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After entering your name, watch the first program, a cartoon called "Pichu Bros.", after which you will have to talk to Professor Oak, who will ask you to fill out a form. These forms must be submitted through the Report Channel, thanks to which you will be able to save your progress in the adventure. The teacher will also teach you to change channels, with the L and R buttons of the GameCube controller, and also to turn off the television, with the Z buttons. Then change the channel, putting on the Report Channel, then send the form with the report to save. After that, the professor will give you the P20, the in-game currency with which you can buy things from the Shop 'n' Squirtle channel. You can also play on the Quiz Channel to try to win something for more money. After hearing Pikachu crying, turn off the television, then place the cursor on the screen and press B to zoom out and take a look around the room to find out where that crying was coming from. Move the cursor to the right until you see the door, from which Pikachu and his friends will pop out. Place the cursor on the door and press A when the "Open" option appears. Pikachu will enter the door and Professor Oak will ask you to fill out a report on your Pokémon friend, who will start watching TV with you. Then zoom in on the TV and turn it on, then listen to what Oak has to tell you on the Poképad. Press Start on the controller to view it, then after exploring it thoroughly, exit by pressing B and continue listening to the professor. After that, turn on the TV again, as you have to watch other programs, those on the channels marked with the "New" label. So go to the Pokémon News Channel, to see the news that sees Psyduck in the role of anchorman. Watch the program and interviews with Meowth's Pokémon, then at the end of the broadcast, when Psyduck is asleep, change the channel. Put on the Shopping Channel, an interactive channel, whose main program is presented by Spencer the Squirtle. You can buy items, so don't waste your time and buy the Binder right away, which costs P10 and allows you to receive a Nice Card Pack as a gift. If you have more money, also buy some Dolls or Nice Cards and pay attention to Pikachu, since the Pokémon might buy things you don't want. After placing your orders, zoom back from the TV, then open the door to receive the items you ordered, the Binder and the Bonus Card. You will receive five of these, which you can obviously insert inside the Binder. . When you have collected 25, you will receive a reward, so keep that in mind. Put them in their place, then go back to watching TV, more precisely the Fitness Channel.

The presenter, Smoochum, will give you exercises to do. If you are in front of the screen with Pikachu, Pikachu will start practicing, so wait for both him and the program to finish to change channels. Put it on the Quiz Channel and answer as quickly as possible the rather easy questions that are actually asked of you. Try to keep Pikachu as far away from the screen as possible, as his impulsive behavior could cause you too many problems. Use the money you win to buy something from the Shopping Channel, then fill out the report, switch to the Report Channel and save your progress. After that, you will receive from Professor Oak a new object, called Smeargle 2, with which you can paint the images you take from the TV. It can be put on Pokémon Channel or as a poster in your room and, with it, you can sell all the paintings you don't need or want, of course to earn some money, which is always handy. When the Pichu Bros cartoon starts, after the professor's explanation, put the cursor on Smeargle 2 and press the A button to capture the image, then return to the Anime Channel and continue watching the cartoon. As soon as you see a scene that satisfies you, take a picture and then paint it. When finished, fill in the usual report, give it a name, put it on the Report Channel and save. Oak will tell you that the new shows will be broadcast the next day at 5am and that he thought Pikachu was causing problems. Needless to say, for the series "famous last words", the little pokémon will short-circuit the TV, forcing you to replace it. Soon after, the new one will arrive, or rather, the black and white one. Fill out the report, save and then start looking around the room, looking for items to play with your Pikachu. Then go to the courtyard to have a chat with the others, then take a look at the wooden box, to find a banana and eat it. Keep walking around the house, then push the hour forward, until 5 am the next morning to move on to day two.


The Magnemite will immediately bring you the new TV, from which you can listen to the new message from Professor Oak, at the end of which you will receive as many as 50 P. From now on, from the Shopping Channel, you can also buy televisions, certainly better than the ones you have. The channels that will become available on the second day are varied and, as in the previous twenty-four hours, you will have to watch them all until the end and then fill in the various reports. Slowpoke, on the Weather Channel, will show you the weather forecast for a given area by presenting some maps on a blackboard. This way you will be aware of the time of the location where the Pokémon Channel is located at that moment. Slowpoke will show you various places and remember that, based on the time, the Pokémon that will appear in the various areas will also be different. If you intend to collect as many cards as possible, remember this well. Smeagle's Art Study, broadcast on the Art Channel, is a program presented by Smeagle, dedicated to art for Pokémon. It may happen that, sometimes, even your paintings appear in the transmission and, according to the opinion of the Pokémon, acquire or lose value. Pikachu will have a lot of fun watching this show. Among the new broadcasts there is also the second episode of the Pichu Bros., another program that your Pokémon friend will love very much. After seeing all the new offers, go to the Shopping Channel to check if you can buy passes, perhaps those for Cobalt and the Viridian Forest, costing 20P each. If you need anything else, however, buy it.

After that, do another Smeargle 2 painting and put it up for auction, then play a little more on the Quiz Channel to try and win some cash. If you managed to purchase the Viridian Forest pass, go out the front door, the white one in the back of the room, and get on the bus to that location as soon as it arrives. If you lose him, go back into the house and go out again, so that he can pass by again shortly. Once in the forest, have a little chat with the Pokémon present to retrieve some Nice Cards, then take a look at the blue mushrooms, which Pikachu will try to roast. After that, proceed to Camp Starlight, which is on the left side of the screen and talk to the Pokémon gathered around the fire, answering their questions to receive another bit of Nice Card. The Pokémon you will find here at the camp change during the day. in the day, so try to pass by these parts every day. Get Pikachu back to the Magnemite who work as a reporter for the PNF and then, once that's done, go home. At this point, fill out the report and post on the Report Channel to save, then listen to Professor Oak, who will tell you, as on the first day, that the next day will start at five in the morning. Put forward your GameCube time to be able to move forward in the game.


After waking up Pikachu, give him a nickname, then listen to what Professor Oak has to tell you to receive money later as a token of gratitude. And if you have enough Nice Cards, at least 15, you will also receive as a prize a Superior Binder, whose capacity is as many as 50 cards, and a series of rare Platinum Cards. As usual, you will have to watch all available broadcasts, especially those on the channels. just added to the "bouquet". Use the Egg Channel to place bets. You'll see an egg wandering around the screen and some Pokémon-related text at the top. You will have to guess which creature will hatch the egg and, of course, if your answer is correct you will win some money. Nobody forces you to stay on the canal to wait for the egg to hatch, since you can very well go and see more and then come back later. The Fortune Channel is another interactive channel, actually rather boring, characterized by a series of fortune cookies that twirl around the screen. Select one to bring up Chansey, who will read the content to you. During the third day you will also be able to see the third episode of the Pichu Bros. which, like the others, will have a lot of fun Pikachu. After seeing all the channels, you can make more purchases on the Shopping Channel. If you have dolls, make sure Pikachu can play with them, then while you're at it, teach your Pokémon friend what he asks. Go paint something, then take a look around to see if there are any other Pokémon you can talk to to retrieve some other Nice Cards. Don't forget to buy the Snowfall Pass too, for 10P, if you want to be able to go to Mt. Snowfall. After that, go out into the courtyard, wait for the bus that will take you to the mountains to arrive, get on it, then once you arrive, have a chat with the Pokémon in the area to retrieve some more new Nice Cards. which you will then have to write, upon your return home, a letter, in order to acquire yet another Nice Card. Then go to the concert, take a look inside the small igloos, in which you could even find secret prizes, and to the trunks. After that, go home, fill in the usual report and carry out the usual operations to move on to the next day.


Upgrading the Smeargle Paint System will allow you to capture images on any channel. After receiving some more cash as a reward, wait for Delibird to arrive, then start watching the new channels. The new episode of the Pichu Bros. awaits you, to be seen clearly together with Pikachu. After the cartoon, turn on the Relaxation Channel, on which you will have to count the sheep, or rather, the Mareeps. Don't worry though, as the TV will do the counting for you. All you have to do is watch, without falling asleep, until all the Mareeps have jumped the fence. The Ranking Channel will allow you to see the ranking of the five most important Pokémon and a series of data related to your situation in the game. On Quiz Channel 2 you can watch a program called "Odd One Out", in which your goal will be to guess the number of Pokémon running on the field that will be shown to you. You will have to say if it is an even number or an odd number. It goes without saying that if you guess you will win some money. Speed ​​also counts, however, in this case: the faster you are, the more you will win. After watching all the new channels, check out the old ones as well. Switch to the Shopping Channel to purchase new Nice Cards or games for your Pokémon Mini. Also buy a bus ticket, the last one, the one to Cobalt Cove. As already happened in the previous two days, then, go out the main door, wait for the exact bus and get on. Once you arrive at your destination, play with Pikachu or let him swim to the island in the distance. Also pass by the Secret Cove, where you can try to fish new Pokémon, to acquire the usual Nice Cards, of course after answering a few questions. When you have finished fishing, stop by pressing button B, then go home, do all the activities you are used to doing, then fill in the report and save, putting forward the hour to move on to the penultimate day, the fifth.


The News Channel will inform you that the support containing the fifth part of Pichu Bros. has disappeared. After listening to Professor Oak, your task will be to go to Mt. Snowfall to retrieve the missing part and finally be able to see how it ends. First, though, you'll have to go to Springleaf Field. Once you get there, say hello to Duskull, talk to him for a while, then answer affirmatively to the question with which he asks you to find a ball. Have Pikachu inspect the Strange Hole and he will descend into the depths of the earth and retrieve the item for you. Take a look at the ball as soon as it pops out, then give it to Duskull, who in return will give you his lamp, which you will need later. At this point, go home and exit the front door to wait for the bus to Mt. Snowfall. Go up as soon as you have the chance, then once you reach your destination, talk to all the Pokémon in the area, if you have not already done so before, to receive the Nice Card or money, then proceed to the right side of the area to find a sign indicating the Ruins of Truth, the place where you have to go. Continue on the path, then as soon as you arrive, talk to some Pokémon and the giant Gengar, who blocks the road behind them. Use the lamp received first to make him escape, then enter the large structure located behind you. Once inside, Pikachu will escape as he is very scared, reaching a clump outside. Inspect them, then have Pikachu use Thunderbolt to make them light up, then move on. You will find a structure on which the symbols 'O' and 'X' appear. Answer the question to get a statue of Golbat up from the ground, which you'll have to take a look at right after. As soon as Pikachu is trapped, move the analog stick of your controller to bring him out with the missing part of the cartoon. Come out of the ruins, give it to Magnemite, then run home to watch the long-awaited grand finale. After watching it, take a look at the other channels as well, as always buying something, if you need it, from the Shopping Channel. Then compile the usual report on the relevant channel, save and listen to the thanks of the magnanimous Professor Oak, then put forward the hour to move on to the last day and see the expected final, or Pichu Bros. in its entirety.

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