The Walkthrough of Inazuma Eleven 2: Snowstorm

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The solution is based on the US version of the game. There may be divergences from the Spanish version.

Chapter 1

Starting the first battle, we recommend that you use all the special moves at your disposal to be able to complete it in extreme speed. After winning, enjoy the cutscenes and proceed to the northwest section of the map, continuing to the next game screen. Talk to the boy on your right, examine the debris, enter the hole and watch the next short cutscene. Back outside, try to exit Ramon High by going east. You can start a battle; we recommend using the special moves frequently, as also indicated above, to be able to complete the battle with considerable speed. Then go out through the front gate. Reach Umbrella High, examine the aliens, take a left and begin your first real challenge.

Match: Gemini Strom
The game will follow a completely preordained "path", which will force you to be defeated. During the second round, a guy named Ace will join your party - but we don't recommend wasting time using special moves, as Jude will almost immediately go to use Inazuma Break, completing the match for good.

Cutscene, so go down the stairs out of the hospital. Talk to the Governor. Run to the station, north, talk to the two guys in the area. After the cutscene, talk to them individually, allowing them to join you. You will then gain access to two excellent players - Erik and Bobby.
Proceed to Umbrella, talk to the guys near the portal. Randomly choose the person who will join you as you proceed, this will have no effect on the continuation of the story. After another cutscene, you will return to Mark's house. Exit, project yourself towards Raimon. Talk to Lina, then - after the long cutscene - you'll come to chapter 2.

Chapter 2

Talk to the driver, agreeing to proceed to Nara. As you enter the city, watch the cutscene. Right, go up the stairs. Left, forward to the following screen. Left, approach the statue with the cherry blossoms. Talk to the man in the jacket. Go back one screen, try to go down the stairs. Before proceeding, we recommend that you go in search of some player sufficiently "suitable" for the continuation. Once this is done, continue north observing the cutscene. Once near the statue, a challenge will begin.

Match: Secret Service
Relatively simple match; we recommend using Axel Blaze to score, as all the other characters will tend to run much slower than usual.

Talk to the secret service in the center of the map, in front of the blue screen. Then exit east, then return to the bus. Use the connection map to locate Eugene Conwell, near the city of Nara. Once in the area, proceed east to meet him and convince him to join your group. Once this is done, you will be able to enter the TV station. Talk to the guards, who will promptly let you pass. Enter the upper left area, examine the elevator on the right. Look at the cutscene. Tori will join your group. We recommend placing it in your starting lineup for the next match.

Match: Gemini Storm
Place Axel inside your attacking group, trying to get him to kick near the penalty area. After a cutscene, you'll have to use Fire Tornado - but Axel will miss the shot. The enemy will then activate the "invincibility" mode, and you will lose by force.

After the cutscene, head towards Tokyo.

Chapter 3

Your goal here will be to recruit someone to act as a replacement for Axel. Proceed to Hokkaido, then north along the bridge, then west. After the event, talk to Veteran near the entrance. Approach the north area of ​​the playing field, talk to the boy next to the tree. He will join your team after some persuasion. Return to Northern Ridge, then north following the purple arrow. Once in Alpine JrHigh, go east and go up the stairs. Talk to the boy located behind the main door of the school. So go back to the camp, to the west. Talk to Shawn (center), agreeing on a game.

Match: Alpine
During the first of the two sections the situation will not differ substantially from a "normal" match, except the need to score at least two goals before the whistle that marks the end of the first half - we recommend placing your strongest striker along the left wing, more "unguarded". As soon as the second half begins, Shawn will immediately score goals using "Eternal Blizzard". This is why we have suggested that you score 2 goals during the first half - you will be sure to stay ahead.

After some other cutscenes, proceed to Northern Ridge. Talk to Shawn, then west to Nathan. It is therefore possible to train a little: do it, it will help you to overcome the following matches more easily. So go back to the bus; after a long cutscene, proceed to the outside of the school and then return to Northern Ridge. Talk to Shawn, starting a battle. Following the next story, head to the Alpine football pitch.

Match: Gemini Storm
We recommend placing Shawn on defense. Beware of Janus' "Warp Drive", it is almost certain that he will be able to score every time he uses it. At the second half, you will have to "change" Shawn and use his alter-ego to start a pre-programmed cut scene - Shawn will go and steal the ball, you will have to pass it to all the teammates and then give it back to Shawn, so that he go for your special "Eternal Blizzard" shot. This way, you will definitely score goals. At the end of the game, Shawn's alter ego will join your team and you can even say that you have completed the chapter permanently.

Video - Raimon vs Genesis

Chapter 4

Talk to Veteran, then stop in Kyoto. Straight, then east at the fork. After the event, exit the map and select Cloister as the next destination. Go up the stairs, go talk to Kik.

Partita: Cloister Divinity
Although we have 2 Flame Breaths available, we recommend using Shawn's Eternal Blizzard: it should lead with almost total certainty to a goal. A single goal will also be enough to win the challenge.

North, talk to Kik. After the conversation, south, go through the red gate. West, beyond the trees, then north again to talk to Kik again. Approach the city, continuing north until you find some stairs. Don't get any closer, preferring to talk to the guy on their left instead. Back south, talk to the boy in the alley on the left. Go back to the field. Prepare your team, then chat with Dvalin to start the game.

Match: Epsilon
Avoid using special moves - Shawn will never be able to complete them! After 10 minutes, you will go to view a cutscene. When it's over, pause the game and give the ball to the enemy closest to Banyan; at the same time, order Banyan to charge the enemy himself. Having used the right timing, Banyan will immediately steal the ball from the enemy and can use Whirlwind Force to finish the match in speed. Banyan will therefore definitely join your team.

Chapter 5

Proceed to Ehime, entering the city. You can now freely decide to "buy" some players, a move that we highly recommend, as your current team is not ready to face what lies ahead. Anyway, back in Ehime, proceed east and talk to the guy next to the G-mart. So right, enter the sports shop. Talk to the guy next to the saleswoman. Go back to the first screen, go down the next two flights of stairs. Talk to a guy here too. Exit the city, proceeding towards the port. After the cutscene, make your way to the royal academy. Enter north, examine the blue bridge. Enter again and talk to Ray Dark to begin the challenge.

Partita: Royal Academy Redux
This is certainly the most complex game so far. We recommend that you start attacking immediately as soon as you hear the referee's whistle. Proceed sideways and cross so that your character on the opposite side can then start off with a special move. Place Shawn and Kevin up front. You will now have to try - during these first 10 minutes - to score as many goals as possible.
When the minute count reaches 10, an intermission scene will start. The Royal Redux will score automatically. At the 20th minute, the opponents will proceed with the execution of another Emperor Penguin: Jude will however save you. Everything will be repeated also at the 10th minute of the second half - we therefore recommend replying through the use of Eternal Blizzard by Shawn, as well as Rainbow Arc by Tori: in this way you will almost certainly be able to score. After the "final" cutscene, Kevin will no longer be part of your team. Fortunately, many other players can replace him, so you shouldn't run into serious problems.

Chapter 6

Talk to Veteran, asking him to drop you off near Osaka city center. As soon as you arrive in the area, however, we recommend returning to Tokyo. Select "Royal Academy", then proceed west and talk to Drent to start a friendly. Before recruiting Stamford and King, we recommend talking to the guy on the first screen - he'll talk about a possible injury to both subjects. So, unfortunately, you won't be able to go and recruit them. Anyway, select Osaka and therefore the city center. Move immediately to the right, locating the boy. It's about Cloak, talk to him to start a friendly match. You can now try to make some recruits: we recommend Stonewall, Sparrow and Waldon.
From now on, we can provide a new tip: in case you want to get all the secrets included in the game it will be good to try to keep all your characters until you have reached a total of at least 80 players within your team. This is the minimum number necessary to face all the challenges without risking too much. However, back in Osaka, we recommend proceeding north by entering the next screen. Examine your mini-map and talk to the man next to the lightning bolt symbol. So go out and proceed towards Naniwa. You will have to choose one of four girls - we recommend that you prefer Nelly or Silvia. Then move to the left, talking to the character assigned to the sale of candy. After the skit, move clockwise. So move east to the next screen, talk to Jude-Celia-Nelly and Shawn. Go back, talk to Tod now, then to Sue for a fight.

Match: Triple C
There is no need to implement a precise strategy, given that most of the members of this team will not be able to cause you any real problems - they are absolutely mediocre players. Follow a standard strategy to still achieve victory with certainty.

However, in case Erik is in your party the next cutscene will be easy to get through. If it's not there, you'll need to talk to Sue again. Now right, towards the next screen. Talk to Sue, who can be located in front of the haunted house. Activate the mechanism on the right, go down the next stairs. In the area, an important character can join your group - it's Suzette Hartland. It has extremely balanced stats; however, avoid using her as an attacker, as her specific skills in this role leave a little to be desired.
You will then need to examine the machine visible in the upper right corner. This is a mechanism that allows you to increase the stats of all 16 members of your team; it is also the "right" time to train members of the Gemini Storm squad. We recommend that you focus on the "attack" and "special" paths, traditionally more effective and useful. You can then proceed outward and talk to Silvia. Back in the city, enter the "Okonomiyaki" restaurant, along the left side, near the lightning bolt symbol. So go back to the training area. Select any of the possible routes, then make your way forward to the soccer field.

Match: Epsilon
By completing this game, you will need a high-level striker to accompany Sue - we recommend favoring subjects like Shawn or Dirk. Starting the challenge, you will immediately notice how the enemy is preparing to use special moves often and willingly - it is still possible to score goals using standard moves, but in this case you would have problems in the defense, so you will have to choose immediately which of the two approaches. prefer.
The role of Toni will also be essential here, since his move "The Tower" will almost always manage to get the victory in any duel. In the rare case that enemies manage to outrun Tori, we recommend using Jack's "The Wall" or Bobby's "Volcano Cut". If, and let's say if (to underline the improbability of such an event) the enemies manage to proceed beyond these two moves, you can still use Mark's "The Hand" to reset the network odds by the enemies. However, after the end of the first half, you will have to start hammering your opponents using all your offensive skills. First activate Fired Up, then try to kick always using your most powerful move, so as to overcome without problems the "Special Save" typically available to Dvalin. Alternatively, you can try to kick at long range.

Chapter 7

Talk to Veteran, choosing Fukuoka as your destination, then the city center. So straight ahead, cross the bridge. East, always straight. At the entrance, talk to the boy and agree to a friendly. Before we begin, we recommend that you recruit a few more characters. First select Tokyo and then the tower. Go up the tower, talk to the boy (Peabody). Head to the shopping area, run right. In the center of the map, talk to the person present. Enter the noodle shop, talk to Peabody. Return to the city of Fukuoka, this time preferring to proceed to the second map. Talk to Peabody again, this time he will come to you and join the group. So proceed to Nara, enter the TV station, go up to the roof. Talk to Horse, then continue with the story. Cross the bridge, watch the cutscene, talk to the boy. Exit and head towards Fauxshore. Talk to Luckyman to start a game.

Match: Fauxshore
This is a very simple game: LaChance will be able to parry some of your special shots, but the opposing defense is a real sieve, so you will have no problem being able to "kick" several shots repeatedly until you score repeatedly.

After the challenge, return to Fukuoka. Continue to the second screen, enter the "empty" slot. Go back to Fauxshore. After the cutscene, you will have to fight against the Genesis.

Match: Genesis
The focus of this game will have to be Nathan: it will be necessary to place him in an area where he can receive the ball with relative ease, so that he then proceeds to score. In fact, in the middle of the event there will be an intermission scene, then you will have to pass the ball to Nathan, he will have to use "Dribble Special" to overcome the enemy. Taking advantage of the "Dribble Special" again, you will find yourself in front of the goal and you can shoot and score, concluding the question.

After the following cutscene, go talk to the trainer. LaChance will join your team. You can now proceed to the next chapter.

Video - Blizzard vs Genesis Storm

Chapter 8

Make your way to Okinawa. Talk to Silvia, who can be located just above you. So start exercising for a while before making your way to Mary Times. In the area, you can chat with Hurley to start a game.

Match: Mary Times
The opening cutscene will be very long. You will be thrown directly into the second part of the game, after the first half ends at 1-1. The defense of your opponents (Mary Times) is extremely weak, so you will be able to penetrate it without any problem. The generally best strategy is to try to kick an enormous amount of shots towards the opposing goalkeeper, so that a small percentage will enter the goal with confidence. You will thus certainly obtain victory.

So get off and look towards the south-east area of ​​the map. You'll notice a person on the beach, Saggy. Talk to him, telling him to join your group. So go back to the city; after several cutscenes, go back to the bus and talk to Silvia, always answering "yes". Go back to Mary Times again, talk to the boys placed in the center of the field. Proceed back to town, watch the cutscene, head south and talk to Hurley now. You will now notice the lighthouse to the northwest; converse further with Hurley, then with the Mary Times coach east of the field. Go back to the lighthouse, enter it. Yet another skit, therefore yet another return in that of Mary Times. Before proceeding with any other options, make sure your entire party is properly taken care of. So talk to Lina near the camp.

Partita: Advanced Epsilon
First place Shawn, Jude, Jack and Kane in your main party. By the tenth minute, Shawn will go crazy and perform an Eternal Blizzard, sadly failing. After the next cutscene, you'll have to go replace Shawn. Before the first half of the game time runs out, Dvalin will go for a Gungir and your three Raimon pillars will block him.
During the next second half Dvalin will go for another Gungir, but Mark will stop it using the "Fist of Justice". Give the ball to Alex, letting him "kick" inwards or in any case around the penalty area. So use Fireball Storm for an automatic "goal". You will now have to worry primarily about Dvalin and Metron, which can still be stopped quite easily using Io and the associated "Gravitation" move. However, given your goal advantage over your opponents, the whole match will turn out to be not particularly complex. Try to defend properly and you will almost certainly be able to appropriate the victory.

Chapter 9

Talk to Lina, then proceed to the Raimon area of ​​Tokyo. After exploring the new school, have a conversation with Silvia. So speak to Aphrodite as soon as you feel ready.

Match: Zeus
It is a game whose management requires some attention. First of all, we recommend avoiding long-range passes and / or shots, as all characters on the rival team know how to use Divine Stamp. We recommend going mainly to the right, then using your "wings" to allow your attackers to have more possibilities. To win duels between your characters and those of the rival team, it is advisable to use the most powerful moves possible.

After several cutscenes, return to Raimon to talk to Silivia. So continue to River Bank, east to the next screen, talk to the three elders. Go back to the bus, chat with Lina and continue to the forest in Fuji. Left, reaching the following screen - two alternatives will be given here, proceed north. At the second fork, go east and then east twice. Retrieve the "Dash Storm" manual. Return to the previous screen, go north. West, then north, follow the path. Collect the treasure in the area, then go back going east twice. Make your way along the northeast path. In the following screen, follow the path east. Go down to a fork at 4 - west, use the portal to heal yourself, then go back to the fork. This time, make your way east. Collect the treasure chests, head south. Continue south, retrieve the treasures and talk to the four guys. Interact with the light object, then - after the cutscene - converse with Lina and make your way to Alius' headquarters.
Open the door in front of you in the first area belonging to the laboratory. North, ignore the door on the right, enter the area to the north. Get the badge for the first level. Go back out, right. Ignore the lower right door to the dead end. Get the treasure, then go back and interact with the safety switch behind the laser-covered area. Keep going straight. North, open the door in front of you. Grab the treasure, go back out and proceed east. Then north, another treasure in the final area. Enter the door on the right, below you. Follow the path up, open the red door, recover the treasure. Go back to the first fork, left. Ignore the first door, continuing to the fork. East, go through the two doors, retrieve the key. Go back to the fork, left. Ignore the door to the south as you make your way along the laser path.
Proceed straight up to the crossroads consisting of 4 streets. Ignoring the door on the left, continue north, another crossroads, still north. Enter the door in front of you. After the cutscene, you will have to fight against the robots around you.

Match: Robot Guards
Darren will have to be the goalkeeper here, Shawn the defender, Mark and Jude will have to act as attackers. We also recommend making Jude use one of his "shots" as the final blow, so that a skit starts that instructs you to use Death Zone 2 to score goals. After that the game will proceed in a "standard" way. After half the time, you will have to place Shawn as the attacker, telling him to try the new move "Legendary Wolf". In this way, you are going to completely ensure victory.

After the cutscene, head north. Interact with the control unit in the center. Exit and continue to the right. Use the safety switch to proceed over the nearby laser path. Another crossroads, this time it is preferable to go left. Ignore the first door, then head north to the next. Retrieve the chest, return to the initial area, proceeding to the right. North, then left towards the door. Go through it and get the treasure. At the crossroads, turn left to retrieve a badge. Enter the previous door, go north, then east at the fork. Retrieve the chest, go back to the fork and take a left. Save your game and use the blue portal. Use the badge, make your way to the challenge against Genesis.

Match: Genesis
Shawn and Mark will have to be the attackers, Darren the goalkeeper. Have Shawn use Legendary Wolf, then watch the next cutscenes. You should almost certainly be able to score at least one goal. Unfortunately, as soon as the second half begins, your enemies will completely recover all their attack points: use all your most powerful moves to intercept the enemies as soon as they manage to take control of the sphere.

Chapter 10

Go back to Tokyo, Raimon. West, talk to the only person in the area. Exit and proceed to the hospital, entering. Look at the cutscene. Approach the soccer field, talk to Smith. North, talk to the woman on the steps. Exit and proceed to the tower, converse with Hillman. Try to get out by pushing back the Alius. Then continue towards Raimon. Talk to the subjects with "tunic" to start a challenge. The initial challenge will not be "real", or rather - you will be able to win it with enormous ease, it does not require specific indications. The situation will be different for the following challenge, which also coincides with the final.

Partita: Dark Emperors
Mark will have to act as a goalkeeper, Axel as a striker. Dark Emperors have some seriously notable abilities; however, they are also characterized by some easily exploited weaknesses - firstly their keeper can suffer "Brainwashing", and secondly their players are unable to use their "typical" moves frequently. We therefore recommend - by contrast - to use special moves often and willingly, almost in every duel, thus guaranteeing you the almost certainty of a victory. Also ignore the cutscenes that dot each game, they will not significantly affect the result.

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