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    The Division 2 Guide to Dynamic Activities and Outposts

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    The Division 2 offers many activities to be carried out along the streets of Washington DC, for this reason we have decided to collect in a guide the main elements of engagement with which you can measure yourself in the course of exploring its open world. Some are minor activities, while others make up a good chunk of what Massive Interactive's TPS endgame offers. If you are looking for help for the Operation Heart of the Night Raid you can consult our dedicated guide and read our opinions in the review.

    Dynamic open world activities

    Walking through the various districts you will have happened to encounter some nodes represented by icons and requests for help of different types. We can define these nodes as "dynamic activities" that can appear on the map also depending on our presence on the territory and which enemy forces are in control of the designated areas. Advancing in the World Cup will also change the dynamics of the game and new interactions will be available. If you have not dedicated yourself step by step to the various activities, in tier 5 you can meet the following points of interest:

    Outpost attack: enemy factions will not stand by but will attempt to attack your outposts. On the map you will notice the symbol of a gun approaching and then stationing near your position of relief.

    Settlement barricade: the Black Tusks have blocked one of your settlements (for example the Theater) preventing you from using it as a fast moving point. To remove the barricade you will need to resist a few waves of enemies while maintaining control of the jammer and eliminate the reinforcements that have dropped from the helicopter.

    Control of the territory: Enemies have established a defensive perimeter in the area highlighted in red in an attempt to expand their dominion over that area. To stop them they will have to be eliminated.

    Escort Convoy / Elite Escort Convoy: a convoy carrying valuable resources travels its route visible on the map. Intercept it in the case of an enemy convoy or defend it in the case of allied resources.

    Public execution: the hostiles are preparing to execute some civilians. Kill all threats present and rescue civilians.

    Rescue operation: When you see the symbol of a pair of handcuffs you will know that there is a hostage at the mercy of an enemy faction. Eliminate all opponents and enter the room where the hostage is hidden to free him.

    Elite patrol: Groups of elite units can be found moving through the streets of Washington DC.

    Medium propaganda: the enemies sabotaged one of the loudspeaker networks in the area to spread their propaganda. First the enemies in defense of the diffusion system will be eliminated, then it is necessary to reboot and face the waves of enemies that will follow one another.

    Aerial reconnaissance: in the territories occupied by the Black Tusk you can come across a huge combat drone that is hunting us. The goal is to destroy it by any means possible.

    Supplies: Three crates of supplies have been deposited in the area that will need to be requisitioned before the enemy can do so. Get ready to face the threat that will certainly not let you acquire the crates without a fight.

    Target shooting: You can measure your skill by taking part in this mini-game in which to hit the targets that will be submitted to you.

    Contaminated area: during the adventure you will have happened to notice areas with the bio-risk symbol. These are areas dedicated to exploration where you can collect collectibles and recordings.

    Outposts and state of alert

    Outposts are special checkpoints that you will have happened to conquer and defend during the campaign and at the end of it to free the occupied areas. These are places where the factions establish their own foothold and you have to take control of it by calling your allies for help - once you enter the correct area you will be able to call reinforcements with a simple button.

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    Once conquered, they must supply resources (water, food and components) by speaking directly with the officer of the outpost. By meeting his needs, experience points and temporary bonuses are obtained as long as they have been unlocked by the Quartermaster. Their primary function is that of act as fast moving points once conquered and are mandatory steps if you want to complete some Projects.

    Phase 1: Start attack

    The enemy forces are a fair number made up of normal soldiers with red life bars and purple veterans led by an elite leader. After killing all the hostile NPCs we move on to the next phase.

    Phase 2: Defense of the Outpost

    This time the control point must be defended from the enemy counterattack that will try to take over again the territory that has been stolen from it. Once all enemies have been killed, and civilian reinforcements have been established, it is possible to proceed to phase 3.

    Phase 3: Acquiring Rewards

    When there is no more enemy to fight, you gain access to a room full of supplies and crates which, depending on the level, should guarantee the right reward for the efforts made.

    Starting from World Tier 4, the Outposts begin to be connected to other activities in the area - eg. those you find in the list at the beginning of the article. When one of these activities is completed, the dynamics of the alert level are triggered: Outpost increases its difficulty rating to a maximum of 4 (Heroic difficulty). The related activities have values ​​such as +1 or +2 in order to always make it clear how much the degree of difficulty will increase by completing it. Each rank corresponds to greater challenges but also greater rewards.

    Level 1 (Normal): 2 equipment items at your level + components and other chests.

    Level 2 (Hard) 3 items of equipment at your level + components and other chests.

    Level 3 (Challenge) 4 equipment items at your level + a random blueprint + components and other crates.

    Level 4 (Heroic) 5 gear items + Random Pattern + Specialization point + components and other chests.

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