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This is a training mission. Most of the enemies are easy to kill and the objectives are not complicated to achieve. However, if you let the computer do it all, you will lose your medals, so consider taking an active part in the warfare right away. You can complete the objectives on the Easy level as well, but playing on the Normal level is certainly the best way to get an idea of ​​what awaits you online. Start by taking the Armory and killing all the soldiers with Mac, who is the best character for this level, although JD can come in handy in some places. Move to the checkpoint and move the ATG near the silhouettes. Stay away from the crates when they fall, or you will die instantly. You can use this trick later in the game to kill enemies, but in most cases it will be preferable to call in supports in the area you are controlling. Push back the armored cars. If you are feeling brave you can take the risk of standing alongside an enemy vehicle and trying to hijack it. If you succeed you can then repair the vehicle and use it to access the next area. Grab the depot, which allows you to use better vehicles and place some MG positions next to the building to defend yourself against the oncoming Nazis. Aim with the MG towards the last points where you saw the Nazi paratroopers land: those are the arrival points of the soldiers. In the meantime, continue the tutorial by placing the MGs on the templates. Defeat the enemies and advance using a halftrack or the captured Nazi vehicle (if you did). Arrive at the checkpoint using the protection provided by the tank to destroy the enemy positions. Always remember that enemies can take over your tanks: always protect them after parking them. Go to the checkpoint and head to the Radio Tower.
Medal 1: kill ten or more Stuka with the AA. Enemies killed by the computer are not counted, so you must complete the kills yourself. Most planes come from the direction the Radio Tower is located.
If the medal doesn't interest you, place three AAs and let your team do the bulk of the work. You can move once they have been shot down, or proceed while the others are dealing with them (you have any cover). Grab the radio station and if you feel the need to use a vehicle, quickly grab the Nazi Wirbelwind next to the checkpoint before the enemy can use it for you. Try to eliminate the enemy with the bazooka. Bumping into it with a halftrack can get you stuck on rocks, if it happens, hijack the tank, repair it and use it.
Medal 2: you must recover the allied soldiers, twelve in total, trying to save at least five.
Proceed from checkpoint to checkpoint and you'll soon reach a bridge. Repair it and destroy the remaining enemy vehicles to complete the level.

From this mission on, you can act as you see fit. Place ATGs facing southeast so they can hit the Nazi vehicles on the hill. Place two more ATGs facing away and guard the area with the MG positions. Destroy all the enemy vehicles and the Puma that is parachuted behind your defense line at the monument, and you can move to the next area.
Medal 1: There are eight spotlights in this level, destroy them all with grenades or by bumping into them with the Crocodile or Puma. Remember to blow up all the spotlights before blowing up the last headquarters. Keep it intact to find shelter in the event of an air attack.
Destroy the first Nazi garrison by attacking the tents with grenades. Headquarters can only be destroyed by ATGs or by bombing, if no anti-aircraft are present. Before destroying the last tent, place some ATGs in front of the ruined bridge (but not directly on the tracks), so they can hit the oncoming train.
Medal 2: destroy the engine of the passenger train before the enemies deploy, and the operation is easier if you deploy several ATGs well in advance where the train will appear. The train can only be destroyed by your allies, and you will still receive the medal.
Once you get on the train, you can use it to get to the Armory and destroy most of the armored cars you encounter. Move the train to the end of the tracks or leave it near the bridge, but in any case away from the Armory, which you will have to defend against attacks. Before leaving, set up two MG positions on either side of the Armory, two on the right and two on the left to avoid being caught unprepared by a subsequent attack. Repair the Puma, if you still have it, and drive to the second garrison. Destroy it exactly as you did the first one, and place some ATGs on the wall next to the parked Pumas to hit the enemy vehicles that will arrive later. Protect the Shed by placing MGs next to the ATGs to clear the garrison. When you have defeated the first wave of Nazis, the Armory will be under attack. If you've placed the MGs well, your computer-controlled allies will do a good job of protecting her while you guard the Shed. Otherwise, go back to get the Armory and then the Shed as well. Climb up the street and blast the enemies next to the Radio Tower. The two Crocodiles found here can come in handy, so don't damage them unnecessarily. Blow up the second Nazi train and proceed up the road into the village. There is an almost infinite number of enemies here. Destroy the remaining searchlights and cross the bridges to pass the Nazi defenses near the checkpoint. You can use the ATG to destroy surrounding buildings. Once all three headquarters are downed, you win.

The level looks boring at first, but the atmosphere heats up when roughly ten billion Nazis parachute from the sky to tan you for the holidays. Start by grabbing the Armory and placing a couple of MG positions to hit the incoming enemies. Move to the next checkpoint, and if you happen to get killed, use Deuce, who with his bazooka can annihilate the AA near the Radio Tower. If you can't, you can also use a halftrack and go against the AA. But perhaps the best solution is to take over the anti-aircraft post and put one of your men on guard. Quickly place some ATGs on the hill next to the tower, keeping them facing the direction you came from, this to face the oncoming enemy vehicles. Drive back the Nazis and you can safely cross the barrier to the next checkpoint. If you are playing alone, save here.
Medal 1: destroy the SS truck convoy at the river checkpoint (after the Radio Tower). You have to try to be quick to get hold of the ATGs with your men, then protect them with MG positions that cover them behind. When you have destroyed most of the trucks and armored cars, you get the medal.
Otherwise, get to the checkpoint, kill the enemies and take Deuce and his bazooka over the bend to destroy the MG post and ATGs on the city walls. This will allow you to approach with a half-track and to break down the barricade so that doors take the Shed. This area can be difficult if you don't tackle it with the right equipment, so keep the river checkpoint as your starting point and send your men to slowly cancel all defenses. Take the Shed, but before destroying the walls around the building, place a couple of MGs and ATGs facing the enemies on the other side. Spend $ 900 for a new M4, enter it and destroy the walls.
Medal 2: there are Nazi columns in the city. Destroy all five and you will get the medal. They are quite easy to find, as they stand out well from the rubble of the city that surrounds them. Use explosives or a tank.
All orange walls can be demolished by tanks (or blown up using bombs), and you can use this to your advantage to reach the checkpoint while avoiding enemy positions. Once you get here, all you need to do is reach one last checkpoint to finish the level. Repair the tank before proceeding. Kill all the soldiers northeast of the last checkpoint. It's easy with a tank, much more complicated without, so try to get one. Advance directly into enemy posts and tents. When you have destroyed all visible units and structures, you should be done. Repair the bridge, the tank and drive to the end of the marked point on the ground to complete the mission.

This level is a lot of fun, as you can roam freely in the open countryside in your tank and destroy anything you want. The goal is to secure the city's checkpoint, but to do so, you'll also need to get hold of the infrastructure. Start by taking the two checkpoints to the south.
Medal 1: protect the crew of the failed tank in the southern portion of the river until they have reached a safe spot. To do this, simply stay close to the other characters with an M4 and destroy all the soldiers and vehicles that try to kill them.
Your first goal should be to reach the Shed, so you can rely on a tank to take on the tons of oncoming enemies. If you just can't wait, you can order a halftrack for $ 200, but it would be a waste of resources, as once you get the tank, it will be easy to take out the entire enemy front without needing anything else. Grab the Shed, get into the tank and head south to destroy the bridge over which the trains pass. You could first go through it and crush the two Nazi ATGs, then go back and destroy it. The Armory and Radio Tower should be your last targets, but you have total freedom of movement. But make sure to defend every single facility from enemy infantry by placing MG positions that face the city. Avoid placing MGs at checkpoints to the south unless you are sure they are well defended or hidden, as later the Nazis will pass through those points to attack you. In any case, there is no medal that will reward you for maintaining all the posts. Once you have taken the city, try to preserve the Nazi MGs so you can reuse them for your troops. Go to the southern edge of the city and place a line of ATGs and MGs pointing south (which allows them to easily hit both enemies coming from the east and those coming from the west). If you want to concentrate your defenses, build four MG emplacements facing east to repel the first wave. At the end of this, build three or four MG posts facing west. After repelling the Nazi wave, some Allied soldiers will parachute and you will receive anti-aircraft.
Medal 2: rescue allied soldiers after repelling enemy vehicles. Two anti-aircraft will be parachuted and, since you can't use them yet, your job is to protect them from enemy attacks. Consider sending your teammates to deal with the enemies while repairing these two important weapons (you can also defend yourself from the Stuka using the M4 machine guns). Once the soldiers have reached the city, get the medal.
Then take down all the Stuka, alone or with the help of your companions. Repair the tank and repel the attack of the enemy armored car. After this last blitz, you have completed the mission.

Things can get tricky on this level if you happen to run out of funds in repairing the tank halfway. For the initial four checkpoints you will have to proceed very slowly, and the only break from the monotony occurs at the third checkpoint, when you find a Puma and can guide it through the narrow passage, before it is destroyed. Reach the fourth checkpoint and defend it while you repair the Puma. When you get to the Armory, you can earn a medal.
Medal 1: save your allies in the Armory. It's a tough job if you let the enemy armored cars take the lead, but you can do it if you destroy the enemy guns first, and if you use the machine gun to finish off the last survivors. At least one ally must remain alive. If you find yourself in serious trouble, consider grabbing a half-track and driving it up the hill and crushing the opponent. But in most cases, the Puma will be enough to earn this medal.
Go ahead and destroy everything that comes within range on the hill, but before you go down, make sure the Armory is firmly in your possession. Proceed carefully towards the Shed and use the Puma cannon (or any explosive) to create a breach in the orange wall on the right side. Inside you can find an M4 Sherman and some soldiers, which makes it easier for you to get out on the other side and attack the enemy tanks and emplacements next to the Shed. Do you want more devastation? Place an ATG in the driveway where you found the tank and it will deal with any enemies that pass by that point. Take the Shed, then proceed to the Radio Tower (via the checkpoint) and kill all the Nazi soldiers by crushing them with the tank. When you've got the Radio Tower as well, get ready to earn another medal.
Medal 2: take the enemy Panther and complete the level aboard it (this is an important requirement to get the medal). Taking possession of this tank is complicated, as it is well protected from enemy forces. Consider sacrificing one of your tanks to crush and destroy all of the placements and approach the Panther to hijack and take possession of it.

At first glance this level looks like a remake of the fourth mission, with the addition of a port. This is not exactly the case, as you will have to fight extensively in the streets of the city before you can take on the actual battlefield. Start by capturing the checkpoints towards the Armory. Do not worry about leaving soldiers to guard the points already won, as they could easily be annihilated by successive waves of enemies (only the presence of a second player can prevent this from happening). Take the Armory and kill all the enemies that are nearby.
Medal 1: north of the Armory take command of the oceanfront ATGs and sink four or five oil tanks. Line up the fuel tanks on the bottom notch of the crosshair netting to ensure you get a good shot. Four hits on each tank will completely destroy it and earn you the medal.
Go back and clear the checkpoint before moving up the hill full of obstacles and taking the Shed as well. Quickly get a tank and use it to crush the ATGs in the field aiming for the Shed. Kill the SS officers to acquire the first piece of the Enigma machine. Once on the battlefield, take the checkpoint, then head to the one to the east. Kill the soldiers at the top of the hill near the harbor entrance, then place some ATGs facing west next to the checkpoint to the east - this move will help destroy the tanks that will arrive later. Take cover of your tank and head to the checkpoint to the west, and along the cliff to the lighthouse. Activate the lighthouse as you approach.
Medal 2: there are two U-boats near the dock which can easily be destroyed from the headland of the lighthouse. If, on the other hand, you choose to destroy them from the port, you will also have to take care of a Panther, then avoid the anti-aircraft and kill the SS officer as soon as possible, and if you do not succeed you will have lost a very, very simple recognition.
Head to the harbor entrance and go against the forts to demolish them. Take them all down and get the Radio Tower. Repair your tank and go down the ramp to get the Panther. If you find yourself in trouble, fold back up the ramp, take cover and come back later to finish the job. Once the enemy Panther is destroyed, kill the second SS officer to end the mission.

This level can be difficult if you forget that speed is of the essence in warfare! Conquer the first checkpoint and use it as a starting point to take the armored convoy. If you die, board the armored convoy near the second checkpoint (if the first is destroyed, a second will arrive).
Medal 1: destroy the enemy armored convoy where you got yours. The enemy vehicle is very strong, you will probably have to use new armored trains to get rid of it completely, but at least the enemy is unable to repair itself. Once destroyed you will receive a more than deserved medal.
Use the armored convoy to destroy all enemy artillery, emplacements and tanks. Once you have the whole valley more or less under control, you can take the Armory and keep it safe with a flak placed where you came from. Also place ATGs to help cover the tanks coming in from the valley below. Go back to the armored convoy, continue towards the Shed and destroy the enemy ATGs. Take the Warehouse, destroy the Nazi base around the bend and take the checkpoint at the station. Place an ATG on the tracks to destroy the oncoming enemy train. The rocks above the tracks are a great place to place the MGs. Use your own tank to block oncoming armored cars and blow everything up. Repair the tank and head to the Radio Tower.
Medal 2: if you don't have a tank to protect you while attacking enemy soldiers, the task can be difficult. Allied soldiers are the ones in gray uniforms, while those in black are the bad guys of the SS. If at least one of the allied soldiers remains alive after the battle, you get the medal. It is easier to receive if you are playing at least two, but you can still do it by passing and destroying the ATGs and then proceeding to the soldiers armed with MGs.
After taking all the important infrastructure, get out of the city and call an air strike to hit the factory bridge. Before it gets hit, go through it and you should be pretty much safe. Repair the tank. Now, to complete the mission, you just have to get to the other side of the factory. Stopping to fight or destroy enemies is certainly a bad idea. However, since the enemies are there, you have to manage the time you spend outside the tank to protect yourself from attacks. A good idea may be to destroy an ATG post and use the mass of the wall to hide the tank from enemy fire. If your tank is about to explode you can always try to take possession of an enemy vehicle, or try to cause as much damage as possible before dying and you can start over from the checkpoint with a new tank and get to the end of the level. Once you reach the back of the factory, you have won, regardless of the condition of your team.

You can no longer use Deuce, which is certainly a nuisance, but luckily you won't need it much in this level if you play the right cards and keep the tank constantly in good condition. Take the checkpoint and move towards the garage. Conquer it and blast the enemies who rush to try to win it back.
Medal 1: you earn it if you destroy all the petrol cans in the level. There are 25 of them and they are all very easy to spot.
If you find any enemy light vehicles, grab one for a ride. A fast vehicle can jump over the river, allowing you to reach the checkpoint (but don't try to do it with a tank: the effects would be disastrous). Otherwise, reach the checkpoint in a more traditional way, following the road with the tank, but already entering the perspective of ideas that you will have to spend a lot of money to then make the necessary repairs. Grab the Armory and move to the next checkpoint and from there to the Radio Tower. Next to it is a damaged Calliope. If after all the fights you have faced your tank is on the verge of decay, jump aboard the Calliope. It certainly has less powerful weapons, but since it can fire missiles from a distance it can be more than helpful. Go past the rocks and place some ATGs at the base of them. Protect your tanks and ATGs.
Medal 2: you earn it if you keep allied ATGs safe as they travel the battlefield. Protect all ten of them and you will get the medal. If you are alone, you can complete the mission on Easy level. Otherwise to help you can repair damaged ATGs.
Destroy the enemy Panther to end the attack on the camp (you can also capture him if you feel skilled enough) and conquer the checkpoint. Repair the bridge, locate the monastery chapel and complete the mission.

Take the Armory and stop there until it is completely safe.
Medal 1: at first save at least five of the six ATGs. Use the flak, or try to seek cover.
Medal 2: before exiting the level you must destroy all the Panzers, Wirbelwinds and Panthers, which is easier said than done if you lack the funds for a tank. Two players can make things easier, but even if you are alone, once you take possession of the Shed, you can retrieve a Panther. Take cover and destroy the enemy vehicles slowly, one at a time. Only a Panther near the Armory can give you trouble: place some ATGs and they will help you destroy the last tank coming from the checkpoint on the hill.
Defend your headquarters, and when the attack is over use the explosives or the bazooka to destroy all the ATGs and anti-aircraft next to the Armory. Conquer the checkpoint and, if you have the chance, get on with the work on the second medal by hijacking a Panzer. If not, you'll have to hold out in the airfield and use the ATG to destroy the radar. Use any means to take the next checkpoint and get to the Garage. Take and defend the Shed with the ATGs. An enemy Panther will end the attacks after a couple of armed vehicles, Puma and Panzer have exited the city. Enter the city and crush the resistance. Before proceeding to conquer the Radio Tower, however, kill as many enemy placements in the city as possible. Place some ATGs outside the town archway and place them facing the Shed. You could also add some anti-aircraft near the arch and at the station. Get yourself a tank, as you don't have any yet. Grab the Radio Tower and start the cutscene by heading towards the station. Incredibly, all of your infrastructure, except the Radio Tower, is still intact and with it your ability to acquire tanks and heavy weapons. Head back to the Armory, systematically conquering every infrastructure and checkpoint for the second time. Once you reach the Armory, you will have won.

This is a complex mission, as a lot depends on how good your bazooka aim is. Destroy the anti-aircraft with Beck's bazooka and take care of the rest with the remaining artillery. Move slowly or call an armored vehicle to take out the anti-aircraft. Conquer the two checkpoints and proceed west. Call some ATGs to distract enemy ATGs. Beck's bazooka isn't powerful enough to destroy all ATGs without the character dying, so don't sacrifice it unless you're short on funds. Take the third checkpoint (destroying the last flak) and before moving north, follow the curve south for the first medal.
Medal 1: go south and destroy the jet prototype in the SS area. There's a Panther - if you're looking for a comfortable way to storm the airfield, this is the ideal candidate. However, you will have to get close to it first, and that's the hard part. The red jet is your medal. Destroy it without mercy.
Go north to the northernmost checkpoint and grab it. Don't move from that spot until you've cleared all the oncoming enemy vehicles with the help of Beck's ATGs and bazooka. Go to the Shed with the halftrack or another armored vehicle and conquer the infrastructure. Summon a Panther and systematically destroy enemies as they appear. Repair the tank as soon as you have a moment of respite. Move east and follow the launch fields to the Radio Tower and Armory. In each of these you will have to kill the enemies who are guarding them and in turn garrison them from the other incoming enemies.
Medal 2: destroy all V1 rockets in the areas east and south of the Armory and Radio Tower. It won't be too difficult after all the infrastructure is in your possession
Keep destroying all the enemies and once you have conquered all the infrastructure, you can start moving towards the Zeppelin checkpoint. Start by placing some powerful ATGs and some AAs on the left and right sides of the control tower. Enemy units will parachute from these two directions. Antiaircraft is best placed facing south, as all Stukas will appear from this direction. The first wave consists of a mix of armored vehicles, Panzer and Puma. The second wave will be represented by the Stuka air attack. The latest wave consists of only a few Panthers. To win, you must secure the Zeppelin's six mooring anchors and repair your craft as soon as possible. Buy vehicles of all kinds, but don't overdo it: buying another unit after reaching the maximum limit automatically destroys the first purchase made, making you waste credits. Survive the assault on the Zeppelins and you will have won.

Take the Shed and call your Panther. This level will test your tank driving skills, aiming skills and vehicle repair skills. Head to the checkpoint to the north and stop to destroy the 8mm artillery. You must destroy at least five of them to activate an air strike.
Medal 1: destroy all ten 8mm anti-aircraft systems scattered throughout the level.
At the point where the Zeppelin crash happened, destroy the armed vehicles first and then the tanks.
Medal 2: protect the soldiers here to earn the medal. It's easy enough if you have a tank, or if you're two playing.
Take the checkpoint, destroy the second 8mm and move north towards the Armory. Eliminate the third 8mm in the depression, take the Armory on the higher road and continue into the valley of death. Quickly pass the craters and destroy the 8mm. Conquer the checkpoint in the center of the valley and, if you want, take down the ATGs that shoot from above. Move slowly down the valley to the next checkpoint, clear the 8mm and proceed over the rocks. Enter the second valley with the Luftwaffe and destroy all enemy tanks and artillery. Officers will fall easily if you are methodical in dealing with them. Take cover at the next checkpoint. Aim for the entrance to the fortress and use the Panther to quickly storm the Radio Tower. The midway checkpoint on the rocks is not mandatory. Go past it and get to the top. Use the Panther's weapons to destroy the enemy soldiers and try to take possession of the fortress's ATGs. If you can't, have other ATGs parachute. An AA will wipe out the infantry on the upper level (this is if you don't want to go up there). Grab the Radio Tower, repair it if necessary, and enemy tanks will attempt an assault from below. Counterattack by going back (preferably with good ATG cover) and destroy all forms of opposition. Bomb the gates of the fortress and you win.

Take the first checkpoint, blow up the enemy ATG aimed at you and try to enter using the walls to protect your bazooka, so that it can blow up the MG positions. There are numerous Puma patrolling the square. If you feel you need an armed vehicle, call him. You can drive it or take a Puma near the forts and blow them from the sides. Once the Armory is captured, allied reinforcements will arrive (free of charge). At this point you can take the tanks and use them to storm the Shed. Here are two Panzers and other means of defense. Destroy them all and more allied units will come to your aid. If you want the first easy medal, go south of the Shed.
Medal 1: destroy the hidden radar disc south of the Shed. If you want a free Panther, there's one here ready to hijack, as long as you survive its attacks.
Grab the Radio Tower and blow up all the enemy settlements. Reinforcements at this point can be easily destroyed - consider abandoning the AA and tanks temporarily to destroy the ATGs. Point about ten ATGs south towards the road next to the Radio Tower, you can line them up against the wall like a firing squad. These ATGs will help you earn the second level medal.
Medal 2: easier to get if you play in two, as the second player can drive a tank next to the ATGs lined up towards the Radio Tower. Once player number one turns the corner on the armed convoy to trigger the medal event, beating the enemies that show up will be a joke. Do not allow the Radio Tower to be destroyed and you will earn the medal.
Repair the tank and head to the last checkpoint, where you will face two Panzers and some ATGs, Repair the tank if you want, and conquer the checkpoint. Enter the armored train and use its powerful weapons to destroy all of the tanks moving in your direction (but as usual you can also crush them). Hit the ATGs on the side of the track. When the train turns the curve and you can see the Radio Tower again, the Nazis will launch a counterattack. If you are good enough, you will manage not to lose the infrastructure again this time.
Medal 3: you will get this special medal by completing the entire campaign in single player or cooperative mode. Oddly, the medal is awarded to you even if you use cheats in the course of the game.
Go ahead, hit the siege artillery on the tracks and go straight to the door in front of you. Blow up all the Panthers in the courtyard, or if you're feeling particularly daring, get off the train and take a run for the weaponized vehicle. Once this is done, you have completed the mission and the game.

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