it to "on", in which case you will only have 10 minutes to complete each act.

Clear Data: clears all your game progression up to now.

Versus Machine: portal to the world of Wifi.

Time Attack: please refer to the appropriate section for more details on this.

Ports of ships

By erecting new ports as the story progresses, new sections of the game will be made available to you. Jump on the vehicle to go exploring, or optionally choose the "Training" option to practice using the ship. The characters with whom you can get acquainted are:

WAVE CYCLONE; Kylok: lover of cinematography. Talking to him has the objective of being able to steal information about his missions; by completing them, you can unlock cutscenes and 3-D movies.
Tabby: By completing missions, he will add animals to your collection, which will allow you to roam freely along Southern Island.

OCEAN TORNADO; Gardon: very important character, he provides you with the Sol Emerald missions, which you need to unlock the extra ending.
Norman: If you talk to him, he will give you four missions that take place in vehicles; they are quite difficult. If, on the other hand, you start talking to him about the Viking Cup, you will have an addition of four levels in which to use the time attack with each of the four ships.

AQUA BLAST; Colonel: He will not give you any missions, but at some point in the game he will give you some information to decorate your island.
Dakun: By completing his missions, he will build a building there on the island.


By completing Acts, destroying Bosses, and locating hidden islands and Whale Points, you will earn materials that Tails can use to build ships, radio towers, and upgrade your ship. To proceed with the story, you will have to repeat specific levels that provide you with the materials you need.

Acts and Boss materials

You will be provided with materials depending on the area in which you are located, the number of which will be determined by your ranking:

C rank- 1
B rank- 2
A rank- 3
S rank- 4

Types of materials:
Plant Kingdom- Verde
Machine Labyrinth- Bronze
Coral Cave- Red
Haunted Ship- Argento
Blizzard Peaks- Aqua
Sky Babylon- Oro
Pirates Island e Final Boss- Nero

Hidden Islands
These are the only locations where you can get rarer materials.
Materials found in hidden islands:
Whale Point: Blue, Ferro
1. Blue, Iron
2. Blue, Iron
3. Blue, Iron
4. RED
5. Blue, Iron
6. Blue, Iron
7. Iron, Green
8. Blue, Red
9. Iron, Bronze
10. Blue, Bronze
11. Iron, Red
12. Blue, Aqua
13. Iron, Water
14. Blue, Iron
15. Blue, Silver
16. Blue, Iron


There are four ships that Tails can build so that you can set sail for new shores. Talk to him at Marine's House, then talk to him again to figure out what materials he needs to build the ship.

Wave Cyclone:
Your first ship, a kind of very fast jet ski, but with little autonomy. It cannot even overcome icebergs, or generally aquatic locations with excessively dense obstacles. Use this ship to get the Chaos Emeralds.

Ocean Tornado:
It has excellent autonomy, as well as three different types of weapons for battles, but has problems proceeding along the excessively low water sections, as well as finding the underwater entrances.

Aqua Blast:
A very fast hovercraft, which can slip almost anywhere (even in the ice), whose weak point is the inability to locate underwater entrances, as well as the poor resistance to damage.

Deep Typhoon:
Submarine whose use is indicated for long-range missions, can easily locate underwater routes and proceed under icy surfaces, but obviously cannot travel in shallow water.

Map of the Seas

After building the ship, go to its port, and you can finally choose the missions to undertake. In order to proceed, however, you will need to understand how to use the navigation map.

Create your course
The orange dots on the map are your starting points, they appear on some islands you have already visited and change locations depending on the ship. Use the stylus to draw a route to the place you want to visit. As soon as the routes start running short, it will start to turn red! The green dots refer to the islands you have already visited. The locations to which you must go to proceed with the story are marked with an orange flag. The places you have not visited are colored dark blue, but when you reach them they immediately lighten. The Chaos Emeralds are indicated by the presence of Johnny's head. In case you reach places that you can reach by ship, you will be asked to proceed in a different direction. The areas in pink are shallow waters, avoid going there with submarines or Ocean Tornadoes. The white parts are the ice streams. You will need the Aqua Blast or the diver to proceed towards them. Areas in purple are foggy.


The bosses are quite similar to those present in Sonic Rush, except for the detail that the boss is visible on both screens. Other differences: there is an HP bar instead of a precise number of hits, and you can hit the boss 3-4 times in a row. Each boss starts attacking you with a couple of hits, which can progressively increase in speed, or generally vary in quality. Not all bosses attack directly, often you will first have to perform a specific pattern of blows to reach the weak point of the bad guy on duty. The default setting for difficulty is "Easy".
General Tips:
Try to keep moving along the level, since the more hits you get, the more rings you lose, and in this sonic they are more difficult than in the previous ones. If you pay attention, you can easily find out which attack the boss is about to perform.

Plant Kingdom Boss:
Nicknamed "Ghost Rex". Scary, but similar to Sonic Rush's Leaf Forest Boss; when he lowers his head, you will have to jump to avoid getting hit. Sometimes it will suddenly run towards you, and you will have to dodge it with quick reflexes.

Machine Labyrinth Boss:
Nicknamed "Ghost Pendulum". Initially, only the smallest pendulum is present, but his larger companions soon join him as well. Jump towards them, hit them from below with all the strength you have available, they should go KO. In case they are still alive, hit them again and you should do it. Beware of the little Rhino bots, as well as anything that comes your way. When the levels start to darken, jump.

Coral Cave Boss:
Also called "Ghost Kraken". The key is to attack the blue tentacle. The final blow is to spray ink all over the screen to try to confuse you. Look to the sides and you will have no problem locating him despite his attempts to confuse you.

Haunted Ship Boss:
Nicknamed "Ghost Pirate". It has a great variety of attacks; your main goal is to hit the red object. Sometimes it is found on the Ghost Pirate's chest, other times on the upper level; to get there you will have to use the hook. You can also attack it while it is floating.

Blizzard Peaks Boss:
Also called "Ghost Whale". Destroy the little green robots, so when he gets close to you and opens his mouth, explore the inside and reach the red weak spot before he runs away! Hit the blue contraption on the whale to get a few more seconds.

Sky Babylon Boss:
Also known as "Ghost Condor". He flutters the skies while you are on the ground. Avoid all the red objects, while trying to hit everything that is green, to get to the boss level and try to land on one of the platforms above you so you can hit him. Be careful as you will not be able to get more rings than you initially have.

Pirate's Island Boss:
Analogous to the boss of the seventh zone of Sonic Rush. You will fight with Whisker and Johnny together. They remain impaled there, it seems that they are waiting for your attack, and therefore you will have to satisfy them as soon as possible. Jump to the upper platforms in case one of the two enemies does. Each of them has their own HP bar.

Boss Finale:
It is nicknamed "Big Swell", or even "Ghost Titan". Similarly to the final boss of Sonic Rush, you will have to overcome a few steps to be able to hit him decisively. The guns to the right and left surrounded by force fields are your targets. You will have to make sure - with cunning - that the shots of the boss are directed towards them, until they are reduced to ashes. Subsequently, the cannons will start firing at you; attack them, while trying to avoid the bullets; after a while, a red colored hole will appear. Immediately jump into the cannon, a moving target will appear, try to aim as best you can at the boss's head. If you hit it right, you can go on for quite a few times; if not, the boss will only be hit once. If you spot any red torpedoes, go and get them right away, as they will hit the boss immediately.

Locate the Hidden Islands

You will encounter some hidden islands as the story progresses, but others will need to be specifically located with certain ships. As in real islands, hidden islands are usually surrounded by an area of ​​shallow water, which is indicated on the map with blue dots; however some locations are completely hidden by a purple mist; you will not be able to go to these islands until you first locate them via your submarine.
The following list has been compiled taking as a criterion the "squares" (coordinates) that are visible by accessing the map of the seas. In some cases, a specific ship is required to reach them. Try to chart a course that leads you to your goal in the most direct way possible, without wasting too much time in useless explorations (which, usually, do not lead to positive results). The starting points are the orange points, traceable from the sea chart on the menu.

1. Next to the Coral Cave, complete it to unlock this Zone. Navigate the Ocean Tornado around the shallow waters on the left, as the story progresses there will also be a chance to make contact with a Chaos Emerald along the way.

2. Next to Sky Babylon, complete it to unlock the area. You will initially take it with the Aqua Blas, then you will have to proceed 3 times to the right of the Daikun Island.

3. Aqua Blast, Haunted Ship, two to the right, then 3 to the top.

4. Wave Cyclone, one to the left and three to the top, starting from Hidden Island 2.

5. Wave Cyclone, Haunted Ship, 3 times down.

6. Wave Cyclone, Windmill Village, 2 times down, and once up.

7. Aqua Blast, Windmill Village, two to the right, and 3 upwards.

8. Wave Cyclone, in the purple mists, 3 times down, and then a little to the left.

9. Aqua Blast, Purple Fog, 3 times up from Plant Kingdom.

10. Wave Cyclone, Machine Labyrinth, once left, 3 times down.

11. Wave Cyclone, Coral Cave, twice down and once to the left.

12. Submarine, once to the top and three to the left, starting from the pirate island.

13. Aqua Blast, Hidden Island 16, twice to the left, and 3 times to the top.

14. Wave Cyclone, twice to the right, and 3 times up, starting from Hidden Island 2.

15. Wave Cyclone, bottom right corner of the screen, in the middle of the purple fog, you can get there starting from Hidden Island 2 (next to Sky Babylon).

16. Aqua Blast, starting from Coral Cave, proceed once to the right, and 3 times upwards.

Emeralds of Chaos

Johnny will be found in some locations at the bottom of the sea; no matter which ship you are using; as soon as you meet him you will have the opportunity to fight with him; the challenge is a race in which both of you will use the Wave Cyclone as a vehicle; however, you can choose to postpone the challenge to a later date. A large X will appear on the map when you complete Johnny's run; you can also always go back to that level to fight Johnny again in case you choose to do so. The controls are similar to those used for the Wave Cyclone, with the following differences: As Johnny accelerates, circles of yellow energy appear behind him. Take them to instantly increase speed without having to use up your energy reserve. In this way you will have a "double" availability of additional speed, and you can save yours to sow Johnny while using his residues to keep up with him. But remember that you also create the same rings, which Johnny can use to increase the speed. Every now and then you will be victims of missile attacks by Johnny himself. In such cases, avoid touching it.

Similarly to the hidden islands, one of Johnny's favorite pastimes is hiding in the blue spots. Using the boost will not help you, it is better to stay close to Johnny and take as many rings as possible, as well as the Trick Ramps to fill your Boost, to use them when it is full to be able to overcome it. Especially useful at the end of the run. Using the Purple Mines will cause the damage to decrease, however you will also be slowed by their action, so you will have to try to balance the two sides of the equation. If you upgrade at a later time, the speed will increase more than it would increase if they were done earlier, and the same treatment will be applied to the number of hits needed to kill you.

The squares on the sea map, defined by the vertical and horizontal lines along the map, define the presence (or symmetrical absence) of locations. Go to the spots that are lighter than the background. You will also need to lock in the initial points mentioned above before you can proceed with the race. By associating a specific ship with each Chaos Emerald it is easier to proceed with the explanation, so this method has been adopted. It is however possible to reach them using more than one ship. The coordinates also tell you your location; it is good to try to understand if you can proceed in a straight line instead of having to follow the edges of the squares: the first solution allows you to reach your goal faster. The coordinates are however a bit approximate since the orange points take the angles of the squares as reference points.

Chaos Emerald 1 (Red):
You will encounter it as part of the story when you try to get past the low tide areas in the Ocean Tornado in the Coral Cave area. They are located in front of Coral Cave, and later they also appear above it. The quickest way to get there is to use Wave Cyclone, passing Hidden Island 16, going once to the right, one down, 3 to the right, then 2 up from Hidden Island 1.

Chaos Emerald 2 (Blu):
Here, too, use the Wave Cyclone, starting from Windmill Village, going two to the right, and two to the bottom, drawing a straight line.

Chaos Emerald 3 (Yellow):
Always the Wave Cyclone; start from Machine Labirint, go one right, and three down.

Chaos Emerald 4 (Green):
Wave Cyclone, from Kylok Island, head left once, and up twice.

Chaos Emerald 5 (White):
Wave Cyclone, from Hidden Island 16, proceed one square to the right, then two to the top.

Chaos Emerald 6 (Light Blue):
Wave Cyclone, from Hidden Island 2 (next to Sky Babylon), one square down, and one to the left.

Chaos Emerald 7 (Viola):
Ocean Tornado, from the Haunted Ship, stay clear of shallow water, one square to the right, two up, and back to the right three times.

Smeraldi Sol

Your first move will be to seek and find Gardon as you progress through the story; is one of Blaze's royal guards. It will then appear in the middle of the Ocean Tornado harbor. Talk to him, and in case you have already proceeded to the complete destruction of the bosses and the Hidden Isles, he will give you the list of Sol Emerald missions that are associated with him. Then talk to the Marine, and select the mission (from the list above) to get a new Sol Emerald. If you have destroyed more than one of the above bosses, or equally more than one of the aforementioned Islands, keep talking to Gardon: you will be given more new missions. In this set you will have to forcibly impersonate Blaze. During them you will be forced to face a difficult version of the boss, or to reach your goal with only one life. Remember that the list can be provided to you at any time, but it requires the fulfillment of the pre-requisite: if you request it before this is verified, it will be denied. Locations to find them: Sol Emerald 1 (Red):
Missione 4- Zona 2 (Machine Labyrinth) Boss Hard

Sol Emerald 2 (Blu):
Mission 7 - Hidden Island 6 one life

Sol Emerald 3 (Yellow):
Missione 10- Zone 3 (Coral Cave) Boss Hard

Emerald Sun 4 (Green):
Mission 13 - Hidden Island 12 one life

Sol Emerald 5 (White):
Mission 17 - Hidden Island 8 one life

Sol Emerald 6 (Light Blue):
Missione 86- Zone 7 (Pirate's Island) Boss Hard

Sol Emerald 7 (Purple):
Mission 88 - Hard Final Boss

Given the difficulty of this latest boss, specific advice is provided. You will find it rather easy to keep the rings on the battlefield, especially use the floating move accessible by pressing R to be able to retrieve them throughout the duration of the battle (since in this case they remain "alive" for a longer period of time ).


Gaining access to most missions is contingent on completing an act, destroying a boss, and / or finding a hidden island. Go around talking to a few people on Southern Island, who might give you a mission in case you keep talking to them. These missions are added to a list kept by a Marine in her home. In all missions you will only have 1 life available, however you always get endless possibilities to try the mission itself. In total, the number of missions equals 100. The Sol Emeralds are also considered missions, looking in the section related to them you will get the information about them. After completing a mission, you will be rewarded either by the opportunity to speak to the person who gave you the mission, or by the item that was assigned to the mission. The different types of missions are listed below, with suggestions related to them.

Take all the Sol Emeralds: refer to the details in the section of the same name.
Defeat the Boss Again: You will have to face a more powerful version of a previously faced boss.
Reach the goal: you will have to reach the end of an Act or a Hidden Island with only one life.
Get the Rings: Get a certain number of rings in a certain amount of time. It is recommended to use Sonic, as he is faster than the other characters available.
Reach the goal under a time constraint: usually Time Trial, try to get to the end of the level respecting the limit that is provided to you.
Find the Medals: An arrow appears, pointing in the direction of the treasure; you can take the chest, and get a medal as a reward, which will appear in the section about objects.
Trick: You will have to perform a certain amount of tricks by pressing the A button in a given amount of time; the tricks will only be counted if you get a star. Blaze is the best choice for performing tricks.
Combo: You will need to reach (via your stars) a certain number of combos. Blaze, as above, remains the best choice for performing this level.
Defeat Enemies: Defeat a certain number of enemies in a given amount of time. Use Sonic, his rocket attack will do a great deal of damage.
Defeat enemies or reach the goal with a ring - you'll start with just one ring as a loadout.
Go through the flags: You will have to hit all the flags in order. There is a time limit that you will have to respect to be able to move from one flag to the next.


It is identical to that of Sonic Rush, with a number of small differences; for example, the Speed ​​Bonus has been eliminated, and there is a larger Time Bonus, which serves to compensate. In each act, and for each Boss eliminated, you will get a certain ranking, which indicates the quality of the performance. It is based on your score. The total score is calculated on the basis of the "Score" parameter. Its total is summarized after the end of each Act, or after defeating a Boss. It does not appear on the screen during the execution of the Act, or the destruction of the Boss. For acts, the Score is the total of points you have obtained multiplied by the remaining time. The maximum is set at around 90000; every 10 seconds from the optimal amount of time, 5000 points will be subtracted. Tricks are also counted within the score to reach a given altitude, as well as the amount of remaining rings. The boss score is calculated on the basis of the rings (1000 points per ring is the maximum, 100 points for each ring obtained in the extra zone, as well as for the time left. The scores are similar to those of Chao Raising. The highest is S , then A, B and C.
Acts, with the inclusion of the hidden islands:
S Rank: More than 100000 points
A Rank: Between 100000 and 80000 points
B Rank: Between 80000 and 50000 points
C Rank: less than 50000 points

S Rank: More than 50000 points
A Rank: Between 50000 and 40000 points
B Rank: Between 40000 and 30000 points
C Rank: name of 30000

Guide to obtaining level S

S-ranks allow you to have access to a wider range of materials; the principles are however the same as those of Sonic Rush; there are small differences in the way the score is calculated; however, using the same principles will allow you to increase your scores in this game as well.

S-score in "Proceedings":
You will have to try to find the right balance between the execution of Tricks (which take away time), and the speed of execution of the level (the faster you run the level, the more points you will get, but the fewer tricks you will be able to perform). In the latter case you will get a lot of bonuses along the way, but will miss the multiplier associated with the tricks. You will therefore have to try to find the shortest path to go through the act, and use the Super / Fire Boost as much as possible, to get a good bonus of time and speed, but at the same time perform all the advanced tricks you can; especially on this occasion you won't get much in regards to the tension boost if you don't sequentially perform tricks B, R and then A. Sonic is faster, and Blaze is better at performing tricks, so do your math. To optimize. Some acts are built specifically to make Sonic prevail in speed, others because the opposite happens, depending on the balance of speed and tricks. A little tip: performing tricks by avoiding pressing R at the same time allows you not to change the course of the trick, however you will probably lose more speed (but less time, since you will avoid having to carry out the path correction). Therefore, use it especially if there is the possibility of making a completely safe landing. However, in case you are performing sequential leaps, it is best to avoid, as a single mistake will cost you your life. In that case, limit yourself to pressing the B button. In general, most of your tricks will have to be done in advanced mode; however, there are fewer bottomless pits and, compared to Sonic Rush, using R is less expensive in terms of life points. There is also an object that allows you to increase the speed at which you perform tricks, you can learn how to perform excellent chains in this way. Keeping the tension bar full is not essential, use it as much as you can and very quickly; rings don't seem to be a big deal in most acts; in case you get hit (resulting in their loss), keep going and you will still have a good chance of getting an S rank in a given act, since rings are the least important point when it comes to scoring. Every 10 seconds of extra time, however, is 5000 points less, so it is better to lose a few rings to increase your speed rather than vice versa.

S-score in boss fights:
In the destruction of some bosses there is a large component of luck, however they always follow a certain pattern, despite being (if observed in individual cases) apparently random. All that matters in this case is the time, as well as the amount of rings that you will be able to keep. Since the maximum time bonus is fixed at 45000 points, and you need 50000 of them to get an S-rank, you will need at least 5 rings (50 extra) to make a boss become S-rank. This combined with a good execution speed. There are four attack patterns that each boss can follow. Each has an attack that takes a long time to "charge", and you won't be able to hit the boss while he's executing it. A peculiar pattern is the boss who shoots you a few shots of his characteristic attack, at that moment you will have a good chance of being able to hit him. The worst time for you is when these kinds of attacks intensify until you can no longer breathe. In this way you will have to avoid hits rather than directly hit, so it will be more difficult for you to get an S rank. Keep fighting the boss until you are lucky, and the boss will then decide not to throw a large amount of evil attacks at you. Having a lot of rings also makes the difference between getting an A and getting an S, especially due to the fact that during boss battles each ring is counted as 1000 points less, except for the extra zones. So always try not to get hit, or if it happens, go back to get as many rings as possible; the best way to get them back is to do a Spin-dash immediately after you release them. Try to catch them right after you let them go, and absolutely avoid getting hit in sequence.

Solution summary

Southern Island
Southern Island Places and Objects
Ports of ships
Map of the Seas
Locate the Hidden Islands
Emeralds of Chaos
Smeraldi Sol
Guide to get S level

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