The Complete Walkthrough of The Secret of Monkey Island - Special Edition

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The solution is based on the US version of the game for PlayStation 3. There may be differences with the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.

Parte 1: The Three Trials

After choosing the game method, head to the Scumm bar, which is immediately on your right. Open the door and enter: what kind of place !! Here you can talk to any pirate and everyone will have many stories to tell you. Feel free to hear all the stories, but if you are looking to finish the game in 3 hours (to earn the trophy), you should just ignore the conversations and go straight into the next room. At the entrance talk to "Important Looking Pirates" and tell him that you wish to become a pirate; they will tell you that to become a pirate, you will have to pass three tests: Master the Art of Sword Fighting, Master the Art of Thievery and the ability to find a hidden treasure. More information will be given later, but first say goodbye and wait by the fireplace. When the chef comes out, then follow him into the kitchen. Make sure the cook is off the screen or he'll start yelling at you. Here, take the piece of meat and the plate under the table and then head to the back door. As soon as you get close, a seagull will land and start eating fish. Open the door and walk to the end of the plank. There will be an abandoned board which, when you step on it, will scare the bird. Jump on it and push the far right part of the board that is near the screen and repeat it until the bird goes far away, then quickly catch the fish. Now leave the area and take a look outside. As soon as you leave the Scumm bar, there will be a video showing you LeChuck. Talk to the first playmate: Spooky. At any point where you are, you can click on the arc and a map will be shown to you. Go to the "Clearing" point marked on the map and you will find that this is a circus. Inside the tent there are two guys who are arguing because they both want to test the cannon. Approach to understand their intentions and they will ask you to test the cannon fire; you will agree. They will ask you if you have a helmet and they will tell you everything you need to do and you will have to give them the dish you stole from the kitchen. After you are shot out of the cannon, they will pay you and start fighting again, this time to decide who gets to go first. Now head to the village and pass the Scumm bar. On the next screen you will come to a U-turn with a citizen of Melee standing there. He will want to sell you a map for 100 poe, but you don't want to because you can get to the treasure without it. Across the street are three men and a rat; they have nothing to offer you but, nevertheless, you can get 2 poe from them. Just tell them that you will give them a copy of the minuet if they give you 2 poe. This extra money is not needed to win the game, so don't worry. Go under the clock you will find in the next area. Here you will find a shop, a church and a prison. Enter the shop and get the shovel on the second floor and the sword on the first floor. Talk to the store cashier and buy the two products you bought. Ask him if it is possible to test the sword and follow him once he leaves, as he will lead you out and show you a fork in the road. If you follow that crossroads, it will lead you to a sword master. However, the sword master cannot yet be fought.

Parte 1: The Sword Master

One piece of advice we can give you is to face the sword master first because he is the toughest and you will waste a lot of time defeating him. Before the sword master accepts the challenge, you need to learn how to fight; so you have to win at least three battles. Head to the house marked on your map and you should stop at the bridge where there is a troll. Unfortunately there is no other way and, in order to pass, you will have to give the fish to the Troll. He will eat it and allow you to pass, so you can continue to the house. Once there, knock on the door and ask if they can train you. The person inside will laugh and tell you that you don't have what he wants; argue with him until he agrees to train, but gives him 30 poe. At the end of the training you will have learned two insults and the appropriate responses for each of them. After that, you should learn a lot more insults and answers. To learn, clash with pirates by moving around the map a bit and just stop at an intersection, waiting for a pirate to come towards you. Once you have learned a new insult, you can use it in the next fight. If your opponent knows the answer, he will work against you so try to learn as many answers as possible, because the more answers you know, the easier it will be to defeat the sword master. Each type of pirate has a variety of insults and responses, so try to learn as much as possible. After making a list of insults and responses, try to save them. The basic confrontation requires you to first insult and then give an answer. There will also be a dialogue between you which will begin with an insult and end with the response:
"This is the end for you, you bastard crawling sewer!" - "And I have a little advice for you."
"Soon you will be wearing my sword like a shish kebab!" - "First you better stop shaking like a feather."
"My handkerchief will dry your blood!" - "So you got that job as a janitor, after all."
"People will fall at my feet when they see me coming." - "Even before I hear your breath?"
"I once owned a dog that was smarter than you." - "He must have taught you everything I know."
"You make me want to throw up." - "You make me think that someone has already done it."
"No one has ever seen my blood flow and no one will ever see it!" - "Why, are you running so fast?"
"You struggle as a dairy farmer." - "Quite appropriate, since you fight like a cow."
"I got this scar on my face during a destructive fight!" - "I hope now you've learned how to stop picking your nose."
"Have you stopped wearing diapers yet?" - "Why, did you want to borrow one?"
"I heard you are a despicable snake." - "Too bad no one has ever heard of you."
"You're not even a fight to my brain, you poor fool." - "I'd love to be in trouble if you've really ever used it."
"You have the manners of a beggar." - "I wanted to make sure you feel comfortable with me."
"There are no words to show how disgusting you are." - "Yes there are, you just never learned them."
"I've talked to more polite monkeys than you." - "I'm glad to hear you went to a family reunion."
The sword master has his own insults that he will use. You need to use the answers you have learned to defeat her. We have made a list of his insults and the correct answer to use. You can return to the sword master by clicking on his hiding place on the map.
Clash with the sword master.
"I have a long and sharp lesson to teach you today." - "And I have a little advice for you"
"My tongue is sharper than a sword." - "First you better stop shaking like a feather."
"My name is feared in every dirty corner of this island!" - "So you got that job as a janitor, after all."
"My wisest enemies run away before I arrive!" - "Even before I hear your breath?"
"Only once did I meet a coward!" - "He must have taught you everything I know."
"If your brother is like you, better marry a pig." - "You make me think that someone already done".
"No one can ever catch me if he fights as badly as you." - "Are you running that fast?"
"I'll start milking every drop of blood from the body!" - "Just appropriate, since you fight like a cow."
"My last fight ended with my hands covered in blood" - "I hope now you have learned to stop picking your nose."
"I hope you have a boat ready for a quick escape." - "Why, did you want to borrow one?"
"My sword is famous throughout the Caribbean!" - "Too bad no one has ever heard of her."
"I have the courage and skill of a sword master!" - "I'd love to be in trouble if they ever used them."
"Every word you say is stupid to me." - "I wanted to make sure you felt comfortable with me."
"There are no clever moves that can help you now." - "Yes there are. You never learned them."
"I used to see people like you walking by on tavern floors." - "I'm glad to hear you went to a family reunion."
"Now I know what filth and stupidity are." - "I'm glad to hear you went to a family reunion."
After you defeat her, she will give you a t-shirt as proof. You assume that you will have to give the T-shirt to the three pirates inside the Scumm bar, however it is not necessary. If you are not worried about running out of time, feel free to stop and talk to them. If you are in the race for the trophy, don't worry if your time is already at 1:30, you can still easily beat the time. Now get moving and go to the second test.

Parte 1: Finding the Lost treasure of Melee Island

The second test we have chosen is the one that consists in doing the treasure hunt, as it is the closest, after you have defeated the sword master. Do you remember the crossroads we mentioned earlier? Go back there and take the path to the right and follow a series of steps. When you are faced with more than one path, take the rightmost path without returning and, when there is only one path, continue in that direction. You will see three landmarks along the way that will allow you to understand that you are on the correct path. (1: abandoned campsite; 2: pile of bones; 3: X on a place). If you look at the signs, they indicate that the treasury is a popular tourist attraction. Use the ball on the X to dig and find a cotton shirt. Read what is written on the shirt and laugh out loud. You can grab the shirt and ask the three pirates if it's really a waste of time. Return to the map and enter the forest again to start the final training.

Parte 1: Stealing the Idol

This training is very difficult if you don't know what to do; if you want to understand, you can get a hint by talking to the three pirates at the Scumm bar. You can also get a hint by talking to the boy in prison (see below for how to talk to him). For those of you who just want to complete the game, just go to the fork and take the path to the right until you have to go through some yellow flowers and get some petals. A funny thing about this is that the law is against picking flowers. Now go to the village and pass the jail, where there will be a road that will take you to the mayor's house. Take this path and you will meet the "Deadly Piranha Poodles". To overcome these, use the yellow petals with a piece of meat to combine together. Then give them the piece of meat that will make them fall asleep. Now open the door and enter the house. Before you do anything, the X at the bottom left of the screen will tell you a lot of fun things, so get ready to read them. Now, you can open the door next to the vase and enter the room. You will see nothing and you will not be able to do anything, so sit back and enjoy the ride. You will laugh out loud, once you realize that you need a file to get the idol, you will have to leave. The time has come to make a new friend; go to the prison and talk to the prisoner. His breathing is terrible, so you need to find a way to talk to him. Go back to the shop where you got the sword and ask the cashier if they have any breath mints. Now go back to the jail and give one to the prisoner. Ask him if he has a file and he'll say no, but he'll still give you some carrot cake to get rid of the rats; in fact, you'll need to give it some Gopher repellent. Now open the cake in which you will find the file you need. Now go back to the mayor's house and enter the hole in the wall. After getting the idol, Elaine will save it and allow you to get it. Now you can safely leave and, after a few words, he will tie the idol around your rubbish and throw it into the sea, letting it sink. To get the trophy, save your game. wait 10 minutes and you will die. It's much more fun to watch it in old school mode, and after reloading the game, grab the idol and get out of the water. The last workout is completed.

Part 1: Getting a Ship

If the last training you did was stealing, as soon as you get out of the water you will see a ship disappear. You will later discover that LeChuck has kidnapped Elaine and is taking her to Monkey Island. The first thing you need to do is take a ship and it's also time to talk to Stan. Go to the map and cross the bridge to the point which is marked on the map itself. You will meet Stan who is the most annoying man in the universe; you can drive any ship, but the only one you can take is a cheap old one. This is called "The Sea Monkeys" and was built on Monkey Island and then brought back here. Ask him if you can get credit and he will tell you that the store can give you credit if you have a job, but you certainly won't have time for that. Go back to the village and talk to the cashier asking if he can give him a credit note. He will ask you if you have a job and tell him you have one. He will then go to the safe to open it. Remember the combination and this is random every time you play; it should be a combination like 0-0-0-0 with numbers from one to four. He will then ask you what kind of work you do, but it doesn't matter what you answer, as it is a lie. He will then put the note in the safe and ask him if he would like to ask the swordmaster for some time to show him the way. As soon as he leaves, go up to the safe and enter the combination. Once the note is in your hands, go back to Stan and ask him to show you "The Sea Monkeys" again. Tell him you have credit and he will ask you for a quote. If you want to know the value of the ship is 10.000 poe and the note you stole is for 5000 poe. Now try to pull the price a little and get the extras removed; the value has now dropped to 7300 poe. It's time to bid and start with 2000 poe up to 5000 poe. As soon as you leave, he will offend you and go mad when he realizes that the note he has earned is worthless. Now it's time to find a crew and you will need three guys to come with you.

Parte 1: Getting A Crew

Go back to the village and go to the usual Scumm bar. You can hear the chef crying in the next room and all the pirates have left him alone. You can talk to him, but he cannot join your team. Then take all the cups in both rooms and then go into the kitchen. Now this part will be difficult; remember the prisoner? Well, you need to find a way to free it. The grog will allow you to undo the lock of his cell, but he will have to eat through the cups, so during the trip to the prison, you will have to constantly put the grog in a new cup. Now use a cup with the barrel to fill it with grog. Exit the Scumm bar and head to the area where the clock is located. Before continuing, use the "Melting Mug" with another cup to pour the grog into a fresh cup. Now go to the place with the prison and pass the cups again. Enter the prison and use the "Melting Mug" on the lock. Make sure you force the lock on the right side otherwise the rat will escape instead of the prisoner. Otis will thank you and then leave. Perfect, first crew member found. As soon as you leave the prison there will be another cutscene. Go back to the U-turn with the clock, open the door under the sign with the mask and enter. Inside you will find a fortune teller who will tell you your future. We think he's just an imposter, so go ahead. Keep going straight and look around this spooky room a bit, but the only thing you will need is the chicken breast. Grab the chicken and head to the sword master. Talk to Clara about the kidnapping and she will join your team, coming straight to the dock. And two have been found, only one component is missing. Go to the place where "Shore" is written on the map. Here you will find a sign that says Hook Island, a cable and a house across the river. You need to find a way through the cable; luckily you stole the chicken, in fact, you can use it on the cable to slide to the other side. Now you can enter the house and the master will immediately shout as soon as you enter. But tell him about the kidnapping and how you plan to organize a crew. She will really like the idea, but is worried as there is no captain. As soon as you tell him that you will be the captain, he immediately laughs. After he sees that you are serious, he will tell you that you will have to face a monster. He will take you to a large wooden door and continue the talk about the monster's danger. As he opens all the doors, each smaller in size than the previous one, you will find a small wooden box. It is necessary to open it and touch the beast inside to prove that you have everything you need to be a captain. Open the door and touch the beast inside. This surprise makes him too clumsy to be part of your crew and, after you have heartened and convinced him to join your team, you will have obtained the last man needed. Go back to the village to meet Stan; watch the video and meet your team.

Parte 2: The Journey

Congratulations on coming to the second chapter. You will start on your ship and your crew will decide not to work for you. What a disappointment, after having done so much to have a crew. You will want to go inside the captain's room, but it will be blocked so you will have to look around the ship. As soon as you leave the captain's room, you will arrive at the main deck. Click on the rope ladder to climb up to the "Crow Nest". Now go back to the main deck and click on the bridge to go down to the crew area. Walk through the door and go to the kitchen; head back to the crew area and click on the hatch. Welcome to the luggage compartment: this is your ship. Not bad considering it was free. All this walking has made me hungry, so we might as well eat. You haven't eaten anything throughout the game, so go back to the kitchen and open the cupboard. Grab a box of cereal, open it and you will find a prize. Open the prize and you will find that it is not a toy, but the key to the toilet in the captain's room. Go back to the captain's barrel and use the key to open the toilet. Inside you will find a chest that you need to open. Inside the crate you will find a piece of paper and some cinnamon sticks. Take a look at the piece of paper and you'll find it's a Monkey Island recipe. You already have cinnamon, chicken, mints and cereals. The ink from the pen is in the captain's room. Take the feather pen and the ink bottle. Climb up to the Crows Nest and take the "Jolly Rodger Flag". Now head to the luggage compartment and open the box located at the bottom right of the screen and look inside to find a bottle of wine. Open one of the barrels to get some gunpowder. Now go back to the kitchen and put the cinnamon sticks, mints, Jolly Rodger, ink, wine, chicken, gunpowder and cereals in a cooking pot. You will notice that some items will disappear from your inventory and others will not. After you put all the ingredients to boil in the pot, they will create toxic fumes. This unfortunately will make you pass out and the ship will set sail on Monkey Island. When you wake up, you will immediately go to the main deck and now you will need to find a way to get out of the ship. Do you see the cannon? Remind you of something? Head to the luggage compartment and grab the rope resting on some barrels near the crate with the wine. Grab the gunpowder again, then go to the kitchen to get the small saucepan on the cabinet and save your game. Head to the main deck and put the rope on the back of the cannon and use the gunpowder on the mouthpiece and then head back to the kitchen. You can use the feather pen or even a t-shirt found under the cooking pot to make a flame. Return to the main deck and use the flame to light the fuse on the cannon and quickly enter the entrance. You will be shot out of the cannon and towards the island.

Part 3: Under Monkey Island

Welcome to the third part. It will start with Monkey Island on fire and with your head in the sand. A monkey will look at you and then run away. Hermon will come to introduce himself and then leave. There are tree notes all over the island, but to save time we're not going to tell them all. If you want the trophy, just check all the beaches and places indicated by the notes and check each place several times. Get up from the sand and get the banana. You will notice that the rowboat does not have its oars and this means that you will not be able to use it yet. Your goal is therefore to find the oars. Head into the woods and continue north to the next section of the map. Find the river and follow it west to a volcano. On the north side of this volcano there is a fortress, named "Fort" on your map. Head over and this is where Hermon Toothrot lives. He is one of the previous owners of your ship. Position the cannon to fire a ball. Get some gunpowder, the cannonball and the rope on the ground. Follow the Riviera east until it splits on the next screen. This is labeled "River Fork" on your map. Take the note on the rock next to you to get some pebbles. Go over the supports and go up. Save the game. This is where the two endings begin. Take a support point and look into the distance if you see a tree: well you need to hit it with a stone. This will allow you to detach some bananas and you can also hit your ship causing it to sink. Go back down and push the primitive art twice to aim the tree. Then go back and push the rock off the cliff. This will allow you to hit the contraption which will trigger a chain reaction to shoot the rock towards the beach and hit a tree. After you hit him, Hermon will talk to you. Tell him to leave and go back to where you found the stone. Use the gunpowder on the dam. Now use "Noteworthy Rock" with the cannonball and this will ignite the gunpowder to blow up the dam and cause the river to flood. Move to the pond at the end of the river it has just flooded where you will find the second owner of the sea monkey. The dam has blocked the water and this will prevent you from reaching the rope. As soon as Hermon comes to talk to you about his dead friend, you tell him to leave. Head to the beach and land where you first arrived, stopping at a spot, marked "Crack" on the way. Your oars are at the bottom of the canyon and to catch them, you will need to use one of your ropes by attaching it to a branch and descending. Then use the second rope to go down again. At the bottom, you can take the oars and head to the beach where you started. Take the banana and use the oars on the boat. Once inside the boat, head North East to the next screen. Paddle around the islet and continue north to the next screen. Moor the boat on the beach and get off. Move into the woods and head to the place marked "Village" on your map. Explore this country until you come to a bowl of fruit; take the banana and try to leave. Unfortunately you will be stopped by some cannibals. Tell him to go away and eat you; they will lock you inside a hut. It looks like they are going to eat you. But your goal is to save Elaine, you don't have to be eaten. Look at the skull resting on the floor of different colors; take the skull and open the looser edge. Exit through the hole in the floor and leave the village. If you return and escape five times, you will get a trophy. When you are ready, return to the rowboat and return to the first beach. Now go back to the forest and there is a monkey you need to find; the point where it is is marked on your map. When you find her, wait for her to come down from the tree and give her all your bananas. The monkey will now follow you wherever you go. Go back into the jungle and head east, where you will have to pass a pond and beach that will take you to the next screen marked "Clearing" on your map. When you arrive, you will see some totems and a giant monkey head with the fence around it. To open the fence, simply hold down the handle. Push down on the totem's nose to hang. The gate will open, but it will close as soon as you leave your nose; the only way is to exploit the monkey. Once inside, you will find many idols. Get the "Wimpy Little Idol" and take it to the cannibal village. Then you will have to go back to the boat and move around. Then go back to the shelter which will still be blocked. Go back to the cannibals and offer them something so they can spare your life. You can give him the idol you just stole. Now go back to the shelter and you will find it unlocked. Upon exiting the shelter, Hermon will ask you for the banana collector you found and he will give you the monkey head key. Leave the country and then return. When the cannibals ask if there is another way to repay you for your gift, tell them that you are looking for someone. They will tell you that they are the only civilized people living on the island. The people you are looking for may no longer be alive and therefore they will tell you about a potion that can be used to get rid of ghosts. Ask about this potion and you will find that LeChuck has the main ingredient (a root) and hides it somewhere. When you ask them if it is possible to see this secret place, they will tell you that a key will be needed to enter. The necessary key was given to a hermit and it is necessary to go back. Tell him that you will give him the root. Ask them to give you information and they will tell you that you will need to get a map to navigate to the catacombs, but they only have one and therefore they will not be able to give it to you. Go back to the rowboat, head south and get off on the first beach you find. This is the one that connects "Clearing" to the rest of the island. Here you can save the game. To get the first ending, keep playing and get to the end of the game. To get the second ending, go inside the forest and head west until you return to "River Fork". Climb on the handholds to return to primitive art and push twice to return it to its original setting. It is now facing the ship and climb to the top until you get to the rock. You will automatically be positioned in the right position and launch it, and then watch as your only chance sinks off the island. Head to the giant monkey head and use the key on the monkey's ear. Enter the catacombs and it will be very difficult to get around here, as everything keeps changing. Walk to the bottom and use your navigator to see the road. The head will turn, stop in front of the direction where you need to go. Go slow and take a break before going to the next screen to check that it is the correct path, as once you are wrong you will have to go back to the beginning. Once you get to the ship, talk to the boss and ask him for the necklace. You will need it on board the ship. He won't give it to you, so either you pray to him or you threaten him like a real pirate. Use the necklace once he gives it to you and head to the boat. On the boat you will become invisible and therefore sailing will become very strange. You are now on the main deck and the skeletons of the crew are playing some pretty creepy music. Go left and continue, past a dog ghost and then open the door to the captain's room. There will be a key inside and also LeChuck. Use the compass to retrieve the key without disturbing LeChuck. Go back to the main deck, pass the crew and go down the hatch to the crew area. You will see a sleeping ghost holding a bottle of grog. You need this bottle, but you have no way to get it now. The next room is the baggage hold; grab one of the ghost chickens for a feather or grab one in the corner. Return to the crew area and use the feather on the sleeping ghost to tickle his foot. Do this until he leaves the bottle so that you can pick it up and go back to the hold. Use the key you stole from LeChuck on the hatch and it leads to a compartment full of cooking grease and rats. Use the grog on the bowl. The big rat ghost will drink it and fall drunk, allowing it to pass safely. Grab some cooking fat and head back to the main deck to use it on the door opposite the captain's room. Open the door to enter the bridge. Inside will be a ghost sleeping in front of Elaines' cell door. Better not wake him up. Grab the ghost's tools and return to the cargo hold. Walk to the chest and use the tools to open it. Look inside and take the root. Return to the main deck and leave the ship. Now you can go back to the catacombs and then to the cannibal village. The cannibals will take the root and make the potion leaving you alone. A three-headed monkey will pass; greet her and watch her eat a banana with her head to the left, chew it with her head in the middle and say it with her head to the right. Once the potion is made, leave the village and go back inside the catacombs only to find the ship. You will meet Bob's ghost who can be killed if you want. He will tell you that LeChuck left Melee Island to marry Elaine.
Route 1: If you haven't sunk your ship, after you finish talking to Bob your crew will come in and complain that they have run out of sunscreen. You and them will decide to leave. After returning to Melee Island they will leave you to look for a sunscreen, leaving you alone in search of Elaine.
Route 2: If your ship sank, then Hermon Toothrot will arrive and have a second ship to lend you. You will leave Melee Island and, once you arrive, Hermon will leave you alone to rescue Elaine.

Ultima parte: Guybrush Kicks Butt

This last part of the game will begin on the Melee Island docks. Go to the church, where there will also be a shop where you can buy a sword. As you try to leave the port, a ghost will block your way. After a quick beer spray, head to the next area. The citizen of Melee went to the three pirates with the rat; now you will be blocked by another ghost, who will ask you if you have the wedding invitation. All the answers lead to the same conclusion, so say what you want. After spraying it, continue to the church. Go inside and try to block the wedding to save Elaine. After a brief chat with LeChuck, Elaine will come down from the ceiling. She replaced herself with a monkey trained to spray LeChuck with beer during the kiss. You offer to have his bottles just to scare the monkeys. When you get to Stans, he throws the vending machine at you and you quickly grab the bottle of grog. You will have to be quick or you will miss your chance. Once the grog is in your inventory, quickly use it on LeChuck. After spraying LeChuck don't miss the replay and Elaine will come to congratulate you on a job well done. Now here the story divides again.
Final 1: If you haven't sunk your boat, you will realize that you have forgotten Hermon Toothrot and a video will show you that he wants to know where you went.
Final 2: If you have sunk your boat and returned with Hermons 'boat, then a video will show you your crew locked in the cannibals' hut. I think that's the right thing, as they didn't want to help you.
Now enjoy the credits because you have just completed the game!

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