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In this guide we will reveal many tricks and useful tips for Temtem, the brand new MMORPG inspired by the games of the Pokémon series

Temtem is a MMORPG developed by the Spanish software house Crema and published by Humble Bundle. The title has been available for less than a week in Early Access su Steam, but in a few days he managed to achieve some success. In a game of this type it is essential to be able to keep up with other players in order not to be disadvantaged, but not everyone may be able to immediately grasp the mechanics of the title. For this reason we have decided to write this guide in which we will reveal many tips and tricks to become the best Temtem coach of the archipelago.

Not a simple copy

For sure many players will be interested in Temtem because of his similarities to Nintendo's Pokémon series games. There are many elements in Temtem that Pokémon players may find familiar, such as type management and the evolutions, but this title has a lot more to offer. Thanks to the MMO structure, the title features unique features and challenges that have never been seen in a Game Freak game. If you are a fan of Pokémon for sure you will appreciate this title, but you should give it a chance even if you have never approached the world of collectible creatures.

Catch them all! - Temtem: tips and tricks to become the best

After you have started your adventure and chosen your starting Temtem from the lab, the professor will give you some TemCards. TemCards are one of the most important tools in the game, as they will allow you to catching new Temtems in tall grass. After receiving these tools, the wisest move to make will be to immediately go in search of new Temtems to catch for. build your team. Most of the fights in the game will take place 2VS2, so having a good number of Temtems on your team from the start is crucial.

Do not tire your Temtem too much - Temtem: tips and tricks to become the best

All Temtems have one Stamina bar which will shrink each time you use an attack. If your Stamina bar runs out completely you can still attack for another turn, but if you do, your Temtem will fatigue and will lose HP. Moreover, in this state of fatigue your Temtem will be forced to automatically skip a turn, putting you in serious trouble. For this reason it is essential to pay attention to how much Stamina your attacks consume and try not to tire your companions too much. To understand how much Stamina your next move will consume, simply hover over an attack and look at the illuminated part of the bar

Let your friends rest at the right time - Temtem: tips and tricks to become the best

During the fights you will surely have noticed the little one clock symbol present at the bottom right next to your attacks. That button will allow you to rest your Temtem in order to do it recover Stamina. During your rest, however, your Temtem it will not be able to perform any other actions, so you should not use this action lightly. During a battle there are various moments in which it is advisable to rest your Temtem, for example when your opponent only has one left or when he too is forced to rest. Finding the right time to rest is not easy, but by playing you will learn to recognize the right windows.

Manage your attacks better - Temtem: tips and tricks to become the best

In Temtem not all attacks are used in the same way and it is essential to learn how to master them to the fullest. For sure you have noticed that at the beginning of a fight some attacks will be gray and unusable. These moves can only be used after your Temtem has been on the pitch for a certain number of turns depending on the attack. To understand how many shifts you will have to wait, just count the number of stripes on the attack.

There are also attacks that have one highest priority than others, thus allowing you to act before your opponents. Each attack has its own priority and you can control it by right clicking on the move, but if it has a very high priority then it will also have a plus symbol in the upper left corner.

Pay attention to the colored circles - Temtem: tips and tricks to become the best

When you use an attack of the same type as your Temtem you will deal more damage, but you still have to deal with the type of your opponents. If you use an attack that your opponent will be resistant to you will deal 50% less damage, giving him a great advantage. At the beginning it will be difficult to learn all the weaknesses and resistances of the various types, but luckily the game comes up against you thanks to the use of colored circles. After selecting an attack a colored circle will appear under the opposing Temtem e if it is red it means that it is resistant to that type of attack.

Don't always use the same Temtem - Temtem: tips and tricks to become the best

For sure during your adventure you will bond more with a specific Temtem and try to always use it in every battle, but this is not a wise strategy. The experience gained by your Temtems varies by difference with your opponent's level. For this reason, by always using the same Temtem you will end up gaining less and less experience, forcing you to waste more time training your teammates. Moreover, neglecting the rest of your team you risk having serious problems in case your opponent defeats your strongest Temtems. The best strategy is therefore that of train the whole team in a homogeneous way, thus obtaining as many experience points as possible.

Head to the academy - Temtem: tips and tricks to become the best

Continuing your adventure you will surely find yourself in the area called Brical de Mar. There is an academy in this area that you can visit to get some more information about the battles. Inside the structure there will be many classrooms with books and professors who can help you to deepen all the fundamental aspects of the fighting. For sure, stopping to take a look at this place can only do you good.

Don't waste your care - Temtem: tips and tricks to become the best

At the beginning of your adventure you will certainly suffer some damage during the first fights and the temptation to heal yourself comfortably with balms will be strong. These healing tools however are really useful and they should only be used for emergencies. For this reason, it is essential to try to spare your care and let your Temtem rest in suitable places. For example, returning to your home in Zaldar e talking to Aina you can heal your whole team for free. If you need treatment and you are far from home, just look for one Temporium, that is, a facility that functions as a Pokemon Center. These structures are very comfortable and sometimes you can find them even outside the cities.

Train with your friends - Temtem: tips and tricks to become the best

One of the best things about an MMO is the ability to be able to play with your friends and in Temtem doing it is really easy. First you will need to add your friend to the friends list from the menu by searching for his ID and sending him a friend request. After your request has been accepted, you can finally challenge your friend to a casual or competitive match. For sure by fighting with your friends you will be able to push each other to become stronger and stronger.

Always keep exercising

Thanks to this guide you now know everything you need for become the best Temtem coaches of the archipelago, but although what we have given you are very simple advice, reading all these notions at once could cause a bit of confusion and therefore it is time to take stock of the situation. To conclude our article, we will briefly recap all the advice we have given you.

  • Capture a good number of Temtems right away
  • Pay attention to the stamina bar
  • Find the right time to rest your Temtems
  • Learn about the attacks of your Temtems
  • Always use bindings of the right type
  • Train your team consistently
  • Visit the academy in Brical de Mar.
  • Don't waste the healing balms
  • Train by challenging your friends

Temtem is available now in Early Access on Steam. If this guide was useful to you and you are interested in staying up to date with all the news on the title, continue to follow us here on Holygamerz.

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