The Complete Walkthrough of Genji: Dawn of the Samurai


You will start the game by controlling Minamoto. Take care of a group of enemies, then watch an animated sequence, at the end of which you will not have to follow the ninja, but you will have to go to the right in search of other bad guys. In the area you will also find a vessel containing Hermit Power Water. After fixing things, go back and go north to follow the warrior. Get rid of a few more enemies and destroy the nearby vessel to retrieve an Anba Herb. Then proceed to the next area, moving left and take out another group of bad guys, then jump down to not lose track of the ninja. Break another vessel containing Hermit Power Water, then save using the blue spike near a pillar. Proceed to the left, then move forward, jump into the waterfall to refuel and to collect other items, including a Metal Long Sword. Activate this weapon, then drop down and go right. Watch the short cutscene, then get ready to battle a boss. Don't try to kill both the creature and its henchmen, just focus on one or the other. Try to dodge their shots, but also to parry them, and to use the Kamui (by pressing first L1 and then Square) to inflict as much damage as possible to the bad guys. Arrived at the Hermitage of Tamayoribito. You will have the option to save a couple more animated sequences later. Make your decision then, perhaps, explore the area. There are Chick Stones near the well and in an item box. Your controller will vibrate every time you approach one of them, even when you are in Kamui. Talk to Minadzuruhime to get some more information, then practice with the Kamui (you will activate it by pressing L1), useful for killing enemies instantly. When you have finished the tutorial, exit this place and return to Mountain Anba. Inspect the red box at the entrance to retrieve a Broken Long Sword. In this area you will also find two Chick Stones, the first of which is to the left of the save point, while the second is near the house / temple where the game started. When you have recovered them, go out and go to the street where you can shop, as well as retrieve the Chick Stone which is in a box on the left side of the nearest house. The second stone is located in the northwestern part of the city, near a small altar. When you have everything you need, watch the classic cutscene, then head to Gojou. Get rid of the enemies to see an intermission sequence, then use the Kamui to destroy the final boss, obviously trying to both dodge and parry his blows. Another series of animated sequences will take you on the road again.

There are new things in the shops, so see if there's anything they can do for you, then go out and head to the Tamayoribito Hermitage to talk to Kiichihougen and save your game. Watch another cutscene then head back to Gojou. On the corpses you can find various objects, such as Anba Herb, Hermit Power Water and gold. Don't cross the bridge yet, but go right and proceed to the opening. Go inside, go down and collect the Tengu Secret Herb in the box and the Anba Herb in the bowl. Your controller will begin to vibrate, so move slowly and stop when the vibration has become much more intense. Hit the bowl to make the Chick Stone appear, then cross the bridge to the next area. After finding some Anba Herb and a Signless Long Sword on the corpses, proceed to start an intermission sequence, at the end of which you will have to meet Musashibou Benkei. This enemy is very powerful and his attacks do damage even at a certain distance. The power, however, is countered by a certain slowness, which will allow you to dodge its blows and counterattack quickly (press R1 + X to do this). You can also weaken it by using the move called Mind's Eye, or the classic Kamui. After defeating him, watch another cutscene, then return to the Tamayoribito Hermitage. You will discover that you have a new variant of Kamui, called Kasane, which you can use in subsequent fights. Exit the temple to see another cutscene, after which you can switch characters. If you want, go talk to Musashibou Benkei to check him out. Once you have taken possession of the new character, go to Minadzuruhime at the well to receive new information, then go for a tour of the various shops on the street to see if there is something for you. Exit and then return to Mountain Anba.

With Benkei you can break the logs that are under the waterfall. Once back in that area, go left to destroy the first piece of wood, then proceed right to the box. The controller will vibrate, so start moving slowly until the vibration gets stronger. At this point, hit the bowl to bring home a Chick Stone, then destroy the door on the right and the tree ahead to advance. After crossing the trunk, the pad will start vibrating again. Follow the same strategy (move slowly until the vibration gets stronger) as before to find another Chick Stone. Next to the stone is a box with a Hexagon Stick, a very useful item. Then go back and try to reach the save point. To the south there will be another trunk, near which the controller will vibrate, because there is a Chick Stone nearby. Reach the top of the mountain to find another stone, then exit and head to the Myougou Temple. After the cutscene sequence, carefully examine the door to retrieve the first Chick Stone in this area, then enter the temple and destroy one of the vessels to find a Protect Hermit Water, then go up. Beware of the enemies in this area, as they are quite fast and devious. Get rid of them, then grab the gold from one of the containers, then head to the upper left corner to retrieve another stone, then head right to climb up. Take out a few more enemies, then grab another Protect Hermit Water from one of the containers, then enter the door into the next area, inside which is a save point and, to the north, another Chick Stone. Exit and then go left, get the Hermit Power Water from the bowl, then destroy the door and enter. There is another Chick Stone on the left side of the room, next to the item box, in which you can find armor. Also break the two nearby containers to retrieve the contents, then blast Yositsune on one of the other boxes. Exit and take the path north, then at the intersection go right and have Benkei hit the bell to find another Chick Stone. Then go to the roof on the right to retrieve some gold from a container. With Yositsune, then, go to the roof on the left and start moving slowly to discover the location of another Chick Stone. Enter the room through the open window, take the weapon for Yositsune, the Fox Fire, from the box, and the gold from the container, then exit, and blast Yositsune to the right of the central door to retrieve another item.

Save before choosing the middle path, then proceed until you've got rid of all the enemies and recovered the Maximum Wooden Hammer from the box in the room on the left. Proceed to vibrate the controller again, indicating the presence of a Chick Stone right in the beast's mouth on the table. Then approach the door on the right and hit it to make another stone appear and the Amber Pearl you need. Go back, then go north and get the Special Pill contained in a container, then exit and head to the door that was previously closed. Watch the animated sequence, then get ready for a fight against yet another boss. Dodge his attacks and take him out using the Kamui once (which will allow you to retrieve a Crane's Claw) and the Mind's Eye twice. At the end of the intermission sequence, you will find yourself in the street. Go to the merchant and buy the Metal Halberd, then exit and return to the Tamayoribito Hermitage, where you will receive another Kamui upgrade. Exit to head to the temple of Myogou, in the area where you collided with the boss. North of this area was a baby, near which your controller will vibrate. Move slowly to find a new Chick Stone, then reach the Gojou. Get rid of the enemies with Yositsune and Benkei, then fight the boss with the latter. Take out some more baddies with Yositsune, starting with the archers, the most annoying ones, and then go get the Thunder Charm that is inside the box from nearby objects, then proceed left to meet other enemies. At this point, head to the place Benkei came from, then head south and approach the stream to vibrate the controller. Grab the Chick Stone and the object inside the container, then regain control of Benkei and go save. Enter the nearby door, then proceed to the intersection, where your controller will vibrate.

Start slashing a Chick Stone, then go right, grab an item from the bowl, then proceed left and pick up the contents of the other bowl. As the nearest door is closed, at the next intersection go right and retrieve the stone that is in the area from which the fire comes out. Go ahead and grab the Obsidian Pearl from the box, then use Benkei to open the prison and the nearby area, inside which you will find a Flame Edgy Blade and another item. Go back in front of the closed door, arm the Thunder Charm and start hitting the boss (press R1 or R1 + X to give him a good reason). Be very careful when he starts jumping or throws lightning, as it could damage you a lot. After the cutscene sequence you will return to Tamayoribito Hermitage to upgrade the Kamui again. Take control of Benkei, go out, go to the street and check out the various shops. If you have the Crane's Claw and the Broken Long Sword you can create a Claw Long Sword. Once off the road, you will find yourself in the Rokuhara Mansion, where you will immediately have to get out of all kinds of enemies. Pay close attention to the archer's arrows. After getting rid of the baddies, before crossing the next bridge, head north and jump to the second rock to vibrate the controller and retrieve the Chick Stone. The third rock contains a box with a Healing Charm inside. Advance and proceed to the second bridge, get rid of the archers, then before the next bridge, go north again and have Benkei attack the statue so that another stone pops out. Also take the contents of the box on the left, a weapon for Yositsune, the Moon Cutter. Go ahead, take out the enemies, then head right and grab the Poison Protect Charm from the box, then go ahead and get rid of the two enemies before the gate. Go in and take out some more, then get ready to feel another vibration. Move slowly to find another Chick Stone, next to which there are several containers and boxes. Proceed, taking out the various enemies, save as soon as possible, then enter to start a cutscene sequence. Choose Yositsune, much faster than Benkei, to fight against Kagekiyo. The Kamui will take you out of trouble, even if it will still be very difficult to beat it even in this way. After defeating him, watch the animated sequence at the end of the chapter.


From where you are, go to the left of the corridor, then take the Chick Stone that is nearby, then go forward, turn around, and open the box to retrieve another stone. If you want to save, go left and talk to Shizukagozen, then go right to see an animated sequence start. Go out onto the street, then head south to check out the shops. See if there's anything you need, then head north to get out of the city. You will have to see it immediately with a rather large group of enemies. Eliminate them all by jumping here and there, then proceed and get rid of the next pack as well. Once you've killed them, enter the temple door, which has just opened, to see an intermission sequence. Approach the symbol to teleport to another area, then proceed to witness another animation. At this point, take control of Yositsune and examine the symbol, then proceed into the new area towards the moving platforms. The pad should begin to vibrate. Jump to the first rock on the left and start swinging to retrieve a Chick Stone. Then go up on the moving platforms to get the Black Copper contained in one of the boxes. Then proceed to the left, getting rid of the enemies who will try to hit you and collecting the stone you find in the area. You will then have to deal with a boss, but it will not be difficult to knock him out using the usual strategies. Jump onto the platform and climb up, ignoring the flying enemies, until you are in front of their nest, which you must destroy to prevent new ones from appearing. At this point, take care of the creatures, eliminating them as soon as possible. After that, go right and take out the other group of enemies, then retrieve the contents of the container and the box, next to which there is another Chick Stone. At this point, climb the platform to the north, then proceed to deal with a few more enemies. At this point, save, then take the Ice Protect Charm and take out the boss.

Pay close attention to his every move: he is very fast and often attacks twice in a row, so it is convenient to try to parry his blows and then attack as quickly as possible. Ice will make your life much easier. After defeating him, go to the right side of the map and retrieve the Chick Stone, then head to the nearby object. Then go up to the platform and get rid of a few more enemies, then go to the second of the three platforms that make up a kind of bridge and collect another stone. Save as soon as possible, then head to the symbol to the north to fight a much tougher boss than before. When you see it hit the ground, try to bury it under a hail of blows, while if you see it moving away, be prepared to move sideways when it tries to attack you. If you can stay some distance away, it won't be a problem to avoid his fireballs. The boss also has another type of attack, which you can dodge by moving quickly. Try to use Kamui whenever possible. After beating him, take the key in the relevant box and the symbol to teleport and see an animated sequence. You will return to Hiraizumi, where you can save the game. As soon as that is done, exit and head to the teleporter, which will instantly take you to Konjikido. At this point, take control of Benkei and make him take the symbol on the left, then make him recover the one on the right, then proceed towards the first area, which you will have to free from the enemies. Follow this combination to collect more items from the various rooms. Go to the right one first to get an item from a container, then go left twice to find a Chick Stone and a box, then go left, right and left again for another stone, then left, then twice to the right for a save point and another symbol that will allow you to teleport further forward. In the next area you will have to deal with a boss. Dodge one or two attacks then try to parry the enemy's blows more and more often. When the boss is on the ground, on his knees, start slashing in bursts until you have destroyed him. After clearing it, grab the item then go behind each of the two mini-falls to retrieve some Chick Stones, then proceed to the next area. Destroy both the enemies and the rock on the left, then you will find yourself, as before, in front of more paths to take. Depending on the "combination" you choose, you can collect more or less objects. Head left for a box or right to find an item in a container.

A box is the contents of the room that can be reached by going first to the center and then to the right. Choosing the central path twice will bring you in front of three stones, while going first to the center, then to the left and then to the right, will allow you to recover some gold from the containers. Always choosing the central path, but going twice to the left, you can find objects in the various containers, while following the center-left-center path you will find a save point and a symbol to teleport you further. In the final area you will have to face the boss. First try to destroy the four stone poles at the corners: it is the only way to attack the enemy. Try to avoid his laser and use the Kamui if necessary. After defeating him, take the symbol from the box to go back, watch the cutscene and then, in Hiraizumi, save if you need it. Then go back to Konjikido, regain control of Yositsune and have him take the symbol on the right. Go left, then right and left again to retrieve two boxes, then go back to face the final test, which will see you engaged against your shadow. In this case it will be absolutely necessary to use the Kamui and, in particular, the Kasane variant, which was taught to you during the first chapter. If you are unable to perform it due to the speed and accuracy required, before the shadow attacks you, press L1 during the Kamui to slow down the tempo more. After defeating the shadow, you will earn a weapon and can exit the temple. With that done, watch the cutscene, then get ready for another fight against Kagekiyo. This time, however, take control of Benkei. The strategy to follow to beat him is very simple: parry and attack, parry and attack. It will take you a few tens of seconds to knock him out. Before hitting him, of course, wait until his attack is over and pay close attention to his poison too, which could kill you. When you have defeated him, watch the animated sequence that will end this chapter.


On the street, browse the shops to see if there is anything you may need, then proceed to one of the nearby streets to retrieve a box. Then go to Minadzuruhime and talk to him to save, then try to leave the cave to see a couple of animated sequences and be transported to the Tamayoribito Hermitage. In this place, go in search of a box containing a weapon, perfect for Benkei and a Chick Stone, which is inside another box. Then head to Mountain Anba and, in the first area, take the stone that is near a red box. Proceed to the second area, jump over the waterfall and destroy the container to get an item, then climb the rocks to find yet another Chick Stone. Then go right and have Benkei open the box, then head to the save point and then head south. Shortly after, the pad will begin to vibrate, a sign of the presence of a stone in the surroundings. Find it, then proceed to the next area and look for the container inside which there is an object. The vibration indicates that another Chick Stone is nearby. Look up to find it and grab it, then go left and proceed until the pad starts vibrating again. There is a stone between the two wooden logs. Grab it, then continue towards the destroyed house / temple, near which you will find a box. When you arrive at the Myougou temple, go up to the roof top left, then drop down, grab the object in the container in the top right and the Chick Stone in the bottom left, then go up the stairs to feel another vibration. Proceed, climb to the top of another flight of stairs, then take out the enemies and enter the door to see a new cutscene. In the next room there will be a save point, which you will need to use if necessary. After that, go left, enter the room and take the Chick Stone on the right, then pass the control to Benkei, pick up the box and its object, then with Yositsune jump to get another box, then exit and go north, then head to the lower roof to find another Chick Stone. Proceed there to feel another vibration and retrieve the stone that is in the container in the area. Go down. go up the hill to the right of the door in the center, take the energy from the container, then climb to the top roof. Go to the one on the left and enter the window, then grab the item in the box and the nearby Chick Stone. At this point, go out and down the roof, then go left to fight a not too difficult boss. Use the Kamui on him first to retrieve the Thunder Beast's Claw, then finish it off to receive another item. In the northern part of the map is another Chick Stone, which you should definitely go and get.

They are suspended in the air, in the library area, near which, in the corner, there is also an object. Jump to the bookcase, then proceed to collide with some enemies. After taking them out, head right and, before reaching the next door, jump to the bookcase on the left and grab the weapon for Yositsune from the box. Then jump to the bookcase on the right for another Chick Stone, then proceed in the same direction. Once in the final room, get rid of all the enemies and take the item from the box, then retrieve the key in the red container. Then go back to the intersection from before, but go left this time. You will find an item in a box and a Chick Stone in the mouth of the deal that is on the table. Save as soon as possible, then jump to the symbol to see a breakout sequence and pass control to Benkei. Grab the lower left stone and the weapon in its box, then proceed to the next room, destroy the container for another item, then go ahead and take out all the containers to see if there is anything useful inside. . At this point, open the red box to get the key, then proceed to meet with Yositsune, save and enter the door. At the end of the animation you will have to fight against the witch and her personal monster. The only way to damage her is to knock out her pet. The Kamui, in this case, for better or for worse, is useless, but it can be used to recover the Giant Evil Bone. After killing her, watch the cutscene sequence and then switch to Gojou. Here, get rid of the enemies and check the area to the left for a box, then head right and down, pick up the item in the container and the box next to it, then cross the bridge you saw earlier. Take out a horde of enemies and the mini-boss (use one of the many tactics seen so far), then proceed to the next area. On the left is a container with an object, a box and a Chick Stone, while on the right you will find only a full container and another box. Proceed and, before entering the cave, retrieve the stone on the right, near the nearest tree. Inside the cave, pay close attention to the falling rocks, trying to parry them.

Walk slowly so as not to miss the Chick Stone hidden among the boulders, but also to avoid being caught in full and having a bad end. Then proceed to the right and take the box in the cell, then go forward until you find a container, inside which there is energy to take. Then get rid of the enemies in the other cell and with Benkei take the box that is there, as well as the Chick Stone suspended in the air near the north wall. Then go back and head to the door on the left, then watching the animated sequence that will start shortly after. At the end of it, use the Kamui on the mini-boss to retrieve the Cursed Bracer, attacking and parrying its blows. You will kill him without major problems. At the Rokuhara Mansion, take the Chick Stone near the first two archers, then proceed north, jump to retrieve the box, then head to the second bridge. Get rid of the archers, trying to parry all their arrows, grab the other Chick Stone nearby, then proceed north and have Benkei attack the statue to retrieve a weapon, then go ahead, enter the gate and take out the enemies . Once inside, go ahead and grab the Chick Stone as soon as the pad starts vibrating, then head to the nearby container and collect its contents. There is another Chick Stone in the area, so grab it, then kill the beast that will try to attack you, then go to the room with the save point and use it. Then go left and explore around, then enter the room where Taira was, go up to the ceiling area and walk on the various poles. Hit Kiyomori's throne to get a new Chick Stone, then head back to the save point, then head up the stairs and proceed. Get rid of the enemies, then jump over the bookcase, grab the item from the container and the Chick Stone to the west. Go down and then go north, then hit the curtains, then go a bit left and get the item in the container, then hit the curtain, then continue on the secret path. Get rid of the enemies and, in the last area, take the item in the container, then use the bookcase to go higher.

Grab the armor for Benkei, then go back, go through the corridor, taking out some enemies, and then destroy the wooden curtains. Grab the weapon from the container, then tear apart other curtains, grab the remaining items and Chick Stones, then go back and enter the first door you find. Take out the enemies and use the bookcase to go up, then grab the weapon from the box, then drop down to proceed. In the new area, take out a few more enemies, then watch the cutscene sequence then go up and break the container in the corner to get another item. Go ahead, break the curtains, get rid of the enemies, always use the library to go up and take all the objects and stones that are in the area. Proceed down the corridor, destroy all the wooden curtains, grab the armor and other items from the boxes, then once you get the contents of the box beyond the last curtain, go back and go right. Enter the door at the back to reach a room full of enemies. Get rid of them, then go up one of the stairs to see an animated sequence, save, then go ahead and keep breaking containers, inside which you will find gold and energy. When you are ready for the final battles, enter the door. After the animated sequence you will have to face the fight against Kiyomori, a boss with a barrier that protects him enough from external attacks. When he throws two fireballs at you, knock them back to hit the shield and keep doing the same with any kind of magic. It will be enough to hit it a few times in this way to deactivate the barrier. At this point, you can approach him and bury him with blows. As his energy runs low, he will start attacking more quickly. It won't be easy to dodge his shots, however. After beating him, watch the cutscenes, then switch control to the other character, then hit the red dot. Go ahead, watch another animation, then get ready for battle with Kagekiyo. The best character to use in this fight is definitely Yositsune, much faster than Benkei. Block his shots from close range and try to dodge the lasers, then attack him with Mind's Eye or other powerful moves. After beating him, watch the final sequence.

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