The solution of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

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The solution is based on the US version for Xbox 360 of the game, so there may be some discrepancies compared to other versions.

Sequence 01

Memory 01: Edward Kenway
The very first phase of Assassin's Creed IV places you at the helm of a vessel engaged in a battle with another ship. Don't worry, this is the initial tutorial, useful to recap the dynamics and game mechanics borrowed from the third chapter, so you will be guided step by step in each maneuver. After the easy victory, swim to the shore, then at the end of the cut-scene run up the log and reach the bridge, following the rays of light to get to the point of the first synchronization. Then launch into the bushes below you and continue northwest. Following the mysterious character, now reach the tower to the north for another synchronization, then return to the chase using the shortcuts on the right to reach your objective: draw your weapons and defeat your opponent. Then dive into the water and continue towards the vessel. After another dive into the brambles, follow the tutorial that explains how to sneak up on the guard: put what you have learned to use, then meet the merchant. Finally, return to the ship and set sail.

In the sequence set today, follow the woman, then select FI. 2 - Sample 17 using your personal interface and then interact with the receptionist. Finally, follow Melanie to close this section, unless you want to explore the environment in search of Sticky Note.

Sequence 02

Memory 01: Lively Havana
After purchasing a glittering sword thanks to the sightseeing tour offered by Stede, take advantage of the bell tower of the nearby church to synchronize and orient yourself. Once you find the tavern you will have to help Stede anyway, by identifying the pickpocket and stopping him. Then return the stolen money to Stede and follow him to the tavern, where a fight will take place: it is actually another tutorial, simply follow the directions on the screen and you will complete the mission in a short time.

Memory 02: ...and My Sugar?
At the dock, near the exclamation point, find out what happened to Stede. Your task now, however, is to follow the Spanish soldiers without getting noticed, so stay behind them at a safe distance using passers-by and obstacles to avoid being identified. When the guards stop, pay the dancers to distract them and overhear the conversation while keeping pace with the men conversing. Then use the sight of the eagle to lock the Captain, then follow him even more closely if you want, as the man does not usually look over his shoulder while walking. Take advantage of his stop and steal the key, then use the planks to reach the fort, keeping yourself leveled against the wall. Lure the guards with a whistle and take them out silently. Then move to the other side of the fort and kill the guards on the top floor, then reach the indicated point and after the cut-scene go back to Stede.

Memory 03: Mister Walpole, I Presume?
From the gates of the Governor's mansion proceed to the terrace along the path and eliminate the indicated targets, then talk to Rogers and defeat him in the competition he proposes, after which also speak to Julien.

At the village Julien and Rogers will show you the targets to be eliminated, also explaining what kind of assassination they claim to see. So fulfill their wishes, then talk to Julien again. To conclude this mission, finally pickpocket the three indicated subjects before the meeting comes to an end.

Memory 04: A Man They Cal the Sage
After talking to Rogers, follow the group and when the assassins arrive make sure you don't lose sight of Torres. It doesn't matter if you miss any enemies, make sure you are close to Torres when the man walks away. Do not follow The Sage over the rooftops, but keep to the ground until you have reached the lawn and take post for his arrival, then spread him out.

Memory 05: Cliaming What's Due
After the chat with Stede, jump over the fence and take advantage of the tall grass to take out the first two guards, then lure the third one to that area as well. Sneak to the building to the south, throw yourself on the straw and lure the other guards in that area into the grass to sneak out. Steal the key and climb over the wall using the crates, hide in the grass and when possible climb over again thanks to the help offered by the wagon. Then move left and finally open the prison gate.

Memory 06: The Treasure Fleet
Stand near the doors and whistle the first three guards to sneak out and fulfill an optional objective. Then interact with the table to start a cut-scene. Go up using the stairs and take out the enemies along the way to the first group of prisoners to free. Then move around using the ship's masts to get to the second group, while eliminating the guards below you. Then move on to the next ship, eliminate the Brute, free the prisoners and use the fast ascent system to return to the mast and from there switch to the other ship. This time, stay under cover, taking out the various patrols of guards before releasing the prisoners here as well. Then follow the former inmates into the water and finally board the last ship where you will have to eliminate the Captain to be able to take the helm. So navigate in the direction of the waypoint paying attention to the ships that target you, but also to the highest waves and tornadoes.

Sequence 03

Memory 01: This Tyro Captain
Upon reaching Abaco Island, you are required to kill two iguanas and two leopards. Along the road that leads to the felled log that serves as a waypoint you should immediately encounter a couple of iguanas that you can eliminate without much difficulty. For leopards, hunting will be a little more complex. Look for the area to the north which includes a freerun course to come across the required pair of specimens. After killing the two animals, a menu will automatically open: go to the crafting section and select Pistol Hoster II and Health Upgrade I. To close the mission, talk to Adewale again.

Memory 02: Now Hiring
The exclamation point south of Abaco Island introduces you to Nassau. At the end of the cutscene, go to the tavern where you find Adewale. Talk to him to receive your next mission: to help the prisoners. Scattered around the island are several knots of prisoners fighting with the guards. Start from the area north of the tavern and then move in a circle to find them all. Obviously you will have to actively participate in each fight by helping the prisoners defeat the guards to successfully complete the mission.

Memory 03: Prizes and Plunder
Meet Benjamin Hornigold on the beach north of Nassau to begin this mission. Sail south, looking for a sailing ship that has rum on board. When you have found it, attack it, but be careful not to sink it: it will be enough for you to prevent it from moving in order to jump on board and individually eliminate the crew that survived the attack. Optional objectives require you to kill three sailors using the spinning cannon and loot 20 units of rum. Since your destination is Salt Bay Key, not exactly close by, decide if you prefer to sail in peace or make other raids along the way. Anyway, after the waypoint, buy a Hull Armor Upgrade to close the mission.

Memory 04: Raise the Black Flag
This mission requires you to loot metal and sugar. At some point during your looting you will notice that the level of notoriety will skyrocket, putting on your trail the ships of the Hunter, indicated with an X on the map: if you want to meet all the secondary objectives, try to loot one. Finally, return to Salt Key Bank and bribe the local officer, then purchase the Broadside Cannons by interacting with the model ship in the captain's rooms to close the mission.

Memory 05: Sugarcane and Its Yelds
Go to Andreas Island and talk to James Kidd. Then follow the man and, once stopped, use the eagle's sight to locate your target. Then follow the man you have so identified up to the restricted access area, taking advantage of the tall grass and small groups of people to avoid being identified. When flagged, return to your ship and follow the agent's ship, staying out of his yellow line of sight. Once in Cat Island, run along the coast to regain eye contact with the target. While the two men are conversing, jump over the fence and stand in the tall grass so as not to be surprised.
At this point you need to get hold of the key and deactivate two alarms. Start with the first objective by heading west where, near the tower, you meet the guard who holds the key along with a companion. Kill them both by surprising them from behind and steal the item. Now return to the tower and attack the patrolling guards taking advantage of the moments when no one is looking in your direction, then approach the first bell and sabotage it. Now go to the warehouse and move to the east side, throwing yourself in the pile of leaves when the Captain looks away. Come out at the right moment and kill the Captain along with the guard who guards the second bell to be sabotaged. Before leaving, if you want, you can loot the warehouse.

Memory 06: Proper Defenses
Reach the waypont in the Salt Lagoon and head north. To identify your target, the El Arca Del Maestro ship, you will need to use the telescope. Follow the ship avoiding re-entering its visual cone or that of any other nearby ship, until you end up involved in a naval battle during which you will initially be required to avoid the mortar rounds, indicated in yellow. After that you will be attacked by eight ships: sink them all to close the mission. Note that if you want to complete the secondary objectives you will need to purchase the Heavy Shot upgrade before the war operations begin.

Memory 07: A Single Madman
Reach the Great Iguana and move left, until you reach a fairly large area. From there proceed through the ruins inside the jungle and surprise a first guard. Then run to the columns ahead and stay hidden until the time is right for a second kill. Moving cautiously and taking advantage of every hiding place, continue your advance towards the waypoint. Now follow the slope and return to the jungle, seeing in front of you a village that you can approach using vines and trees. Enter the stalking zne on the left, noting the presence of a shortcut on the right side that prevents you from going through the center of the village. Then take the causeway and watch out for the Gunner.
Once in the city, hide in the bush near the door of the nearest house, wait for the patrol to pass and call the guard's attention to the door with a whistle to eliminate it without attracting too much attention. After that proceed towards the waypoint, but not before having studied the path of the patrolling guards to use the corners of the buildings as ideal places to ambush. Then hide in the bushes to surprise the guard near the tree, then wait for his colleague on the beach to look away and set the gunpowder bag on fire, rushing back to cover. The explosion will trigger the search for the bomber among the brambles, so sneak out to sea and swim in the direction of Julien's ship. Climb aboard on the far side and toss the guard near the bulkhead into the water, making sure you are not seen by the patrol. Then reach the bottom of the ship and use the ropes to reach the trees: move up there until you are perpendicular to Julien, after which you launch into a spectacular aerial assassination.

Follow Melanie into the elevator and select FI. 15 -CCO. An intermission scene takes place in Olivier's office: at the end, return to Subject 17 and reach the waypoint to receive permission from John to move throughout Level 1. Approach the computer and complete the first hacking mini-game. which prompts you to connect the point on the green line. Then explore the whole area, collecting the sticky notes, memos and audio files.

Sequence 04

Memory 01: This Old Cove
Reach the Mayan Stela thanks to Kidd's guide and then climb to the top of the structure. Here you are asked to solve a small quiz: line up the shapes according to the drawings on the ground to find out where you can unearth a Mayan Stone, along with the indication of all the others on the map. Then follow Kidd inside a cave, then reach the lookout point and jump below to meet up with Kidd again and conclude this section as well.

Memory 02: Nothing Is True
Talk to Adewale at the Jackdaw to start the mission, then enter the Captain's room and interact with the map to access Knway's Fleet (this action is only possible if the console is connected to the internet; if you are playing offline, ignore this. indication). Sail towards Tulum and, after disembarking, climb over the nearby wall to hide in the stalking zone. Wait for the two killers to split up and follow them, killing them individually with an ambush. Climb the ship's mast to synchronize with the lookout and then launch below, picking up the Animus fragment a few steps away. Then head to the waypoint, opting for an underwater swim in case you are interested in collecting the treasure along the way. In the new area, climb the vegetation to watch the moves of the two killers, waiting for the right moment to swoop down behind them. In the next area you will notice several assassins: keep to the left, close to the wall, until the guard leaves his position allowing you to access the stairs. Climb the wall and deal first with the single immobile assassin, after which move to the left and eliminate the second one: for the third it is better to wait for his return to a position far from the patrol circles of the other assassins to prevent the finding of his corpse sets off the alarm. Then follow the fourth assassin to the right and ambush him near the ruins on the hill, to avoid being seen by the others in the distance. Then retrace your steps and call the guard's attention to the door with a whistle. After eliminating her, take care of her colleague on patrol. Finally, pay attention to the Gunner near the waypoint. On the right a bush can offer you shelter, but it is vital that you pass the waypoint without being seen so as not to have to repeat the entire section. To conclude the mission, it is enough at this point to get close to Kidd, but if you want to find a Mayan Stone in the west and a useful treasure to satisfy the optional objective.

Memory 03: The Sage's Buried Treasure
This is certainly not the most complicated of the missions: for a good part of the time you will simply have to follow Kidd by replicating his movements. You encounter a first difficulty at the bridge: instead of following Kidd, use the vines on the left to reach the red effigy of the jaguar, identical to the one with which Kidd interacts, and push it down. Further on, the on-screen directions will explain how to reach the underwater Mayan temple.

The puzzle that is activated on that occasion requires you to combine each effigy according to the color indicated on the wheel. Use the unstained effigies to make one go up outside the circle, jump on one of the colored ones instead to lower one into the circle. Repeat this sequence with all three effigies to successfully complete the mission.

Memory 04: Overrun and Outnumbered
Put the guard to sleep with a soporific dart to clear the way for Kidd to show you how to permanently knock out a stunned enemy by getting him kicked. After following Kidd up the tree to the right, jump to the nearby ledge to deal with the Gunner. You should now be able to safely aim at the guard controlling the stairs and his three colleagues below, great targets for a soporific arrow. Free the prisoner in the temple, then locate a sheltered spot, perhaps in the bushes on the left, and from there hit a guard with a Berserk Dart. This arrow confuses its target, unleashing it on its companions. So enjoy the scene and then arrange any survivors before freeing the other prisoners. Repeat what you just did in the north and south areas where other prisoners are, then locate the observation point and climb it to perform a leap of faith. After freeing more prisoners to the north, head down to the bushes where other prisoners need your help. The Gunner on the tower, however, makes the operation more complicated on this occasion. So retrace your steps and use the path on the right to reach the ropes that allow you to get to the tower. Then take out the men crowding under the tower and free the prisoners. If you've done a clean job without leaving any victims on your forehead, you should be rewarded with a cut-scene.

Sequence 05

Memory 1: The Forts
Visit Nassau and enjoy the cut-scene, after which cruise at the helm of the Jackdaw to the exclamation point, then get rid of the enemy galleon. Once any damage to the Jackdaw is repaired, storm the fort. If you want to unlock the optional objective that involves the use of the mortar, you will have to buy the relative update. After knocking down the towers you will have free field to access the fort. Swim to the beach and once inside the facility kill the officer on the right to reach the war room on the upper floors.

Memory 02: Travelling Salesman
Talk to Adewale in Kingston, after which follow your target into the forbidden zone. Make an immediate right to climb up onto the rooftops, then when the man turns north up into the trees, where you will have a chance to kill the first of the four Gunners required by the optional objective. Further on, go up to the roof again, using the chimney cover to take out a second Gunner. At this point the target crosses a garden and continues north. You look for the nearby building to the west with a ladder to return to the rooftops, from where you will follow it even after the turn to the south. On a higher building you will also encounter another Gunner. When it is no longer possible to go further, take a leap of faith, then take advantage of a passage in the gate and jump into the wagon to eliminate, in sequence, a soldier and a Brute.
When the stalking returns to the street enter the first building with the door open to return to the rooftops: as you advance, move on the wooden plank that connects your building with the house to the north to find and kill a fourth Gunner. Finally go down with a new leap of faith and kill the soldiers, then continue hiding from bush to bush. When the group of soldiers stops to talk, throw smoke bombs at them and face them, but be careful of Kidd's moves so that he doesn't escape you when he decides to run away.

Memory 03: Unmanned
After performing a sync on the windmill in Kingston, talk to Kidd to start a cut-scene. Go downstairs using a spectacular leap of faith, then move into the grass to kill the man patrolling the bell and his colleague just beyond the barrier. After laying the Gunner on the tower, you can now sabotage the first bell. From the tower move towards the straw and from there reach the bushes: if there is no one around, move along the wall towards the bell, attracting any passing guards to you with a whistle. Then take out the two guards wandering around the tower, knock out the Gunner and sabotage the second bell as well. The third and last bell is located near the tree whose trunk divides into two large branches to the north. By hiding in the canopy of nearby trees you can catch up with a Brute with a Berserk Dart and wreak havoc. When the waters have calmed, eliminate any survivors and sabotage the last bell.
So meet Kidd at the waypoint, after which go through the gate and hide in the bushes so as not to be noticed by the Brute. Then climb the façade wall to get to the roof and use the chimney cover to eliminate the Gunner. Finally locate Prins below you and kill him. Now everyone knows of your presence, so keep to the rooftops and only get off if necessary as you make your way to the wagon noticed in the cut-scene. Once out of the forbidden area, blend in with the passers-by until you reach Kidd.

Sequence 06

Memory 01: Diving for Medicines
After visiting Nassau and seeing a cut-scene, return to the Jackdaw and purchase the Diving Bell. Then set sail to the coast of Florida to meet Blackbeard: after the cut-scene, follow the waypoint to locate the place to moor and leave the Diving Bell. Then dive and enter the ship's carcass, using the barrels to get air, until you reach the hatch highlighted: then interact with the chest for a cut-scene. In the next phase you then move inside a strong current in which objects swirl that you will obviously have to avoid. Finally, hide among the algae to escape the sharks.

Memory 02: Devil's Advocate
After meeting the pirates at the Salt Lagoon, navigate in the direction indicated by the waypoint trying to rescue at least five survivors along the way to meet the optional objective. Then locate Blackbeard's ship and rush to help, using the smoke bombs to stun the soldiers and eliminate them, as required by the second optional objective. Win the battle, take control of Queen Anne's Revenge and take on the Man o 'War with the powerful side guns of Blackbeard's ship. Your final task is to kill the captain of the Man o 'War: use the ropes and masts to jump aboard the enemy ship and get rid of its captain with the technique of your choice.

Memory 03: The Siege of Charles-Towne
Reach the Bonnet Revenge and navigate at a slow pace staying out of sight of the control towers until you reach the landing. Now your target is the bell. Move on the rooftops and, after a leap of faith, eliminate the patrolling guard then attract the other not far away with a whistle. These two should be the only enemy units to pose a threat upon reaching the bell. So sabotage it then return to the ship. Follow the ship on foot and spot three crocodiles along the way that can be stunned with a dart and skinned to fulfill secondary objectives.

Your pursuit passes through a ship and a church before returning to the ground. Beyond the crates, enter a grassy area. Climb the wall as you eavesdrop on the conversation of the small group of men, keeping within close range, but without being seen and stopping when they do the same. After using the barrels as a hiding place, the sound of the alarm will put the captain to flight. Follow him using the ramps and other detours that almost always allow you to escape from the guards. The game requires you to reach him near a railing arranged in a V, where you can finally kill him.

Go up to Olivier's office and follow John's instructions. Then enter the restricted access area on level 2 and hack the surveillance cameras (7-5-2) to watch the meeting. After the cutscene, keep doing what John tells you, hacking Olivier's computer first to read the "CONFIDENTIAL - Subject - RE: Potential Time Periods?" File, then wait for the assistant to come out to access his computer as well. Finally, go back to the lobby, enter the room on the right and hack the security cameras, then give the files to Rebecca and Shaun and return to the Animus.

Sequence 07

Memory 01: We Demand a Parlay
Talk to the man indicated on the map in Nassau to start the mission. So follow Rogers, climbing up the first building on the left and killing the guard who comes towards you. Reserve the same fate for another guard who breaks away from a group of men. Then move to the tree posting, then keep moving across the rooftops to the left, killing any guards that get in your way, until the men enter the fort. Use the platform to the left of the entrance to access the fort. So move on the ramparts, silently eliminating the guards along the way, then go down and wait for the group of guards below to go away. Finally hide in the grass and wait for the Brute to pass and then sabotage the bell. At this point you can move without difficulty following the directions without risking being de-synchronized.

Memory 02: The Gunpowder Plot
After talking to Charles Vane in Nassau, I went to the exclamation point to start the mission. Your task is simple: grab the indicated gunpowder barrels. You don't even have to worry about hiding, there is no penalty for detecting your position by the guards. Indeed, the secondary objectives encourage you to expose yourself and seek open confrontation.

Memory 03: Commodore Eighty-Sixed
After talking to Vane in Nassau, you are given a new mission that involves stalking. Tag the group of men with the eagle sight and follow them as they approach the forbidden area, then turn right and be ready to blend in as you will soon see them heading towards you. Then move to the right and climb the hill to perform a leap of faith and rejoin the group. As you move to the side of the tents your objective will change from simple stalking to murdering the Commodore. So swim to the ship and use the debris to get on board, climb the mainmast and use the ropes to get over your target and eliminate it.

Memory 04: The Fireship
After conversing with Vane again in Nassau to start the mission, get ready to escort the Royal Phoenix while protecting it from attacking ships. Use the mortar and use the fire barrels in times of difficulty. Once you break through the lines of the army you shouldn't have much difficulty reaching the end point of the mission.

Sequence 08

Memory 01: Do Not Get Gently
After starting the mission by going to the exclamation point on Abaco Island, you will once again be involved in a stalking. Initially try to divert attention from your actions by sitting on the bench and joining the men around the fire. In the next area, a new phase will begin in which you will have to eavesdrop on your target's conversation. Quickly take out the guards near the barrels, then move to the left of the steps, then enter the building after killing another guard. Cross the courtyard and hide in the grass and after killing another guard enter the room on the left, then go up the ramp. Drop down after the group passes and follow them into the field.
In short, your objective changes and you are asked to return to the Jackdaw within a time limit: run and avoid the fire, nothing complicated. Once on board you will have to defeat the Man o 'War, board it and survive until the cut-scene starts, at which point swim back to your ship and escape the enemy fleet to close the mission.

Memory 02: Vainglorious Bastards
After the scene with Vane and follow the ship hitting it with the mortar and any other weapons at your disposal to the area near the lair, where you will be given 15 seconds to save Vane. At that point, continue to damage the ship, letting the defenses of the fort sink it for good. Then go back to Royal African Pearl and follow the signs to close the mission.

Memory 03: Marroned
Synchronize using the bowsprit of the sunken ship: for those unfamiliar with nautical terms, this is the pointed axis that protrudes from the front of the boat.

Now that the waypoints are highlighted just follow them one after the other. After the cut-scene, move through the ruins until you climb up and reach another vantage point that you can synchronize with. Following the leap of faith, another cutscene precedes the pursuit of Vane. Go right after the tree through a sort of threshold in the middle of the ruins, then keep going until you can turn left and reach Vane. After avoiding the surprise that Vane has in store for you, you continue to follow him, but you notice that near the barrel of gunpowder there is a black jaguar, a rather rare animal. In short you can reach Vane again, but you will once again have to avoid his surprise attack as happened previously. Then go around the ruins on the right side and climb them to the lookout point, synchronize, then take out Vane with an air strike.

Sequence 09

Memory 01: Imagine My Surprise
Talk to the man near the exclamation point in Kingston to start the mission. After that, hide in the grass in the restricted area. Take out the guards around the bell as soon as possible to sabotage it, then move towards the southeast wall and jump into the next area. There, too, you'll have to deal with some guards to tamper with the bell before continuing north. After the west turn, lure the Brute to the grassy area so that his killing doesn't make the other guards suspicious. Then move to the low building and take care of another Brute, in this case using a soporific dart. Then go to the roof of the adjacent building and locate Hornigold and Rogers using the eagle sight. After tagging them, go down and up the nearby tree, then move south with them until you need to perform a leap of faith. Follow them to that sort of farm, keeping a safe distance and taking advantage of the fact that you can locate the couple's position even through the walls of the buildings, and start listening to their speeches by following the on-screen directions. Then use the hole in the fence to enter the forbidden area and clear the area around the barn by the guards, then go up to the second floor of the barn and kill the Gunner before taking refuge in the straw on the other side. As the men pass, use the crates to protect yourself, then approach the warehouse and view the cut-scene. If you want to complete the secondary objective, go to the dock to kill one last Brute, otherwise just flee to close the mission.

Memory 02: Trust Is Earned
Reach the exclamation point by sea and sink five enemy ships to earn the right to reach the shore. Once disembarked, the first action to take is synchronization across the observation point. After that, start moving towards the waypoint, but watch out for the pair of guards moving towards you. Upon entering the enemy camp, the action will be interrupted by a cut-scene. At the resumption, move north, trying to avoid unnecessary clashes. When you get to the barrier, position yourself to keep an eye on the guards and the Gunners. Attract a first guard with a whistle and take him out, then move towards the building. Take care of the two Gunners, perhaps using sleep darts, and free the first garrison of pirates. Move along the cliff to get to the next group of pirates. Here with a bit of luck you might find the Gunner cleared area. At this point you will have an easy game against just the guards, but if a Gunner shows up, don't hesitate to use a sleep arrow. Finally, climb the tower to reach the observation point and synchronize. After the leap of faith you will have a limited amount of time to double kill Cockram and Bergess and fulfill the optional objective, otherwise you will have to chase them individually. To find them still in pairs, move behind the houses until you reach a tall tree on which you can stand waiting for their arrival.

Sequence 10

Memory 01: Black Bart's Gambit
Reach the ship indicated southeast of Misteriosa and cruise slowly along the canal. When the Portuguese ship is in sight, dive into the water to avoid being spotted. Resurface on the left side and climb the top that leads to the mast, taking advantage of the moment when no sailor is looking in your direction: probably someone will spot you, but until you are completely detected you need not fear anything. At the first platform, move to the flag, then return to the Jackdaw.
Then follow the directions and go back to sailing at a slow pace along the canal until you come across the "Nosso Senhor". Now, to avoid having to move in the midst of a flood of guards, avoid moving by land and swim to the opposite coast until you reach the tower, put the guards to sleep and return to your ship after looting the chest. Continue the navigation to the next beach, approach it by swimming from the south and hit the Brute with a Berserk Dart so that the unleashed chaos allows you to climb the tree undisturbed and thus access the tower to kill the two guards. Then swim to the wreck of the ship, kill the sentry and climb the ladder. Wait for the ship's captain to reach the bridge and then launch yourself using the rope to kill him. To conclude the mission, you just have to flee in command of the new ship: your mortars are the best weapon in the game, use them to make your way through the enemy ships.

Memory 02: Murder and Mayhem
Navigate northeast, following the ship that is your target, until it turns south. At this point, hide near the peninsula to escape the patrol ship, then resume moving south along the coast. Leaving the coast of the island to the north continue keeping in view the beach of the south one looking for the ship of Hornigold which is located near a large island to the north. You can now abandon any delay and target Benjamin until she crashes to the ground. At that point you will have to get off the boat and move on foot. Note that the silent stance is only required near Hornigold, so you can safely explore the surrounding area by collecting treasures and Animus fragments, but once you get to the south you will have to move like a real assassin again. Send the Brute and Scout to sleep near the ruins, then go down to the lower part of the temple and climb the column to kill Hornigold.

Memory 03: The Observatory
Reach the exclamation point and enter the jungle. The secondary objectives of this mission require that you knock out all the Guardians without killing them, so if you intend to satisfy them, resign yourself to not equipping any weapons except your hands and stun arrows. Enter the bushes on the right and use the eagle sight to spot the guards nearby and knock them down. Then go back to your passes and go to the next area through the water. Move once more along the bushes on the right, putting the guards to sleep, until you get to the swamp. Climb to the platform on the tree and locate the guards nearby to take them down before proceeding east. At the beach, synchronize using the observation point, then enter the cave and take out the three guards. Go up to the upper level and cross the bridge, then jump over the chasm, obviously not before having the two Gunners asleep. Also spread the Gunner under you and go down into the water from where you can take care of two guards who are motionless and unaware of your presence. Wait for a third guard to arrive, then head back to the south end and take out the patrolling guard in that area, then follow the jungle path and spot another guard further down the path using the eagle sight.

Follow the branch north and reach the waterfall for a chest, then head south to the structure you want to climb - at the top the lookout allows you to perform another sync. Take out the two enemies going down then follow Roberts towards the observatory and go down at the point marked by the waypoint. After the cut-scene, climb up the structure to the north to return to the pirates.

After talking to Lemay and John go to the waypont, access the vault and solve the puzzle (3-5-7-7). After that, go to the server room and hack the main server (3-7-7-7). At the end of the cutscene, return to the Animus.

Sequence 11

Memory 01: To Soffer Without Dying
Shake the cage to speed things up, or wait motionless for the situation to settle on its own. After that go left climbing the crates to reach the tree from which you have to take a leap of faith. Kill the guard, then wait for the right moment to sabotage the first bell nearby, then move to the other side. If you are going to sneak up on it, remember to hide the corpses of the guards you kill. Anyway, move along the southeast wall and kill the patrolling guard passing by, then hide in the pit to kill another guard and then dash near the crates. There you attract any other guards to hinder your actions. Continue to the pair of guards and beyond, to the bushes to the north. Wait in that area for all the guards you can take out, then at the right moment sprint south to find Rackham's corpse in a cage: examine it to meet the first part of the optional objective. Move north along the wall, and put the Gunner to sleep if necessary. Watch out for a patrol, but keep moving south. At this juncture you will have to proceed with extreme caution, taking advantage of the sparse bushes nearby, until you reach a building that allows you to jump on a cart. In the courtyard try to escape the gaze of the guards, but whistle the one guarding the exit to get it out of the way. Finally enter the prison and kill the guard around the corner, then kill his colleagues in the main room, but before leaving, visit the cell in the corner to also fulfill the second part of the optional objective. Finally, continue towards the last waypoint, getting rid of the few guards around.

Memory 02: Delirium
Simply follow the waypoints while observing the cutscenes.

Memory 03: ...Everything Is Permetted
Another simple and linear mission in which you won't have to do much else besides fighting. The only difficulty can be represented by the search for the right moment in which to use the arrow with the rope for the complementary objectives, but this depends too much on the progress of the fights to be able to outline a strategy valid for everyone.

Sequence 12

Memory 01: A Governor No Longer
Start the mission in Kingston, then head to the market and after finding your target, climb the wall to the north. Look for the white tower that represents your destination and move a good distance from your target. Climb the building south of the tower and take a leap of faith waiting for the target to pass to grab and kill the accompanying guard. After the cut-scene, stay close to the left wall and use the veranda not to be seen: then sit on the bench and wait for Rogers to pass in front of you to eliminate him, after which you quickly disappear from circulation.

Memory 02: Royal Misfortune
Reach the exclamation point in Principe and move to the left side of the area. Wait for the guard patrol to approach the gunpowder bags and fire at the explosives to take them all out in one shot. In case someone survived, use a Berserk Dart on a survivor and stop and admire the chaos. So move to the back of the house and advance by eliminating the Brute. In the street there is another bag of gunpowder: wait again for a patrol to pass, then after the explosion go back to the ramp. As you move towards the coast to find Roberts, eliminate all the guards you come across along the way. Once reached, Roberts will escape leaving you to fight with his minions. Distract them with a smoke bomb and climb the tree to launch yourself into the water. then swim as quickly as possible to the Jackdaw.
In the naval battle phase, be aware that you will not be able to sink his ship until it arrives in open water, so do not waste ammunition in the initial phase of the fight. So wait for the arrival of the English ships and destroy the Royal Fortune, then climb the mast of your ship and from this pass aboard Roberts' ship: if you want to meet the optional objective, use an arrow-rope to finish it.

Memory 03: Tainted Blood
Reach Havana and approach the killer to start the mission. Even if not required, try to avoid starting big fights to make your life easier. Move across the rooftops, using the sleep arrows to knock out the Gunners along the way, until you find El Tiburon. Then follow the group moving on the rooftops, stopping to wait for them when the group stops, and eliminating any obstacles that may slow your pace. The moment El Tiburon enters the fort you will have to refrain from unleashing fights according to the dictates of the primary objective. So move carefully on the trees and then on the wall, passing behind the Gunner to eliminate him in silence. Then hit both the southern and northern Scouts with a sleep dart. Then walk the tightrope over the fort and assassinate Torres.
After the assassination, an open fight with El Tiburon will begin. Focus first, if you like, on the secondary objective using a couple of guards as human shields, then take out your bullets on the opponent. At the end of the cutscene, escape to the ocean and swim south to finish the mission.

Memory 04: Ever A Splinter
Kill one of the two Man o 'Wars blocking your access to Long Bay beach to start this last mission. After synchronizing with the observation point, follow the waypoint into the jungle. When you reach the burning village, cross the water and put the three guards to sleep to free the prisoners. Enter the cave later and put the Gunner and the two Scouts to sleep, then take the right path to free more prisoners. Then go back to the upper level and free the last group over the bridge, then proceed towards the observatory. Move on the moving platforms to reach the summit where there is a stone path that leads into the heart of the cave. Inside the circular area, stay outside the circle until you have guessed where your opponents' defensive tools are. After defeating them, a short section of platforms separates you from Torres' murder.


After meeting John you will be able to access the areas that require a level 3 pass. Collect all the documents you are missing and finally return to the Animus for the movie that closes the adventure.
Congratulations, you have finished Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag!

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Exit date: October 29, 2013

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