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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences with the Spanish one.

First mission: The fall of the Western Brand

The Nephilim has felt the presence of evil in the Western Brand, without delay begins his journey to save innocent humans. From the starting point, advance until you meet Horadrim Lorath Nar. Kill the first enemy wave and enter the Wolf Gate. Go through the hall until you collide with a gate that will close in front of you, move to the side of the blocked passage to find an access to the sewer system of the city. Advance until you meet the desperate citizens, talk to them and go through the door to find yourself in the streets of the city, walk through these until you reach the cathedral. Approaching the sacred palace, you will be attacked by some enemy waves, eliminate them and await the arrival of the Archangel Tyrael, talk to him to discover that behind the horrendous attack lies the Archangel of death Malthael. Follow the guards inside the Cathedral to face the game's first boss, Kasadya. Your opponent will be able to teleport, summon enemies and release flames to the ground in the form of spheres. It won't be a difficult fight if you take care to avoid contact with the fire itself. Once you've won this first battle, talk to Tyrael again and head outside the cathedral through the same door you used to enter. Finally, talk to General Torion to complete the first mission and start the next.

Second mission: The souls of the dead

From the second mission onwards, you will have the opportunity to move freely within the Enclave of the Survivors, this place will become the headquarters for the entire act, here you will have access to the various merchants and soon also to the enchantress, you will be able to dispose of your personal chest and talk to your allies. Leave the Enclave by taking the path that climbs to the left and reach the popular districts of the city. You will be asked to reach a precise position within the neighborhoods, then, start your exploration by eliminating each enemy and, once you are close to the objective, a yellow arrow will appear on the mini-game map to indicate the proximity of the place. you are looking for. Follow the main path and reach the Crucible of Souls, you will have to collide with an Angelic Handmaid who is using four piles of corpses to charge the Crucible itself with dark power. Focus on the corpse piles themselves and take them out one at a time, making sure you never get overwhelmed by the enemies that keep popping up. Once the piles have been destroyed, you will have to deal with the Handmaid herself. It will not be a complicated battle since your enemy does not have special powers. Once you have emerged victorious from the battle, check out a pile of corpses left to the northwest of the same area to meet the Enchantress, the new merchant featured in Reaper of Souls. Take the north exit and go to Briarthorn Cemetery. Go through the entire area eliminating the enemies present until the canonical yellow arrow appears on the mini-game map to indicate the proximity of your next objective, the inner courtyard. Follow the only path available until you reach the new Crucible of Souls. As for the previous battle, dedicate yourself to the corpse piles that will be six instead of four, then, defeat the Handmaid and use the city portal to return to the Enclave of the Survivors together with the enchantress who, from now on, can change appearance and ownership of your pieces of equipment at the cost of some materials that can be obtained by destroying useless items at the blacksmith.

Third mission: the Forerunner

Inside Survivor's Enclave, join Tyrael outside the cathedral and talk to him to start the third mission. Then go to the northwest exit of the Enclave to enter the uptown areas of the city. As you explore these neighborhoods in search of the Korelan Tower, beware of some unique enemies called Flame Maidens, killing three before reaching your destination will earn you a bonus achievement. As you approach the entrance to the Tower, the usual yellow arrow will appear to indicate the right way. Enter the Korelan Tower to face Urzael.

Boss: Urzael

Urzael will not be a very agile foe and will tend to move slowly making fairly predictable movements. Whenever it stops, you will have to pay attention to the appearance of some red rings on the floor, the boss is about to perform a leap and will land exactly in the center of these particular red rings. When he points the cannon towards the ceiling opening fire, he will drop several debris on the battle ground, these will be previously indicated by red lines and will remain for the entire duration of the battle, they will catch fire and become lethal but static, obstacles to be absolutely avoided. When the tip of the enemy cannon glows, move away from its central arc to avoid being hit by the blast of fire that follows. After several damage dealt, Urzael will significantly change her attacks, the blaze of the cannon will be wider and more intense, and the debris will fall in a straight line instead of in a circle. Once Urzael is defeated, Malthael will appear, talk to the Fallen Archangel, then use the city portal to return to the Enclave.

Fourth mission: The Witch

Talk to the Enchantress in the center of the Enclave, then move southwest to the ruins entrance. Follow the path straight until you reach the entrance to the tomb. Take out the tiny but numerous enemies until you reach the guide stone, then continue north to enter the Blood Marsh.

Explore the area until you find a new stone that will open access to the next area. Here you will have to explore the area in search of the other guide stones, each of these when activated, will eliminate one of the symbols that indicate the original entrance to the ruins, find the three stones to eliminate three symbols, the last of these remaining will indicate the Correct entrance for the Corvus Passage which will immediately appear on your mini-game map. Make your way inside the ruins until you reach the great hall of the fight with the Witch Adria, the mother of Leah and an accomplice of Diablo.

Boss: Adria

Adria does not have a large range of attacks, she can teleport and attack with her limbs, these will glow red before striking, signaling the appropriate time to move from melee. Some circles of arcane power will appear on the ground during the fight, these circles will inflict different damage and must be avoided absolutely. Whenever the Witch heads to the pool of blood, she will summon some semi-liquid creatures, if you step on them, they will explode, reclaiming the area below with lethal liquid. Once you have emerged victorious from the fight, speak to Lorath Nahr who will appear next to you.

Fifth mission: The Gate of Pandemonium

After talking to Tyrael after finishing the previous mission, go through the newly created portal to reach Pandemonium. The Archangel will be really impressed with what he sees once he gets there. Head north to hire Lamial and his reapers. Once the area has been cleared of any hostile presence, you will be joined by Imperius. Talk to the newcomer and follow him through the warpath. Once you get to the opposite side, you will start the next mission.

Sixth mission: The fields of eternal war

Move north along the only path until you reach Imperius again. Talk to the Archangel and continue north again, to the first closed gate where you will be joined again by Imperius who will clear the area for you. At the next block, the enemies will drop a siege rune, continue around the area following the same path with the Archangel until you reach the portal to the fields of eternal battle. Once there, you will have to explore the area and follow the yellow arrow on the mini-game map to find the imprisoned demons, kill the lesser followers and awaken the main enemy who, once killed, will leave his siege rune. Kill two other imprisoned demons always following the same path, then, head to the siege outpost that will be indicated on your mini-game map. Always move north to collide with Thilor, and once he is eliminated, talk to Tyrael to start the next mission.

Seventh mission: Break through the fortress

You will find a huge siege ram on top of it. Several enemies will approach it by climbing above it, your task will be to eliminate each enemy and, when chains are attached, first dedicate yourself to them, and then return to dedicate yourself to the lesser enemies. Once the last group of chains is eliminated, a unique enemy will appear along with minor enemies, eliminate him along with his followers to finish this mission as well.

Eighth mission: The angel of death

Walk north with good Tyrael and talk to him when he stops. Follow the main path to the first level of the fortress. Shoot the Guardian at the spirit wall to continue the main mission. Go through the gate to start a short cutscene, then use the death portal to enter the portion of Pandemonium Fortress under the enemy siege. The first level will be a purely exploration section, make your way up to the stairs to the next level and continue on to the clash with Seraziel. Once you have emerged victorious from the battle, destroy the nearby chain. Reach and go through the next portal of death and blast your way through eliminated enemies to the second level of the Pandemonium Fortress. The next section of the level will see you go through a multitude of gateways from platform to platform until you reach the third level. Advance on the one path and make preparations as the last battle awaits you right inside the heart of the fortress that lies ahead.

Boss: Malthael

The clash with Malthael will be divided into different phases, through these, some attacks will always remain the same. You will be attacked with a charge directed towards you, deadly clouds that will appear behind the boss himself and then turn for the entire area of ​​the fight, if you touch they could freeze you, significantly slowing down your every movement. The Archangel of the morea will also be able to teleport at will to any point of the area to move away and perform a charge, or, to approach and hit you with an attack of the sickles.

During the first phase, your enemy will move to the center to perform the soul drain attack, some small souls will begin to circulate around his body to move outwards. The second phase will start when the life energy of the boss is about 70%, during this, Malthael will summon some minor enemies useful to be killed and collect precious healing globes, also will summon some black skulls that will rotate like the previous souls, but they will start from the outside and once they reach the center they will be thrown outwards again. The third and final phase of the fight will begin when the enemy's energy is at 40%, when the boss will teleport to the center of the area, throw an icy nova in eight different directions and the only safe zone will be behind the enemy himself. . Once the fight is over, talk to Tyrael to finish Reaper of Souls.

Adventure mode

Once you have eliminated the Archangel of Death and restored peace (for now) to Sanctuary, you will have a brand new "end game" mode called Adventure. To activate this mode you will have to select it in the settings on the main game screen. From now on, you will be able to freely face each level of the game without any restrictions, you will have access to the Nefilim obelisk and to the bounties.

The Sizes
In each act of the game you will have five tasks to complete, these vary in type and may involve killing a particular enemy or completing a particular minor mission. Once you have completed the five tasks, you must go and talk to Tyrael to receive a crate of Horadrici supplies, inside which you can find special legendary items unique to each act, with six randomly generated stats and a special legendary property.

The Trials of the Nefilim
By completing the bounties, you will get some fragments of the Nefilim Gateway keys, with five of these fragments, you will be able to interact with the Nefilim Obelisk and open the portal for the trial. These special levels, are randomly generated both as a setting and as enemies present, you could be attacked by opponents of the first and fourth act at the same time. The purpose of these tests is to eliminate the greatest number of opponents and fill a particular bar visible on the right, after which the boss of the test will appear, this particular enemy can be an enhanced version of the unique enemies or one of the secondary bosses of the campaign mode (like Ghom). By eliminating these powerful enemies, you will get different objects and the possibility of earning a Forgotten Soul, a legendary material necessary to create and modify legendary objects, also you will always get blood crystals, with this particular currency, you can go to the special merchant Kadala ( marked on the mini-map by an orange crystal) and buy some mysterious pieces of equipment, you don't know if the item you are buying is magical, rare or even legendary and the only way to find out is to buy them.

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